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Detailed Record Display

The Detailed Record screen displays the full content of a record from the List of Records screen. The control panel beneath the on-screen tips displays the name of the database searched, the search phrase, and the unique number assigned to this record in the current results list. The record number indicates the record's relative position in the results list; this number can change based on your selected sort or rank order.

Within the record your search term or terms are highlighted. You can change this feature by selecting Options in the Navigation menu.


On this screen, you can:

Page through each detailed record in your results list

Click on "Previous" link to go to the previous record or "Next" link to go to the next record in the list. To jump to another detailed record on the list, type the record number in the box after the "Next" link, then press <ENTER> to move to that specific brief record. To return back to the result list, click on "Return to Search Results" link in the Show line on the right hand side of the screen.

Mark the record for later actions

Select the checkbox at the top of the record to mark the record. After marking records, select the Marked Records link in the Navigation menu to go to the Marked Records screen. Here you can view, print, or save to disk all the records you have marked.

Hyperlinked Searches

Several fields are hyperlinked to lect the linked author name to search for other works by the same author. This feature is not available for all records.

Additional Information including contact information

The following fields have additional information including contact information that you can access by clicking the [i] icon.

Full Text Link (if available)

Full text links are displayed toward the bottom of the screen in the field labeled "URL". Summary URL will also display with the word "Summary" prefixing them.

Ordering Information (if available)

Ordering information is displayed towards the bottom of the screen in the field labeled "Availability". If there is an ordering URL, it will display on the screen. Contact information is available by clicking the [i] icon next to the organization that makes the item available.

Print the record

Click on "Printable View" link in the "Show" information line.  Note: A new window will open.


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