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Truncation, Wildcards, and Word Stemming


Truncation allows you to search for a term and its variations by entering a minimum of the first three letters of the term followed by an asterisk *.

Note:Truncation is currently set to read a limit of 1024 word stems and will result in an error message if the user enters a truncation query that is too general.

If you enter: You retrieve:

records containing regulation, regulations, regulating, and regulatory


records containing telecommunications, telecommuting, and telecommuters


Wildcards are used to represent from zero to nine additional characters in a search term. They are useful when you are unsure of spelling, when there are alternate spellings, or when you only know part of a term.

Note: Wildcards can only be used after the second character of a term.

If you enter: You retrieve:

records containing test and text


records containing reconfigurable, recycle, and receptacle

Word Stemming

Note: Word Stemming of search terms is not automatic. You must use the truncation symbol.

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