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Title Smart infrared inspection system field operational test.
Record ID 51831
Personal Name
Siekmann, Adam; Capps, Gary; Franzese, Oscar; Lascurain, Mary Beth
Corporate Creator Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Publisher United States. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Office of Analysis, Research, and Technology
Publication Date 20140400
Abstract The Smart InfraRed Inspection System (SIRIS) is a tool designed to assist inspectors in determining which vehicles passing through the system are in need of further inspection by measuring the thermal data from the wheel components. As a vehicle enters the system, infrared cameras installed on the road measure temperatures of the brakes, tires, and wheel bearings on both wheel ends of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in motion. This thermal data is then presented on a user-friendly interface to enforcement personnel in the inspection station. Vehicles that are suspected to have a violation are automatically alerted to the enforcement staff. The main goal of the SIRIS field operational test (FOT) was to collect data to evaluate the performance of the prototype system and to determine the viability of such a system being used for CMV enforcement. Overall, the enforcement personnel who have used SIRIS for screening purposes have indicated that SIRIS has the potential to be an effective tool. With improvements in detection algorithms and stability, the system will be beneficial to the CMV enforcement community and will increase overall trooper productivity by accurately identifying a higher percentage of potentially dangerous CMVs for inspection.
TRT Terms Infrared detectors information; Temperature measurement information; Wheels information; Commercial vehicles information; Inspection information; Field tests information; Data collection information; Prototype tests information; Traffic law enforcement information
United States
Contract Number ORNL\TM-2011\98
Report Number FMCSA-RRT-11-021
Resource type Tech Report
Format PDF
Language: English
Database NTL Digital Repository