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15th century (Weab)
16th century (Weac)
17th century (Wead)
18th century (Weae)
19th century (Weaf)
20th century (Weag)
21st century (Weah)
55 mph speed limit (Crftrsa)
65 mph speed limit (Crftrsb)
85th percentile speed (Bthsmp)
Abandonment (Cqcb)
Abdomen (Myk)
Abilities (Mxr)
Ability tests (Mxra)
Ablative materials (Rbmuvtb)
Abrasion (Smdjb)
Abrasion resistance (Rkmjb)
Abrasion resistant coatings (Rbmnfcb)
Abrasion tests (Gbkb)
Abrasions (Hjpbb)
Abrasive blasting --> Blast cleaning (Fmbbc)
Abrasives (Rbmnb)
ABS --> Antilock brake systems (Qpkbe)
ABS --> Antilock brake systems (Dcmvgtf)
Absenteeism (Ccbra)
Absorbents (Rbmnxe)
Absorbers (Materials) --> Absorbents (Rbmnxe)
Absorption (Srhd)
Absorption spectra (Srpb)
Absorption spectroscopy (Gmcesb)
Absorptivity (Rkrb)
Abstracts (Xbbx)
Abutments (Pbpbfb)
AC motors --> Alternating current motors (Qtbmbmb)
Accelerated tests (Gbpd)
Accelerated weathering (Jbyyc)
Accelerating agents (Rbmdhcjf)
Accelerating potential (Sea)
Acceleration (Mechanics) (Smdpb)
Acceleration lanes (Pmrcpmtb)
Accelerators (Concrete) --> Accelerating agents (Rbmdhcjf)
Accelerators (Devices) (Qpnyfb)
Accelerators (Materials) (Rbcta)
Accelerographs (Gumpab)
Accelerometers (Gumpa)
Acceptance (Mxpda)
Acceptance sampling (Gtc)
Acceptance tests (Gbjb)
Access (Bkq)
Access control (Communications) (Dsbdmc)
Access control (Transportation) (Cqea)
Access for the physically handicapped --> Barrier free design (Esuh)
Access management (Highways) --> Access control (Transportation) (Cqea)
Access roads (Pmrccnb)
Access to airports --> Airport access (Bmkha)
Accessibility (Bkqf)
Accessorial services (Bdbe)
Accident analysis (Hbw)
Accident black spots --> Accident prone locations (Hbkga)
Accident causes (Hbc)
Accident characteristics (Hbk)
Accident data (Hbxx)
Accident diagrams (Hbxrd)
Accident exposure --> Crash exposure (Hke)
Accident exposure (Hbchr)
Accident factors --> Accident causes (Hbc)
Accident frequency --> Accident rates (Hbxxs)
Accident investigation (Hbx)
Accident investigation sites (Hbxbb)
Accident locations (Hbkg)
Accident prone drivers (Mtghdfca)
Accident prone locations (Hbkga)
Accident proneness (Hbchp)
Accident rates (Hbxxs)
Accident reconstruction (Hbxr)
Accident records (Hbxxr)
Accident reports (Hbxxrr)
Accident responsibility --> Accident causes (Hbc)
Accident risk forecasting (Hbxxsv)
Accident severity (Hbkd)
Accident survivability --> Survival (Hbpps)
Accident survival time (Hbppst)
Accident types (Hbb)
Accident victims (Mswva)
Accidents (Hb)
Accounting (Cg)
Accumulators (Electricity) --> Storage batteries (Qtpfbs)
Accuracy (Gmsh)
Acetates (Rbcgrbb)
Acetic acid (Rbcgrrb)
ACI --> Automatic car identification (Dmbyb)
Acid brittleness (Rkmlbeb)
Acid rain (Jfgsb)
Acid soils (Rbespbb)
Acidity (Rkcpf)
Acids (Rbctrb)
Acoustic absorption --> Sound absorption (Sbts)
Acoustic attenuation --> Sound attenuation (Sbt)
Acoustic detectors (Dmgdeb)
Acoustic ducts (Pbpbdcb)
Acoustic emission (Sbb)
Acoustic emission method --> Acoustic emission tests (Gbhb)
Acoustic emission tests (Gbhb)
Acoustic equipment (Qtba)
Acoustic generators (Qtbab)
Acoustic impedance (Rkbf)
Acoustic insulation --> Damping (Engineering) (Fcdd)
Acoustic materials (Rbmntb)
Acoustic measuring instruments (Gumeb)
Acoustic navigation --> Sonic navigation (Dcnsbu)
Acoustic properties (Rkb)
Acoustic radiation (Sbhr)
Acoustic scattering (Sbf)
Acoustic signal processing (Dsmmrb)
Acoustic signature (Rkbj)
Acoustic velocity --> Speed of sound (Sbw)
Acoustic waves (Sbh)
Acoustics (Tpxc)
Acrylic resins (Rbmdqrb)
Actinides (Rbcefm)
Activation (Chemistry) (Scpa)
Activation analysis (Gbcca)
Active automotive suspensions --> Active suspension systems (Qpib)
Active grade crossing warning systems --> Grade crossing protection systems (Dcmthcg)
Active safety systems (Dcmvgb)
Active suspension systems (Qpib)
Active suspension systems (Dcmvgtb)
Activities leading to information generation (Xk)
Activity centers (Pfb)
Activity choices (Bmmw)
Actuated traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrcb)
Actuating systems (Dcga)
Actuators (Dcja)
Adaptation (Psychology) (Mxku)
Adaptation and use of bituminous materials (Fcbyd)
Adaptation and use of specific materials (Fcby)
Adaptive control (Dcgb)
Adaptive cruise control --> Autonomous intelligent cruise control (Dcmvgycj)
Adaptive equipment --> Assistive technology (Tta)
Adaptive systems --> Adaptive control (Dcgb)
Additives (Rbctma)
ADHD --> Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Mxmbb)
Adhesion (Smub)
Adhesive bonding --> Adhesion (Smub)
Adhesive strength (Rkmaa)
Adhesive tape (Rbmnda)
Adhesives (Rbmnd)
Adiabatic conditions (Rkta)
ADIS --> Advanced driver information systems (Dtvmnd)
Adjudication (Csi)
Adjustment (Psychology) (Mxpdd)
Adjustment factors (Btec)
Administration (Caa)
Administrative and managerial personnel (Msa)
Administrative organization --> Administration (Caa)
Administrative personnel (Msaa)
Administrative procedures (Crm)
Admiralty law --> Maritime law (Crdm)
Admixtures (Rbmdhcm)
Adolescents (Mbf)
Adopt a highway programs --> Adopt-a-highway programs (Kwh)
Adopt-a-highway programs (Kwh)
ADSEL --> Mode S (Dcmtbfm)
Adsorbents (Rbmnxg)
Adsorption (Srhk)
Adults (Mbp)
Advanced automation system (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbc)
Advanced driver assistance systems --> Driver support systems (Dcmvgycd)
Advanced driver information systems (Dsfpdb)
Advanced driver information systems (Dtvmnd)
Advanced public transportation systems (Dtvbc)
Advanced rural transportation systems (Dtvbf)
Advanced technology --> Technological innovations (Eyt)
Advanced traffic management systems (Dcmthca)
Advanced traffic management systems (Dtvmj)
Advanced train control systems --> Positive train control (Dcmvgyfy)
Advanced transport telematics --> Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
Advanced traveler information systems (Dtvmn)
Advanced traveler information systems (Dsfpb)
Advanced vehicle control systems (Dcmvgyc)
Advanced vehicle control systems (Dtvmr)
Adverse conditions --> Weather conditions (Jbmwbb)
Advertising (Chq)
Advertising campaigns (Chqq)
Advisory groups (Msya)
Advocacy groups (Msyb)
AEI --> Automatic equipment identification (Dmbye)
Aeolotropic materials --> Anisotropic materials (Rbmdybb)
Aeolotropy --> Anisotropy (Physics) (Rkpjb)
Aeration (Fcba)
Aerial application (Fmukpa)
Aerial photogrammetry (Esmsfjb)
Aerial photography (Esmgpb)
Aerial reconnaissance (Xkyc)
Aerial spraying and dusting --> Aerial application (Fmukpa)
Aerial surveying (Esmsfb)
Aerial tramways (Pbcud)
Aerodromes --> Airports (Pmfc)
Aerodynamic drag --> Drag (Smdfd)
Aerodynamic features (Vehicle body components) (Qpbcj)
Aerodynamic force (Smima)
Aerodynamic lift (Smimam)
Aerodynamic lift (Qdbdb)
Aerodynamic loads --> Aerodynamic force (Smima)
Aerodynamic noise (Sbhd)
Aerodynamic stability (Qdbde)
Aerodynamics (Smdfb)
Aeroelasticity (Smbkb)
Aerofoils --> Airfoils (Qpbbbk)
Aeronautical charts (Dcnsjb)
Aeronautical engineering (Ttkbb)
Aeronautical facilities --> Air transportation facilities (Pmf)
Aeronautical instruments --> Aircraft navigational aids (Dcnsyb)
Aeronautics (Tpxsfb)
Aerosols (Rbctmsb)
Aerospace engineering (Ttkb)
Aerospace industry (Ncef)
Aerospace materials (Rbmumttb)
Aerostatics (Smue)
Aesthetics (Tcpb)
Affirmative action (Kktfb)
African Americans (Mhcb)
Afterburners (Qpwyb)
Afternoon (Wegn)
Age (Mxbx)
Age groups (Mb)
Age hardening (Fcbyjqb)
Aged (Mbpe)
Aged drivers (Mtghdfcu)
Ageing (Biology) --> Aging (Biology) (Jdb)
Ageing (Materials) --> Aging (Materials) (Pteb)
Aggregate gradation (Gbbmbc)
Aggregate interlock --> Interlocking aggregates (Rbmddcjj)
Aggregate mixtures (Rbmddcs)
Aggregate tests (Gbbmb)
Aggregates (Rbmddc)
Aggregates by gradation (Rbmddcf)
Aggregates by relationship to concrete (Rbmddcm)
Aggregates by shape and surface texture (Rbmddcj)
Aggregates by source (Rbmddcc)
Aggregates by treatment (Rbmddcp)
Aggregates, rock and stone (Rbmdd)
Aggregation --> Cluster analysis (Usjb)
Aggregation (Chemistry) (Scpb)
Aggression (Mxqa)
Aggressive waters (Jbha)
Aggressiveness (Psychology) --> Aggression (Mxqa)
Aging (Biology) (Jdb)
Aging (Materials) (Pteb)
Agitation (Mixing) --> Mixing (Fcbp)
Agricultural aviation (Ncegga)
Agricultural chemicals (Rbmumtc)
Agricultural economics (Tgmb)
Agricultural equipment (Qtpa)
Agricultural exemption (Crfea)
Agricultural industry (Ncgr)
Agricultural products (Bhkb)
Agricultural roads --> Farm roads (Pmrccpf)
Agricultural wastes (Jfkbb)
Agriculture (Ttb)
AGT --> Automated guideway transit (Dcmvgyg)
AGVS --> Automated guided vehicle systems (Dcmmb)
AICC --> Autonomous intelligent cruise control (Dcmvgycj)
AID (Automatic incident detection) --> Automatic incident detection (Dmbytjb)
Aids to air navigation (Dcnsxbb)
Aids to navigation (Dcnsxb)
Ailerons (Qpjyb)
Air (Rbj)
Air ambulance services (Hpef)
Air ambulances (Qbkha)
Air bag restraint systems --> Air bags (Qpqrpb)
Air bags (Qpqrpb)
Air bases (Pmfcbb)
Air brakes (Qpkbc)
Air cargo (Bbbc)
Air cargo terminals (Pmfcgcc)
Air carriers --> Airlines (Nbbcb)
Air charter service (Bbgca)
Air circulation --> Atmospheric circulation (Jbmbkd)
Air cleaners (Qtped)
Air compressors (Qtbmbcb)
Air conditioners (Qtpmcc)
Air conditioning systems (Pbpvb)
Air content (Rkcbba)
Air courier service (Bbeca)
Air currents (Jbmbkwb)
Air cushion vehicles (Qbqg)
Air delivery --> Air drop (Ncegmd)
Air dried soil (Rbespmb)
Air drop (Ncegmd)
Air engines (Qtbmbebb)
Air entrained concrete (Rbmdhcbb)
Air entraining agents (Rbmdhcjc)
Air entraining cement (Rbmdfcb)
Air entrainment (Sccya)
Air filters (Qtpedb)
Air Force personnel (Msnf)
Air freight --> Air cargo (Bbbc)
Air freight forwarders (Nbcca)
Air heaters --> Air preheaters (Qtpmhbcb)
Air injection reactors (Qpwxb)
Air injection systems (Qpnfb)
Air intakes (Qtpmvb)
Air law --> Aviation law (Crda)
Air lines --> Airlines (Nbbcb)
Air mail service (Bbema)
Air marshals (Law enforcement personnel) --> Sky marshals (Msxus)
Air navigation --> Aircraft pilotage (Dcnbscb)
Air navigators (Mtbd)
Air pilots (Mtbb)
Air piracy --> Skyjacking (Huthf)
Air pollutants --> Air pollution (Jfgbb)
Air pollution (Jfgbb)
Air pollution control --> Air quality management (Jfgyb)
Air pollution sources (Jfgbbu)
Air preheaters (Qtpmhbcb)
Air pressure (Smipa)
Air quality (Jfab)
Air quality management (Jfgyb)
Air resistance (Smdfdb)
Air route traffic control --> Enroute traffic control (Dcmtbr)
Air route traffic control centers (Pmfgc)
Air routes (Bbhef)
Air screws --> Propellers (Qphp)
Air shipments (Bna)
Air springs (Qpiyrd)
Air suspension systems (Qpid)
Air taxi service (Aeac)
Air traffic (Btaa)
Air traffic control (Dcmtb)
Air traffic control facilities (Pmfg)
Air traffic control radar beacon system (Dcmtbf)
Air traffic control systems --> Air traffic control (Dcmtb)
Air traffic controllers (Msdc)
Air traffic management --> Air traffic control (Dcmtb)
Air transportation (Aea)
Air transportation facilities (Pmf)
Air transportation policy (Crata)
Air travel (Bmca)
Air truck transportation (Bbbaf)
Air voids (Rbmdhcu)
Air water interfaces (Srbjc)
Airbags --> Air bags (Qpqrpb)
Airborne navigational aids (Dcnsxpb)
Airborne surveying --> Aerial surveying (Esmsfb)
Airbridges (Pmfcgcjc)
Aircraft (Qbk)
Aircraft accident victims (Mswvab)
Aircraft accidents (Hbba)
Aircraft approach spacing --> Approach control (Dcmtbm)
Aircraft by motive power (Qbkp)
Aircraft by ownership (Qbko)
Aircraft by size (Qbkw)
Aircraft by speed (Qbks)
Aircraft by type of lift (Qbkm)
Aircraft cabins (Qpepb)
Aircraft carriers (Qbhoma)
Aircraft collisions (Hbbac)
Aircraft conflicts --> Aircraft separation (Dcmtbj)
Aircraft control --> Aircraft pilotage (Dcnbscb)
Aircraft exhaust gases (Jfgsgea)
Aircraft fuels (Rbfubb)
Aircraft gates (Pmfcgcg)
Aircraft guidance --> Aircraft pilotage (Dcnbscb)
Aircraft industry (Ncefa)
Aircraft landing areas --> Landing fields (Pmfcgm)
Aircraft materials (Rbmuvb)
Aircraft navigational aids (Dcnsyb)
Aircraft noise (Jfnbb)
Aircraft operations (Brc)
Aircraft pilotage (Dcnbscb)
Aircraft pilots --> Air pilots (Mtbb)
Aircraft separation (Dcmtbj)
Aircraft structural components (Qpgyb)
Airfoils (Qpbbbk)
Airframes (Qpbbb)
Airline accidents --> Aircraft accidents (Hbba)
Airline industry --> Airlines (Nbbcb)
Airline pilots (Mtbbd)
Airlines (Nbbcb)
Airplane ambulances --> Air ambulances (Qbkha)
Airplane industry --> Aircraft industry (Ncefa)
Airplane pilots --> Air pilots (Mtbb)
Airplanes (Qbkmf)
Airport access (Bmkha)
Airport capacity (Bqau)
Airport control towers (Pmfgf)
Airport control towers (Pfdec)
Airport facilities (Pmfcg)
Airport ground transportation (Afw)
Airport noise (Jfnbbb)
Airport operations (Bqa)
Airport parking (Brddt)
Airport parking facilities (Pmfcgcp)
Airport pavements --> Airport runways (Pmfcgmr)
Airport planning (Epdutb)
Airport ramps --> Aprons (Airports) (Pmfcgcb)
Airport runways (Pmfcgmr)
Airport surface traffic control (Dcmtbxc)
Airport terminals (Pmfcgc)
Airport ticket counters (Pmfcgct)
Airport traffic (Btaam)
Airports (Pmfc)
Airships (Qbkmwd)
Airside operations (Bqaa)
Airspace (Aeronautics) (Jbmbayb)
Airspace (Law) (Jbmbaym)
Airspace utilization (Cqg)
Airspeed (Qdbcb)
Airstrips (Pmfk)
Airways (Pmfm)
Airworthiness (Qcfd)
Airworthiness (Haavsf)
Alarm systems (Qtpseb)
Alcohol abuse (Hmdsb)
Alcohol blood tests (Hpmwb)
Alcohol breath tests (Hpmwd)
Alcohol chemical tests (Hpmwg)
Alcohol consumption --> Alcohol use (Hmds)
Alcohol effects (Hmdse)
Alcohol fuels (Rbfd)
Alcohol ignition interlock devices (Qtbmbereqr)
Alcohol in the body --> Blood alcohol levels (Hpmba)
Alcohol tests (Hpmw)
Alcohol use (Hmds)
Alcoholic beverages (Hmdsu)
Alcoholics --> Alcoholism (Hmdsd)
Alcoholism (Hmdsd)
Alcohols (Rbcgrbc)
Alcolocks --> Alcohol ignition interlock devices (Qtbmbereqr)
Aldehydes (Rbcgrbd)
Alertness (Mxrc)
Algae (Jcbpc)
Algebra (Udf)
Algebra (Tprb)
Algebra and number theory (Ud)
Algebraic operations (Udfb)
Algorithms (Ubmg)
Alighting (Bdkda)
Alignment (Esmsfd)
Alinement --> Alignment (Esmsfd)
Aliphatic compounds (Rbcgrbe)
Alkali (Rbctrgb)
Alkali aggregate reactions (Sccyb)
Alkali carbonate reactions (Sccyc)
Alkali metal compounds (Rbcgcb)
Alkali metals (Rbcebb)
Alkali silica reactions (Sccye)
Alkalic rock (Rbergb)
Alkalinity (Rkcpr)
Alkyd resins (Rbmdqrd)
All terrain vehicles (Qbddkb)
All way stop control --> Multiway stop signs (Dcmthrkbrsm)
All weather landing systems (Dcnsybmc)
Alleys (Pmrccdb)
Allied health personnel (Msmp)
Alligator cracking (Smfdpbb)
Allisions (Hbbmcb)
Allotropism --> Polymorphism (Chemistry) (Rkcq)
Alloy steel (Rbmdkdfscb)
Alloys (Rbmdkd)
Alloys by properties (Rbmdkdy)
Alluvial deposits --> Alluvium (Rbebb)
Alluvium (Rbebb)
Alpha rays (Spmb)
Alternate fuels (Rbfpb)
Alternating current (Segb)
Alternating current motors (Qtbmbmb)
Alternative fuels --> Alternate fuels (Rbfpb)
Alternatives analysis (Epdbbb)
Alternators (Qtbmbereb)
Altimeters (Gumpb)
Altitude (Updjb)
Alumina (Rbcgnbd)
Aluminate cement --> Aluminous cement (Rbmdfcd)
Aluminates (Rbcgnbm)
Aluminium --> Aluminum (Rbcefem)
Aluminous cement (Rbmdfcd)
Aluminum (Rbcefem)
Aluminum air batteries (Qtpfbba)
Aluminum alloys (Rbmdkdb)
Aluminum cars (Qbfmktm)
Aluminum coatings (Rbmnfcc)
Aluminum compounds (Rbcgcc)
Aluminum culverts (Pdyrdmb)
Aluminum inorganic compounds (Rbcgnb)
Aluminum oxide (Rbcgnbr)
Aluminum paint (Rbmnfnb)
Alzheimer's disease (Mxmbdb)
Amber (Rberra)
Amber phase --> Yellow interval (Traffic signal cycle) (Dcmthcskjy)
Ambient noise (Jfnbc)
Ambient temperatures --> Atmospheric temperature (Jbmbbt)
Ambulance drivers (Mtghdd)
Ambulance personnel (Msmpa)
Ambulances (Qbddkem)
Amendments (Crebd)
American Indians --> Native Americans (Mhm)
Amides (Rbcgrbf)
Amines (Rbcgrbg)
Ammonia (Rbcgnc)
Ammonium compounds (Rbcgcd)
Amortization (Cgm)
Amphetamines (Hmdqxsh)
Amphibians (Jcbtvd)
Amphibious operations (Brsy)
Amphibious vehicles (Qbq)
Amplifiers (Qtbad)
Amplitude (Physics) (Sfrwsb)
Amplitude modulation (Dsmmjb)
Amputations (Hjpc)
Amputees (Mmg)
Amusement parks (Pfqb)
Anaesthesia --> Anesthesia (Hpgf)
Analog computers (Qtpxmbb)
Analog simulation (Ubmsb)
Analog to digital converters (Qtbea)
Analysis (Epdbb)
Analysis of variance (Usa)
Analytic geometries (Upq)
Analytical chemistry (Tphb)
Anatomical models (Myx)
Anatomy (Tpdrb)
Anatomy (My)
Anchor bolts (Rbmnkbb)
Anchor piles (Pbpbvvmb)
Anchor plates (Rbmdxsqc)
Anchor rods --> Anchor bolts (Rbmnkbb)
Anchor walls (Pbpbfd)
Anchor windlasses (Qtpuc)
Anchorage (Structures) --> Anchorages (Pbpbff)
Anchorages (Pbpbff)
Anchoring (Dcnbscssb)
Anchors (Mooring devices) (Qtpub)
Anchors (Structural connectors) (Qtpud)
Anechoic chambers (Pfrmttb)
Anemometers (Gumptb)
Anemometers (Gumub)
Anemometry (Tpntb)
Anesthesia (Hpgf)
Anger (Mxqc)
Angle of attack (Qdbca)
Angle of incidence (Rkoa)
Angle of internal friction --> Coefficient of internal friction (Rkmye)
Angle of repose (Rkmydc)
Angle of rest (Rkmydcc)
Angle parking (Brddna)
Angular acceleration (Smdpvcc)
Angular velocity (Smdpvc)
Angularity (Rkptsb)
Animal behavior (Jdt)
Animal ecology --> Habitat (Ecology) (Jeh)
Animal materials (Rbmdmb)
Animal migrations (Jdtf)
Animals (Jcbt)
Animals in crash research --> Crash victim simulation (Hjrs)
Anionic emulsified asphalt (Rbmdpbeb)
Anions (Rbcbfg)
Anisotropic materials (Rbmdybb)
Anisotropy (Physics) (Rkpjb)
Ankle (Mypdgq)
Annealing (Fcbyjsb)
Anniversaries (Wgpv)
Annoyance (Mxqb)
ANNs (Artificial neural networks) --> Neural networks (Xbkdn)
Annual (Wik)
Annual average daily traffic (Bthvaa)
Annual reports (Xxra)
Annual reviews (Xxqa)
Annunciators in vehicles --> In vehicle annunciators (Qtbag)
Anodes (Qtpfbyb)
Anodic materials (Rbctb)
Anodic polarization (Scppb)
Anodic protection (Fccmcb)
Antenna accessories (Dsgmc)
Antenna arrays --> Phased arrays (Dsgmbsp)
Antenna patterns --> Radiation patterns (Sfrwbq)
Antennas (Dsgmb)
Anthracite (Rbersb)
Anthropology (Tgc)
Anthropometry (Tgcp)
Anthropometry (Mxbh)
Anti dazzle screens --> Anti glare screens (Pmrcpbc)
Anti glare screens (Pmrcpbc)
Anti-icing (Fmbsb)
Anticorrosion coatings (Rbmnfcf)
Antidepressants (Hpgmu)
Antifouling coatings (Rbmnfch)
Antifreeze (Rbmnhb)
Antifriction bearings (Qtbmyda)
Antihistamines (Hpgmh)
Antiknock compounds (Rbfcbb)
Antilock brake systems (Dcmvgtf)
Antilock brake systems (Qpkbe)
Antioxidants (Rbctkb)
Antiskid brakes --> Antilock brake systems (Qpkbe)
Antiskid treatment --> Pavement grooving (Fcffj)
Antistrip additives (Rbmndbc)
Antitheft devices (Qpyb)
Antitrust laws (Creaa)
Anxiety (Mxqx)
Apartment buildings (Pffb)
Apnea (Hmdbc)
Apnoea --> Apnea (Hmdbc)
Apparatus --> Equipment (Qt)
Appeals (Csh)
Applications (Cwf)
Applied mechanics (Ttkib)
Apportionment (Cfdrn)
Appraisals (Cfp)
Approach (Qdbpb)
Approach control (Dcmtbm)
Approach lanes (Pmrcpma)
Approach roads (Pmrccnd)
Appropriate technology (Ttc)
Appropriations (Cfau)
Approximation (Mathematics) (Ubf)
Approximations --> Approximation (Mathematics) (Ubf)
Aprons (Airports) (Pmfcgcb)
Aprons (Wharves) (Pmhbmpmbrb)
Aptitude (Mxrb)
Aptitude tests (Mxrbt)
APTS --> Advanced public transportation systems (Dtvbc)
Aquaplanes (Qbheb)
Aquatic biology --> Marine biology (Tpdm)
Aquatic life (Jcmbb)
Aquatic organisms --> Aquatic life (Jcmbb)
Aquatic plants --> Aquatic life (Jcmbb)
Aqueducts (Pmhsfb)
Aquifer recharge --> Groundwater recharge (Jbhvr)
Aquifers (Vsb)
Aramid fibers (Rbmdxfb)
Arbitration (Kabkrnsa)
Arc welding --> Electric arc welding (Fcbyjvd)
Arch bridges (Pdybmdb)
Arch dams (Pmhmbb)
Archaeological surveying (Esmsrb)
Archaeology (Tgf)
Arches (Pbpba)
Arching (Soils) (Smvb)
Architecture (Ttnb)
Architecture and the physically handicapped --> Barrier free design (Esuh)
Area (Upda)
Area traffic signal control (Dcmthcseb)
Areas (Vc)
Areas and regions (V)
Areas by point of view (Vv)
Arenites (Rberhb)
ARI --> Automatic radio information (Dsfpdf)
Arid land (Vgd)
Arithmetic (Uf)
Arithmetic operations (Ufb)
Arm (Mypbh)
Armored vehicles (Qbddkn)
Armoured vehicles --> Armored vehicles (Qbddkn)
Army aircraft (Qbkomm)
Army personnel (Msng)
Aromatic compounds (Rbcgrbh)
Aromatic hydrocarbons (Rbcgrbtb)
Arrester beds (Pmruueb)
Arrester wires (Qtpuf)
Arrests (Hrkk)
Arrivals and departures (Brcb)
Arrows (Signals) (Dsmbsb)
Art (Tcb)
Arterial highways (Pmrccdhb)
Arterial streets --> Arterial highways (Pmrccdhb)
Arteries (Myva)
Articulated buses (Qbddhpbwj)
Articulated cars (Qbfmktj)
Artificial aggregates (Rbmddccb)
Artificial intelligence (Xbkdb)
Artificial neural networks --> Neural networks (Xbkdn)
Artificial satellites (Qbnc)
ARTS (Advanced rural transportation systems) --> Advanced rural transportation systems (Dtvbf)
ARTS (Automated radar terminal system) --> Automated radar terminal system (Dcmtbp)
Asbestos (Rberrb)
Asbestos cement (Rbmdfcf)
Ash content (Rkcbbb)
Asians (Mhd)
Asphalt (Rbeusb)
Asphalt additives (Rbmdpby)
Asphalt ballast (Rbmddvbb)
Asphalt based materials (Rbmdpb)
Asphalt cement (Rbmdpbb)
Asphalt concrete (Rbmdpbub)
Asphalt concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmd)
Asphalt content (Rkcbbg)
Asphalt emulsion mixtures --> Asphalt emulsions (Rbmdyheb)
Asphalt emulsions (Rbmdyheb)
Asphalt hardening (Sccwb)
Asphalt mastic --> Mastic asphalt (Rbmdpbum)
Asphalt mixtures (Rbmdpbu)
Asphalt overlays --> Bituminous overlays (Pmrcpppmbpb)
Asphalt pavements (Pmrcppbmb)
Asphalt plants (Pfkpb)
Asphalt rock (Rbeusbf)
Asphalt rubber (Rbmdpbyper)
Asphalt rubber (Rbmdqdrcb)
Asphalt tests (Gbbmd)
Asphaltene (Rbmdppb)
Asphaltic concrete --> Asphalt concrete (Rbmdpbub)
Asphaltic concrete pavements --> Asphalt concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmd)
Asphaltic mixtures --> Asphalt mixtures (Rbmdpbu)
Asphaltic sand (Rbesgsb)
Asphyxia (Hjpya)
Assemblies (Equipment) (Qts)
Assembly lines (Cpma)
Assessments (Cfu)
Asset management (Cfem)
Assets (Cfe)
Assistive devices --> Assistive technology (Tta)
Assistive technology (Tta)
Association (Chemistry) (Scpc)
Associations (Nsa)
Astronavigation --> Celestial navigation (Dcnsbb)
Astronomical phenomena (Jbb)
Astronomy (Tpb)
Asymmetry (Rkptsd)
Asymptotic expansion (Ubfb)
Asymptotic series --> Asymptotic expansion (Ubfb)
Asynchronous control (Dcmvgmhb)
Asynchronous motors (Qtbmbmt)
At grade intersections (Pmrcpjfcb)
ATCRBS --> Air traffic control radar beacon system (Dcmtbf)
ATIS --> Advanced traveler information systems (Dtvmn)
Atlases (Xxvmy)
Atmosphere (Jbmb)
Atmosphere models --> Model atmosphere (Jbmby)
Atmospheric chemistry (Tpntc)
Atmospheric circulation (Jbmbkd)
Atmospheric diffusion (Jbmbkg)
Atmospheric interference (Dsmrjc)
Atmospheric layers (Jbmba)
Atmospheric models --> Model atmosphere (Jbmby)
Atmospheric motion --> Wind (Jbmbkw)
Atmospheric phenomena (Jbmbk)
Atmospheric physics (Tpnpb)
Atmospheric precipitation --> Precipitation (Meteorology) (Jbmbkmp)
Atmospheric pressure (Jbmbbp)
Atmospheric pressure phenomena (Jbmbkp)
Atmospheric shells --> Atmospheric layers (Jbmba)
Atmospheric temperature (Jbmbbt)
Atmospheric turbulence (Jbmbkj)
Atmospheric water vapor (Jbmbkmb)
Atmospherics --> Atmospheric interference (Dsmrjc)
ATMS --> Advanced traffic management systems (Dtvmj)
Atomic fission --> Fission (Spsc)
Atomic fusion --> Fusion (Spsk)
Atomic nucleus (Rbcbbsb)
Atomic physics (Tpxe)
Atoms (Rbcbb)
ATT --> Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
Attack aircraft (Qbkomf)
Attention (Mxrcg)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Mxmbb)
Attention lapses (Mxrcm)
Attention value (Chqa)
Attenuation (Electricity) (Seb)
Attenuation (Engineering) (Fcbjb)
Attenuation (Physics) (Sma)
Atterberg limits (Rkmya)
Attitude (Flight dynamics) (Qdbdf)
Attitudes (Mxpd)
Attorneys (Msxt)
Audible pedestrian signals (Dcmthrrskb)
Audible warning devices (Dcmthrbb)
Audible warning devices in vehicles (Qtpswa)
Audible warning devices in vehicles (Qpuh)
Audio frequency (Sfrwbfm)
Audio media (Xyh)
Audio tapes (Xyht)
Audiotex (Dsbtb)
Audiovisual aids (Xxwa)
Auditing (Cad)
Auditory perception (Mxta)
Augers (Qtptb)
Aural signals --> Audible warning devices (Dcmthrbb)
Austenite (Rbmdkdfb)
Auto carrier cars --> Automobile rack cars (Qbfmkfca)
Auto free zones --> Pedestrian areas (Pmrtp)
Auto on train (Bbda)
Autoclave curing (Fcbygfb)
Autocorrelation (Usdb)
Automata theory (Ubmk)
Automated accident detection --> Automatic crash notification (Dsfpcb)
Automated accounting equipment (Dcmcr)
Automated checkin (Bdke)
Automated clearance (Dmbyvy)
Automated collision notification --> Automatic crash notification (Dsfpcb)
Automated control systems --> Automation (Dcb)
Automated enforcement (Hra)
Automated guided vehicle systems (Dcmmb)
Automated guideway transit (Dcmvgyg)
Automated highway guidance --> Advanced vehicle control systems (Dcmvgyc)
Automated highway systems (Dcmvgycb)
Automated highways (Pmrccpb)
Automated people movers --> People movers (Qtphes)
Automated radar terminal system (Dcmtbp)
Automated toll collection (Dcmcb)
Automated transportation systems --> Automated vehicle control (Dcmv)
Automated vehicle control (Dcmv)
Automated vehicle control for ground vehicles (Dcmvg)
Automated vehicles --> Intelligent vehicles (Qbddkj)
Automatic block signal systems (Dcmtrsbb)
Automatic braking (Dcmvgmb)
Automatic car identification (Dmbyb)
Automatic control (Dcgc)
Automatic controllers (Dcjb)
Automatic crash notification (Dsfpcb)
Automatic data collection systems (Xbkcb)
Automatic equipment identification (Dmbye)
Automatic fare collection (Dcmcf)
Automatic fare vending machine --> Ticket vending machines (Qtpvt)
Automatic headway control (Dcmvgmh)
Automatic highway systems --> Automated highway systems (Dcmvgycb)
Automatic highways --> Automated highways (Pmrccpb)
Automatic incident detection (Dmbytjb)
Automatic landing systems (Dcmvbm)
Automatic license plate readers (Dmgdeyb)
Automatic location systems --> Automatic vehicle location (Dmbyvm)
Automatic navigation systems --> Automated vehicle control (Dcmv)
Automatic pilot (Dcmvsb)
Automatic pilot (Dcmvbp)
Automatic radio information (Dsfpdf)
Automatic seat belts (Qpqrpd)
Automatic ship systems --> Voyage management systems (Dcmvsv)
Automatic speed control (Dcmvgms)
Automatic steering control (Dcmvgych)
Automatic test equipment (Gub)
Automatic ticket machines --> Ticket vending machines (Qtpvt)
Automatic tracking (Dcnsbyb)
Automatic traffic signal control --> Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Automatic train control (Dcmvgyf)
Automatic train location (Dmbyc)
Automatic train operation (Dcmvgyfd)
Automatic train protection (Dcmvgyfm)
Automatic train stop system (Dcmvgyfr)
Automatic train supervision (Dcmvgyfu)
Automatic transmissions (Qpoxtb)
Automatic transportation systems --> Automated vehicle control (Dcmv)
Automatic vehicle classification (Dmbyvc)
Automatic vehicle detection and identification systems (Dmbyv)
Automatic vehicle identification (Dmbyvj)
Automatic vehicle location (Dmbyvm)
Automatic vehicle monitoring (Dmbyvp)
Automatic vessel control (Dcmvs)
Automatic welding (Fcbyjvb)
Automation (Dcb)
Automobile dealers (Nbhd)
Automobile drivers (Mtghdb)
Automobile drivers' tests --> Driving tests (Crhdd)
Automobile driving (Dcnbstyb)
Automobile driving simulators --> Driving simulators (Qtpstsd)
Automobile engineers (Msgbma)
Automobile exhaust --> Exhaust gases (Jfgsge)
Automobile fuels --> Motor fuels (Rbfum)
Automobile industry (Ncema)
Automobile insurance (Cnvh)
Automobile navigation systems (Dcnsyhb)
Automobile ownership (Bkmb)
Automobile parts industry (Ncemb)
Automobile rack cars (Qbfmkfca)
Automobile repair shops (Nbmv)
Automobile travel (Bmbb)
Automobile usage --> Automobile travel (Bmbb)
Automobile use --> Automobile travel (Bmbb)
Automobiles (Qbddhmc)
Automobiles by motive power (Qbddhmcp)
Automobiles by type (Qbddhmcc)
Automobiles for people with disabilities --> Automobiles for the physically handicapped (Qbddhmckh)
Automobiles for the physically handicapped (Qbddhmckh)
Automotive computers (Qtpxmbv)
Automotive electronics --> Vehicle electronics (Qpv)
Automotive engineering (Ttkqb)
Automotive fuels --> Motor fuels (Rbfum)
Automotive industry --> Motor vehicle industry (Ncem)
Automotive materials (Rbmuvc)
Automotive medicine (Ttuxb)
Automotive microcontrollers --> Automotive computers (Qtpxmbv)
Automotive sensors --> In vehicle sensors (Dmgum)
Automotive telematics --> Telematics (Dt)
Automotive vehicles --> Motor vehicles (Qbdd)
Autonomous agents --> Intelligent agents (Xbkdbj)
Autonomous intelligent cruise control (Dcmvgycj)
Autonomous land vehicles (Qbddkmb)
Autonomous vehicle guidance (Dcmvgyh)
Autopilot --> Automatic pilot (Dcmvsb)
Autopilot --> Automatic pilot (Dcmvbp)
Autopsies (Hpmx)
Autotransformers (Qtbfuc)
Autumn --> Fall (Webf)
Auxiliary brakes (Qpkbx)
Auxiliary lanes (Pmrcpmb)
Auxiliary power plants (Qtbmbb)
Auxiliary power units (Qppb)
Avalanches (Jbhyb)
AVCS --> Advanced vehicle control systems (Dtvmr)
Average (Usygb)
Average annual daily traffic --> Annual average daily traffic (Bthvaa)
Average daily traffic (Bthva)
Average spot speed (Bthssa)
Average travel speed (Bthsma)
AVI --> Automatic vehicle identification (Dmbyvj)
Aviation (Nceg)
Aviation accidents --> Aircraft accidents (Hbba)
Aviation facilities --> Air transportation facilities (Pmf)
Aviation fuels (Rbfub)
Aviation law (Crda)
Aviation medicine (Ttuxd)
Aviation safety (Haaa)
Aviators --> Flight personnel (Mtb)
Avionic navigation aids --> Airborne navigational aids (Dcnsxpb)
Avionics (Ttkbbb)
AVL --> Automatic vehicle location (Dmbyvm)
AVM --> Automatic vehicle monitoring (Dmbyvp)
Avulsions (Hjpbr)
Awards (Ccbpma)
Awareness (Mxrdb)
Axial compression (Srvbb)
Axial loads (Smimb)
Axis (Updb)
Axle loads (Smimc)
Axle loads (Qdmb)
Axles (Qphb)
Azimuth (Gmsa)
Azimuthal map projection (Esmgmpb)
Baboons (Jcbtvupb)
Back (Myi)
Back haul (Bfbg)
Back pressure (Smipb)
Back slopes --> Backslopes (Vgfhsb)
Backcalculation (Usb)
Backfill soils (Rbmdbb)
Backfilling (Fcfxeeb)
Backhoes (Qtpbcjb)
Backing (Driving) (Dcnbsta)
Backing strips (Pbpbhb)
Backing up (Driving) --> Backing (Driving) (Dcnbsta)
Backpropagation (Xbkdbc)
Backscattering (Sfrwbtb)
Backslopes (Vgfhsb)
Backwaters (Vsjc)
Bacteria (Jcbpg)
Bacterial degradation --> Biodeterioration (Jbyb)
Baggage (Bdkb)
Baggage handling (Bdkbh)
Baggage screening (Bdkbs)
Bags (Qtpka)
Bailey bridges (Pdybmdpb)
Balance of payments (Kaip)
Ball and socket joints (Pbpbhc)
Ballast (Railroads) (Rbmddvb)
Ballast (Ships) (Qpiyb)
Ballast crib (Pmudkb)
Ballast mats (Rbmdxcb)
Ballast tanks (Qtpktb)
Ballast tanks (Qpiyc)
Ballast water --> Ballast (Ships) (Qpiyb)
Ballastless track (Pmudbb)
Balloons (Qbkmwb)
Bamboo (Rbmdmvc)
Bandwidth (Rkfb)
Bandwidth (Traffic signals) (Dcmthcskjgb)
Bank protection (Fcfhb)
Bank protective works --> Coast and river protective works (Pmhd)
Banking industry (Nbrb)
Bankruptcy (Cfy)
Banks (Waterways) (Pmhjyb)
Bar code readers --> Bar code scanners (Dmgspb)
Bar code scanners (Dmgspb)
Bar codes (Dmgspyb)
Barbiturates (Hmdqxdb)
Barge carriers (Qbhdfj)
Barge lines (Nbbcmb)
Barge operations (Brsg)
Barge trains (Brsgt)
Barges (Qbht)
Barium (Rbcefcb)
Bark (Rbmdmvwb)
Barnacles (Jcbtjcb)
Barometers (Gumuf)
Barometers (Gumppb)
Barometric pressures --> Atmospheric pressure (Jbmbbp)
Barricades (Qtpsb)
Barrier free design (Esuh)
Barrier-free design --> Barrier free design (Esuh)
Barriers (Roads) (Pmrcpb)
Barriers to entry (Competition) (Cxcn)
Bars (Building materials) (Rbmdxa)
Bars (Drinking establishments) --> Drinking establishments (Hmdsx)
Basalt (Rbergc)
Basalt coarse aggregates (Rbmddccnb)
Bascule bridges (Pdybmdjb)
Base course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppme)
Base isolation (Esdcb)
Base lines (Gmsb)
Base metal (Rbmdkbb)
Basements (Pbpbmb)
Bases (Chemistry) (Rbctrg)
Batch plants --> Mixing plants (Pfkpm)
Bathymetry (Tpnppb)
Batter piles (Pbpbvvmd)
Batteries (Electricity) --> Electric batteries (Qtpfb)
Batteries by chemical elements (Qtpfbb)
Battery chargers (Qtbcb)
Battery electrodes (Qtpfbye)
Battery parts (Qtpfby)
Battery powered vehicles --> Electric vehicles (Qbddpe)
Battery separators (Qtpfbyh)
Bauxite (Rberpb)
Bayes' theorem (Ushdb)
Bays (Vssi)
Beach sands (Rbesgsd)
Beaches (Vmbb)
Beacons (Dcnspb)
Beams (Pbpbvvb)
Beams (Radiation) --> Particle beams (Sfx)
Bearing capacity (Rkmb)
Bearing materials (Rbmueb)
Bearing piles (Pbpbvvmg)
Bearing strength --> Bearing capacity (Rkmb)
Bearing tests (Gbgpb)
Bearings (Qtbmyd)
Bearings (Bridges) --> Bridge bearings (Pdybbfe)
Beautification (Epdrb)
Becke line (Sob)
Bedding (Pbpbfh)
Bedding materials --> Subgrade materials (Rbmuejpt)
Bedrock (Rbertb)
Before and after studies (Xkdb)
Behavior (Mxpb)
Behavior modification (Hpgtb)
Behaviour --> Behavior (Mxpb)
Behind the wheel instruction --> Driver training (Hawttdt)
Belt conveyors (Qtpheb)
Belt highways --> Beltways (Pmrccnf)
Belted tires (Qpmtbpb)
Beltlines --> Switching and terminal companies (Nbbcgt)
Beltways (Pmrccnf)
Benching (Pmhjyeb)
Benchmarks (Gmsc)
Bend tests (Gbgb)
Bending (Smbb)
Bending moments (Smbbm)
Bending strength --> Flexural strength (Rkmaj)
Bending stress (Smbbs)
Bends (Roads) --> Highway curves (Pmrckc)
Beneficiation (Jnrrh)
Benefit cost analysis (Cfcb)
Benefits (Kkt)
Benkelman beam (Gumsjb)
Bent caps --> Bents (Pbpbva)
Benthos (Jcmbbb)
Bentonite (Rberrfb)
Bentonite slurry (Rbctmssb)
Bentonitic clay --> Bentonite (Rberrfb)
Bents (Pbpbva)
Benzene (Rbcgrrc)
Bergius process --> Coal hydrogenation (Jnrrfch)
Bergius process --> Coal hydrogenation (Sccgb)
Berms (Pmhdb)
Berth utilization (Bqwbb)
Berthing facilities (Pmhbmpmbrf)
Berthing procedures --> Docking (Dcnbscsd)
Beryllium (Rbcefcd)
Best practices (Ewb)
Beta distributions (Usydb)
Beta rays (Spme)
Beverages (Bhgg)
Bi-national --> Binational (Vvib)
Bias (Statistics) (Useb)
Bias ply tires (Qpmtbpe)
Biaxial stress (Smvc)
Bibliographies (Xbbq)
Bicycle accidents (Hbbgb)
Bicycle commuting (Bmbdd)
Bicycle counts --> Traffic counts (Btet)
Bicycle crossings (Pmrtcc)
Bicycle facilities (Pmrtc)
Bicycle helmets (Qtpschhb)
Bicycle lanes (Pmrtcg)
Bicycle lanes (Pmrcpmc)
Bicycle parking (Brddx)
Bicycle paths --> Bikeways (Pmrtcm)
Bicycle riders --> Cyclists (Mtghv)
Bicycle routes --> Bikeways (Pmrtcm)
Bicycle safety (Haab)
Bicycle sharing --> Vehicle sharing (Bms)
Bicycle storage --> Bicycle parking (Brddx)
Bicycle trails --> Bikeways (Pmrtcm)
Bicycle travel (Bmbd)
Bicycle usage --> Bicycle travel (Bmbd)
Bicycles (Qbdhb)
Bicycling (Aexb)
Bicyclists --> Cyclists (Mtghv)
Bid rigging (Cubr)
Bids (Cub)
Biennial (Wig)
Bifurcates (Intersections) --> Y intersections (Pmrcpjfcv)
Bights (Vmbdb)
Bike and ride (Bmnr)
Bike sharing --> Vehicle sharing (Bms)
Bikeways (Pmrtcm)
Bilges (Qpbaub)
Bilingualism (Mxbwlb)
Billboards --> Roadside advertising (Chqr)
Billing (Cgu)
Bills of lading (Bbyb)
Bimetals (Rbmdxsmb)
Bimonthly (Wiks)
Binational (Vvib)
Binder content (Rkcbbj)
Binder course (Pmrcpppmbb)
Binders (Rbmndb)
Binomial distributions (Usydd)
Bioacoustics (Tpdbb)
Bioassay (Gbccb)
Biochemical oxygen demand (Jfgywsmb)
Biochemistry (Tphe)
Biodegradability (Rkcfb)
Biodegradation --> Biodeterioration (Jbyb)
Biodeterioration (Jbyb)
Biodiesel fuels (Rbfumdb)
Biodiversity (Jeb)
Biodynamics (Tpdbd)
Biofuels --> Biomass fuels (Rbfe)
Biogas --> Biomass fuels (Rbfe)
Biographies (Xbbw)
Biokinematics (Tpdbk)
Biological activity (Jd)
Biological and chemical weapons (Qtpymb)
Biological control (Fmukpb)
Biological diversity --> Biodiversity (Jeb)
Biological fouling --> Fouling (Naval architecture) (Jbyd)
Biological materials (Rbmumtd)
Biology (Tpd)
Biomass (Jcmbd)
Biomass fuels (Rbfe)
Biomechanics --> Biophysics (Tpdb)
Biomedical engineering (Ttkc)
Biomedical materials (Rbmumte)
Biometrics (Tprsb)
Biometry --> Biometrics (Tprsb)
Biophysics (Tpdb)
Bioremediation (Jfgyu)
Biotechnology (Tpdjb)
Bird pests (Jcmpb)
Bird strikes (Jdtp)
Birds (Jcbtvf)
Bitumen (Rbeush)
Bituminous aggregates (Rbmddcsb)
Bituminous bases (Pmrcpppmeb)
Bituminous binders (Rbmndbh)
Bituminous cement --> Asphalt cement (Rbmdpbb)
Bituminous coal (Rbersd)
Bituminous coatings (Rbmnfcj)
Bituminous concrete --> Asphalt concrete (Rbmdpbub)
Bituminous concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmh)
Bituminous construction (Fcbydb)
Bituminous macadam (Rbmddvmb)
Bituminous materials (Rbmdpc)
Bituminous mixtures (Rbmdpcm)
Bituminous overlays (Pmrcpppmbpb)
Bituminous pavements (Pmrcppbmf)
Bituminous paving mixtures --> Bituminous mixtures (Rbmdpcm)
Bituminous sands (Rbesgsf)
Black boxes (Flight recorders) --> Flight recorders (Dcnspf)
Black cotton soils (Rbespbcb)
Black ice (Jbhyjjsb)
Black spots --> Accident prone locations (Hbkga)
Blacks (Mhc)
Blade loading (Smimaub)
Blade loading (Qdbdtb)
Blades (Machinery) (Qtbmyh)
Blanket course --> Surface course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmb)
Blast cleaning (Fmbbc)
Blast furnace slag --> Slag (Rbmduv)
Blast furnaces (Qtpmhfb)
Blast loads (Smimhb)
Blasting (Cleaning) --> Blast cleaning (Fmbbc)
Bleeding (Hjpw)
Bleeding (Pavements) (Smdffvb)
Blended cement (Rbmadfcg)
Blending (Fcbpb)
Blends (Rbctmb)
Blimps --> Airships (Qbkmwd)
Blind --> Blind persons (Mmbd)
Blind persons (Mmbd)
Blindness (Mxcrb)
Blistering (Smfeb)
Block control systems (Dcmvgyfx)
Block cracking (Smfdpbe)
Block pavements --> Precast concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmmn)
Block pavers --> Concrete blocks (Rbmdxbc)
Block signal systems (Dcmtrsb)
Blocking (Bragb)
Blocks (Rbmdxb)
Blood (Mxbdb)
Blood alcohol levels (Hpmba)
Blood analysis (Hpmb)
Blood carbon monoxide levels (Hpmbc)
Blood pressure (Mxbcc)
Bloom --> Fluorescence (Rkof)
Blowby (Qvfmb)
Blowouts (Smftb)
Blowup (Pavements) (Smbcb)
Blue (Rkocb)
Bluetooth technology (Dsbwb)
Bluff bodies (Qpbbd)
Boarding (Bdkdb)
Boarding and alighting (Bdkd)
Boating (Ccbkxrb)
Boats (Qbhs)
Bodies of revolution (Upbub)
Bodies of specific vehicles (Qpbb)
Bodily fluids (Mxbd)
Bogies --> Car trucks (Railroads) (Qpgyrt)
Bogs (Vmj)
Boil off (Stpvb)
Boiler tubes (Qtpmhbcd)
Boilers (Qtpmhb)
Boiling (Stpb)
Boiling point (Rkcff)
Bollards (Pmhbmpmbrg)
Bolsters (Rbmdxsqe)
Bolting (Fcacjb)
Bolts (Rbmnkb)
Bomb detectors --> Explosives detectors (Dmgdre)
Bombings (Huhc)
Bombs (Qtpyb)
Bond (Chemistry) --> Chemical bond (Scpf)
Bond strength (Chemistry) (Rkcfj)
Bond strength (Materials) (Rkmab)
Bonding (Fcacb)
Bonding and joining (Fcac)
Bonds (Cfesb)
Bones (Mysb)
Bonnets --> Hoods (Qpbch)
Books --> Monographs (Xxb)
Boolean algebra (Udfeb)
Boolean functions (Uhdbb)
Boolean operators (Ubdb)
Booms (Lifting equipment) (Qtphmb)
Booster seats (Qpqrycb)
Border regions (Vvidr)
Bore holes --> Boreholes (Gvtb)
Boreholes (Gvtb)
Boring (Fcamb)
Borings --> Boreholes (Gvtb)
Boron (Rbcefer)
BOT --> Build operate transfer (Cqpdb)
Botany (Tpde)
Bottlenecks (Bthfk)
Bottom ash (Rbmdua)
Bottom fauna --> Benthos (Jcmbbb)
Boulder clay --> Till (Rbebq)
Boulders (Rbertc)
Boulevards --> Arterial highways (Pmrccdhb)
Boundaries (Surfaces) --> Boundary layer (Srb)
Boundary element method (Uhtb)
Boundary integral equations --> Boundary element method (Uhtb)
Boundary layer (Srb)
Boundary layer flow (Smdffa)
Boundary layer separation (Smdffas)
Boundary value problems (Uhdb)
Boundary values --> Boundary value problems (Uhdb)
Boussinesq equation (Sab)
Bow thrusters (Qpjywb)
Bow waves (Smdfbssb)
Bows (Qpbacb)
Box beams (Pbpbvvbb)
Box cars (Qbfmkfcb)
Box culverts (Pdyrdb)
Box girder bridges (Pdybmdgb)
Box girders (Pbpbvvgb)
Box Jenkins forecasting (Epdmfb)
Boxes (Qtpkb)
Braces (Pbpbvhb)
Bracing (Bragc)
Bracing (Fcaxb)
Brackets (Pbpbvb)
Brain (Myce)
Brake components (Qpky)
Brake discs (Qpkyb)
Brake drums (Qpkyd)
Brake efficiency --> Braking performance (Qcpb)
Brake fluids (Qpkyf)
Brake lamps (Qpumxb)
Brake lights --> Brake lamps (Qpumxb)
Brake lines (Qpkym)
Brake linings (Qpkyk)
Brake pads (Qpkyp)
Brake pedals (Qpkyr)
Brake shoes (Qpkys)
Brakemen (Mtgrb)
Brakers --> Brakemen (Mtgrb)
Brakes (Qpk)
Braking (Dcnbstb)
Braking performance (Qcpb)
Branch and bound algorithms (Ubmgb)
Branch lines (Pmudeb)
Branches of law (Crd)
Branching processes (Usxb)
Brass (Rbmdkdcb)
Brazing (Fcbyjvsb)
Break and seat --> Crack and seat treatment (Fmuhpc)
Breakaway supports (Pbpbvc)
Breaking --> Fracture mechanics (Smfh)
Breaking loads (Smimd)
Breakwaters (Pmhdc)
Breath (Mxbcb)
Breathing apparatus (Qtpsed)
Breccia (Rbertd)
Brick (Rbmdfb)
Brick construction (Fcbyeb)
Brick pavements (Pmrcppbmj)
Bridge abutments (Pdybbfb)
Bridge anchorages (Pdybbfc)
Bridge approaches (Pdybbc)
Bridge bearing pads (Pdybbfep)
Bridge bearings (Pdybbfe)
Bridge cables (Pdybbsc)
Bridge construction (Fcfb)
Bridge decks (Pdybbsf)
Bridge design (Esusb)
Bridge elements --> Bridge members (Pdybb)
Bridge engineering (Ttkfrb)
Bridge flutter --> Flutter (Aeronautics) (Qdbdj)
Bridge flutter --> Flutter (Aeronautics) (Smdvf)
Bridge foundations (Pdybbff)
Bridge management systems (Fmmmb)
Bridge members (Pdybb)
Bridge piers (Pdybbfp)
Bridge pilings --> Bridge piers (Pdybbfp)
Bridge railings (Pdybbsr)
Bridge rails --> Bridge railings (Pdybbsr)
Bridge simulators --> Ship simulators (Qtpstss)
Bridge slabs --> Bridge decks (Pdybbsf)
Bridge substructures (Pdybbf)
Bridge superstructures (Pdybbs)
Bridge surfaces --> Bridge decks (Pdybbsf)
Bridge towers (Pdybbss)
Bridge waterways (Pdybbfw)
Bridges (Pdyb)
Bridges (Ships) (Qpecb)
Bridges and culverts (Pdy)
Brightness (Rkob)
Brines (Rbmnhd)
Brittle fractures --> Fracture mechanics (Smfh)
Brittleness (Rkmlb)
Broadband (Sfrwbfrb)
Broadcasting (Dsmmb)
Brochures (Xxbb)
Brokerage (Cue)
Bromine (Rbcefjb)
Brooming (Fcbygjb)
Brown coal --> Lignite (Rbersm)
Brownfields (Vwxb)
Brush control (Fmuktb)
Brushes (Electricity) (Qtbcc)
Bubbles (Rbbfb)
Buckles (Fasteners) (Qtpscb)
Buckling (Smbc)
Budget estimates --> Budgeting (Cgb)
Budgeting (Cgb)
Budgets --> Budgeting (Cgb)
Build operate transfer (Cqpdb)
Building (Fca)
Building codes (Creg)
Building design --> Structural design (Esus)
Building entrances (Pbpbkb)
Building exits (Pbpbkc)
Building materials (Rbm)
Building materials by properties (Rbmd)
Buildings --> Structures (Pb)
Bulk cargo (Bhgb)
Bulk cargo handling (Bdbbc)
Bulk cargo terminals (Pmhbmpmtb)
Bulk carriers (Qbhdfb)
Bulk commodities --> Bulk cargo (Bhgb)
Bulk density (Rkpdb)
Bulk flow --> Convection (Fluid mechanics) (Smdffe)
Bulk modulus (Rkmyb)
Bulk modulus of elasticity --> Bulk modulus (Rkmyb)
Bulk solids --> Dry bulk cargo (Bhgbd)
Bulk specific gravity --> Specific gravity (Rkpds)
Bulkheads (Hydraulics) (Pmhdd)
Bulkheads (Ships) (Qpgysb)
Bulldozers (Qtpbcjcb)
Bumpers (Qpbcb)
Bunching (Bthkb)
Bunkering (Brsdu)
Buoyancy (Smia)
Buoys (Dcnsysd)
Burlap (Rbmdmve)
Burners (Qtpmhc)
Burning rate (Smeb)
Burns (Injuries) (Hjpf)
Bursting --> Tearing (Smft)
Bus accidents (Hbbgc)
Bus and high occupancy vehicle facilities (Pmrub)
Bus bays (Pmrubsb)
Bus berths --> Bus bays (Pmrubsb)
Bus drivers (Mtghdcb)
Bus driving (Dcnbstyd)
Bus garages (Pmrubg)
Bus lanes (Pmrcpmjb)
Bus lanes (Pmrubm)
Bus lines (Nbbcdb)
Bus operators --> Bus drivers (Mtghdcb)
Bus priority (Brubp)
Bus rapid transit (Aetbr)
Bus routes (Bbheb)
Bus stations --> Bus terminals (Pmrubt)
Bus stop shelters (Pmrubss)
Bus stops (Pmrubs)
Bus terminals (Pmrubt)
Bus traffic (Btahb)
Bus transit (Aetb)
Bus transit operations (Brub)
Bus transportation (Aeghb)
Bus travel (Bmbh)
Bus usage --> Bus travel (Bmbh)
Buses (Qbddhpb)
Buses (Electricity) (Qtbcd)
Buses by motive power (Qbddhpbp)
Buses by size (Qbddhpbw)
Bushings --> Sleeves (Electricity) (Qtbct)
Business administration (Tgh)
Business aircraft (Qbkopc)
Business aviation (Nceggb)
Business aviation pilots (Mtbbgb)
Business cycles (Kady)
Business districts (Vwub)
Business location --> Industrial location (Cqi)
Business logistics --> Logistics (Cm)
Business parks (Vwube)
Business practices (Cbd)
Business travel --> Business trips (Bmkhb)
Business trips (Bmkhb)
Businesses (Nb)
Businessmen --> Managerial personnel (Msab)
Buspools (Bmrb)
Busways (Pmrubw)
Butadiene (Rbcgrrd)
Butane (Rbcgrre)
Butt joints (Pbpbhd)
Butt welds (Pbpbxb)
Buttresses (Pbpbvd)
Bypasses (Pmrccnj)
Byproducts --> Waste products (Rbmdu)
Cab signals (Dcmtrysc)
Cable cars (Qbftc)
Cable railroads (Nbbcgp)
Cable stayed bridges (Pdybmdcc)
Cable systems (Qtpbcgc)
Cables (Rbmdxqc)
Cabooses (Qbfmkc)
Cabotage (Brscd)
Cabs (Taxicabs) --> Taxicabs (Qbddhppt)
Cabs (Vehicle compartments) (Qpecc)
Cadavers (Hpmc)
Cadmium (Rbcefdb)
Caffeine (Hmdqxsc)
Caissons (Pmhyc)
Calcareous soils (Rbespbc)
Calcined aggregates (Rbmddcpc)
Calcines (Rbmdytc)
Calcites (Rberrc)
Calcium (Rbcefcm)
Calcium carbonate (Rbcgneb)
Calcium chloride (Rbmnjc)
Calcium chloride (Rbcgned)
Calcium compounds (Rbcgce)
Calcium hydroxide (Rbcgneg)
Calcium inorganic compounds (Rbcgne)
Calcium magnesium acetate (Rbcgrrf)
Calcium magnesium acetate (Rbmnjf)
Calcium nitrite (Rbcgnej)
Calcium oxide (Rbcgnem)
Calcium silicate (Rbcgnep)
Calcium sulfates (Rbcgner)
Calcretes (Rberhc)
Calculating machines --> Calculators (Qtpxc)
Calculation (Ufd)
Calculators (Qtpxc)
Calculus (Uhbc)
Calculus (Mathematics) (Tprc)
Calculus of variations (Uhbfmc)
Calibrating --> Calibration (Gmse)
Calibration (Gmse)
California bearing ratio (Rkmyyc)
Call boxes (Driver aid devices) (Dsgmec)
Calorimeters (Gumpc)
Camber --> Curvature (Upbd)
Camcorders --> Video cameras (Qtprcv)
Cameras (Qtprc)
Campaigns (Chqp)
Camper trucks (Qbddkqc)
Camping (Bmkhqc)
Campus parking (Brddv)
Campus transportation (Aft)
Campuses (Pfruc)
Cams (Qtbmbermb)
Camshafts (Qtbmbermd)
Canal linings (Pmhjyd)
Canal lock operations (Bqwctm)
Canal operations (Bqwc)
Canal transit (Bqwct)
Canals (Pmhjc)
Canals and waterways (Pmhj)
Cancer (Hmdf)
Cantilever bridges (Pdybmdc)
Cantilevers (Pbpbvvc)
Canyons (Vsjfsc)
Cap and trade --> Emissions trading (Jfgybe)
Capacitance (Rkec)
Capacitors (Qtbce)
Capacity restraint (Bqdcr)
Capes (Vgk)
Capillaries (Myvk)
Capillarity (Src)
Capillary action --> Capillarity (Src)
Capillary water (Rbesbwc)
Capital (Cfec)
Capital (Kabq)
Capital costs (Cfcac)
Capital expenditures (Cfbuc)
Capital investments (Cfeic)
Capital productivity (Cpkpc)
Capital requirements --> Capital (Cfec)
Capsizing (Hbbmt)
Capsule pipelines (Pmnppb)
Captive riders (Mwatc)
Car clearances (Railroads) (Brrcs)
Car couplers --> Couplers (Qtpuh)
Car distribution (Railroads) (Brrcd)
Car dumpers (Qtphcuc)
Car following (Bthkc)
Car interchange (Railroads) (Brrci)
Car location (Railroads) (Brrce)
Car operations (Railroads) (Brrc)
Car ownership (Railroads) (Brrcn)
Car parks --> Parking facilities (Pmrup)
Car pooling (Railroads) (Brrcp)
Car rentals (Railroads) (Brrcq)
Car service rules (Brrr)
Car sharing --> Vehicle sharing (Bms)
Car shops (Railroads) (Pmurvc)
Car shortages (Railroads) (Brrcc)
Car supply (Railroads) (Brrcb)
Car tracing (Railroads) (Brrcet)
Car truck accidents --> Multiple vehicle accidents (Hbbgtb)
Car trucks (Railroads) (Qpgyrt)
Car utilization (Railroads) (Brrca)
Car wheels (Railroads) (Qpgyrwr)
Caravans (Travel trailers) --> Travel trailers (Qbddkqt)
Carbamide --> Urea (Rbcgrrx)
Carbene (Rbcgrrg)
Carbides (Rbcgnff)
Carbinols (Rbcgrbcd)
Carbohydrates (Rbcgrbj)
Carbolic acid --> Phenol (Rbcgrro)
Carbon (Rbceffc)
Carbon black (Rbmdptc)
Carbon dioxide (Rbcgnfm)
Carbon fibers (Rbmdxfc)
Carbon inorganic compounds (Rbcgnf)
Carbon monoxide (Rbcgnfq)
Carbon steel (Rbmdkdfscc)
Carbon taxes (Cfdac)
Carbonate rocks (Rberrd)
Carbonates (Rbcgcf)
Carbonation (Scpd)
Carbonization (Scpe)
Carbonmonoxyhemoglobin --> Blood carbon monoxide levels (Hpmbc)
Carboxyhemoglobin --> Blood carbon monoxide levels (Hpmbc)
Carbuilders (Ncerc)
Carburetion (Qpnc)
Carburetors (Qpnyc)
Carburettors --> Carburetors (Qpnyc)
Carcinogens (Rbmdsb)
Cardan shafts (Qtbmyqc)
Cardiac disorder (Hmdbh)
Cardiovascular diseases (Hmdb)
Cardiovascular system (Myv)
Cargo aircraft (Qbkff)
Cargo compartments (Qpes)
Cargo documentation --> Freight documents (Bby)
Cargo facilities (Pmetfc)
Cargo handling (Bdbb)
Cargo handling equipment (Qtphc)
Cargo handling personnel (Msc)
Cargo holds --> Holds (Vehicles) (Qpesh)
Cargo insurance (Cnvc)
Cargo preference (Brscc)
Cargo security --> Freight security (Hsf)
Cargo ships (Qbhdf)
Cargo submarines (Qbhdfu)
Cargo vehicles --> Trucks (Qbddf)
Carjacking (Huthc)
Carloadings (Bfbja)
Carnivores (Jcbtvuc)
Carpool lanes --> High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmrcpmj)
Carpool lanes --> High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmruby)
Carpools (Bmrc)
Carriageway markings --> Road markings (Dcmthru)
Carriageways --> Traffic lanes (Pmrcpm)
Carrier delay --> Flight delays (Bbjkmd)
Carrier selection (Bkc)
Carrier sense multiple access (Dsbdmcc)
Carriers (Nbb)
Carriers by mode (Nbbc)
Carriers by type of service (Nbba)
Carsharing --> Vehicle sharing (Bms)
Cartography (Ttqc)
Case based reasoning (Xbkdbe)
Case law --> Legal documents (Xxy)
Case studies (Xkdc)
Cash flow (Cgac)
Casings (Pbpbkdc)
Casinos (Pfqc)
Casks (Qtpkc)
Cast in place concrete (Rbmdhcbc)
Cast in place structures (Pbca)
Cast in situ concrete --> Cast in place concrete (Rbmdhcbc)
Cast iron (Rbmdkbc)
Cast steel (Rbmdkdfscd)
Casting (Fcbjc)
Casual carpooling (Bmrcc)
Casualties (Hjhc)
Cataloging (Xbdm)
Catalogs (Xbbk)
Catalysis (Scca)
Catalyst poisoning (Hmec)
Catalysts (Rbctd)
Catalytic converters (Qpwyc)
Catamarans (Qbhvtc)
Catapults (Qtphd)
Catastrophe theory (Uhy)
Catch basins (Pmhpdb)
Catchment areas --> Drainage basins (Pmhpdh)
Catenaries (Railroads) (Pmucc)
Cathode ray tubes (Qtbefc)
Cathodes (Qtpfbyc)
Cathodic protection (Fccmcc)
Cation exchange (Sccic)
Cationic emulsified asphalt (Rbmdpbec)
Cations (Rbcbfm)
Cats (Jcbtvucb)
Caucasians --> Whites (Mhe)
Causeways (Pdybmuhc)
Caverns (Vh)
Cavitation (Mechanics) (Smdfc)
Cavitation corrosion --> Cavitation erosion (Scphb)
Cavitation erosion (Scphb)
Cavitation noise (Jfnbd)
CBR --> California bearing ratio (Rkmyyc)
CCD cameras (Qtprcc)
CCTV --> Closed circuit television (Dsbpvc)
CD-ROM (Xymr)
Ceilings (Pbpbb)
Celestial bodies (Jbd)
Celestial navigation (Dcnsbb)
Cell phones --> Cellular telephones (Dsbnmcb)
Cells (Biology) (Jca)
Cells (Measuring devices) (Gumec)
Cellular automata (Ubmkfc)
Cellular concrete (Rbmdhcbd)
Cellular radio (Dsbnmc)
Cellular radio (Dsbppmc)
Cellular structures (Pbckl)
Cellular telephones (Dsbnmcb)
Cellulose (Rbmdmvwd)
Cement (Rbmdfc)
Cement additives (Rbmdfcy)
Cement aggregate reactions --> Alkali aggregate reactions (Sccyb)
Cement content (Rkcbbm)
Cement factor (Rkcbbmf)
Cement grouts (Rbmndfc)
Cement industry (Ncgkc)
Cement kilns (Qtpmhpb)
Cement mortars (Rbmndjc)
Cement paste (Rbmndnc)
Cement treated soils (Rbmdbc)
Cementation --> Bonding (Fcacb)
Census (Khby)
Center lines (Dcmthruc)
Center of gravity (Smkgc)
Centerline cracking --> Longitudinal cracking (Smfdpmm)
Centerlines --> Center lines (Dcmthruc)
Central business districts (Vwubc)
Central processing units (Computers) (Qtpxmpb)
Central reserves --> Medians (Pmrcpbm)
Centralized traffic control (Dcmtrsc)
Centrifugal force (Smib)
Centrifugal pumps (Qtbmbpc)
Centrifuges (Guc)
Centripetal force (Smic)
Centuries (Wea)
Ceramels --> Cermets (Rbmdfe)
Ceramets --> Cermets (Rbmdfe)
Ceramic coatings (Rbmnfcm)
Ceramic materials (Rbmdf)
Ceramics --> Ceramic materials (Rbmdf)
Cermets (Rbmdfe)
Certification (Ceu)
Cervical spine --> Spinal column (Myj)
Cervical vertebrae --> Vertebrae (Myjg)
Cetane number (Rkcmc)
Chains (Rbmnkc)
Chalks (Rberhd)
Change interval (Traffic signal cycle) (Dcmthcskjb)
Change of state --> Phase transitions (Stp)
Changeable message signs --> Variable message signs (Dcmthrkkv)
Channel erosion --> Scour (Jbyn)
Channel flow (Smdffdc)
Channel linings (Pmhjyem)
Channel stabilization (Fcfhd)
Channelization (Intersections) --> Traffic channelization (Esushc)
Channelized intersections (Pmrcpjfcd)
Channels (Drainage) --> Ditches (Pmhpdd)
Channels (Waterways) (Pmhjye)
Character recognition (Dmbjc)
Charge collectors (Qtpfbyec)
Charge coupled devices (Qtbeb)
Charter operations (Bbg)
Charter parties (Bbgp)
Charter rates (Bbkbh)
Chartering (Bbgc)
Charters (Bbgy)
Charts (Xxvmc)
Chassis (Qpgc)
Chauffeurs (Mtghdcc)
Chemical agents (Rbmdscc)
Chemical analysis (Gbcc)
Chemical attack --> Corrosion (Scph)
Chemical bond (Scpf)
Chemical composition (Rkcb)
Chemical composition by material content (Rkcbb)
Chemical compounds (Rbcg)
Chemical compounds by primary element or compound (Rbcgc)
Chemical deicing agents --> Deicing chemicals (Rbmnj)
Chemical dispersants --> Dispersers (Rbctmdd)
Chemical elements (Rbce)
Chemical elements by group and name (Rbcef)
Chemical engineering (Ttkd)
Chemical grouts (Rbmndfd)
Chemical industry (Ncgc)
Chemical processes (Scp)
Chemical properties (Rkc)
Chemical reactions (Scc)
Chemical reactions and processes (Sc)
Chemical reactivity (Rkcf)
Chemical resistant materials (Rbmdysb)
Chemical spills (Jfgssc)
Chemical structure --> Chemical composition (Rkcb)
Chemical substances (Rbct)
Chemical substances by pH (Rbctr)
Chemical tankers (Qbhdfbmc)
Chemical tests (Gbc)
Chemicals (Bhkhc)
Chemicals (Rbc)
Chemiluminescence (Somuc)
Chemistry (Tph)
Cherts (Rberhf)
Chest --> Thorax (Myh)
Chi square distributions (Usydf)
Chi square test (Usfc)
Child --> Children (Mbc)
Child car seats --> Child safety seats (Qpqryc)
Child restraint systems (Qpqry)
Child safety seats (Qpqryc)
Children (Mbc)
Chilled cargo (Bhgrc)
Chimneys (Pbpbc)
Chip cards --> Smart cards (Dcmcrs)
Chip seals (Rbmnfsc)
Chippings (Rbmddrc)
Chisels (Qtptc)
Chloride content (Rkcbbn)
Chlorides (Rbcgcgd)
Chloridization --> Chlorination (Scpg)
Chlorinated rubber (Rbmdqdrcc)
Chlorination (Scpg)
Chlorine (Rbcefjc)
Chlorine compounds (Rbcgcg)
Chlorine content (Rkcbbq)
Chlorine organic compounds (Rbcgrbk)
Chlorites (Rbcgng)
Choice models (Usec)
Choice of transportation --> Mode choice (Bkm)
Chokes (Qpnyfc)
Choppers (Electricity) (Qtbcfc)
Choppers (Helicopters) --> Helicopters (Qbkmrh)
Chromates (Rberre)
Chromatography (Gbccc)
Chromatography (Tphbc)
Chromium (Rbcefdc)
Chronological time (Wc)
Chronometers (Gumpwc)
Chuckholes --> Potholes (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbyp)
Cigarette smoke --> Tobacco smoke (Jfgsr)
Cinders --> Slag (Rbmduv)
Cinematography (Ttqg)
CIR --> Cold in-place recycling (Fmuhpic)
Circadian rhythms (Mxbg)
Circles (Upba)
Circuit analyzers (Gumpdc)
Circuit boards (Computers) (Qtpxmpbb)
Circuit breakers (Qtbcf)
Circuits (Electricity) --> Electric circuits (Qtbci)
Circular cylinders (Geometry) (Upbfc)
Circular intersections --> Traffic circles (Pmrcpjfcm)
Circular test tracks (Pmrccpetc)
Circulation (Anatomy) --> Cardiovascular system (Myv)
Circulatory system --> Cardiovascular system (Myv)
Circumferential highways --> Beltways (Pmrccnf)
Cities (Vwucc)
Cities and towns (Vwuc)
Citizen band radio (Dsbppd)
Citizen participation --> Public participation (Kw)
City centers --> Central business districts (Vwubc)
City government (Ngdhs)
City pairs (Bfhmt)
City planning (Ttnd)
City planning (Epdumc)
City streets --> Streets (Pmrccds)
Civil aircraft (Qbkoc)
Civil aviation (Ncegc)
Civil aviation facilities --> Air transportation facilities (Pmf)
Civil defense (Hswec)
Civil engineering (Ttkf)
Civil engineers (Msgbb)
Civil rights (Csmrc)
Clad metals (Rbmdkbd)
Cladding (Fcacbc)
Clamps (Qtptd)
Classes of chemical elements (Rbceb)
Classes of living things (Jcb)
Classes of materials (Rb)
Classical field theory (Tpxh)
Classification (Xbbc)
Classification yards (Pmutc)
Classroom driver instruction (Hawttdc)
Clastic rocks (Rberhg)
Clay (Rbmdfk)
Clay minerals (Rberrf)
Clay soils (Rbesgc)
Clay water systems (Rbesgcb)
Clean fuels (Rbfpc)
Cleaning (Fmbb)
Cleaning agents --> Cleansers (Rbmne)
Cleaning compounds --> Cleansers (Rbmne)
Cleaning equipment (Qtpe)
Cleansers (Rbmne)
Clear air turbulence (Jbmbkjc)
Clear zones (Pmrcprc)
Clearance interval (Traffic signal cycle) (Dcmthcskjc)
Clearances (Navigation) (Dcnuc)
Clearances (Railroads) --> Car clearances (Railroads) (Brrcs)
Cleavage fracture (Smfhc)
Client server computing (Xbkdfc)
Clients (Msymj)
Cliffs (Vgfc)
Climate (Jbmwn)
Climate change (Jbmwnc)
Climate control --> Air conditioning systems (Pbpvb)
Climatic changes --> Climate change (Jbmwnc)
Climatic regions (Vcr)
Climatology (Tpntd)
Climbing flight (Qdbpf)
Climbing lanes (Pmrcpme)
Clinkers (Rbmdub)
Clocks (Gukc)
Clocks (Gumpwe)
Closed circuit television (Dsbpvc)
Closed loop control systems --> Feedback control (Dcgf)
Clothing (Ccbkr)
Clouds (Jbmbkmbc)
Cloverleaf interchanges (Pmrcpjscc)
Cluster analysis (Usjb)
Clutches (Qpoxc)
Clutter --> Radar clutter (Dcnspsdjc)
CMA --> Calcium magnesium acetate (Rbmnjf)
CMA --> Calcium magnesium acetate (Rbcgrrf)
CMOS devices (Qtbeqc)
CNG powered buses --> Natural gas buses (Qbddhpbpg)
Coagulation (Scpwc)
Coal (Bhkfc)
Coal (Rbers)
Coal based materials (Rbmdpf)
Coal fuels (Rbffe)
Coal gas (Rbffed)
Coal gasification (Jnrrfcg)
Coal gasification plants (Pfkpd)
Coal hydrogenation (Sccgb)
Coal hydrogenation (Jnrrfch)
Coal industry (Ncgmc)
Coal liquefaction (Jnrrfcm)
Coal liquefaction plants (Pfkpe)
Coal liquids (Rbmdpfc)
Coal mines (Pdwmc)
Coal mining (Jnrrbmc)
Coal pipelines (Pmnppc)
Coal processing (Jnrrfc)
Coal reserves --> Coal resources (Jnamc)
Coal resources (Jnamc)
Coal slurry (Bhkfcs)
Coal tars (Rbmdpff)
Coal terminals (Pmhbmpmtd)
Coalescers (Qtpkpc)
Coalitions (Msyt)
Coarse aggregates (Rbmddcjc)
Coarse grained materials (Rbmdxtb)
Coarse grained soils (Rbespgc)
Coast and river protective works (Pmhd)
Coastal engineering (Ttkfb)
Coastal shipping --> Coastwise shipping (Aesbc)
Coastal structures --> Coast and river protective works (Pmhd)
Coastal zone management (Jfbc)
Coastlines --> Coasts (Vmbd)
Coasts (Vmbd)
Coastwise shipping (Aesbc)
Coated chippings (Rbmddrcc)
Coated materials (Rbmdxtf)
Coatings (Rbmnfc)
Coatings, fillers and paints (Rbmnf)
Coaxial cables (Qtbfb)
Cobalt (Rbcefdd)
Cobbles (Rbesgd)
Cocaine (Hmdqxsk)
Cockpit resource management (Brcc)
Cockpits (Qpecfc)
Code division multiple access (Dsbdmcg)
Code sharing (Bbjt)
Codes --> Coding systems (Xbbcc)
Coding systems (Xbbcc)
Coefficient of friction (Rkmyd)
Coefficient of internal friction (Rkmye)
Coefficient of permeability --> Permeability coefficient (Rkwm)
Coefficient of subgrade reaction (Rkmyyf)
Coefficients (Usyfc)
COFC --> Container on flat car (Bbbacc)
Cofferdams (Pmhmbc)
Coffins (Casks) --> Casks (Qtpkc)
Cognition (Mxrd)
Cognition disorders --> Cognitive impairment (Mxmb)
Cognitive impairment (Mxmb)
Cohesion (Smif)
Cohesionless materials (Rbmdysc)
Cohesionless soils --> Granular soils (Rbesfg)
Cohesive soils (Rbesfc)
Cohesive strength (Rkmac)
Coils (Electromagnetism) (Qtbfd)
Coke (Rbmdpfm)
Coking (Jnrrfcp)
Cold coated materials (Rbmdxtfc)
Cold forming (Fcbyjcc)
Cold in-place recycling (Fmuhpic)
Cold mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejpc)
Cold regions --> Frigid regions (Vcrf)
Cold starting --> Cold starts (Driving) (Dcnbstrc)
Cold starts (Driving) (Dcnbstrc)
Cold weather (Jbmwbbc)
Cold weather construction (Fcec)
Cold working (Fcbyja)
Collaboration --> Cooperation (Cxf)
Collapse (Smfc)
Collapse properties (Rkmc)
Collapse strength (Rkmad)
Collapsible soils (Rbespsc)
Collection development (Xbdc)
Collective bargaining (Kabkrnp)
College graduates (Metb)
College students (Mesc)
Collision avoidance systems (Dcnsbc)
Collision coverage --> Liability insurance (Cnv)
Collision diagrams (Hbxrdc)
Collision injuries --> Crash injuries (Hjcc)
Collision injury research --> Crash injury research (Hjr)
Collision tests --> Impact tests (Hjrc)
Collisions (Hbbgtc)
Colloidal systems (Rbctmc)
Colloids (Rbctmcc)
Colluvium (Rbebf)
Color (Rkoc)
Color blind persons (Mmbk)
Color blindness (Mxcrc)
Color codes (Xbbcck)
Color film (Xykpc)
Color photography (Esmgpe)
Color vision (Mxbvc)
Colorants (Rbmng)
Colorimetry (Gmcepc)
Colors --> Color (Rkoc)
Colour --> Color (Rkoc)
Columns (Pbpbvvd)
Combat vehicles (Qbddkmc)
Combination (Chemistry) (Sccb)
Combination carriers (Qbhdfbg)
Combinatorial analysis (Ubk)
Combined cycle power plants (Pmppc)
Combined transport --> Containerization (Bbbac)
Combustion (Sccmc)
Combustion chambers (Qtbmbermfc)
Combustion deposits (Rbmdue)
Combustion efficiency (Rkcg)
Combustors (Qtbmbermf)
Comfort (Mxbe)
Command and control systems (Dcgd)
Command centers (Pfdeg)
Command centers (Pfmc)
Command control --> Command guidance (Dcmg)
Command guidance (Dcmg)
Commerce --> Trade (Ct)
Commercial aircraft --> Civil aircraft (Qbkoc)
Commercial aviation --> Civil aviation (Ncegc)
Commercial buildings (Pfc)
Commercial drivers (Mtghdc)
Commercial fishing --> Fishing (Ncgsf)
Commercial space transportation (Aeas)
Commercial strips (Pmrccpc)
Commercial transportation (Amc)
Commercial vehicle operations (Dtvbu)
Commercial vehicles (Qbddkc)
Comminution (Fcbb)
Committees (Msyk)
Commodities (Bh)
Commodities by type (Bhk)
Commodity classification (Bhc)
Commodity density (Bhd)
Commodity flow (Bha)
Commodity groups (Bhg)
Common carriers (Nbbafc)
Common salt --> Sodium chloride (Rbmnjs)
Common salt --> Sodium chloride (Rbcgnvg)
Communicable diseases (Hmdd)
Communication (Ds)
Communication and control (D)
Communication devices (Dsg)
Communication equipment --> Communication devices (Dsg)
Communication facilities (Pmg)
Communication systems (Dsb)
Communication systems by recipient (Dsf)
Communications (Tte)
Communications and control personnel (Msd)
Communications networks --> Communication systems (Dsb)
Communications satellites (Dsgc)
Communications traffic (Dsmbc)
Communities (Vww)
Community action programs (Kwc)
Community planning --> City planning (Epdumc)
Commutators (Qtbff)
Commuter aircraft (Qbkhc)
Commuter airlines (Nbbcbc)
Commuter cars (Qbfmkhc)
Commuter rail --> Railroad commuter service (Aetrc)
Commuter service (Bbca)
Commuters (Mwc)
Commuting (Bmn)
Compact automobiles (Qbddhmccd)
Compact discs --> CD-ROM (Xymr)
Compactability --> Compactibility (Rkpdc)
Compacted clays (Rbmdbec)
Compacted soils (Rbmdbe)
Compactibility (Rkpdc)
Compacting --> Compaction (Fcbc)
Compaction (Fcbc)
Compactors (Qtpbcb)
Company aircraft --> Business aircraft (Qbkopc)
Comparison studies --> Alternatives analysis (Epdbbb)
Compasses (Dcnspc)
Competition (Cxc)
Competitive bidding (Cubc)
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor devices --> CMOS devices (Qtbeqc)
Complex systems (Syc)
Complex variables (Ubdvc)
Complexes --> Facilities (P)
Compliance (Crk)
Compliance constant (Rkmyg)
Compliance tests --> Acceptance tests (Gbjb)
Components (Qtssc)
Components of embankments and retaining walls (Pdxt)
Components of harbors (Pmhbm)
Composite construction (Fcbyf)
Composite materials (Rbmdh)
Composite pavements (Pmrcppbmk)
Composite structures (Pbcb)
Composite superconductors (Rbmuhvsc)
Composites --> Composite materials (Rbmdh)
Compositions (Ingredients) --> Materials selection (Esmm)
Compost (Rbmdmvf)
Comprehension (Mxrdc)
Compressed air (Rbjc)
Compressed gases --> Liquefied gases (Rbbfmm)
Compressed natural gas (Rbffpnc)
Compressibility (Rkmd)
Compressible flow (Smdffc)
Compressible soils (Rbespsf)
Compression (Srvb)
Compression ignition engines (Qtbmbebjb)
Compression loads --> Compression (Srvb)
Compression strength --> Compressive strength (Rkmae)
Compression testing --> Compression tests (Gbgd)
Compression tests (Gbgd)
Compressive strength (Rkmae)
Compressors (Qtbmbc)
Computer aided design (Esdb)
Computer aided engineering --> Computer aided design (Esdb)
Computer aided instruction (Cexc)
Computer aided manufacturing (Dcmmd)
Computer aided routing system --> Advanced driver information systems (Dsfpdb)
Computer algorithms (Ubmgc)
Computer animation (Xbkpgc)
Computer architecture (Xbkrb)
Computer chips (Qtpxmpe)
Computer components (Qtpxmp)
Computer control systems --> Control systems (Dcg)
Computer controlled signals --> Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Computer files --> Data files (Xbkg)
Computer graphics (Xbkpg)
Computer interfaces --> User interfaces (Computer science) (Esdhmg)
Computer memory (Qtpxmpbd)
Computer models (Xbkpm)
Computer network protocols (Xbkrf)
Computer network resources (Xbko)
Computer networks (Xbkr)
Computer online services (Nbv)
Computer operating systems (Xbkjb)
Computer output (Xbkp)
Computer printouts (Xbkpb)
Computer program documentation (Xbkms)
Computer programming (Xbkm)
Computer programming languages (Xbkmd)
Computer programs (Xbkjc)
Computer reservation systems (Bbpsc)
Computer science (Ttg)
Computer security (Xbks)
Computer simulation --> Simulation (Ubms)
Computer storage devices --> Computer memory (Qtpxmpbd)
Computer viruses (Xbksv)
Computer vision (Dmbjjc)
Computerized control systems --> Control systems (Dcg)
Computerized design --> Computer aided design (Esdb)
Computerized ship control --> Voyage management systems (Dcmvsv)
Computers (Qtpxm)
Concentrated loads (Smimf)
Concentration (Chemistry) (Rkch)
Concessions (Bqas)
Concourses (Airports) (Pmfcgcd)
Concrete (Rbmdhc)
Concrete admixtures --> Admixtures (Rbmdhcm)
Concrete aggregates (Rbmddcsc)
Concrete arch culverts (Pdyrdcc)
Concrete bases (Pmrcpppmec)
Concrete blocks (Rbmdxbc)
Concrete bridges (Pdybmmc)
Concrete construction (Fcbyg)
Concrete culverts (Pdyrdc)
Concrete curing (Fcbygf)
Concrete curing materials --> Curing agents (Rbmdhcjj)
Concrete dams (Pmhmbd)
Concrete finishing (Fcbygj)
Concrete forms (Pbpbve)
Concrete hardening (Sccyh)
Concrete industry (Ncgkf)
Concrete mixers (Qtpbcmc)
Concrete mixes --> Admixtures (Rbmdhcm)
Concrete mixing (Fcbygr)
Concrete mixing water (Rbmdhcwm)
Concrete mixtures --> Admixtures (Rbmdhcm)
Concrete overlays (Pmrcpppmbpc)
Concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmm)
Concrete pipe (Rbmdxnpc)
Concrete placing (Fcbygt)
Concrete plants (Pfkpf)
Concrete plastic composites (Rbmdhbp)
Concrete slab track (Pmudbe)
Concrete structures (Pbcc)
Concrete tests (Gbbmk)
Concrete ties (Pmudkuc)
Concurrent engineering (Ttknb)
Concurrent flow (Bthfe)
Concussion --> Traumatic brain injuries (Hjpt)
Condensate (Rbbfsvc)
Condensation (Stpc)
Condensers (Qtbmberec)
Condition surveys (Grc)
Conditioning (Electricity) --> Electric power conditioning (Jnrrpte)
Conducting materials (Rbmuhvm)
Conduction (See)
Conductivity (Geology) --> Permeability (Rkrp)
Conductivity (Heat) --> Thermal conductivity (Rktp)
Conductors (Trains) (Mtgrh)
Conduits (Pbpbd)
Cone penetrometers (Gumsdpc)
Cones (Upbb)
Conferences (Xkp)
Confidence coefficient (Uspcc)
Confidence intervals (Uspc)
Confidence limits (Uspcm)
Configuration management (Xbkmqc)
Confined concrete (Rbmdhcbtc)
Confined flow (Smdffd)
Confining pressure (Smipc)
Confiscation (Crhymc)
Conflict (Psychology) (Mxkc)
Conflict management (Cru)
Conflict of interest (Ccbwc)
Conflict resolution --> Conflict management (Cru)
Conformity (Crl)
Congestion management systems (Dcmthcc)
Congestion pricing (Cfsprc)
Conglomerates (Nte)
Conglomerates (Geology) (Rberhh)
Congresses --> Conferences (Xkp)
Congressional hearings (Xkhk)
Connecting rods (Qtbmbermg)
Connectivity (Sync)
Connectors (Fasteners) --> Stud connectors (Rbmnkv)
Conning (Dcnbscsnc)
Consensus (Cxe)
Conservation (Jng)
Conservation of mass and energy (Sag)
Conservation of momentum (Sak)
Consistency (Rkmhc)
Consistency limits --> Atterberg limits (Rkmya)
Consistency tests (Gbbmkc)
Consoles (Qtpoc)
Consolidated aggregates, rock and stone (Rbmddv)
Consolidation (Jbgpb)
Consolidation (Srvc)
Consolidation tests --> Soil consolidation test (Gbbmrt)
Consolidations (Cyma)
Consolidometers (Gumsdc)
Consortia (Cyjc)
Conspicuity --> Visibility (Hasv)
Constants (Gmsd)
Constitutional law (Crdc)
Constraints (Smcc)
Constrictions (Smdffdce)
Construction (Fc)
Construction and maintenance (F)
Construction and maintenance equipment (Qtpb)
Construction and maintenance personnel (Mse)
Construction by environment (Fce)
Construction engineering (Ttkfd)
Construction equipment (Qtpbc)
Construction industry (Ncgk)
Construction joints (Pbpbhe)
Construction machinery --> Construction equipment (Qtpbc)
Construction management (Fcy)
Construction manager at risk (Cajc)
Construction materials --> Building materials (Rbm)
Construction methods --> Construction management (Fcy)
Construction of specific facilities (Fcf)
Construction of specific vehicles (Fcv)
Construction practice --> Construction management (Fcy)
Construction projects (Cark)
Construction safety (Hac)
Construction scheduling (Fcyc)
Construction sites (Pdc)
Construction zone traffic control --> Work zone traffic control (Dcmthcw)
Construction zones --> Construction sites (Pdc)
Consultants (Nbyd)
Consumer affairs --> Consumer protection (Crfm)
Consumer behavior (Kadb)
Consumer preferences (Kadbp)
Consumer protection (Crfm)
Consumers (Msymc)
Consumers surplus (Kcs)
Consumers' preferences --> Consumer preferences (Kadbp)
Consumption (Kadr)
Consumption rates (Kadrr)
Contact lenses (Qtbppc)
Contact wire (Pmuc)
Contactless fare cards --> Smart cards (Dcmcrs)
Contagious diseases --> Communicable diseases (Hmdd)
Container cars (Qbfmkfgc)
Container equipment industry (Ncec)
Container handling (Bdbc)
Container on flat car (Bbbacc)
Container ports --> Container terminals (Pmhbmpmtf)
Container services --> Containerization (Bbbac)
Container ships --> Containerships (Qbhdfk)
Container terminals (Pmhbmpmtf)
Container traffic (Bfbe)
Container utilization (Brt)
Containerisation --> Containerization (Bbbac)
Containerization (Bbbac)
Containerized fruit (Bhkbbafc)
Containers (Qtpke)
Containerships (Qbhdfk)
Containing equipment (Qtpk)
Contaminants (Jfgsc)
Context sensitive design (Esushb)
Continental shelf (Vckc)
Continents (Vck)
Contingency planning (Epdmc)
Continuing education (Cekc)
Continuous girder bridges (Pdybmdgc)
Continuous rail --> Continuous welded rail (Pmudkrbc)
Continuous spans --> Continuous girder bridges (Pdybmdgc)
Continuous structures (Pbcd)
Continuous wave radar (Dcnsbqb)
Continuous welded rail (Pmudkrbc)
Continuously graded aggregates (Rbmddcfc)
Continuously reinforced concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmmrc)
Continuously variable transmissions (Qpoxtc)
Continuum (Mathematics) (Ubdsc)
Continuum mechanics --> Classical field theory (Tpxh)
Contour maps (Xxvmk)
Contours (Xxvhb)
Contract administration (Cu)
Contract carriers (Nbbafd)
Contract rates (Bbkbc)
Contracting (Cua)
Contracting out (Cuac)
Contraction (Srvk)
Contraction (Thermodynamics) (Stpd)
Contraction joints (Pbpbhh)
Contractors (Nbya)
Contracts (Cut)
Contraflow lanes (Pmrcpmg)
Contrarotating propellers (Qphpbb)
Contrast (Rkoe)
Control (Dc)
Control centers (Pfd)
Control centers by function (Pfde)
Control consoles (Dcjd)
Control desks --> Consoles (Qtpoc)
Control devices (Dcj)
Control equipment --> Control devices (Dcj)
Control groups (Uswc)
Control in manufacturing (Dcmm)
Control loops --> Loops (Control systems) (Dcjm)
Control of specific ground vehicles (Dcmvgy)
Control panels (Dcjdd)
Control rooms (Pbpbmc)
Control rooms (Pfdpc)
Control system applications (Dcm)
Control system hardware --> Control devices (Dcj)
Control systems (Dcg)
Control theory --> Control (Dc)
Controllable pitch propellers (Qphpbd)
Controlled access highways --> Freeways (Pmrccdf)
Controlled low strength material --> Flowable fill (Pdxtff)
Controlled trials (Mxyc)
Controllers (Automatic control equipment) --> Automatic controllers (Dcjb)
Controllers (Electronic equipment) --> Electronic controllers (Qtbei)
Controllers (Traffic signal control equipment) --> Traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrc)
Contusions (Hjpbc)
Conurbations --> Metropolitan areas (Vwqm)
Convection (Fluid mechanics) (Smdffe)
Convenience stores (Pfcsb)
Converters (Electricity) (Qtbcg)
Convertibles (Automobiles) (Qbddhmcct)
Convertiplanes --> Tilt wing aircraft (Qbkmh)
Convex mirrors (Qtbpsc)
Conveyors (Qtphe)
Convoy driving --> Traffic platooning (Bthkp)
Coolants (Rbmnh)
Cooling (Fcdtc)
Cooling equipment (Qtpmc)
Cooling systems (Pbpvc)
Cooling towers (Pmppvc)
Cooling water (Rbmnhf)
Cooperation (Cxf)
Cooperatives (Ntg)
Coordinates (Gmsf)
Coordination (Cxh)
Copolymers (Rbctsf)
Copper (Rbcefde)
Copper alloys (Rbmdkdc)
Coral (Rbmdmbc)
Cordon counts (Btetc)
Cores (Specimens) (Gvpc)
Corn (Bhkbec)
Cornering --> Steering (Dcnbsts)
Corporate alliances --> Strategic alliances (Ntrs)
Corporate owned aircraft --> Business aircraft (Qbkopc)
Corporations (Ntc)
Correctional facilities (Pfe)
Correlation (Mathematics) --> Correlation analysis (Usd)
Correlation analysis (Usd)
Correspondence (Xxm)
Corridor control --> Progressive traffic signal control (Dcmthcsep)
Corridors (Pbpblc)
Corridors (Transportation) --> Transportation corridors (Pmec)
Corrosion (Scph)
Corrosion inhibitors --> Corrosion resistant materials (Rbmdyse)
Corrosion protection (Fccmc)
Corrosion resistance (Rkcfn)
Corrosion resistant alloys (Rbmdkdyc)
Corrosion resistant materials (Rbmdyse)
Corrosion resistant steel (Rbmdkdfscf)
Corrosion tests (Gbcf)
Corrosive materials (Rbmdscm)
Corrosive soils (Rbespbd)
Corrugated aluminum (Rbmdkbeb)
Corrugated metal culverts (Pdyrdmf)
Corrugated metals (Rbmdkbe)
Corrugated pipe (Rbmdxnpe)
Corrugated pipe culverts (Pdyrdpc)
Corrugated plastic (Rbmdqbc)
Corrugated rail (Pmudkrbd)
Corrugated steel (Rbmdkbes)
Corrugating (Fcbyjb)
Corrugations (Defects) (Smbrc)
Corruption (Ccbws)
Cosmic rays (Sfrway)
Cost accounting (Cgc)
Cost allocation (Cfcd)
Cost benefit analysis --> Benefit cost analysis (Cfcb)
Cost control (Cfcc)
Cost effectiveness (Cfcbr)
Cost engineering (Ttknc)
Cost estimating (Cfce)
Cost finding (Cfcw)
Cost indexes (Cfcj)
Cost of operation --> Operating costs (Cfcab)
Cost of service pricing (Cfspc)
Cost overruns (Cfccp)
Cost recovery (Cfcr)
Cost sharing (Cfcf)
Costs (Cfc)
Cotter pins (Rbmnkdp)
Cotters (Rbmnkd)
Cotton (Bhkhtc)
Councils of government (Nggkt)
Counseling (Ccbpe)
Countermeasures (Hax)
Counties (Vwc)
Countries (Vwa)
County government (Ngdhc)
County roads (Pmrccjc)
Couplers (Qtpuh)
Courier service (Bbec)
Course control --> Pilotage (Dcnbsc)
Court decisions (Cscb)
Court operations (Csca)
Courts (Csc)
Courts of law --> Courts (Csc)
Covariance (Usac)
Covered bridges (Pdybmdd)
Covered freight cars (Qbfmkfc)
Covered hopper cars (Qbfmkfch)
Crabs (Jcmbbsc)
Crack and seat treatment (Fmuhpc)
Cracking (Smfd)
Cracking (Fracturing) --> Fracture mechanics (Smfh)
Cracking of asphalt concrete pavements (Smfdpb)
Cracking of concrete pavements (Smfdpm)
Cracks --> Cracking (Smfd)
Cranes (Qtphmc)
Crankcases (Qtbmbermh)
Crankshafts (Qtbmbermj)
Crash cushions (Pmrcpbe)
Crash dummies --> Dummies (Hjrsb)
Crash exposure (Hke)
Crash injuries (Hjcc)
Crash injury research (Hjr)
Crash landing (Dcnbscbkb)
Crash phase (Hbpk)
Crash phases (Hbp)
Crash sensors (Dmgume)
Crash tests --> Impact tests (Hjrc)
Crash victim simulation (Hjrs)
Crashes --> Collisions (Hbbgtc)
Crashworthiness (Haavsg)
Crashworthiness (Qcfm)
Cratering (Smbkc)
Crawler tractors (Qtpbcjc)
CRCP --> Continuously reinforced concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmmrc)
Credentialing (Trucking) --> Automated clearance (Dmbyvy)
Credit (Cfj)
Credit cards (Cfjc)
Creep (Smbe)
Creep properties (Rkmlf)
Creep recovery --> Relaxation (Mechanics) (Smber)
Creep tests (Gbgf)
Creeper lanes --> Climbing lanes (Pmrcpme)
Creosote (Rbmdpfp)
Crew accommodation (Ccbkp)
Crew comfort (Ccbkq)
Crew compartments (Qpec)
Crew requirements --> Crew size (Ccbkc)
Crew resource management (Brcd)
Crew size (Ccbkc)
Crewless trains (Qbfxv)
Crib walls (Pdxrc)
Crime victims (Mswvc)
Crimes (Hu)
Crimes aboard aircraft (Huted)
Crimes aboard buses (Hutef)
Crimes aboard public vehicles (Hute)
Crimes involving transportation (Hut)
Criminal histories (Hv)
Criminal justice (Csijb)
Criminal records --> Criminal histories (Hv)
Criminology (Tgj)
Crisis management (Cat)
Critical depth (Smdffdcc)
Critical flow (Smdffbk)
Critical path method (Esdsc)
Critical values (Usfe)
Critical velocity (Smdffbv)
Crop dusting --> Aerial application (Fmukpa)
Crops (Bhkba)
Cross border leasing (Cqpmg)
Cross correlation (Usdc)
Cross holes --> Crossheadings (Pdvtbrc)
Cross leveling (Fcaukc)
Cross ply tires --> Bias ply tires (Qpmtbpe)
Cross roads --> Intersections (Pmrcpjf)
Cross sectional analysis --> Cross sectional studies (Xkde)
Cross sectional studies (Xkde)
Cross sections (Xxvhc)
Cross subsidization (Cfhsf)
Cross ties --> Railroad ties (Pmudku)
Crossheadings (Pdvtbrc)
Crossing the road --> Pedestrian movement (Bx)
Crossovers (Pmudkd)
Crosstalk (Dsmrc)
Crosswalks (Pmrtpc)
Crosswinds (Jbmbkwc)
Crowding --> Crowds (Ml)
Crowds (Ml)
Crude oil (Rbeumc)
Cruise control (Qpnyff)
Cruise industry --> Cruise lines (Nbbcma)
Cruise lines (Nbbcma)
Cruise ships (Qbhdhc)
Cruisers (Qbhomf)
Cruising flight (Qdbpk)
Crumb rubber (Rbmduc)
Crush tests --> Fracture tests (Gbgj)
Crushed aggregates (Rbmddcpf)
Crushed limestone (Rbmddrjm)
Crushed rock (Rbmddrj)
Crusher run aggregates (Rbmddcpj)
Crushers (Qtpbce)
Crushing (Fcbbc)
Crushing injuries (Hjpg)
Crustacea (Jcbtjc)
Cryogenic devices (Qtbec)
Cryogenic materials (Rbmdytf)
Cryogenics (Tpxk)
Crystalline rocks (Rbertf)
Crystallisation --> Crystallization (Scpi)
Crystallization (Scpi)
Crystallography (Tpxn)
Crystals --> Rock crystals (Rberrtr)
Cubes (Upbc)
Cul de sacs (Pmrccdsc)
Cultivation (Fcfmc)
Cultural property --> Cultural resources (Khrr)
Cultural resources (Khrr)
Culture (Social sciences) (Khr)
Culvert inlets (Pdyruj)
Culvert outlets (Pdyrup)
Culvert pipe (Rbmdxnpg)
Culverts (Pdyr)
Curb side parking (Brddnc)
Curbs (Pmrcpc)
Cured in place pipe (Rbmdxnph)
Curfew (Crftc)
Curing (Concrete) --> Concrete curing (Fcbygf)
Curing agents (Rbmdhcjj)
Curing and setting agents (Rbmdhcj)
Curling (Fcbjd)
Currency (Kabqmc)
Currency adjustment factor (Ctfr)
Current collectors --> Charge collectors (Qtpfbyec)
Curricula (Cec)
Curvature (Upbd)
Curve fitting (Ubfc)
Curve negotiation --> Steering (Dcnbsts)
Curved beams (Pbpbvvbc)
Curved bridges (Pdybmde)
Curved rail (Pmudkrbb)
Curved track (Pmudbc)
Curves (Geometry) (Upbe)
Cushioning materials (Rbmni)
Custody (Hrbc)
Customer satisfaction (Kadbs)
Customer service (Chm)
Customers (Msymd)
Customs administration (Ctfuc)
Cut and cover tunneling (Fcfxtc)
Cut slopes --> Embankments (Pdxe)
Cutback asphalt --> Liquid asphalt (Rbmdpbm)
Cutoff walls (Pbpbwc)
Cuts --> Excavations (Pdwe)
Cutting (Fcbd)
Cutting (Earthwork) (Fcfxeec)
Cutting tools (Qtpte)
CVO --> Commercial vehicle operations (Dtvbu)
CW radar --> Continuous wave radar (Dcnsbqb)
CWR --> Continuous welded rail (Pmudkrbc)
Cyanides (Rbcgnh)
Cybernetics (Ttec)
Cycle (Traffic signals) --> Traffic signal cycle (Dcmthcsk)
Cycle tracks --> Bikeways (Pmrtcm)
Cyclic loads --> Repeated loads (Smimr)
Cyclic strength (Rkmaf)
Cyclic tests (Gbpf)
Cycling --> Bicycling (Aexb)
Cycling accidents --> Bicycle accidents (Hbbgb)
Cycling paths --> Bikeways (Pmrtcm)
Cyclists (Mtghv)
Cycloidal propellers (Qphpbg)
Cyclone separators (Qtpedc)
Cyclones (Jbmbkpc)
Cylinder blocks (Qtbmbermnb)
Cylinder heads (Qtbmbermnh)
Cylinders (Geometry) (Upbf)
Cylindrical bodies (Rbmdyc)
D cracking (Smfdpmd)
DABS --> Mode S (Dcmtbfm)
Daily (Wip)
Dairy products (Bhkbd)
Dam foundations (Pmhmrf)
Dampers (Qtbmyxd)
Dampers (Electronics) (Qtbed)
Damping (Engineering) (Fcdd)
Damping (Physics) (Smdvd)
Damping capacity (Rkbn)
Damping coefficient --> Resistance (Mechanics) (Rkmkk)
Damping constant --> Resistance (Mechanics) (Rkmkk)
Dams (Pmhm)
Danger --> Hazards (Hhd)
Dangerous goods --> Hazardous materials (Rbmds)
Darcy's law (Sam)
Dark adaptation (Mxbvh)
Darkness (Wegj)
Dashboards --> Instrument panels (Qpeyj)
Data acquisition --> Data collection (Xbkc)
Data analysis (Xbka)
Data archives --> Data banks (Xbkgdd)
Data banks (Xbkgdd)
Data collection (Xbkc)
Data communications (Dsbb)
Data compression (Xbkdg)
Data dictionaries (Xbkgdyd)
Data displays (Dsbgd)
Data entry (Xbke)
Data files (Xbkg)
Data fusion (Xbkdd)
Data integrity --> Data quality (Xbkgq)
Data logging (Xbkde)
Data mining (Xbkdi)
Data plotters (Qtpxp)
Data processing (Xbk)
Data processing centers (Pfcpd)
Data processing equipment (Qtpx)
Data processing operations (Xbkd)
Data processors --> Data processing equipment (Qtpx)
Data protection (Xbkgp)
Data quality (Xbkgq)
Data recorders (Qtpxr)
Data reduction (Xbkdc)
Data retrieval --> Information retrieval (Xbknj)
Data sharing (Xsd)
Data storage (Xbknd)
Data transmission systems --> Data communications (Dsbb)
Data warehouses (Xbkgdw)
Database management systems (Xbkgdy)
Databases (Xbkgd)
Datasets (Data processing) --> Data files (Xbkg)
Datasets (Equipment) --> Modems (Dsgvm)
Dawn (Wegd)
Day care centers (Ndsd)
Daylight (Wegf)
Daylight saving time (Wqd)
Days (Wgp)
Daytime accidents (Hbktd)
Daytime running lamps (Qpumxd)
Daytime running lights --> Daytime running lamps (Qpumxd)
DC motors --> Direct current motors (Qtbmbmd)
Dead end streets (Pmrccdsd)
Dead loads --> Static loads (Smims)
Dead reckoning (Dcnbd)
Deadheading (Bmkhwd)
Deaf persons (Mmda)
Deafness (Mxctd)
Death --> Fatalities (Hjhx)
Debonding (Smfe)
Debris avalanches (Jbgemcb)
Debris flows (Jbgemc)
Debris removal (Hbppd)
Debris slides (Jbgemcs)
Debt (Cffd)
Decay --> Biodeterioration (Jbyb)
Deceleration (Smdpd)
Deceleration lanes (Pmrcpmtd)
Decentralization (Cyd)
Decision making (Epdmd)
Decision support systems (Xbfd)
Decision theory (Ushd)
Decision trees (Xbfdd)
Deckhouses (Qpgyse)
Decks (Ships) (Qpgysd)
Decomposed rock (Rberth)
Decomposition (Scpj)
Decompression (Srvbc)
Dedicated short range communications (Dsbnb)
Deep draft ships (Qbhww)
Deep sea moorings --> Offshore moorings (Pmhbmpmmd)
Deep submergence vehicles (Qbhud)
Deep water structures --> Offshore structures (Pmhy)
Deepwater harbors (Pmhbcd)
Deer (Jcbtvuud)
Defects (Qvd)
Defects (Ptq)
Defence --> Defense (Hswe)
Defense (Hswe)
Defensive drivers (Mtghdfba)
Deferred maintenance (Fmmd)
Deficiencies (Epdbp)
Deficits (Cffw)
Definitions (Xxkd)
Deflection (Smbkg)
Deflection tests (Gbgpd)
Deflectographs (Gurd)
Deflectometers (Gumsjd)
Deflectors (Qtbhd)
Defoggers (Qtpmvc)
Deformability --> Modulus of deformation (Rkmyp)
Deformation (Smb)
Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
Deformed bars (Rbmdxard)
Defrosters (Qtpmve)
Degradation (Hydrology) (Jbhb)
Degradation (Thermodynamics) (Sts)
Degradation failures (Qvfd)
Degree of saturation --> Percent saturation (Rkpmp)
Degrees of freedom (Smc)
Deicers (Equipment) (Qtpbmd)
Deicing (Fmbsd)
Deicing chemicals (Rbmnj)
Deicing salt --> Deicing chemicals (Rbmnj)
Delamination (Smfed)
Delays (Wd)
Deleterious materials (Rbmddcmd)
Delivery of goods --> Delivery service (Bbfma)
Delivery service (Bbfma)
Delivery vehicles (Qbddfkd)
Delphi method (Epdmfd)
Delta functions (Usydj)
Deltas (Vmd)
Demand (Kadme)
Demand assigned multiple access (Dsbdmcn)
Demand responsive transportation (Aettd)
Dementia (Mxmbd)
Demographics (Khq)
Demolition (Fcaj)
Demonstration plants --> Coal gasification plants (Pfkpd)
Demonstration projects (Xkbrd)
Demurrage (Bnnc)
Dense graded aggregates (Rbmddcfd)
Dense soils (Rbespdd)
Densification (Fcbe)
Densitometers (Gumsmd)
Density (Rkpd)
Departure lounges (Pmfcgcf)
Departure time (Bknd)
Deployable head restraints (Qpqrpp)
Deployment (Ccbq)
Deposition (Jbgpc)
Deposits (Geology) (Rbeb)
Depots (Transportation) --> Intermodal terminals (Pmet)
Depreciation (Cgk)
Depressed highways (Pmrccdhc)
Depression (Business cycle) (Kadyt)
Depression (Mental condition) (Mxmc)
Depth (Rkpvsd)
Depth perception (Mxtd)
Derailments (Hbbgrd)
Deregulation (Crfd)
Derricks (Qtphmd)
Desalination (Jnrrwd)
Desalination plants (Pmhsff)
Desalting --> Desalination (Jnrrwd)
Desalting plants --> Desalination plants (Pmhsff)
Descent (Qdbpp)
Descriptive statistics (Usy)
Deserts (Vgdd)
Desiccation (Jbhc)
Design (Es)
Design bid build (Cajd)
Design build (Caje)
Design build construction (Fcyh)
Design capacity (Bqdcd)
Design charts (Xxvmcp)
Design engineering (Ttkg)
Design flood (Jbhfd)
Design hourly volume (Bthvdh)
Design life --> Service life (Ess)
Design load (Rkmyi)
Design methods (Esd)
Design of experiments --> Experiments (Gs)
Design of specific facilities (Esu)
Design practices (Esm)
Design speed (Bthsv)
Design standards (Esmd)
Design storm (Jbmbkpsd)
Design teams (Msyld)
Design volume (Bthvd)
Designated drivers (Mtghdfcy)
Designers (Nbyg)
Desorption (Srhr)
Destroyers (Qbhomj)
Desulfurization (Scpk)
Desulphurization --> Desulfurization (Scpk)
Detectable warning surfaces (Dcmthrbd)
Detection and identification (Dm)
Detection and identification devices (Dmg)
Detection and identification system applications (Dmby)
Detection and identification systems (Dmb)
Detectors (Dmgd)
Detectors by object of detection (Dmgdr)
Detention (Bnnd)
Detention basins (Pmhpdc)
Detergents (Rbmned)
Deterioration (Pte)
Deterioration by environmental action (Jby)
Determinants (Mathematics) (Udfedd)
Determination of stress --> Structural analysis (Ge)
Detonation (Sccc)
Detours (Bthhd)
Deuterium (Rbcefbdd)
Devaluation (Currency) (Kabqmcd)
Developed countries (Vwab)
Developers (Nbyf)
Developing countries (Vwad)
Development (Epdrd)
Development rights transfer (Cqf)
Deviation (Statistics) (Usyh)
Deviatoric stress (Smvd)
Devices --> Equipment (Qt)
Dew point (Rkwd)
Dewatering (Fcfhe)
Diabetes (Hmdgd)
Diabetics (Mmk)
Diagnosis (Hms)
Diagnostic centers (Pfgc)
Diagnostic tests (Gbbef)
Diagrams (Xxvh)
Dial a ride --> Paratransit services (Aett)
Diameter (Updg)
Diamond drilling (Fcfxerrd)
Diamond grinding (Fmbkd)
Diamond interchanges (Pmrcpjscd)
Diamond lanes --> High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmrcpmj)
Diamonds (Rberrg)
Diaphragm walls (Pbpbwd)
Diaphragms (Engineering) (Rbmdxsd)
Dictionaries (Xxk)
Die castings (Rbmdkbf)
Dielectric constant --> Dielectric properties (Rked)
Dielectric materials (Rbmnted)
Dielectric properties (Rked)
Dielectrics --> Dielectric materials (Rbmnted)
Diesel buses (Qbddhpbpd)
Diesel electric locomotives (Qbfmcpe)
Diesel engine exhaust gases (Jfgsged)
Diesel engines (Qtbmbebjd)
Diesel exhaust emissions --> Diesel engine exhaust gases (Jfgsged)
Diesel fuels (Rbfumd)
Diesel hydraulic locomotives (Qbfmcph)
Diesel locomotives (Qbfmcpd)
Diesel motor exhaust gas --> Diesel engine exhaust gases (Jfgsged)
Diesel multiple unit cars (Qbfmkmd)
Diesel railroad cars --> Diesel multiple unit cars (Qbfmkmd)
Diesel trucks (Qbddfpd)
Difference equations (Uhtd)
Differential equations (Uhd)
Differential settlement (Jbypd)
Differential stress --> Deviatoric stress (Smvd)
Differential thermal analysis (Gbccud)
Differentials (Gears) (Qpoxgd)
Diffraction (Sfrwbd)
Diffusers (Pbpbdce)
Diffusion (Optics) (Somd)
Diffusivity (Rktb)
Digital audio (Dsmmbb)
Digital cameras (Qtprcf)
Digital communication systems (Dsbd)
Digital computers (Qtpxmbc)
Digital displays (Dsbgg)
Digital mapping (Esmgmd)
Digital maps (Xxvmm)
Digital radio --> Digital audio (Dsmmbb)
Digital simulation (Ubmsd)
Digital subscriber lines (Dsbdd)
Digital television (Dsmmbt)
Digital video (Dsbgge)
Digital video discs --> DVDs (Xyms)
Digitized photography (Esmgpg)
Dikes (Pmhdh)
Dilatancy (Rkme)
Dilation (Srvgs)
Dilatometers (Gumphd)
Dilatometers (Gumyd)
Dilemma zone (Pmrcpjfrd)
Dilution (Scpl)
Dimensional analysis (Gmmd)
Dimensionless parameters (Udfbq)
Dimensions --> Size (Rkpvs)
Dining car service (Bbqpd)
Diodes (Qtbee)
Dipole antennas (Dsgmbd)
Direct costs (Cfcad)
Direct current (Segd)
Direct current motors (Qtbmbmd)
Direct shear --> Shear strain (Smbss)
Direct shear tests (Gbbmrqd)
Direction finders --> Radio direction finders (Dcnsptd)
Direction of measurement properties (Rkpj)
Direction signs (Dcmthrkbgd)
Directional antennas (Dsgmbg)
Directional distribution (Bthjd)
Directional signs --> Direction signs (Dcmthrkbgd)
Directional stability (Smsd)
Directional stability (Qdbdeh)
Directivity pattern (Sbi)
Directories (Xxbf)
Dirigibles --> Airships (Qbkmwd)
Dirt roads --> Earth roads (Pmrccue)
Disability --> Physical handicaps (Mxc)
Disability evaluation (Hpmy)
Disabled persons --> Physically handicapped persons (Mm)
Disadvantaged business enterprises (Ntk)
Disaggregate analysis (Usjd)
Disaster preparedness (Hhgdb)
Disaster relief (Hhgdr)
Disasters (Hhgd)
Disasters and emergency operations (Hhg)
Disc brakes (Qpkbj)
Discipline (Ccbrd)
Disciplines (T)
Discount (Cfsd)
Discount fare airlines --> Low cost carriers (Nbbam)
Discount fares (Bbkfk)
Discrete address beacon system --> Mode S (Dcmtbfm)
Discrete systems (Sye)
Discrete time systems --> Discrete systems (Sye)
Discriminant analysis (Udfepd)
Discrimination (Ccbpd)
Diseases and medical conditions (Hmd)
Disincentives (Cubk)
Disinfectants (Rbmnef)
Disintegration (Materials) --> Fracture mechanics (Smfh)
Disk brakes --> Disc brakes (Qpkbj)
Diskettes --> Floppy disks (Xymd)
Dislocation (Geology) (Jbgpd)
Dislocations (Hjpe)
Dismissal (Ccbud)
Dispatchers (Msdd)
Dispatching (Brad)
Dispersants --> Dispersers (Rbctmdd)
Dispersers (Rbctmdd)
Dispersion (Statistics) (Usyb)
Dispersions (Chemistry) (Rbctmd)
Displacement --> Dislocation (Geology) (Jbgpd)
Display systems --> Information display systems (Dsbg)
Disputes (Crud)
Dissipation (Smed)
Dissociation (Mxmd)
Dissociation (Chemistry) (Scpm)
Dissolution (Scpn)
Dissolved gases (Rbctmqd)
Dissolving --> Dissolution (Scpn)
Distance (Bkqh)
Distance based fares (Bbkfd)
Distance learning (Cexf)
Distance measuring equipment (Dcnsybd)
Distance perception (Mxts)
Distillates (Rbbfsvd)
Distillation (Scpo)
Distortion (Optics) (Sod)
Distortion (Structures) (Smbj)
Distraction (Mxw)
Distress (Mxqd)
Distress alerting systems (Dcnsz)
Distress signals (Dsmbsd)
Distributed control (Dcgrd)
Distributed databases (Xbkgdf)
Distributed processing (Xbkdf)
Distribution --> Physical distribution (Cmp)
Distribution support businesses (Nbe)
Distribution theory --> Distributions (Statistics) (Usyd)
Distributions (Statistics) (Usyd)
Distributors (Engines) (Qtbmberef)
Districts and authorities (Nggm)
Disturbed samples (Gvmd)
Ditches (Pmhpdd)
Ditching (Dcnbscbkd)
Diurnal variations --> Daily (Wip)
Diverging traffic (Btbd)
Divers (Msew)
Diversification (Cye)
Diverted traffic --> Traffic diversion (Bthh)
Divided highways (Pmrccdhd)
DME --> Distance measuring equipment (Dcnsybd)
Dock fenders --> Fenders (Wharves) (Pmhbmpmbrj)
Docking (Dcnbscsd)
Docks (Pmhbmpmf)
Document delivery (Xbdr)
Document markup languages (Xbbccd)
Documents (Xx)
Dogs (Jcbtvucd)
Dolerite (Rbergd)
Dollies (Qtphchd)
Dolomite (Rberhj)
Dolphins (Piles) (Pmhbmpmbrr)
Domes (Pbpbpd)
Domestic (Vvd)
Domestic transportation (Afd)
Door handles (Qpbcf)
Door latches (Qpbce)
Door locks --> Door latches (Qpbce)
Door to door service (Bbht)
Doors (Pbpbkd)
Doors (Vehicles) (Qpbcd)
Doppler effect (Sfrwbe)
Doppler navigation (Dcnsbd)
Doppler radar (Dcnsbqc)
Doppler shift (Sfrwbed)
Doppler sonar (Dcnsyssd)
Doppler systems --> Doppler navigation (Dcnsbd)
Dosage (Hpgmd)
Double bottoms (Qpbaud)
Double deck buses (Qbddhpbwh)
Double deck commuter cars (Qbfmkhcd)
Double track (Pmudbf)
Doublestack service (Bbbacd)
Dowel bar retrofit (Fmuhpd)
Dowels (Fasteners) (Rbmnkf)
Downdrafts (Jbmbkwbd)
Downdrag force --> Downwash (Smdfbd)
Downgrade lanes (Pmrcpmh)
Downgrades (Roads) (Pmrckgd)
Downsizing (Cyfd)
Downtime (Cpkpmd)
Downtowns --> Central business districts (Vwubc)
Downwash (Qdbdh)
Downwash (Smdfbd)
Downwelling --> Sinking (Oceanography) (Jbhms)
Drafting (Esmgd)
Drag (Smdfd)
Drag factor (Chemistry) (Rkcj)
Drag forces (Smid)
Draglines (Qtpbcjf)
Drain pipe (Rbmdxnpj)
Drain tile (Rbmdxutd)
Drainage (Jbhd)
Drainage basins (Pmhpdh)
Drainage blankets (Pmhpdj)
Drainage canals (Pmhpde)
Drainage coefficient (Pavements) (Rkmyyj)
Drainage practices (Fcfhf)
Drainage structures (Pmhpd)
Drained soil (Rbmdbf)
Drains (Pmhpdf)
Drawbar pull (Qcpd)
Drawbars (Qtpuj)
Drawbridges (Pdybmdjd)
Drawdown (Graphics) (Esmgdd)
Drawdown (Hydraulics) (Jbhvd)
Drawings (Xxved)
Drayage (Bbfr)
Dredged materials (Rbmdud)
Dredges (Qtpbcjm)
Dredging (Fcfxeud)
Dredging spoil --> Dredged materials (Rbmdud)
Driers (Devices) (Qtpmhd)
Driers (Materials) (Rbmnxed)
Drift (Rberthi)
Drift ice (Jbhyjjd)
Drill bits (Qtptgd)
Drill holes --> Boreholes (Gvtb)
Drilling (Fcam)
Drilling fluids (Rbmumtg)
Drilling machines (Qtpbcg)
Drilling platforms --> Offshore drilling platforms (Pmhypd)
Drilling ships (Qbhkd)
Drills (Qtptg)
Drinking drivers --> Drunk drivers (Mtghdfctd)
Drinking establishments (Hmdsx)
Drinking water (Rbdmfd)
Drive by wire --> Advanced vehicle control systems (Dcmvgyc)
Drive in restaurants (Pfcrfd)
Drive shafts (Qpoxdd)
Drive systems --> Vehicle drive systems (Qpob)
Driveability (Qcfp)
Drivelines (Qpoxd)
Driver aid systems --> Motorist aid systems (Dsfpc)
Driver assistance systems (In vehicle) --> Driver support systems (Dcmvgycd)
Driver assistance systems (Motorist aid) --> Motorist aid systems (Dsfpc)
Driver categories (Mtghdf)
Driver communications --> Driver information systems (Dsfpd)
Driver criminal history --> Criminal histories (Hv)
Driver distraction (Hbchd)
Driver education (Hawttd)
Driver errors (Hbche)
Driver examiners (Msfe)
Driver experience (Hbchg)
Driver improvement programs (Hawttdv)
Driver information systems (Dsfpd)
Driver licenses (Crhym)
Driver licensing (Crhd)
Driver monitoring (Dmbyp)
Driver performance (Mxrp)
Driver records (Mtghdr)
Driver rehabilitation (Hawttdu)
Driver support systems (Dcmvgycd)
Driver tests --> Driving tests (Crhdd)
Driver training (Hawttdt)
Driver vehicle interfaces (Esdhmd)
Drivers (Mtghd)
Drives --> Vehicle drive systems (Qpob)
Drivetrains --> Power trains (Qpo)
Driveways (Pmrccjqd)
Driving (Dcnbst)
Driving cessation (Dcnbstz)
Driving instructors (Msfdd)
Driving licences --> Driver licenses (Crhym)
Driving records --> Driver records (Mtghdr)
Driving schools --> Driver education (Hawttd)
Driving simulators (Qtpstsd)
Driving specific motor vehicles (Dcnbsty)
Driving tests (Crhdd)
Driving under the influence --> Drunk driving (Hmdsedd)
Driving wheels (Qphd)
Driving while intoxicated --> Drunk driving (Hmdsedd)
Driving without a license (Huvmd)
Drone aircraft (Qbkomh)
Drone radar (Dcnsbqd)
Drop hammers --> Pile hammers (Qtpbcp)
Drop tests (Gbgnd)
Dropoffs (Pavements) (Pmrcpsw)
Drought (Jbmwnd)
Drowning (Hjpyah)
Drowsiness (Mxbfd)
Drug abuse (Hmdqb)
Drug addiction (Hmdqc)
Drug effects (Hmdqe)
Drug smuggling (Husd)
Drug testing --> Drug tests (Hpmt)
Drug tests (Hpmt)
Drug use (Hmdq)
Drugged drivers (Mtghdfctr)
Drugged driving --> Drugged drivers (Mtghdfctr)
Drugs (Hmdqx)
Drum plants --> Asphalt plants (Pfkpb)
Drums (Containers) (Qtpkg)
Drunk drivers (Mtghdfctd)
Drunk driving (Hmdsedd)
Drunkenness --> Intoxication (Hmdsed)
Dry bulk cargo (Bhgbd)
Dry bulk carriers (Qbhdfbk)
Dry cargo ships --> Dry bulk carriers (Qbhdfbk)
Dry density (Rkpdd)
Dry docks --> Drydocks (Pmhbmpmfd)
Dry weather (Jbmwbbd)
Drydock operations (Bqwd)
Drydocks (Pmhbmpmfd)
Dryer drum process (Fcbydd)
Drying (Fcbg)
Drying ovens (Qtpmhpd)
Drying rate (Rkrd)
Dryness (Rkpmd)
DSL --> Digital subscriber lines (Dsbdd)
DSRC --> Dedicated short range communications (Dsbnb)
Dual carriageways --> Divided highways (Pmrccdhd)
Dual fuel vehicles --> Hybrid vehicles (Qbddph)
Dual highways --> Divided highways (Pmrccdhd)
Dual mode transportation systems (Ac)
Dual mode vehicles (Qbddkd)
Dual phase steel (Rbmdkdfscmd)
Dual powered locomotives (Qbfmcpq)
Duct flow --> Confined flow (Smdffd)
Ducted propellers (Qphpbj)
Ductile fracture --> Cracking (Smfd)
Ductility (Rkmlm)
Ductility tests (Gbgvd)
Ducts (Pbpbdc)
DUI --> Drunk driving (Hmdsedd)
Dummies (Hjrsb)
Dump trucks (Qbddfkr)
Dumping --> Waste disposal (Jfkyd)
Dune sands (Rbesgsh)
Durability (Rkmf)
Durability tests (Gbjd)
Dusk (Weghd)
Dust (Rbmduf)
Dust control (Fmbbe)
Dust filters (Qtpedd)
DVDs (Xyms)
Dwell time (Bbjs)
Dwellings (Pff)
DWI --> Drunk driving (Hmdsedd)
Dyes (Rbmngd)
Dynaflect (Gumsje)
Dynamic braking (Dcnbstbd)
Dynamic force --> Dynamic loads (Smimh)
Dynamic loads (Smimh)
Dynamic message signs --> Variable message signs (Dcmthrkkv)
Dynamic models (Uhde)
Dynamic modulus --> Dynamic modulus of elasticity (Rkmyqd)
Dynamic modulus of elasticity (Rkmyqd)
Dynamic penetration test (Gbbmrud)
Dynamic positioning (Dcmvsm)
Dynamic pressure (Smipd)
Dynamic programming (Ubbppd)
Dynamic resistance (Sewd)
Dynamic route guidance --> Advanced driver information systems (Dsfpdb)
Dynamic shear modulus --> Shear modulus (Rkmyv)
Dynamic stability (Qdsb)
Dynamic stability (Smsf)
Dynamic stability (Qdbdeq)
Dynamic structural analysis (Geb)
Dynamic tests (Gbsd)
Dynamic traffic assignment (Bthad)
Dynamic traffic management --> Advanced traffic management systems (Dcmthca)
Dynamics (Smd)
Dynamometers (Gumprd)
E-commerce --> Electronic commerce (Ctm)
Ear (Mydbh)
Ear diseases (Hmde)
Earmarks (Crebe)
Earnings (Cfac)
Earth (Jbde)
Earth coal --> Lignite (Rbersm)
Earth dams (Pmhmbe)
Earth fills --> Fills (Pdxtf)
Earth movements (Geophysics) (Jbbe)
Earth pitch --> Maltha (Rbeumm)
Earth pressure (Smipe)
Earth resources --> Natural resources (Jn)
Earth roads (Pmrccue)
Earth sciences (Tpn)
Earth walls (Pdxre)
Earthflows (Jbgemf)
Earthmoving --> Earthwork (Fcfxee)
Earthquake engineering (Ttkfre)
Earthquake resistant design (Esdc)
Earthquake resistant structures (Pbce)
Earthquakes (Jbgee)
Earthwork (Fcfxee)
Earthwork construction --> Earthwork (Fcfxee)
Easement curves --> Transition curves (Pmrckct)
Easements (Cqeg)
Eastern hemisphere (Vche)
Eating places --> Restaurants (Pfcr)
Ebullition --> Boiling (Stpb)
Eccentricity (Rkmg)
Echo area --> Radar cross section (Sfrwbrrr)
Eco-driving --> Ecodriving (Dcnbstc)
Ecodriving (Dcnbstc)
Ecology (Tpdg)
Econocrete (Rbmdhcbhe)
Econometric models (Ubme)
Econometrics (Tgmc)
Economic analysis (Kc)
Economic and social factors (K)
Economic benefits (Kkte)
Economic conditions (Kad)
Economic development (Kcb)
Economic efficiency (Kcd)
Economic factors (Ka)
Economic forecasting (Kcf)
Economic growth (Kcg)
Economic impacts (Kke)
Economic indicators (Kai)
Economic models (Kd)
Economic policy (Kf)
Economics (Tgm)
Economies of scale (Kcm)
Economizers (Qtpmhbcde)
Ecosystems (Je)
Ecotourism (Bmkhue)
Eddies (Smdffwe)
Eddy current brakes (Qpkbm)
Eddy currents (Segg)
Eddy stress --> Reynolds stress (Smvr)
Edge detection (Dmbjjpe)
Edge drains (Pmhpdfe)
Edge lines (Dcmthrue)
Edge markings --> Edge lines (Dcmthrue)
EDI --> Electronic data interchange (Dsbbe)
Edison batteries --> Nickel iron batteries (Qtpfbbnj)
Education (Tgp)
Education (Cek)
Education and training (Ce)
Education and training methods (Cex)
Education and training personnel (Msf)
Educational services (Nde)
Educators --> Teachers (Msfb)
Effective forces --> Inertial forces (Smij)
Effective sound pressure (Sbj)
Effective stress (Smipg)
Efficiency (Thermodynamics) --> Thermal efficiency (Stu)
Effluents (Jfkbe)
Eigenvalues (Udfede)
Eigenvectors (Uhbcvw)
Ejection (Hbpkcde)
Ejection seats (Qpeysbe)
Ejectors (Qtbmbpje)
Elastic analysis (Gee)
Elastic bodies (Rbmdye)
Elastic constant --> Compliance constant (Rkmyg)
Elastic deformation (Smbk)
Elastic limit (Rkmyj)
Elastic properties --> Elasticity (Mechanics) (Rkmh)
Elastic waves (Smwe)
Elasticity (Economics) (Kcu)
Elasticity (Mechanics) (Rkmh)
Elasticity modulus --> Modulus of elasticity (Rkmyq)
Elastomer modified asphalt (Rbmdpbype)
Elastomers (Rbmdqd)
Elastoplasticity (Rkmlq)
Elderly drivers --> Aged drivers (Mtghdfcu)
Elderly persons --> Aged (Mbpe)
Electric arc welding (Fcbyjvd)
Electric arcs (Seje)
Electric automobiles (Qbddhmcpe)
Electric batteries (Qtpfb)
Electric brakes (Qpkbp)
Electric buses (Qbddhpbpe)
Electric cables (Qtbch)
Electric circuits (Qtbci)
Electric coils --> Coils (Electromagnetism) (Qtbfd)
Electric controllers (Qtbcj)
Electric current (Seg)
Electric devices --> Electrical equipment (Qtbc)
Electric discharge (Sej)
Electric drives (Qpobw)
Electric equipment --> Electrical equipment (Qtbc)
Electric fields (Sem)
Electric generators (Qtbck)
Electric heating (Pbpvhe)
Electric insulating materials (Rbmnte)
Electric lamps (Qtpnme)
Electric lines --> Transmission lines (Pmptm)
Electric locomotives (Qbfmcpk)
Electric meters (Gumpde)
Electric motors --> Motors (Qtbmbm)
Electric multiple unit cars (Qbfmkme)
Electric potential (Sep)
Electric power (Seq)
Electric power conditioning (Jnrrpte)
Electric power distribution --> Electric power transmission (Jnrrpt)
Electric power generation (Jnrrpp)
Electric power generation and transmission (Jnrrp)
Electric power plants (Pmpp)
Electric power production --> Electric power generation (Jnrrpp)
Electric power supply (Jnrrpe)
Electric power transmission (Jnrrpt)
Electric power transmission facilities (Pmpt)
Electric properties --> Electrical properties (Rke)
Electric railroads (Nbbcgq)
Electric substations (Pmpts)
Electric systems --> Electrical systems (Pbpve)
Electric trains (Qbfpe)
Electric transmission lines --> Transmission lines (Pmptm)
Electric transmission towers (Pmptt)
Electric trucks (Qbddfpe)
Electric utilities (Nbue)
Electric utility facilities (Pmp)
Electric utility poles --> Utility poles (Pmptp)
Electric vehicle charging (Fmvrc)
Electric vehicles (Qbddpe)
Electric wire (Rbmdxqwe)
Electric wiring --> Wiring (Fcapu)
Electrical conductivity (Rkef)
Electrical engineering (Ttkh)
Electrical equipment (Qtbc)
Electrical grounding (Fcapg)
Electrical impedance (Rkeg)
Electrical installation (Fcap)
Electrical interference --> Interference (Dsmrj)
Electrical measurement (Gmme)
Electrical properties (Rke)
Electrical resistance --> Resistance (Electricity) (Sew)
Electrical resistivity (Rkeh)
Electrical resistivity method --> Resistivity method (Jnrrbegr)
Electrical systems (Pbpve)
Electrical wiring (Pbpvew)
Electricity (Se)
Electro-diesel locomotives --> Dual powered locomotives (Qbfmcpq)
Electroacoustic transducers (Qtbabe)
Electroacoustic transducers (Dsgxe)
Electrocardiography (Hpmk)
Electrochemical corrosion (Scphe)
Electrochemical processes (Scpp)
Electrochemistry (Tphxe)
Electrodes (Qtbcm)
Electroencephalography (Hpme)
Electrohydraulic mechanisms (Qtbhe)
Electrokinetics (Tpxqe)
Electrolysis (Scppm)
Electrolytes (Rbctmqe)
Electrolytic cells (Qtbcme)
Electrolytic corrosion --> Electrochemical corrosion (Scphe)
Electromagnetic compatibility (Rkfe)
Electromagnetic devices (Qtbf)
Electromagnetic fields (Sff)
Electromagnetic induction (Sfj)
Electromagnetic interference (Dsmrje)
Electromagnetic properties (Rkf)
Electromagnetic pulses (Spc)
Electromagnetic radiation (Sfr)
Electromagnetic scattering --> Scattering (Sfrwbt)
Electromagnetic spectrum (Sfv)
Electromagnetic suspension --> Magnetic levitation (Qpim)
Electromagnetic wave phenomena (Sfrwb)
Electromagnetic wave propagation (Sfrwbb)
Electromagnetic wave properties (Sfrws)
Electromagnetic waves (Sfrw)
Electromagnetic waves by wavelength (Sfrwa)
Electromagnetism (Sf)
Electromagnetism (Tpxq)
Electromagnets (Qtbfme)
Electromechanical engineering --> Mechatronics (Ttkqm)
Electromotive force --> Voltage (Sepv)
Electron beam welding (Fcbyjvf)
Electron beams (Sfxe)
Electron micrographs (Xxvepe)
Electron microscopes (Gupe)
Electron microscopy (Tpxvme)
Electron tubes (Qtbef)
Electronic calculating machines --> Calculators (Qtpxc)
Electronic checkin --> Automated checkin (Bdke)
Electronic clearance --> Automated clearance (Dmbyvy)
Electronic co-pilots --> Driver support systems (Dcmvgycd)
Electronic commerce (Ctm)
Electronic components (Qtbeh)
Electronic computers --> Computers (Qtpxm)
Electronic control (Dcge)
Electronic controllers (Qtbei)
Electronic data interchange (Dsbbe)
Electronic driving aids --> Motor vehicle navigational aids (Dcnsyh)
Electronic equipment (Qtbe)
Electronic fuel injection (Qpnfe)
Electronic funds transfer (Dcmc)
Electronic license plates (Dmgspye)
Electronic mail (Dsbbm)
Electronic maps --> Digital maps (Xxvmm)
Electronic materials (Rbmuh)
Electronic materials by conductivity (Rbmuhv)
Electronic media (Xym)
Electronic navigation (Dcnsbe)
Electronic payment (Parking) (Dcmcp)
Electronic roads --> Automated highways (Pmrccpb)
Electronic scanners --> Scanners (Qtpxs)
Electronic scanners --> Scanners (Dmgs)
Electronic toll and traffic management --> Automated toll collection (Dcmcb)
Electronic toll collection --> Automated toll collection (Dcmcb)
Electronic traffic controls --> Traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrc)
Electronic traffic devices --> Traffic signal hardware (Dcmthrr)
Electronic vehicle guidance --> Advanced vehicle control systems (Dcmvgyc)
Electronics (Tpxr)
Electronics industry (Ncge)
Electrons (Rbcbbse)
Electrooptic materials (Rbmuje)
Electroosmosis (Scppp)
Electrophysiology (Tpdte)
Electroplating (Fcbyjge)
Electroslag welding (Fcbyjvh)
Electrostatic precipitators (Qtpede)
Electrostatics (Ser)
Elementary school students (Mesa)
Elementary schools (Pfre)
Elements --> Chemical elements (Rbce)
Elevated guideways (Pdybmurt)
Elevated highways --> Highway bridges (Pdybmuh)
Elevated mass transit --> Elevated guideways (Pdybmurt)
Elevated railroads --> Railroad bridges (Pdybmur)
Elevated structures (Pbcf)
Elevators (Pbpym)
Elevators (Airplanes) (Qpbbbkd)
Ellipses (Updpe)
ELT --> Emergency locator transmitters (Dcnsptf)
Email --> Electronic mail (Dsbbm)
Embankment foundations (Pdxte)
Embankments (Pdxe)
Embankments and retaining walls (Pdx)
Embedded systems (Qtpxmbe)
Embedment (Anchoring) --> Anchoring (Dcnbscssb)
Embedment (Building) (Fcaxe)
Embrittlement (Rkmlbe)
Emergencies (Hhge)
Emergency airstrips (Pmfke)
Emergency brakes (Qpkbxe)
Emergency call systems --> Call boxes (Driver aid devices) (Dsgmec)
Emergency communication systems (Hhgec)
Emergency equipment (Qtpse)
Emergency exits (Pbpbkce)
Emergency locator transmitters (Dcnsptf)
Emergency management (Hhgem)
Emergency medical services (Hpe)
Emergency medical technicians (Msmpme)
Emergency medical vehicles --> Ambulances (Qbddkem)
Emergency preparedness --> Disaster preparedness (Hhgdb)
Emergency radio equipment (Dsgme)
Emergency reporting systems --> Emergency communication systems (Hhgec)
Emergency response time (Hhgrt)
Emergency road service (Dsfpce)
Emergency training (Cete)
Emergency transportation (Afs)
Emergency trips (Bmkhe)
Emergency vehicles (Qbddke)
Eminent domain (Cqcd)
Emission control --> Air quality management (Jfgyb)
Emission control devices (Qpwy)
Emission control systems (Qpw)
Emissions --> Pollutants (Jfgs)
Emissions reduction (Jfgybc)
Emissions testing (Gbbc)
Emissions trading (Jfgybe)
Emissivity (Stke)
Emotions (Mxq)
Empirical methods (Gmmg)
Employed (Mkee)
Employee assistance programs (Ccbpb)
Employee benefits (Ccbmg)
Employee buyouts (Ccbure)
Employee communications (Ccbpc)
Employee compensation (Ccbm)
Employee empowerment (Ccbpje)
Employee ownership (Ccbmgs)
Employee participation (Ccbpj)
Employee relations (Ccbp)
Employee stock ownership plans (Ccbmgse)
Employees (Msb)
Employer sponsored transportation (Bmne)
Employers (Msau)
Employment (Kabkp)
Empty car miles (Bfbme)
Empty cars (Railroads) (Brrcae)
Emulsified asphalt (Rbmdpbe)
Emulsifiers --> Dispersers (Rbctmdd)
Emulsions (Rbctmde)
Emulsions (Rbmdyhe)
Enamels (Rbmnfne)
Encapsulation (Fccde)
Encyclopedias (Xxke)
End bearing piles (Pbpbvvmge)
Endangered species (Jee)
Endurance tests --> Durability tests (Gbjd)
Energy (Sme)
Energy absorbing materials (Rbmnie)
Energy absorption (Smefe)
Energy absorption (Srhde)
Energy balance (Smee)
Energy conservation (Jnge)
Energy consumption (Jnrue)
Energy conversion (Smef)
Energy dissipation --> Dissipation (Smed)
Energy levels (Smem)
Energy losses --> Dissipation (Smed)
Energy reserves --> Energy resources (Jnae)
Energy resources (Jnae)
Energy storage devices (Qtpf)
Energy storage systems (Jnrrpv)
Energy transfer (Smen)
Energy utilization --> Energy consumption (Jnrue)
Engine air cooling systems (Qtbmbercb)
Engine balance (Qtbmbexd)
Engine bearings (Qtbmbermm)
Engine blocks --> Cylinder blocks (Qtbmbermnb)
Engine compartments (Qpeu)
Engine components (Qtbmber)
Engine cooling systems (Qtbmberc)
Engine cycle (Qtbmbexg)
Engine cylinders (Qtbmbermn)
Engine displacement (Qtbmbexm)
Engine efficiency (Qtbmbexp)
Engine electrical components (Qtbmbere)
Engine idling (Qtbmbexr)
Engine knock (Qtbmbexs)
Engine lubrication devices (Qtbmberk)
Engine materials (Rbmur)
Engine mechanical components (Qtbmberm)
Engine mounts (Qtbmbermp)
Engine oils (Rbmure)
Engine oils (Rbmdyke)
Engine operation (Qtbmbex)
Engine parts --> Engine components (Qtbmber)
Engine performance (Qtbmbexv)
Engine regulators (Qtbmbereg)
Engine rooms (Pbpbme)
Engine starters (Qtbmberej)
Engine tuning (Fmve)
Engine water cooling systems (Qtbmbercw)
Engineered materials (Rbmv)
Engineering (Ttk)
Engineering economics --> Engineering economy (Ttkng)
Engineering economy (Ttkng)
Engineering geology (Ttkff)
Engineering mathematics (Ttki)
Engineering personnel (Msg)
Engineering properties --> Properties of materials (Rk)
Engineering services (Nbyk)
Engineering societies (Nsee)
Engineering soils (Rbmdb)
Engineers (Msgb)
Enginemen --> Locomotive engineers (Mtgra)
Engines (Qtbmbe)
Engines by cycle (Qtbmbebd)
Enroute traffic control (Dcmtbr)
Enterprise districts (Nggme)
Enterprise parks --> Business parks (Vwube)
Enthalpy (Rkte)
Entrained air (Rbmdhcuf)
Entrance ramps --> On ramps (Pmrcpjsrrn)
Entrapment (Hrbe)
Entrapped air (Rbmdhcur)
Entrepreneurs (Msaf)
Entropy (Communications) (Dsmbe)
Entropy (Statistical mechanics) (Rktf)
Environment (J)
Environmental and sanitary systems in buildings (Pbpv)
Environmental control (Fcd)
Environmental design (Ttn)
Environmental effects --> Environmental impacts (Jfe)
Environmental engineering (Ttkj)
Environmental impact analysis (Jfee)
Environmental impact statements (Xkdie)
Environmental impacts (Jfe)
Environmental justice (Csijc)
Environmental management --> Environmental policy (Jfb)
Environmental monitoring (Jff)
Environmental phenomena (Jb)
Environmental planning --> Environmental policy (Jfb)
Environmental policy (Jfb)
Environmental protection (Jfc)
Environmental quality (Jf)
Environmental risk assessment (Jfd)
Environmental sciences (Tpp)
Environmental streamlining (Jfbs)
Ephemerides (Xxffe)
Epicyclic gears (Qpoxge)
Epidemiology (Ttud)
Epidemiology (Hmxp)
Epilepsy (Hmdne)
Epoxides (Rbcgrbm)
Epoxies --> Epoxides (Rbcgrbm)
Epoxy coatings (Rbmnfcue)
Epoxy compounds --> Epoxides (Rbcgrbm)
Epoxy resins (Rbmdqrf)
Equations (Ubee)
Equations of motion (Sal)
Equestrian --> Horses (Jcbtvuuh)
Equilibrium (Economics) (Kadmq)
Equilibrium (Mechanics) (Smuf)
Equilibrium (Systems) (Dche)
Equilibrium assignment --> Traffic equilibrium (Bthfu)
Equilibrium methods (Structural analysis) (Gef)
Equipment (Qt)
Equipment by end use (Qtp)
Equipment characteristics (Qv)
Equipment design (Esx)
Equipment leasing (Cqpme)
Equipment leasing and rental businesses (Nbk)
Equipment maintenance (Fmx)
Equipment replacement (Fmy)
Equipment tests (Gbbe)
Equity (Finance) (Cfg)
Equity (Justice) (Csije)
Equivalency factors --> Traffic equivalence factor (Rkmyyt)
Equivalency ratio --> Traffic equivalence factor (Rkmyyt)
Equivalent single axle loads (Smimce)
Equivalent weight --> Traffic equivalence factor (Rkmyyt)
Erection (Building) (Fcae)
Ergonomics (Ttknk)
Erosion (Jbgpe)
Erosion control (Jngse)
Error analysis (Ufde)
Errors (Gmsk)
Escalators (Pbpys)
Escape lanes (Pmruue)
Escape systems (Haava)
Eskimos --> Inuit (Mhf)
Esters (Rbcgrbn)
Esthetics --> Aesthetics (Tcpb)
Estimates (Cfcx)
Estimating (Esdf)
Estimation theory (Use)
Estuaries (Vsss)
Ethanol (Rbcgrrh)
Ethanolic acid --> Acetic acid (Rbcgrrb)
Ethene --> Ethylenes (Rbcgrbq)
Ethernet (Xbkrfe)
Ethers (Rbcgrbp)
Ethics (Ccbw)
Ethnic groups (Mha)
Ethyl alcohol --> Ethanol (Rbcgrrh)
Ethyl carbamate --> Urethane (Rbcgrry)
Ethyl urethane --> Urethane (Rbcgrry)
Ethylalcohol --> Ethanol (Rbcgrrh)
Ethylene glycol (Rbcgrrj)
Ethylene resins (Rbmdqrh)
Ethylenes (Rbcgrbq)
Etiology (Ttuf)
Etiology (Hmxt)
ETTM --> Automated toll collection (Dcmcb)
Ettringite (Rberrh)
Euclidean spaces (Uph)
EV charging --> Electric vehicle charging (Fmvrc)
Evacuation (Hhgv)
Evaluation (Epdbd)
Evaluation and assessment (Epdb)
Evaporation (Stpe)
Evaporative emissions (Jfgse)
Evaporators (Qtpmhe)
Evapotranspiration (Jdxe)
Evening (Wego)
Event data recorders (Qpye)
Evidence (Cse)
Evolution (Jde)
Examinations (Cee)
Excavating --> Excavation (Fcfxe)
Excavating equipment (Qtpbcj)
Excavation (Fcfxe)
Excavation and tunneling (Fcfx)
Excavations (Pdwe)
Excavations, mines and oil fields (Pdw)
Excitation (Spd)
Exclusive permissive phasing (Dcmthcskprs)
Exclusive phasing (Dcmthcskpre)
Executives (Msae)
Exempt carriers (Nbbafe)
Exemption (Crfe)
Exhaust emissions --> Exhaust gases (Jfgsge)
Exhaust gases (Jfgsge)
Exhaust manifolds (Qpwxe)
Exhaust pipes (Qpwxf)
Exhaust system components (Qpwx)
Exhaust valves (Qtbmbermye)
Exhibitions (Khte)
Exit ramps --> Off ramps (Pmrcpjsrrf)
Exosphere (Jbmbav)
Expanded clay (Rbmdfke)
Expanded clay aggregates (Rbmddccbe)
Expanded materials (Rbmdyf)
Expanded plastics (Rbmdqbe)
Expanded shale aggregates (Rbmddccbg)
Expansion (Srvg)
Expansion joints (Pbpbhk)
Expansive cement (Rbmdfch)
Expansive clays (Rbesgce)
Expansive concrete (Rbmdhcbe)
Expansive soils --> Swelling soils (Rbespmv)
Expectation (Decision theory) --> Expected value (Ushde)
Expected value (Ushde)
Expenditures (Cfbu)
Expenses (Cfb)
Experimental roads (Pmrccpe)
Experimental safety vehicles --> Safety vehicles (Qbddkxs)
Experimental vehicles (Qbddkxjb)
Experimentation --> Experiments (Gs)
Experiments (Gs)
Expert evidence (Csee)
Expert systems (Ubmgce)
Exploration (Jnrrbe)
Explosions (Sccd)
Explosive excavation (Fcfxeh)
Explosives (Rbmdse)
Explosives detectors (Dmgdre)
Exponential distributions (Usydk)
Exponential functions (Udfbe)
Export flow --> Exports (Ctfe)
Exports (Ctfe)
Express buses (Qbddhpbke)
Express highways --> Expressways (Pmrccde)
Express lanes (Pmrcpmi)
Express service (Bbee)
Expressways (Pmrccde)
Extenders (Rbctf)
eXtensible Markup Language --> XML (Document markup language) (Xbbccdx)
Extensometers (Gumsjg)
External combustion engines (Qtbmbebe)
Externalities (Kku)
Extraboards (Mtghdcbe)
Extrapolation (Uhte)
Extremities (Myp)
Extrudates (Rbmdyg)
Extrusion (Fcbje)
Eye (Mydbe)
Eye fixations (Mxbvr)
Eye location (Mxbvq)
Eye movements (Mxbvs)
Eyeglasses (Qtbppe)
Fabrication (Bdbef)
Fabrics (Rbmdxc)
Face (Mydb)
Facilities (P)
Facilities and structures by use (Pf)
Facings (Rbmnffe)
Facsimile (Dsbe)
Factor analysis (Usjf)
Factories (Pfkf)
Factors (Statistics) (Usyf)
Factors of production (Kab)
Fail safe systems (Hauf)
Failure (Smf)
Failure analysis (Geh)
Fairing lines (Fcvsf)
Fairings (Qpbcjf)
Fairness (Social equity) --> Equity (Justice) (Csije)
Fall (Webf)
Falling (Smdpf)
Falling weight deflectometers (Gumsjdf)
Fallout (Rbmdsrf)
Falls (Hbbw)
False alarms (Security) (Hsu)
Falsework (Pbpbvf)
Families (Mf)
Fan belts (Qtbmbercbg)
Fans (Qtbmbercbf)
Fans (Qtpmvf)
Far field (Sbhrf)
Fare and toll prepayment (Bbky)
Fare collection (Bbkxf)
Fare prepayment (Bbkyc)
Fares (Bbkf)
Farm produce (Bhkbb)
Farm roads (Pmrccpf)
Farm tractors (Qbddkht)
Farm vehicles (Qbddkh)
Farming (Ncgrf)
Farms (Ncgrff)
Farside (Bus stops) (Pmrubsk)
Fast food restaurants (Pfcrf)
Fast Fourier transforms (Uhctff)
Fasteners (Rbmnk)
Fastenings (Rbmnkh)
Fatal accidents --> Fatalities (Hjhx)
Fatalities (Hjhx)
Fatigue (Biology) --> Fatigue (Physiological condition) (Mxbf)
Fatigue (Materials) --> Fatigue (Mechanics) (Smff)
Fatigue (Mechanics) (Smff)
Fatigue (Physiological condition) (Mxbf)
Fatigue cracking (Smfdbsf)
Fatigue cracks --> Cracking (Smfd)
Fatigue failure --> Failure (Smf)
Fatigue limit (Rkmyk)
Fatigue strength (Rkmag)
Fatigue tests (Gbgh)
Fault location (Gbbefe)
Fault monitoring (Dmbyr)
Fault tolerance (Dchg)
Fault tolerant computing (Xbkdh)
Fault tree analysis (Cpx)
Faulting (Jbgpf)
Faults (Jbgyf)
Fax transmission --> Facsimile (Dsbe)
FDR --> Full-depth reclamation (Fmuhpf)
Fear (Mxqf)
Fear of flying (Mxqff)
Feasibility analysis (Epdbf)
Federal aid (Cfhgf)
Federal aid highways (Pmrccjf)
Federal assistance programs (Cfhgff)
Federal conflict preemption (Law) (Crdcf)
Federal government (Ngdc)
Federal government agencies (Ngga)
Federal laws (Creaf)
Feedback control (Dcgf)
Feeder buses (Qbddhpbkf)
Feeder services (Bbfn)
Feeder vessels (Qbhf)
Feedforward control (Dcgrf)
Feeding stuffs (Bhkbw)
Feedwater heaters (Qtpmhbcf)
Fees (Cfk)
Feldspar (Rberrj)
Females (Mdf)
Femur (Mypdgf)
Fences (Pfyf)
Fenders (Qpbcn)
Fenders (Wharves) (Pmhbmpmbrj)
Fermentation (Scce)
Ferries (Qbhdht)
Ferrites (Rbcgnmf)
Ferrocement (Rbmdhf)
Ferroconcrete --> Ferrocement (Rbmdhf)
Ferroelectric materials (Rbmuhf)
Ferromagnetic materials (Rbmuhkf)
Ferrous sulfide (Rbcgnmp)
Ferry service (Aesf)
Ferry terminals (Pmhbmpmtg)
Fertilization (Horticulture) (Fmukf)
Fertilizers (Bhkg)
Fertilizers (Rbmumtcf)
Fetus (Jdrf)
Fiber composites (Rbmdhbf)
Fiber optics (Dsmmd)
Fiber reinforced composites --> Fiber composites (Rbmdhbf)
Fiber reinforced concrete (Rbmdhcmg)
Fiber reinforced materials (Rbmdysg)
Fiber reinforced plastics (Rbmdqqf)
Fiber reinforced polymers (Rbmdysgf)
Fiberglass (Rbmdhbfg)
Fiberglass reinforced plastics --> Glass fiber reinforced plastics (Rbmdqqfg)
Fiberoptic materials (Rbmujf)
Fibers (Rbmdxf)
Fibre optics --> Fiber optics (Dsmmd)
Fibres --> Fibers (Rbmdxf)
Fibrous concrete --> Fiber reinforced concrete (Rbmdhcmg)
Field density (Rkpdf)
Field of vision (Mxbvf)
Field strength (Rkmah)
Field studies (Xkdf)
Field tests (Gbwf)
Filaments (Rbmdxqwg)
Fillers (Materials) (Rbmnfd)
Fillet welds (Pbpbxf)
Filling --> Earthwork (Fcfxee)
Fills (Pdxtf)
Film (Xykp)
Films (Coatings) (Rbmnfcp)
Films (Motion pictures) --> Motion pictures (Xykm)
Filter drains (Pmhpdff)
Filter fabric (Rbmdxccf)
Filters (Rbmdxcc)
Filtration (Fcbme)
Finance (Cf)
Financial analysis (Cga)
Financial ratios (Cgaf)
Financial responsibility (Cnrf)
Financial, insurance and real estate businesses (Nbr)
Financing (Cfaf)
Fine aggregates (Rbmddcjf)
Fine grained soils (Rbespgf)
Fineness (Rkpvsf)
Fines (Materials) (Rbmdxmf)
Fines (Penalties) (Csff)
Finishes (Rbmnff)
Finite automata (Ubmkf)
Finite differences (Ubff)
Finite element analysis --> Finite element method (Gej)
Finite element method (Gej)
Fins (Aircraft) (Qpbbbkf)
Fire (Sccmcyf)
Fire boats (Qbhswf)
Fire causes (Hhua)
Fire departments (Nggkf)
Fire detection systems (Hhud)
Fire extinguishers (Qtpseff)
Fire extinguishing agents (Rbmnme)
Fire fighting (Hhuf)
Fire fighting equipment (Qtpsef)
Fire prevention (Hhup)
Fire resistance (Rkcmk)
Fire resistant coatings (Rbmnmc)
Fire resistant materials (Rbmnms)
Fire retardants (Rbmnmr)
Fire tests --> Flammability tests (Gbcq)
Fire vehicles (Qbddkef)
Firearms (Qtpygf)
Firefighters (Msk)
Firemen (Locomotives) (Mtgrf)
Fireproof materials (Rbmnmp)
Fires (Hhu)
Fires by type (Hhuy)
First aid (Hpea)
First aid equipment (Qtpsmf)
Fish --> Fishes (Jcbtvb)
Fish ladders (Pmhmrh)
Fish migrations --> Animal migrations (Jdtf)
Fisheries (Ncgs)
Fishes (Jcbtvb)
Fishing (Ncgsf)
Fishing vessels (Qbhswh)
Fission (Spsc)
Fissures --> Cracking (Smfd)
Fittings (Qtbmyj)
Fixed base operations (Bqat)
Fixed block control (Dcmvgyfxf)
Fixed costs (Cfcaf)
Fixed routes (Bbhec)
Fixed time controllers --> Pretimed traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrcp)
Fixed time traffic signals --> Pretimed traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrcp)
Fixed wing aircraft --> Airplanes (Qbkmf)
Flaggers (Msekrf)
Flags of convenience (Brscs)
Flame cutting (Fcbyjmf)
Flame hardening (Fcbyjqf)
Flame photometry (Gbcctf)
Flame propagation (Sccmcyhf)
Flames (Sccmcyh)
Flammability (Rkcm)
Flammability tests (Gbcq)
Flammable liquids (Rbmdsfm)
Flammable materials (Rbmnmy)
Flammable materials (Rbmdsf)
Flanges (Qtpuk)
Flaperons (Qpjyg)
Flaps (Aircraft) (Qpjyf)
Flares (Qtpseh)
Flash lamps (Qtprf)
Flash point (Rkcms)
Flashers (Qtbcwf)
Flashing (Rbmnfvf)
Flashing beacons (Dcnspbgf)
Flashing traffic signals (Dcmthrrskf)
Flat cars (Qbfmkfgf)
Flat switching (Brramsf)
Flaw detection (Grf)
Flaws --> Defects (Ptq)
Fleet management (Bra)
Fleet safety (Haavf)
Fleets (Vehicles) --> Vehicle fleets (Qbddb)
Flex time --> Flexible hours (Ccbkhf)
Flexibility (Rkmqf)
Flexible hours (Ccbkhf)
Flexible manufacturing systems (Cpmb)
Flexible pavements (Pmrcppbdf)
Flexible structures (Pbcg)
Flexural properties --> Flexural strength (Rkmaj)
Flexural strength (Rkmaj)
Flexural stresses --> Bending stress (Smbbs)
Flexure (Smbm)
Flicker (Soe)
Flight (Qdb)
Flight attendants (Mtbg)
Flight characteristics (Qdbc)
Flight control --> Flight control systems (Dcmvbf)
Flight control systems (Dcmvbf)
Flight crews (Mtbf)
Flight data recorders --> Flight recorders (Dcnspf)
Flight decks (Qpecf)
Flight delays (Bbjkmd)
Flight dynamics (Qdbd)
Flight information services (Dcmtbt)
Flight paths (Qdbp)
Flight personnel (Mtb)
Flight plans (Brcf)
Flight recorders (Dcnspf)
Flight safety --> Aviation safety (Haaa)
Flight service stations (Pmfgs)
Flight simulators (Qtpstsf)
Flight stations --> Satellite terminals (Airports) (Pmfcgcs)
Flight testing --> Flight tests (Gbbvf)
Flight tests (Gbbvf)
Flight time (Qdbct)
Flight training (Dcnbscbb)
Flint (Rberrk)
Floating airports --> Offshore airports (Pmfcbp)
Floating breakwaters (Pmhdcf)
Floating bridges --> Pontoon bridges (Pdybmdn)
Floating car data (Bteaf)
Floating cars --> Probe vehicles (Qbddkxjp)
Floating cranes (Qtphmcf)
Floating docks (Pmhbmpmff)
Floating foundations (Pbpbfj)
Floating ice --> Ice floes (Jbhyjjf)
Floating power plants --> Offshore power plants (Pmppp)
Floating power plants --> Offshore power plants (Pmhyq)
Floating structures (Pmhyf)
Flocculants --> Flocculating agents (Rbctg)
Flocculating agents (Rbctg)
Flood damage (Jbye)
Flood hydrographs (Esmsrhhf)
Flood plains (Vgff)
Flood protection (Fcfhh)
Flood routing (Fcfhhf)
Flooding --> Floods (Jbhf)
Floods (Jbhf)
Floors (Pbpbe)
Floppy disks (Xymd)
Flotation (Fcbmh)
Flotation agents (Rbcth)
Flow (Smdff)
Flow by speed (Smdffb)
Flow charts (Xxvhf)
Flow control (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbu)
Flow distribution --> Flow fields (Rkwf)
Flow equations (Smdfff)
Flow fields (Rkwf)
Flow management (Air traffic control) --> Flow control (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbu)
Flow measurement (Gmcg)
Flow net (Xxvhh)
Flow resistance (Smdffdt)
Flow separation --> Boundary layer separation (Smdffas)
Flow speed relationships (Bthrf)
Flow visualization (Rkwff)
Flowable fill (Pdxtff)
Flowmeters (Gumpj)
Flowmeters (Gumyf)
Flue gases (Jfgsgf)
Fluid dynamics (Smdf)
Fluid infiltration --> Infiltration (Smdffg)
Fluid mechanics (Tpxsf)
Fluid mechanics (Smh)
Fluid resistance (Smdg)
Fluidics (Dcgh)
Fluidity (Rkwg)
Fluidized bed combustion (Sccmcf)
Fluids (Rbbf)
Flumes (Pmhjyh)
Fluorescence (Rkof)
Fluorescence (Sof)
Fluorescent lamps (Qtpnmef)
Fluorides (Rbcgnj)
Fluorine (Rbcefjf)
Fluorometers (Gumpm)
Flushing (Fmbbf)
Flushing(Pavements) --> Bleeding (Pavements) (Smdffvb)
Flutter (Aeronautics) (Qdbdj)
Flutter (Aeronautics) (Smdvf)
Flux oil (Rbmdykf)
Fluxes (Rbmndc)
Fly ash (Rbmduh)
Flying --> Aircraft pilotage (Dcnbscb)
Flying spot scanners --> Optical scanners (Dmgsp)
Flyovers --> Overpasses (Pmrcpjfrjp)
Flywheels (Qtbmbermr)
Foamed asphalt (Rbmdpbh)
Foamed materials (Rbmdyhfb)
Foaming agents (Rbmdyhff)
Foams (Rbmdyhf)
Foams and emulsions (Rbmdyh)
Focus groups (Msyf)
Foetus --> Fetus (Jdrf)
Fog (Jbmbkmbf)
Fog dispersal (Fcdf)
Fog dispersion --> Fog dispersal (Fcdf)
Fog lamps (Qpumxhf)
Foil (Rbmdxssb)
Follow up investigation (Hbxf)
Following distance (Bthkf)
Following seas (Jbhwf)
Food (Bhgf)
Food chain (Jdg)
Food industry (Ncgf)
Food service (Bbqp)
Foot (Mypdgr)
Foot bridges --> Footbridges (Pdybmup)
Footbridges (Pdybmup)
Footings (Pbpbfk)
Footways --> Walkways (Pmrtpw)
For hire carriers (Nbbaf)
Force (Smi)
Fords (Hydrology) (Vsjfsf)
Fore slopes --> Foreslopes (Vgfhsf)
Forecasting (Epdmf)
Foreign (Vvf)
Foreign automobiles (Qbddhmccx)
Foreign exchange (Kait)
Foreign trade --> International trade (Ctf)
Forensic medicine (Ttuh)
Foreslopes (Vgfhsf)
Forest fires (Hhuyf)
Forest products (Bhkc)
Forest products industry (Ncgt)
Forest roads (Pmrccef)
Forestry (Ttbf)
Forests (Vge)
Forging (Fcbyjc)
Fork junctions --> Y intersections (Pmrcpjfcv)
Fork lifts (Qtphmf)
Forklift trucks --> Fork lifts (Qtphmf)
Formaldehyde (Rbcgrrk)
Formatting (Xbkndf)
Formed plastics (Rbmdqb)
Forming (Fcbj)
Formol --> Formaldehyde (Rbcgrrk)
Forms (Documents) (Xxu)
Forms of business or industry (Nt)
Formulas (Ubeef)
Formulations (Rbctmf)
Formwork (Fcbygm)
Formwork (Construction) --> Formwork (Fcbygm)
Fossil fuel power plants (Pmppf)
Fossil fuels (Rbff)
Fouling (Naval architecture) (Jbyd)
Fouling organisms (Jcmpf)
Fouling prevention --> Antifouling coatings (Rbmnfch)
Foundation engineering (Ttkfh)
Foundation soils (Rbmdbh)
Foundations (Pbpbf)
Foundry sand (Rbmduj)
Four axle cars (Qbfmktd)
Four day week (Ccbkhm)
Four lane highways (Pmrcckm)
Four leg intersections (Pmrcpjfcf)
Four stroke cycle engines (Qtbmbebdf)
Four wheel drive (Qpobb)
Four wheel steering (Qpjf)
Fourier analysis (Uhbcf)
Fourier series (Uhbcg)
Fourier transformation --> Fourier transforms (Uhctf)
Fourier transforms (Uhctf)
Fractals (Upbj)
Fractions (Ufbf)
Fracture mechanics (Smfh)
Fracture properties (Rkmlbf)
Fracture strength --> Fracture properties (Rkmlbf)
Fracture tests (Gbgj)
Fracture toughness --> Fracture properties (Rkmlbf)
Fractured rock (Rbertj)
Fractures (Anatomy) (Hjpd)
Fracturing --> Fracture mechanics (Smfh)
Framed structures (Pbch)
Frames (Pbpbg)
Franchises (Ctaf)
Fraud (Huf)
Fraunhofer region --> Far field (Sbhrf)
Free energy (Smeyd)
Free fall (Smdpff)
Free fares (Bbkfm)
Free flight (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbv)
Free flow speeds (Bthsq)
Free surface (Smhf)
Free water (Rbctmsf)
Freeflow tolling --> Automated toll collection (Dcmcb)
Freeway management systems (Dcmthcf)
Freeway operations (Bqdo)
Freeway service patrols (Dsfpcg)
Freeway traffic control --> Freeway management systems (Dcmthcf)
Freeways (Pmrccdf)
Freeze thaw durability (Rktg)
Freeze thaw tests (Gbjdnf)
Freezing (Stpf)
Freezing point (Rktmtf)
Freight and passenger handling (Bd)
Freight and passenger services (Bb)
Freight and passenger traffic (Bf)
Freight billing (Bbkxb)
Freight bills (Bbyf)
Freight brokers (Nbce)
Freight car supply --> Car supply (Railroads) (Brrcb)
Freight car utilization --> Car utilization (Railroads) (Brrca)
Freight cars (Qbfmkf)
Freight claims (Bnq)
Freight classification --> Commodity classification (Bhc)
Freight commodities --> Commodities (Bh)
Freight consolidators (Nbcd)
Freight density --> Commodity density (Bhd)
Freight documents (Bby)
Freight forwarders (Nbcc)
Freight handling (Bdb)
Freight handling equipment --> Cargo handling equipment (Qtphc)
Freight security (Hsf)
Freight service (Bbb)
Freight service bureaus (Nbef)
Freight tariffs --> Tariffs (Bbkbt)
Freight terminals (Pmetf)
Freight traffic (Bfb)
Freight traffic measurement (Bfbm)
Freight trains (Qbff)
Freight transportation (Ajf)
Freight transportation support businesses (Nbc)
Frequencies --> Frequency (Electromagnetism) (Sfrwbf)
Frequency (Electromagnetism) (Sfrwbf)
Frequency allocation (Dsmmf)
Frequency analyzers (Gumpff)
Frequency converters (Qtbcgf)
Frequency distributions (Usydl)
Frequency division multiple access (Dsbdmcr)
Frequency domain analysis (Uhw)
Frequency modulation (Dsmmjf)
Frequency response (Rkfg)
Frequency spectra (Sfrwbqs)
Frequent flyer programs (Chqt)
Fresh concrete (Rbmdhcbf)
Fresh surface water features (Vsj)
Fresh water (Rbdmf)
Fretting (Pavements) --> Stripping (Pavements) (Smfs)
Fretting corrosion (Scphf)
Friability (Rkmi)
Friction (Smdj)
Friction brakes (Qpkbr)
Friction coefficient --> Coefficient of friction (Rkmyd)
Friction course (Pmrcpppmbf)
Friction damping --> Damping (Physics) (Smdvd)
Friction factor (Smhh)
Friction losses (Smeyf)
Friction materials (Rbmnn)
Friction piles (Pbpbvvmgf)
Friction tests (Gbkf)
Frictional coefficient --> Coefficient of friction (Rkmyd)
Frictional resistance --> Skin resistance (Rkehs)
Frigates (Qbhomh)
Frigid regions (Vcrf)
Fringe benefits --> Employee benefits (Ccbmg)
Fringe parking (Brddf)
Frogs (Amphibians) (Jcbtvdf)
Frogs (Railroads) (Pmudkh)
Front end collisions --> Head on collisions (Hbbgtch)
Front seat occupants (Mwgf)
Front seats (Qpeysbf)
Front suspension systems (Qpif)
Front wheel drive (Qpobf)
Frontage roads (Pmrccnbf)
Frontal collisions --> Head on collisions (Hbbgtch)
Fronts (Meteorology) (Jbmbkpf)
Frost (Jbhyf)
Frost action (Jbgph)
Frost damage (Jbyf)
Frost heaving (Jbyfh)
Frost heaving soils (Rbespfd)
Frost protection (Fccmf)
Frost susceptibility (Rkth)
Frost susceptible soil (Rbespff)
Froude number (Sao)
Frozen cargo (Bhgrf)
Frozen ground --> Frozen soils (Rbespfh)
Frozen soils (Rbespfh)
Fruits (Bhkbbaf)
Fruits and vegetables (Bhkbba)
Fuel additives (Rbfcb)
Fuel air mixtures (Rbfpd)
Fuel ash --> Fly ash (Rbmduh)
Fuel blends --> Fuel mixtures (Rbfcm)
Fuel cell vehicles (Qbddpef)
Fuel cells (Qtpff)
Fuel combustion --> Combustion (Sccmc)
Fuel composition (Rbfc)
Fuel conservation (Jngef)
Fuel consumption (Jnruef)
Fuel elements (Qtbnpf)
Fuel emulsions (Rbfce)
Fuel filters (Qpnynf)
Fuel gas (Rbfpe)
Fuel injection (Qpnf)
Fuel injectors (Qpnynj)
Fuel mixtures (Rbfcm)
Fuel oils (Rbfpg)
Fuel processing (Jnrrf)
Fuel pumps (Qtbmbpf)
Fuel pumps (Qpnynp)
Fuel regulating devices (Qpnyf)
Fuel resources --> Energy resources (Jnae)
Fuel spills --> Chemical spills (Jfgssc)
Fuel storage (Jnrrfv)
Fuel storage and delivery devices (Qpnyn)
Fuel substitution (Jfgybf)
Fuel system components (Qpny)
Fuel systems (Qpn)
Fuel tanks (Qpnynt)
Fuel taxes (Cfdaf)
Fuel treatment --> Fuel processing (Jnrrf)
Fuels (Rbf)
Fuels by end use (Rbfu)
Fuels by properties (Rbfp)
Full actuation operation --> Full traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbtf)
Full bodied ships (Qbhwb)
Full face tunneling (Fcfxtf)
Full scale tests --> Prototype tests (Gbjs)
Full service carriers (Nbbah)
Full traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbtf)
full-depth asphalt pavements (Pmrcppbmbf)
Full-depth reclamation (Fmuhpf)
Full-depth recycling --> Full-depth reclamation (Fmuhpf)
Fumes (Jfgsf)
Fumigation (Fccb)
Functional analysis (Uhbf)
Functions (Mathematics) (Uhbd)
Funding --> Financing (Cfaf)
Fungi (Jcbpk)
Funicular railroads --> Cable railroads (Nbbcgp)
Furnaces (Qtpmhf)
Furniture (Qtpo)
Fuselages (Qpbbbr)
Fusion (Spsk)
Future (Wrf)
Fuzzy algorithms (Ubmgf)
Fuzzy controllers (Dcjbf)
Fuzzy logic (Ubdf)
Fuzzy sets (Ubdsf)
Fuzzy systems (Syg)
FWDs --> Falling weight deflectometers (Gumsjdf)
Gabbro (Rbergg)
Gabions (Qtpkk)
Gage (Rails) (Gmsg)
Gages --> Measuring instruments (Gum)
Gain --> Profits (Cfsq)
Galleries (Vhg)
Galvanic corrosion (Scphg)
Galvanic skin response (Gumpdgg)
Galvanized metals (Rbmdkbg)
Galvanizing (Fcbyjgg)
Galvanometers (Gumpdg)
Game theory (Uspg)
Gamma distributions (Usydn)
Gamma rays (Sfrwav)
Gamma rays (Spmg)
Gantry cranes (Pmhbmpmbrm)
Gaols --> Jails (Pfej)
Gap acceptance (Bthg)
Gap graded aggregates (Rbmddcfg)
Gap grading (Gbbmbcg)
Garages (Pfyg)
Garbage --> Refuse (Jfkbp)
Garbage disposal --> Waste disposal (Jfkyd)
Gas analysis (Gbccg)
Gas bearings (Qtbmydg)
Gas chromatography (Gbcccd)
Gas detectors (Dmgdrg)
Gas distribution --> Natural gas distribution systems (Jnrrm)
Gas generators --> Coal gasification plants (Pfkpd)
Gas industry (Ncgmg)
Gas metal arc welding (Fcbyjvdg)
Gas permeability (Concrete) (Rkre)
Gas pipelines (Pmnppg)
Gas turbine automobiles (Qbddhmcpg)
Gas turbine fuels (Rbfug)
Gas turbine locomotives (Qbfmcpp)
Gas turbines (Qtbmbtg)
Gas utilities (Nbug)
Gases (Rbbfs)
Gasification (Scpq)
Gaskets (Qtpum)
Gasohol (Rbfumgg)
Gasoline (Rbfumg)
Gasoline engines (Qtbmbebjg)
Gates (Pfyj)
Gateways (Bqrg)
Gauge (Railroads) --> Gage (Rails) (Gmsg)
Gauges --> Measuring instruments (Gum)
Gear components (Qpoxgy)
Gear shifting (Dcnbstg)
Gear teeth (Qpoxgyt)
Gearboxes --> Transmissions (Qpoxt)
Gears (Qpoxg)
Gearshifts (Qpoxgys)
Gel permeation chromatography (Gbcccg)
Gels (Rbctmcg)
Gender (Md)
General aspects of mathematical analysis (Uhb)
General aviation (Ncegg)
General aviation aircraft (Qbkop)
General aviation airports (Pmfcbg)
General aviation pilots (Mtbbg)
General cargo ships (Qbhdfm)
General principles of mathematics (Ub)
General purpose lanes (Pmrcpmd)
General service businesses (Nby)
General surface features of the earth (Vga)
Generators (Qtbmberen)
Genetic algorithms (Ubmgg)
Genetics (Tpdj)
Geochemistry (Tpngb)
Geocoding --> Geographic information systems (Xbfg)
Geodesy (Tpnpg)
Geodetic surveying (Esmsff)
Geographic information systems (Xbfg)
Geography (Tpnb)
Geogrids (Rbmdxceg)
Geological activities and processes (Jbgp)
Geological engineering --> Engineering geology (Ttkff)
Geological events (Jbge)
Geological exploration --> Exploration (Jnrrbe)
Geological oceanography (Tpngd)
Geological phenomena (Jbg)
Geological surveying (Esmsrg)
Geologically affected surfaces (Jbgy)
Geology (Tpng)
Geomechanics --> Geophysics (Tpnp)
Geomembranes (Rbmdxcem)
Geometric configurations and shapes (Upb)
Geometric design (Esdg)
Geometric distributions (Usydp)
Geometric elements (Upd)
Geometric segments (Pmrck)
Geometry (Up)
Geometry (Tprg)
Geomorphology (Tpngf)
Geophones (Dmgdebg)
Geophysical exploration --> Geophysical prospecting (Jnrrbeg)
Geophysical prospecting (Jnrrbeg)
Geophysics (Tpnp)
Geosciences --> Earth sciences (Tpn)
Geosynthetics (Rbmdxce)
Geotechnical engineering (Ttkfj)
Geotechnics --> Geotechnical engineering (Ttkfj)
Geotextiles (Rbmdxcet)
Geothermal power plants (Pmppg)
Geothermal resources (Jnaeg)
Girder bridges (Pdybmdg)
Girders (Pbpbvvg)
GIS --> Geographic information systems (Xbfg)
Glacial soils (Rbesmg)
Glacial till --> Till (Rbebq)
Glaciers (Jbhyjjp)
Glandular diseases (Hmdg)
Glare (Soh)
Glare screens --> Anti glare screens (Pmrcpbc)
Glass (Rbmdfm)
Glass beads (Rbmdfmb)
Glass fiber reinforced concrete (Rbmdhcmgf)
Glass fiber reinforced plastics (Rbmdqqfg)
Glass fibers (Rbmdxfg)
Glass industry (Ncgg)
Glass reinforced plastics --> Glass fiber reinforced plastics (Rbmdqqfg)
Glass shot --> Glass beads (Rbmdfmb)
Glazing (Fcbdg)
Glazing materials --> Glass (Rbmdfm)
Glide path systems (Dcnsybmg)
Glide paths --> Glide path systems (Dcnsybmg)
Glide slope --> Glide path systems (Dcnsybmg)
Global Positioning System (Dcnsbtg)
Global warming (Jbmwnw)
Globalisation --> Globalization (Nv)
Globalization (Nv)
Glossaries (Xxkg)
Glue (Rbmndd)
Gluing (Fcacbg)
Glulam --> Laminated wood (Rbmdmvwj)
Glycols (Rbcgrbr)
Gneiss (Rbermg)
Goals --> Strategic planning (Epdms)
Goggles (Qtpscg)
Gold (Rbcefdf)
Golf carts (Qbddkqg)
Gondola cars (Qbfmkfgg)
Goodness of fit (Uspj)
Goods movement --> Freight traffic (Bfb)
Goods wagons --> Freight cars (Qbfmkf)
Gore area (Pmrcpjfrf)
Gouges (Qtptcg)
Government agencies (Ngg)
Government employees (Msbg)
Government funding (Cfh)
Government guaranty (Cfig)
Government liability (Cnrg)
Government policy --> Policy (Cra)
Government transportation (Amg)
Government vessels (Qbhog)
Governments (Ng)
Governors (Devices) (Qtbmym)
GPS --> Global Positioning System (Dcnsbtg)
Grabens (Jbgyg)
Gradation (Aggregates) --> Aggregate gradation (Gbbmbc)
Grade crossing protection systems (Dcmtrg)
Grade crossing protection systems (Dcmthcg)
Grade crossing signals --> Grade crossing protection systems (Dcmthcg)
Grade crossing surfaces (Pmujs)
Grade crossings --> Railroad grade crossings (Pmuj)
Grade crossings (Highways) --> At grade intersections (Pmrcpjfcb)
Grade separations (Pmrcpjfrj)
Graded coarse aggregates --> Coarse aggregates (Rbmddcjc)
Graded fine aggregates --> Fine aggregates (Rbmddcjf)
Graders (Qtpbck)
Grades (Roads) --> Highway grades (Pmrckg)
Grading (Earthwork) (Fcfxeeg)
Graduate students (Mesg)
Graduate study (Ceky)
Graduated licensing (Crhdg)
Graduates (Met)
Graffiti (Hudvg)
Grain (Bhkbe)
Grain elevators (Pfsg)
Grain shape (Geology) (Rkpth)
Grain size (Geology) (Rkptj)
Grain size analysis --> Sieve analysis (Gbju)
Grain terminals (Pmhbmpmth)
Granite (Rbergn)
Grant aid (Cfhg)
Granular bases (Pmrcpppmeg)
Granular materials (Rbmdxmg)
Granular soils (Rbesfg)
Granulated slag (Rbmduvg)
Graph theory (Ung)
Graphic arts (Ttq)
Graphical user interfaces (Esdhmgg)
Graphics (Esmg)
Graphite (Rberrm)
Graphs (Xxvg)
Grasses (Jcbpp)
Grasslands (Vgc)
Grates (Pmhpdm)
Gravel (Rbesgg)
Gravel pits (Pdweqg)
Gravel roads (Pmrccug)
Gravelly soils (Rbesggg)
Gravimeters (Gumpn)
Gravimetric analysis (Gbccm)
Graving docks --> Drydocks (Pmhbmpmfd)
Gravitation (Smk)
Gravitational attraction --> Gravitation (Smk)
Gravitational force (Smke)
Gravity (Jbbg)
Gravity (Smkg)
Gravity dams (Pmhmbg)
Gravity models (Bmkbeg)
Gravity structures (Pbci)
Gravity switching (Brramsg)
Gravity waves (Smwg)
Grease (Rbmnng)
Green (Rkocg)
Green concrete --> Fresh concrete (Rbmdhcbf)
Green interval (Traffic signal cycle) (Dcmthcskjg)
Green's function (Uhdeg)
Greenbelts --> Greenways (Kabex)
Greenhouse effect (Jfgbbg)
Greenhouse gases (Jfgsgg)
Greenways (Kabex)
Grid systems --> Grids (Transmission lines) (Pmptmg)
Gridlock (Traffic) --> Traffic congestion (Bthfc)
Grids (Coordinates) (Esmgmpg)
Grids (Transmission lines) (Pmptmg)
Grievances (Ccbpms)
Grilles (Pbpbkg)
Grinders (Qtptj)
Grinding (Fcbbg)
Grits (Rbmnbg)
Groins (Hydraulics) (Pmhdj)
Gross domestic product (Kaib)
Gross national product (Kaig)
Gross vehicle weight (Qcwgg)
Gross weight (Rkpwg)
Gross weight (Qcwg)
Ground control --> Airport surface traffic control (Dcmtbxc)
Ground cover (Jcbpq)
Ground crews (Msec)
Ground effect (Smimamg)
Ground effect (Qdbdk)
Ground effect machines --> Air cushion vehicles (Qbqg)
Ground freezing (Fcbysg)
Ground handling (Bqar)
Ground motion --> Seismicity (Jbgpt)
Ground movements --> Seismicity (Jbgpt)
Ground operations --> Ground handling (Bqar)
Ground penetrating radar (Dcnsbqf)
Ground pressure (Smipcg)
Ground settlement (Jbgpw)
Ground slag --> Granulated slag (Rbmduvg)
Ground speed (Qdbcg)
Ground stations --> Air traffic control facilities (Pmfg)
Ground traffic (Btaamg)
Ground transportation (Aeg)
Ground transportation accidents (Hbbg)
Ground treatment --> Soil stabilization (Fcbys)
Ground vehicle operators (Mtg)
Ground vehicles (Qbd)
Ground water --> Groundwater (Rbesbw)
Grounding (Electricity) --> Electrical grounding (Fcapg)
Groundings (Maritime accidents) (Hbbmd)
Groundwater (Rbesbw)
Groundwater recharge (Jbhvr)
Group 0 elements (Rbcefk)
Group 18 elements --> Group 0 elements (Rbcefk)
Group dynamics (Msyx)
Group I elements (Rbcefb)
Group II elements (Rbcefc)
Group III elements (Rbcefe)
Group IV elements (Rbceff)
Group V elements (Rbcefg)
Group VI elements (Rbcefh)
Group VII elements (Rbcefj)
Groups (Msy)
Groups of organic compounds (Rbcgrb)
Grout (Rbmndf)
Grout curtains (Pbpbwcg)
Grouting (Fcbyeg)
Guard fences --> Guardrails (Pmrcpbg)
Guard rails --> Guardrails (Pmrcpbg)
Guardrail terminals (Pmrcpbgt)
Guardrail transition sections (Pmrcpbgv)
Guardrails (Pmrcpbg)
GUI --> Graphical user interfaces (Esdhmgg)
Guidance computers --> Navigation computers (Dcnspg)
Guidance references (Highways) --> Roadway guidance markers (Dcnsyhr)
Guidance systems (Aircraft) (Dcmvb)
Guidance systems (Ships) --> Automatic vessel control (Dcmvs)
Guide signs (Dcmthrkbg)
Guidebooks --> Handbooks (Xxbhh)
Guided buses (Qbddhpbkq)
Guided missiles (Qbkomk)
Guidelines (Xxbg)
Guideposts (Dcmthrc)
Guiderails --> Guardrails (Pmrcpbg)
Guides to information (Xbb)
Guides to the literature (Xbbm)
Guideways (Pmudbg)
Guideways (Pmuyg)
Gullies (Vsjfsg)
Gunite --> Shotcrete (Rbmdhcbrs)
Guns (Qtpyg)
Gussaphalt --> Gussasphalt (Rbmdpbg)
Gussasphalt (Rbmdpbg)
Gusset plates (Rbmdxsqg)
Gusts (Jbmbkwg)
Gutters (Pmhpdp)
Gypsum (Rberrn)
Gypsum cement (Rbmdfcj)
Gyratory intersections --> Traffic circles (Pmrcpjfcm)
Gyratory testing machines (Gug)
Gyrocompasses (Dcnspcg)
Gyroscopes (Dcnspd)
Habitat (Ecology) (Jeh)
Habitual traffic violators --> Traffic violators (Mswt)
Half spaces (Building) (Pbpblsh)
Halides (Rbcgch)
Halite (Rberrp)
Halloysite (Rberrfh)
Hallucinogenic drugs (Hmdqxh)
Halogenated compounds (Rbcgrbs)
Halogens (Rbcebh)
Hammers (Qtptk)
Hand (Mypbha)
Hand signaling (Dsbrh)
Hand trucks (Qtphch)
Handbooks (Xxbhh)
Handguns --> Firearms (Qtpygf)
Handheld computers (Qtpxmbpch)
Handicapped drivers (Mtghdfcx)
Handicapped persons --> Physically handicapped persons (Mm)
Handlebars (Qpjyh)
Handling and conveying equipment (Qtph)
Handling and storage (Bnn)
Handling characteristics (Qch)
Handling equipment --> Cargo handling equipment (Qtphc)
Hangars (Pmfcgf)
Hangover (Hmdseh)
Haptic --> Tactile perception (Mxtx)
HAR --> Highway advisory radio (Dsfpdh)
Harbor traffic control (Dcmtvh)
Harbors (Pmhb)
Harbours --> Harbors (Pmhb)
Hard disks (Qtpxmpg)
Hard materials (Rbmdysh)
Hard shoulders --> Paved shoulders (Pmrcpsp)
Hardness (Rkmj)
Hardness tests (Gbgl)
Hardware (Computers) --> Computers (Qtpxm)
Hardware in the loop simulation (Ubmsf)
Hardwoods (Rbmdmvwf)
Harmonic analysis (Mathematics) (Uhbfh)
Harmonic analysis (Physics) (Gmceh)
Harmonics (Sbm)
Harmonisation --> Standardization (Ex)
Harmonization --> Standardization (Ex)
Hatch covers (Qpbcdh)
Haul distance (Bbfg)
Haul roads (Pmrccph)
Hazard analysis (Hhda)
Hazard evaluation (Hhde)
Hazard markings (Hhdm)
Hazard mitigation (Hhdg)
Hazardous chemicals (Rbmdsc)
Hazardous materials (Bhgd)
Hazardous materials (Rbmds)
Hazardous materials spills --> Spills (Pollution) (Jfgss)
Hazardous substances --> Hazardous materials (Rbmds)
Hazardous wastes (Jfkbh)
Hazardous wastes (Bhgdd)
Hazards (Hhd)
Hazards and emergency operations (Hh)
Haze (Jbmbkk)
Head (Myd)
Head motion range (Myda)
Head on collisions (Hbbgtch)
Head up displays (Dcnspeh)
Headlamps (Qpumxh)
Headlights --> Headlamps (Qpumxh)
Headrests (Qpeysyh)
Headways (Bthkh)
Health (Mxbc)
Health care (Hpa)
Health care facilities (Pfg)
Health care services (Ndh)
Health hazards (Hhdh)
Health physics (Ttxh)
Hearing --> Auditory perception (Mxta)
Hearing impaired persons (Mmd)
Hearing loss (Mxct)
Hearings (Xkh)
Heart (Myhh)
Heart diseases --> Cardiac disorder (Hmdbh)
Heart rate (Mxbcd)
Heat (St)
Heat affected zone (Metals) (Rbmdkbbh)
Heat balance (Stb)
Heat conduction (Stc)
Heat content --> Enthalpy (Rkte)
Heat convection (Std)
Heat cycle (Ste)
Heat engines (Qtbmbebh)
Heat exchange (Stf)
Heat exchangers (Qtpmhhe)
Heat flow (Stg)
Heat flux (Sth)
Heat insulating materials (Rbmnth)
Heat loss (Stj)
Heat measurement --> Temperature measurement (Gmcn)
Heat of hydration (Rkteh)
Heat of solution (Rktes)
Heat pipes (Qtpmhhp)
Heat radiation (Stk)
Heat resistance --> Thermal resistance (Rktt)
Heat resistant materials (Rbmdyth)
Heat sinks (Qtpmhhs)
Heat storage (Jbmbks)
Heat transfer (Stm)
Heat transfer devices (Qtpmhh)
Heat transmission --> Heat flow (Stg)
Heat treated rail (Pmudkrbh)
Heaters (Qtpmhk)
Heating (Fcdth)
Heating (Bramb)
Heating equipment (Qtpmh)
Heating systems (Pbpvh)
Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment (Qtpm)
Heaving (Pavements) --> Blowup (Pavements) (Smbcb)
Heaving (Ship motion) (Qdsd)
Heavy duty trucks (Qbddfwh)
Heavy duty vehicles (Qbddwk)
Heavy goods vehicles --> Trucks (Qbddf)
Heavy lift shipping (Aesbbh)
Heavy lift vessels (Qbhswc)
Heavy metals (Rbmdkbh)
Heavy oils (Rbmdykg)
Heavy rail transit --> Rapid transit (Aetrd)
Heavy vehicles (Qbddwh)
Hedging (Finance) (Cfeh)
Heeling (Qdsg)
Height (Rkpvsh)
Height (Updj)
Helicopter ambulances --> Air ambulances (Qbkha)
Helicopter lines (Nbbcbh)
Helicopter pilots (Mtbbgh)
Helicopter rotors --> Rotors (Qphr)
Helicopter transportation (Aeah)
Helicopters (Qbkmrh)
Heliports (Pmfcbh)
Helium (Rbcefkh)
Helmets (Qtpschh)
Hemispheres (Vch)
Hemorrhage --> Bleeding (Hjpw)
Herbicides (Rbmumtcg)
Heroin (Hmdqxdh)
Heterogeneity (Rkcbf)
Heteroscedasticity (Usavh)
Heuristic methods (Uk)
High accident locations --> Accident prone locations (Hbkga)
High beamed headlamps (Qpumxhh)
High capacity cars (Qbfmktk)
High density (Rkpdh)
High early strength cement (Rbmdfcm)
High expansion foams (Rbmdyhfh)
High frequency (Sfrwbfrj)
High mast lighting (Pmpvch)
High mounted brake lamps (Qpumxbh)
High occupancy toll lanes (Pmrcpmjh)
High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmruby)
High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmrcpmj)
High occupancy vehicles (Qbddhpph)
High performance concrete (Rbmdhcbg)
High performance surface ships (Qbhx)
High rise construction --> Multistory structures (Pbcp)
High risk drivers (Mtghdfc)
High school driving courses (Hawttdb)
High school graduates (Meta)
High school students (Mesb)
High schools (Pfrw)
High speed craft (Qbhxf)
High speed ground transportation (Aegkt)
High speed photography (Esmgpk)
High speed rail (Qbfxh)
High speed rail (Aegktr)
High speed track (Pmudbh)
High speed trains --> High speed rail (Qbfxh)
High speed vehicles (Qbddvf)
High strength (Rkmak)
High strength concrete (Rbmdhcba)
High strength concrete (Rbmdhcbgs)
High strength materials (Rbmdysj)
High strength steel (Rbmdkdfscm)
High technology industries (Ncgd)
High temperature (Rktmh)
High traffic roads --> High volume roads (Pmrccvh)
High voltage (Sepvh)
High volume roads (Pmrccvh)
Highway accidents --> Traffic accidents (Hbbgt)
Highway advisory radio (Dsfpdh)
Highway beacons (Dcnsyhh)
Highway beacons (Dcnspbg)
Highway bridges (Pdybmuh)
Highway capacity (Bqdc)
Highway communications --> Driver information systems (Dsfpd)
Highway construction --> Road construction (Fcff)
Highway corridors (Pmrccnm)
Highway curves (Pmrckc)
Highway delineators (Dcmthre)
Highway departments (Nggkd)
Highway design (Esush)
Highway engineering (Ttkfwh)
Highway engineers (Msgbbh)
Highway facilities (Pmr)
Highway facilities for motorized users (Pmru)
Highway facilities for nonmotorized users (Pmrt)
Highway factors in accidents (Hbcw)
Highway grades (Pmrckg)
Highway law (Crdt)
Highway lighting --> Street lighting (Pmpv)
Highway maintenance (Fmuh)
Highway materials --> Road materials (Rbmumtth)
Highway noise --> Traffic noise (Jfnbt)
Highway operations (Bqd)
Highway planning (Epduth)
Highway rail intersections --> Railroad grade crossings (Pmuj)
Highway railroad grade crossings --> Railroad grade crossings (Pmuj)
Highway safety (Haath)
Highway safety organizations (Nsh)
Highway signs --> Traffic signs (Dcmthrk)
Highway signs, signals and markings --> Traffic control devices (Dcmthr)
Highway subgrade --> Subgrade (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmr)
Highway traffic (Btah)
Highway traffic control (Dcmth)
Highway traffic control systems (Dcmthc)
Highway traffic signals --> Traffic signals (Dcmthrrs)
Highway transportation (Aegh)
Highway travel (Bmcd)
Highway usage --> Highway travel (Bmcd)
Highway user benefits --> User benefits (Kktu)
Highway user taxation (Cfdra)
Highway users --> Travelers (Mw)
Highway vehicle operators (Mtgh)
Highways (Pmrccdh)
Hijacking (Huth)
Hiking (Ccbkxrh)
HIL simulation --> Hardware in the loop simulation (Ubmsf)
Hills (Vgfh)
Hinged structures (Pbcj)
Hinges (Rbmnkk)
Hip (Mypde)
Hiring policies (Ccbbh)
Hispanics (Mhh)
Histograms (Xxvhk)
Historic bridges (Pdybmuf)
Historic preservation (Epdrh)
Historic sites (Epdrhs)
Historic structures --> Historic sites (Epdrhs)
History (TCH)
History (Tch)
Hit and run accidents (Hbbgtah)
Hitches (Qtpuyh)
HMA --> Hot mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejph)
Hoists (Qtphmh)
Holds (Vehicles) (Qpesh)
Holes (Srbjsh)
Holidays (Wgph)
Holographic materials (Rbmujh)
Holography (Esmghf)
Home pages (Websites) (Xbknjhwh)
Home shopping (Chvh)
Homeland security --> National security (Hsw)
Homeless persons (Mkhh)
Homicide (Hubh)
Homing (Dcnbk)
Homogeneity (Rkcbh)
Homogeneous soils (Rbespgh)
Homopolar generators (Qtbckh)
Honeycomb structures (Pbck)
Hoods (Qpbch)
Hopper cars (Qbfmkfgh)
Hoppers (Qtpkm)
Horizontal drains (Pmhpdfh)
Horizontal integration (Cyc)
Horizontal supports (Pbpbvh)
Horns (Qpuhh)
Horse drawn vehicles (Qbdf)
Horsecars --> Horse drawn vehicles (Qbdf)
Horsepower (Smeph)
Horsepower (Qcph)
Horses (Jcbtvuuh)
Hoses (Qtphhh)
Hoses and nozzles (Qtphh)
Hospital emergency rooms (Pbpbmh)
Hospital emergency rooms (Pfghh)
Hospitals (Pfgh)
Hot box detectors (Dmgdri)
Hot coated materials (Rbmdxtfh)
Hot dipping (Fcbyjggh)
Hot in-place recycling (Fmuhpih)
HOT lanes --> High occupancy toll lanes (Pmrcpmjh)
Hot mix asphalt --> Hot mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejph)
Hot mix asphalt mixtures --> Hot mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejph)
Hot mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejph)
Hot rolling (Fcbyjch)
Hot starts (Driving) (Dcnbstrh)
Hot weather (Jbmwbbh)
Hot weather construction (Fceh)
Hotels (Pfh)
Hotspot --> Accident prone locations (Hbkga)
Hough transforms (Uhcth)
Hourly (Wiq)
Hours (Wgq)
Hours of labor (Ccbkh)
Hours of service (Work hours) --> Hours of labor (Ccbkh)
House trailers --> Mobile homes (Pffm)
Household goods industry --> Moving industry (Nbbcdtm)
Households (Mg)
Houses --> Dwellings (Pff)
Housing (Kjf)
Housings (Qtssh)
HOV lanes --> High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmrcpmj)
HOV lanes --> High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmruby)
Hovercraft --> Air cushion vehicles (Qbqg)
Hovering --> Ground effect (Smimamg)
HTML (Document markup language) (Xbbccdh)
Hub and spoke systems (Bbhea)
Hubs (Bbhead)
Hull fouling --> Fouling (Naval architecture) (Jbyd)
Hull insurance (Cnvsh)
Hulls (Qpbbsh)
Human behavior --> Behavior (Mxpb)
Human beings (Jcbtvuph)
Human body --> Anthropometry (Mxbh)
Human body kinetics --> Occupant kinetics (Hbpkcn)
Human body mass (Mxbhm)
Human body size (Mxbhs)
Human characteristics (Mx)
Human comfort --> Comfort (Mxbe)
Human computer interfaces --> User interfaces (Computer science) (Esdhmg)
Human engineering --> Human factors engineering (Ttkk)
Human error (Mxah)
Human factors (Mxa)
Human factors engineering (Esdh)
Human factors engineering (Ttkk)
Human factors in accidents (Hbch)
Human information processing (Mxrdh)
Human machine systems (Esdhm)
Human powered aircraft (Qbkph)
Human powered vehicles (Qbdh)
Human resources management (Cc)
Human service agencies --> Social service agencies (Nds)
Human subject testing (Mxy)
Humanities (Tc)
Humidity (Jbmbbx)
Humidity control (Fcdh)
Hump yards (Pmutch)
Humus (Rbespnh)
Hunting (Dynamics) (Smdpsyh)
Hunting (Dynamics) (Qdrh)
Hurricanes (Jbmbkpch)
Hveem cohesiometer (Gumstc)
Hveem stabilometer (Gumsts)
Hveem test (Gbbmdh)
HY 80 steel (Rbmdkdfsccmh)
Hybrid automobiles (Qbddhmcph)
Hybrid simulation (Ubmsh)
Hybrid vehicles (Qbddph)
Hydrated lime --> Calcium hydroxide (Rbcgneg)
Hydrates (Rbcgcj)
Hydration (Sccf)
Hydraulic accumulators (Qtpfh)
Hydraulic binders (Rbmndbq)
Hydraulic brakes (Qpkbt)
Hydraulic cement (Rbmdfcp)
Hydraulic conductivity --> Permeability coefficient (Rkwm)
Hydraulic equipment (Qtbh)
Hydraulic fills (Pdxtfh)
Hydraulic fluids (Rbbfh)
Hydraulic fracturing (Jnrrbph)
Hydraulic gradient (Rkwjg)
Hydraulic jacks (Qtphmjh)
Hydraulic jetting (Fmbbh)
Hydraulic jump (Smhj)
Hydraulic pressure --> Water pressure (Smipw)
Hydraulic properties (Rkwj)
Hydraulic structures (Pmh)
Hydraulic transmissions (Qpoxth)
Hydraulic turbines (Qtbmbtk)
Hydraulics (Tpxsfh)
Hydrazine (Rbcgnkb)
Hydrides (Rbcgnkf)
Hydrocarbon based materials (Rbmdp)
Hydrocarbon based materials from multiple sources (Rbmdpt)
Hydrocarbons (Rbcgrbt)
Hydrochloric acid (Rbcgnkh)
Hydrodynamic pressure (Smipwd)
Hydrodynamics (Smdh)
Hydroelasticity (Rkmhh)
Hydroelectric plants (Pmpph)
Hydroelectric power generation (Jnrrpph)
Hydrofoil boats (Qbhsh)
Hydrofoils (Qpbbsm)
Hydrogen (Rbcefbd)
Hydrogen fuels (Rbfh)
Hydrogen inorganic compounds (Rbcgnk)
Hydrogen peroxide (Rbcgnkp)
Hydrogen production (Jnrrfh)
Hydrogen storage (Jnrrfvh)
Hydrogen sulfide (Rbcgnkt)
Hydrogenation (Sccg)
Hydrogeology (Tpnphh)
Hydrographic surveying (Esmsrh)
Hydrographs (Esmsrhh)
Hydrography (Tpnbh)
Hydrologic cycle (Jbhh)
Hydrologic phenomena (Jbh)
Hydrology (Tpnph)
Hydrolysis (Scch)
Hydromechanic pressure --> Water pressure (Smipw)
Hydromechanics (Tpxsfk)
Hydrometers (Gumyh)
Hydrophobic properties (Rkrh)
Hydrophones (Dmgdebh)
Hydroplanes (Qbhsj)
Hydroplaning (Hbcvh)
Hydrostatic pressure (Smipws)
Hydrostatics (Smuh)
Hydroxides (Rbcgck)
Hygas process --> Coal gasification (Jnrrfcg)
Hygrometers (Gumsbh)
Hygrometers (Gumum)
Hygroscopic coefficient (Rkmyl)
Hygroscopicity --> Hygroscopic coefficient (Rkmyl)
Hyperbolic functions (Uhdkh)
Hyperbolic navigation (Dcnsbh)
Hypersonic aircraft (Qbksh)
Hypertension (Hmdbv)
Hypertext (Xbknjh)
HyperText Markup Language --> HTML (Document markup language) (Xbbccdh)
Hypothermia (Hjpyh)
Hypothesis testing (Usf)
Hypoxia (Hmdh)
Hysteresis (Dchi)
I beams (Pbpbvvbj)
Ice (Rbdbf)
Ice accretion --> Icing (Jbhyjjs)
Ice by location (Jbhyjp)
Ice concentration (Jbhyjs)
Ice control --> Deicing (Fmbsd)
Ice cover --> Ice concentration (Jbhyjs)
Ice floes (Jbhyjjf)
Ice fog (Jbmbkmbfj)
Ice formations (Jbhyjj)
Ice islands (Jbhyjjj)
Ice navigation (Dcnbscsj)
Ice phenomena (Jbhyj)
Ice prevention (Fccmj)
Ice storms (Jbmbkpsj)
Icebergs (Jbhyjjm)
Icebreakers (Qbhks)
Icebreaking (Brsdy)
Icing (Jbhyjjs)
Icon based interfaces --> Graphical user interfaces (Esdhmgg)
Icy roads (Jbhyjjsj)
Identification systems (Dmbj)
Idle time (Cpkpmi)
IFR --> Instrument flying (Dcnbscbg)
Igneous rocks (Rberg)
Ignition (Scpr)
Ignition coils (Qtbmbereqj)
Ignition seat belt interlocks (Qtbmbereqs)
Ignition systems (Qtbmbereq)
Illiterates (Mew)
Illites (Rbermj)
Illness --> Diseases and medical conditions (Hmd)
Illuminated traffic signs (Dcmthrkkj)
Illuminating engineering (Ttkm)
Illumination --> Lighting (Fcdm)
Image analysis (Dmbjjh)
Image coding (Xbbccj)
Image fields in optical scanning (Dmgspy)
Image interpretation --> Image analysis (Dmbjjh)
Image processing (Dmbjjk)
Image transmission (Dsbbp)
Imagery (Esmgh)
Immersion tests (Gbcs)
Immigrants (Mq)
Immunity (Law) (Csai)
Immunity of government --> Sovereign immunity (Csais)
Impact (Smdm)
Impact attenuators --> Crash cushions (Pmrcpbe)
Impact fees (Cfka)
Impact forces --> Set forward force (Smit)
Impact loads (Smdmk)
Impact sleds (Qbddkxd)
Impact studies (Xkdi)
Impact tests (Hjrc)
Impact tests (Gbgn)
Impacts (Kk)
Impaired drivers (Mtghdfct)
Impedance (Electricity) --> Electrical impedance (Rkeg)
Impellers --> Rotors (Qphr)
Imperial system of units (Gmyr)
Impervious materials (Rbmdysm)
Impervious membranes (Rbmdxch)
Impervious soils (Rbesppk)
Impervious surfaces --> Moisture barriers (Rbmnfj)
Implementation (Cwi)
Implied consent laws (Creaj)
Import flow --> Imports (Ctfi)
Imports (Ctfi)
Impregnating --> Impregnation (Engineering) (Fcbk)
Impregnation (Engineering) (Fcbk)
Improvements (Epdrk)
Impulse loading --> Impulses (Mechanics) (Smih)
Impulse tests (Gbbej)
Impulses (Mechanics) (Smih)
Impurities (Rbmdyj)
In place density (Rkpdj)
In situ tests --> Field tests (Gbwf)
In slopes --> Foreslopes (Vgfhsf)
In transit passenger services (Bbq)
In vehicle advisory --> Driver information systems (Dsfpd)
In vehicle annunciators (Qtbag)
In vehicle communications --> Driver information systems (Dsfpd)
In vehicle computers --> Automotive computers (Qtpxmbv)
In vehicle computing --> Mobile computing (Xbkdj)
In vehicle route guidance --> Route guidance (Dsfpdr)
In vehicle sensors (Dmgum)
In-line skates (Qbdhu)
In-place recycling (Fmuhpi)
In-situ recycling --> In-place recycling (Fmuhpi)
Inbound transportation (Cmr)
Incandescent lamps (Qtpnmej)
Incentives (Cubj)
Incident detection (Dmbytj)
Incident management (Dcmthcj)
Incinerator residue --> Fly ash (Rbmduh)
Incinerators (Qtpmhm)
Inclinometers (Gumsjj)
Income (Cfab)
Indemnity (Cny)
Independent assurance (Cadi)
Index numbers (Kaix)
Index of refraction --> Refractivity (Rker)
Index tests (Gbbmrj)
Index tests (soils) --> Index tests (Gbbmrj)
Indexes (Information management) (Xbbf)
Indexing (Xbdmj)
Indian reservations (Kabqipj)
Indians of North America --> Native Americans (Mhm)
Indicating instruments (Guk)
Indicators (Instruments) (Qpeyjj)
Indigenous peoples (Mhv)
Indirect costs (Cfcaj)
Individual organic compounds (Rbcgrr)
Inductance (Rkek)
Induction --> Electromagnetic induction (Sfj)
Induction heating (Fcdthf)
Induction loop detectors --> Loop detectors (Dmgdeh)
Induction loops --> Loop detectors (Dmgdeh)
Induction motors (Qtbmbmj)
Inductive interference (Dsmrjj)
Inductive loops --> Loop detectors (Dmgdeh)
Industrial accidents (Haqi)
Industrial accidents (Hbbs)
Industrial areas (Vwx)
Industrial buildings (Pfk)
Industrial economics (Tgmj)
Industrial engineering (Ttkn)
Industrial hygiene (Ccbkyi)
Industrial location (Cqi)
Industrial materials (Rbmum)
Industrial organization --> Industry structure (Cy)
Industrial plants (Pfkp)
Industrial railroads (Nbbcgv)
Industrial relations --> Labor relations (Kabkr)
Industrial robots (Dcmmr)
Industrial trucks (Qbddfkj)
Industrial wastes (Jfkbj)
Industrialized countries --> Developed countries (Vwab)
Industries (Nc)
Industry --> Industries (Nc)
Industry structure (Cy)
Inelastic stress (Smvj)
Inert gas shielded arc welding (Fcbyjvdj)
Inert gases --> Noble gases (Rbbfsj)
Inertia (Mechanics) (Rkmk)
Inertial forces (Smij)
Inertial guidance --> Inertial navigation systems (Dcnsbj)
Inertial navigation systems (Dcnsbj)
Infant restraint systems --> Child restraint systems (Qpqry)
Infants (Mbb)
Infectious diseases --> Communicable diseases (Hmdd)
Inference mechanisms --> Statistical inference (Uswj)
Infiltration (Smdffg)
Inflammable materials --> Flammable materials (Rbmnmy)
Inflammable materials --> Flammable materials (Rbmdsf)
Inflatable life rafts (Qbhswmri)
Inflatable structures (Pbcm)
Inflation (Kadyi)
Inflight entertainment (Bbqm)
Inflight services --> In transit passenger services (Bbq)
Influence lines (Rkmyn)
Information display systems (Dsbg)
Information dissemination (Xs)
Information management (Xb)
Information organization (X)
Information processing --> Data processing (Xbk)
Information retrieval (Xbknj)
Information services (Xsj)
Information storage and retrieval systems (Xbkn)
Information systems (Xbf)
Information technology (Ttgj)
Information theory (Ttej)
Infrared analysis (Gbccn)
Infrared detectors (Dmgdee)
Infrared heating (Fcdthp)
Infrared imagery (Esmghj)
Infrared photography (Esmgpp)
Infrared radiation (Soj)
Infrared radiation (Sfrwaj)
Infrared scanning --> Infrared detectors (Dmgdee)
Infrared spectroscopy (Gmcesf)
Infrasonic noise --> Infrasound (Sbp)
Infrasound (Sbp)
Infrastructure (Kabqi)
Inhibitors (Chemistry) (Rbctk)
Injection (Geology) (Jbgpj)
Injection molding (Fcbjj)
Injuries (Hj)
Injury --> Injuries (Hj)
Injury causes (Hjc)
Injury characteristics (Hjh)
Injury classification (Hjb)
Injury outcome --> Outcome (Medical treatment) (Hpgv)
Injury rates (Hjhr)
Injury severity (Hjhs)
Injury types (Hjp)
Ink (Rbmngj)
Inland navigation --> Ship pilotage (Dcnbscs)
Inland ports --> River ports (Pmhbmpcm)
Inland terminals --> River ports (Pmhbmpcm)
Inland water transportation (Aesi)
Inland waterways (Pmhjwj)
Inland waterways traffic (Btawi)
Inland waterways vessels (Qbhn)
Innovation (Ey)
Inorganic chemistry (Tphj)
Inorganic compounds (Rbcgn)
Inorganic nitrates (Rbcgnrd)
Inorganic phosphates (Rbcgnsk)
Inorganic salts (Rbcgsn)
Input output devices (Qtpxmpx)
Input output models (Kdi)
Insecticides (Rbmumtcj)
Insects (Jcbtjj)
Inslopes --> Foreslopes (Vgfhsf)
Inspection (Gr)
Inspection cars (Qbfmkkt)
Inspection equipment (Gry)
Inspection stations (Pmruj)
Inspectors (Msei)
Instability (Rkcfp)
Installation (Fmw)
Installations --> Facilities (P)
Installing --> Installation (Fmw)
Institutional issues (Khm)
Instructors (Msfd)
Instrument approach system --> Instrument landing systems (Dcnsybmj)
Instrument displays (Dcnspe)
Instrument flying (Dcnbscbg)
Instrument landing systems (Dcnsybmj)
Instrument landings --> Instrument landing systems (Dcnsybmj)
Instrument panels (Qpeyj)
Instrumentation (Esxj)
Instrumented vehicles (Qbddkxj)
Instruments --> Measuring instruments (Gum)
Instruments for measuring chemical content or structure (Gumsb)
Instruments for measuring consistency (Gumsd)
Instruments for measuring deformation or deflection (Gumsj)
Instruments for measuring density (Gumsm)
Instruments for measuring electricity (Gumpd)
Instruments for measuring electromagnetic phenomena (Gumpf)
Instruments for measuring expansion (Gumph)
Instruments for measuring fluid properties or phenomena (Gumy)
Instruments for measuring loads or pressure (Gumpp)
Instruments for measuring power (Gumpr)
Instruments for measuring roughness (Gumsr)
Instruments for measuring specific phenomena (Gump)
Instruments for measuring specific properties (Gums)
Instruments for measuring speed or velocity (Gumpt)
Instruments for measuring the strength of asphalt (Gumst)
Instruments for measuring time (Gumpw)
Insulating materials (Rbmnt)
Insulation blankets (Rbmnthb)
Insulation systems (Pbpvj)
Insulators (Electricity) (Qtbcn)
Insurance (Cn)
Insurance claims (Cnj)
Insurance costs --> Insurance rates (Cng)
Insurance industry (Nbrh)
Insurance rates (Cng)
Intake valves (Qpnynv)
Integer programming (Ubbpj)
Integral abutment bridges --> Jointless bridges (Pdybmdi)
Integral equations (Uhbfk)
Integrals (Uhbfm)
Integrated circuit cards --> Smart cards (Dcmcrs)
Integrated circuits (Qtbej)
Integrated control systems --> Integrated systems (Dcgi)
Integrated corridor management (Dcmthcaj)
Integrated project delivery (Caji)
Integrated systems (Dcgi)
Intellectual disabilities (Mxmi)
Intelligence (Mxri)
Intelligence quotient (Mxria)
Intelligent agents (Xbkdbj)
Intelligent control systems (Dcgj)
Intelligent cruise control --> Autonomous intelligent cruise control (Dcmvgycj)
Intelligent highways --> Automated highways (Pmrccpb)
Intelligent materials --> Smart materials (Rbmvs)
Intelligent speed adaptation (Dcmvgmsi)
Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
Intelligent transportation systems programs (Dtvx)
Intelligent vehicle highway systems --> Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
Intelligent vehicles (Qbddkj)
Intensity (Electricity) (Set)
Intentional polluting actions (Jfgt)
Inter-vehicle communications --> Vehicle to vehicle communications (Dsbnw)
Interactive computer systems (Xbkjj)
Interagency relations (Ngt)
Interchange (Railroads) --> Car interchange (Railroads) (Brrci)
Interchange elements (Pmrcpjsr)
Interchange rules (Brrs)
Interchanges (Pmrcpjs)
Interchanges and intersections (Pmrcpj)
Intercity bus lines (Nbbcdbj)
Intercity bus transportation --> Bus transportation (Aeghb)
Intercity passenger cars (Qbfmkhb)
Intercity transportation (Afe)
Intercity travel (Bmfk)
Interconnection (Electric power) (Jnrrptj)
Interconnection (Traffic signals) --> Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Interdisciplinary studies (Tb)
Interest groups (Msyj)
Interest rates (Cfii)
Interfaces (Srbj)
Interfacial tension --> Surface tension (Srr)
Interference (Dsmrj)
Interferometers (Gumpfj)
Interferometry (Tpxvj)
Intergovernmental partnerships (Ntrg)
Intergovernmental relations (Ngr)
Interior design (Esusk)
Interior lighting (Qpumbj)
Interlining (Bbju)
Interlocking aggregates (Rbmddcjj)
Intermodal facilities (Pme)
Intermodal services (Bbba)
Intermodal systems --> Intermodal transportation (Ab)
Intermodal terminals (Pmet)
Intermodal transfer (Bdbp)
Intermodal transportation (Ab)
Intermodal transportation companies --> Carriers (Nbb)
Intermodal yards (Pmey)
Internal combustion engines (Qtbmbebj)
Internal forces (Smik)
Internal friction (Smdjj)
Internal injuries (Hjpv)
Internal organs (Mykv)
Internal waves (Smwk)
International (Vvi)
International accords --> International compacts (Ngrh)
International agreements --> International compacts (Ngrh)
International airports (Pmfcbj)
International borders (Vvid)
International compacts (Ngrh)
International law (Crdi)
International relations (Tgn)
International roads (Pmrccjj)
International system of units --> Metric system (Gmym)
International trade (Ctf)
International transportation (Afc)
International travel (Bmfj)
Internet (Xbkrj)
Internet service providers (Nbvj)
Internetworking (Telecommunication) (Xbkrd)
Interoceanic canals (Pmhjcj)
Interoperability (Dchh)
Interorganizational relations (Cx)
Interpolation (Ubfj)
Interrogation (Hrkg)
Interrogators (Msxv)
Interrupted flow (Bthfi)
Intersecting runways (Pmfcgmrj)
Intersection elements (Pmrcpjfr)
Intersections (Pmrcpjf)
Interstate commerce (Ctc)
Interstate compacts (Ngrg)
Interstate highways (Pmrccjm)
Interstate transportation (Aff)
Interurban transportation --> Intercity transportation (Afe)
Interval (Time) --> Time intervals (Wi)
Interviewing (Ccbpi)
Interviewing (Xkmj)
Interzonal trips (Bmkbej)
Intoxication (Hmdsed)
Intoxication tests --> Alcohol tests (Hpmw)
Intra airport transit (Afyj)
Intra airport transportation (Afy)
Intra airport transportation facilities (Pmfcgcj)
Intracity bus transportation --> Bus transit (Aetb)
Intracity transportation --> Urban transportation (Afn)
Intracoastal waterways (Pmhjwn)
Intranet (Xbkrk)
Intrastate transportation --> Regional transportation (Afg)
Inuit (Mhf)
Invariants (Ubdsj)
Invasive plants (Jcmpu)
Inventions (Eyi)
Inventories --> Inventory (Cmk)
Inventory (Cmk)
Inventory control (Cmka)
Invertebrates (Jcbtj)
Inverters (Qtbcp)
Investigation of structure (Gn)
Investment requirements --> Investments (Cfei)
Investments (Cfei)
Inviscid fluids (Rbbfj)
Iodine (Rbcefjj)
Ion exchange (Scci)
Ion exchange chromatography (Gbcccj)
Ionization (Scps)
Ionization radiation --> Ionizing radiation (Spmj)
Ionizing radiation (Spmj)
Ionosphere (Jbmbaq)
Ions (Rbcbf)
Iron (bcefdg)
Iron (Rbcefdg)
Iron alloys (Rbmdkdf)
Iron and steel industry (Ncgii)
Iron compounds (Rbcgcm)
Iron inorganic compounds (Rbcgnm)
Iron nickel batteries --> Nickel iron batteries (Qtpfbbnj)
Iron ores (Rberpr)
Iron ores (Bhkfbi)
Iron oxides (Rbcgnmt)
Irradiation (Spmjj)
Irregularities --> Defects (Ptq)
Irrigation (Fmukvj)
Irrigation and drainage structures (Pmhp)
Irrigation canals (Pmhpjj)
Irrigation structures (Pmhpj)
ISA --> Intelligent speed adaptation (Dcmvgmsi)
Islands (Vgi)
Isolated footings (Pbpbfkj)
Isolated intersections (Pmrcpjfchi)
Isolation (Chemistry) (Scpt)
Isolation joints --> Expansion joints (Pbpbhk)
Isotherms (Rktmc)
Isotopes (Rbcbs)
Isotropic materials (Rbmdybj)
Isotropism --> Isotropy (Rkpjj)
Isotropy (Rkpjj)
Iterations --> Iterative methods (Ubfk)
Iterative methods (Ubfk)
Itinerary (Bkrb)
ITS (Intelligent transportation systems) --> Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
ITS program applications (Dtvb)
ITS program technologies (Dtvm)
IVHS --> Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
Jacketing (Strengthening) (Fmbpj)
Jackknifing (Hbbguj)
Jacks (Mechanical equipment) (Qtphmj)
Jails (Pfej)
Jerk control (Dcmvgyfdj)
Jet engine exhaust --> Aircraft exhaust gases (Jfgsgea)
Jet engine fuels (Rbfubbj)
Jet engines (Qtbmbebk)
Jet exhaust --> Aircraft exhaust gases (Jfgsgea)
Jet fighters (Qbkomff)
Jet lag (Mxbgj)
Jet planes --> Jet propelled aircraft (Qbkpj)
Jet propelled aircraft (Qbkpj)
Jet pumps (Qtbmbpj)
Jet stream (Jbmbkwj)
Jet training planes (Qbkktj)
Jet transports (Qbkfj)
Jetties (Pmhdk)
Jetways --> Airbridges (Pmfcgcjc)
Jitney service (Aetbj)
Jitneys (Qbddhppj)
Job analysis (Ccba)
Job opportunities (Kabknj)
Job satisfaction (Ccbpmj)
Jobs (Kabkn)
Joining (Fcacj)
Joint bars --> Tie bars (Rbmdxat)
Joint construction (Fcbygo)
Joint development (Epdrdj)
Joint fillers (Rbmnfdj)
Joint occupancy of buildings --> Mixed use development (Epdrdm)
Joint sealers (Rbmnfsj)
Joint sealing (Fcbygp)
Joint use (Cxfj)
Joint ventures (Cyj)
Jointed rock --> Rock jointing (Smfdrj)
Jointed track (Pmudbj)
Jointless bridges (Pdybmdi)
Joints (Anatomy) (Mysj)
Joints (Engineering) (Pbpbh)
Joints (Geology) --> Rock jointing (Smfdrj)
Journal bearings (Qtbmydj)
Journal boxes (Qtbmydjb)
Journey time --> Travel time (Bkn)
Journey to work --> Work trips (Bmkhw)
Journeys --> Travel (Bm)
Joysticks (Computers) (Qtpxmpv)
Judges (Msxj)
Judgment (Human characteristics) (Mxrj)
Judicial processes (Csa)
Junctions (Traffic) --> Intersections (Pmrcpjf)
Junkyards (Pfwj)
Jurisprudence and judicial processes (Cs)
Just in time production (Cpgj)
Justice (Csij)
Juvenile automobile drivers --> Teenage drivers (Mtghdfcw)
Kalman filtering (Dcgk)
Kaolin (Rberrfk)
Kaolinite (Rberrfkk)
Karst (Jbgyi)
Keels (Qpgysk)
Kerbs --> Curbs (Pmrcpc)
Kerosene (Rbffpk)
Kerosine --> Kerosene (Rbffpk)
Ketones (Rbcgrbu)
Keyboards (Qtpxmpk)
Kiln dust (Rbmdufk)
Kinematics (Tpxsk)
Kinetic energy (Smeyk)
Kinetics (Smdpk)
Kiosks (Pfbk)
Kiss and ride (Bmnk)
Knee (Mypdgk)
Knee restraints (Qpqrmk)
Knowledge (Mxrdk)
Knowledge acquisition (Expert systems) (Ubmgcek)
Knowledge based systems --> Expert systems (Ubmgce)
Ku band (Sfrwbfrwk)
Kurtosis (Usydlk)
L band (Sfrwbfrsm)
L/V ratio (Qdrm)
Labeling (Brank)
Labor (Kabk)
Labor agreements (Kabkrp)
Labor costs (Cfcak)
Labor estimates --> Labor market (Kabkm)
Labor force (Kabkb)
Labor law (Crdk)
Labor market (Kabkm)
Labor negotiations (Kabkrn)
Labor productivity (Cpkpm)
Labor relations (Kabkr)
Labor unions (Nsj)
Laboratories (Pfrm)
Laboratory animals (Jcmf)
Laboratory studies (Xkdg)
Laboratory tests (Gbwm)
Laborers (Msbk)
Laceration (Hjpbf)
Lacustrine deposits (Rbebk)
Lacustrine soils (Rbesmk)
Ladar --> Laser radar (Dcnsbqj)
Lagging (Earthwork) (Pbpbvvj)
Lagoons (Vsjpm)
Lagrangian functions (Uhmp)
Lake asphalt --> Trinidad asphalt (Rbeusbt)
Lake ice (Jbhyjpm)
Lakes (Vsjp)
Lamellar tearing --> Tearing (Smft)
Laminar boundary layer flow --> Laminar flow (Smdffi)
Laminar flow (Smdffi)
Laminated glass --> Nonshattering glass (Rbmdfmsn)
Laminated materials --> Laminates (Rbmdxsm)
Laminated metals --> Bimetals (Rbmdxsmb)
Laminated plastics (Rbmdqbm)
Laminated wood (Rbmdmvwj)
Laminates (Rbmdxsm)
Lamps (Qtpnm)
Land (Kabe)
Land acquisition --> Property acquisition (Cqa)
Land areas (Vg)
Land bridge (Bbhek)
Land mines --> Mines (Weapons) (Qtpyo)
Land reclamation (Jnrrk)
Land subdivision (Cqsd)
Land transportation --> Ground transportation (Aeg)
Land use (Kabeu)
Land use models (Kabeum)
Land use planning (Epdum)
Land values (Kabev)
Land vehicles --> Ground vehicles (Qbd)
Land water marginal areas (Vm)
Landfills (Pfwm)
Landing (Dcnbscbk)
Landing aids (Dcnsybm)
Landing craft (Qbhomm)
Landing fees (Cfkj)
Landing fields (Pmfcgm)
Landing gear (Qpmy)
Landing mats (Pmfl)
Landing strips --> Airstrips (Pmfk)
Landlords (Mkhk)
Landowners (Mkhb)
Landsat satellites (Dmgm)
Landscape architecture (Ttnm)
Landscape design (Esum)
Landscape maintenance (Fmuk)
Landscaping (Fcfm)
Landside capacity (Bqwbmc)
Landside operations (Airports) (Bqam)
Landside operations (Ports) (Bqwbm)
Landslides (Jbgem)
Lane changing (Dcnbstm)
Lane closure (Dcmthcd)
Lane distribution (Bthjk)
Lane drops (Pmrcpmk)
Lane lines (Dcmthrum)
Lane markings --> Lane lines (Dcmthrum)
Lane occupancy (Bthjkn)
Lane usage --> Lane distribution (Bthjk)
Lane use control signals (Dcmthrrskm)
Language (Mxbwl)
Lanterns (Qtpnmn)
Lap joints (Pbpbhp)
Laplace transforms (Uhctm)
Laptop computers (Qtpxmbpcm)
Large automobiles (Qbddhmccb)
Large cities (Vwuccx)
Larvae (Jcbtjjm)
Laser beams (Sfxm)
Laser beams (Sok)
Laser doppler velocimeters (Gumptvmd)
Laser materials (Rbmujm)
Laser radar (Dcnsbqj)
Laser velocimeters (Gumptvm)
Lasers (Qtbpm)
LASH barges (Qbhtm)
LASH terminals (Pmhbmpmtj)
Lashing (Bragk)
Late aircraft delay --> Flight delays (Bbjkmd)
Latent heat (Stn)
Lateral acceleration (Smdpbm)
Lateral control --> Automatic steering control (Dcmvgych)
Lateral guidance --> Automatic steering control (Dcmvgych)
Lateral placement (Bthjkp)
Lateral supports (Pbpbvg)
Laterals (Irrigation) (Pmhpjm)
Laterites (Rbedn)
Lateritic gravels (Rbesggk)
Lateritic soils (Rbespbj)
Latex (Rbmdqdm)
Latex asphalt (Rbmdpbypem)
Latex modified concrete (Rbmdhcmpk)
Lathes (Qtptmm)
Lattices (Pbpbj)
Lattices (Mathematics) (Ubdsm)
Launch vehicles (Qbnl)
Launching (Fcvsm)
Lavatories --> Toilet facilities (Pbpvpt)
Law (Tgr)
Law enforcement (Hr)
Law enforcement and criminal justice personnel (Msx)
Law enforcement personnel (Msxu)
Law jurisprudence --> Jurisprudence and judicial processes (Cs)
Law of the sea --> Maritime law (Crdm)
Law uniformity (Creau)
Laws (Crea)
Laws and legislation (Cre)
Laws of physics (Sa)
Lay bys --> Bus bays (Pmrubsb)
Layer coefficient (Pavements) (Rkmyym)
Layered soils (Rbesptm)
Laying (Pipe) --> Pipe laying (Fcfn)
Laying (Track) --> Track laying (Fcfpt)
Layoffs (Ccbus)
Layout (Esmgdm)
Layover time (Bbjr)
LCDs --> Liquid crystal displays (Dsbggm)
Leachate (Rbctmqm)
Leaching (Scpnm)
Lead (Metal) (Rbceffm)
Lead acid batteries (Qtpfbbj)
Lead based paint (Rbmnfnk)
Lead compounds (Rbcgcn)
Lead free gasoline --> Unleaded gasoline (Rbfumgu)
Lead time (Wrl)
Lead-lag phasing (Dcmthcskptml)
Leaded gasoline (Rbfumgm)
Leadership (Ccm)
Leading edges (Qpbbbkm)
Leaf springs (Pbpbvvbm)
Leak tests (Gbjm)
Leakage (Qvfm)
Lean concrete (Rbmdhcbh)
Lean fuel mixtures (Rbfpj)
Learning (Mxrg)
Learning (Artificial intelligence) (Xbkdbm)
Leasing (Cqpm)
Least overall cost (Cfck)
Least squares method (Ubfm)
Leather (Rbmdmbm)
Lectures (Xkv)
LEDs --> Light emitting diodes (Qtbeem)
Left turn lanes (Pmrcpmxm)
Left turn on red (Bthumm)
Left turn phase (Dcmthcskptm)
Left turns (Bthum)
Leg (Mypdg)
Legacy airlines --> Full service carriers (Nbbah)
Legal action (Csma)
Legal aspects --> Legal factors (Csm)
Legal constraints (Csmc)
Legal documents (Xxy)
Legal drinking age (Hmdsa)
Legal factors (Csm)
Legal responsibility (Csmp)
Legal rights (Csmr)
Legal status (Csml)
Legibility (Hasm)
Legislation (Creb)
Legislative support --> Legislation (Creb)
Legumes (Bhkbbg)
Leisure time (Ccbkx)
Length (Rkpvsm)
Lenses (Geology) (Rbebl)
Lenses (Optics) (Qtbpp)
Less developed countries --> Developing countries (Vwad)
Less than carload traffic (Bfbjb)
Less than truckload traffic (Bfbjm)
Lettering (Dsgrm)
Letters (Correspondence) --> Correspondence (Xxm)
Levees (Pmhdm)
Level crossings --> Railroad grade crossings (Pmuj)
Level of service (Bbrm)
Leveling (Fcauk)
Levels of government (Ngd)
Leveraged buyouts (Cymn)
Liabilities (Cff)
Liability (Cnr)
Liability insurance (Cnv)
Libraries (Pfrk)
Library operations (Xbd)
License plates (Qpym)
Licenses (Crhy)
Licensing (Crh)
Lidar --> Laser radar (Dcnsbqj)
Life cycle analysis (Esdm)
Life cycle costing (Esdmc)
Life cycle planning --> Life cycle analysis (Esdm)
Life expectancy (Khd)
Life preservers (Qtpserm)
Life rafts (Qbhswmr)
Life span (Khe)
Life styles (Khjp)
Life support systems (Hpgh)
Life tests --> Performance tests (Gbjp)
Lifeboats (Qbhswm)
Lifelines (Hhgm)
Lifesaving (Hhgrm)
Lifesaving equipment --> Rescue equipment (Qtpser)
Lift --> Aerodynamic lift (Smimam)
Lift bridges (Pdybmdjm)
Lift drag ratio (Qdbdbm)
Lift drag ratio (Smimamm)
Lift fans (Qtbmbebtfm)
Lift gates (Locks) (Pmhjynm)
Lifting equipment (Qtphm)
Lifts (Elevators) --> Elevators (Pbpym)
Light (Sfrwam)
Light (So)
Light aircraft --> Small aircraft (Qbkwf)
Light emitting diodes (Qtbeem)
Light metals (Rbmdkbm)
Light rail transit (Aetrh)
Light rail transit grade crossings (Pmuyc)
Light rail vehicles (Qbfxj)
Light scattering (Soms)
Light transmission (Som)
Light trucks (Qbddfwc)
Light vehicles (Qbddwd)
Lighter than air craft (Qbkmw)
Lighterage (Bdbpbm)
Lighthouses (Pmhe)
Lighting (Fcdm)
Lighting columns (Pmpvc)
Lighting equipment (Qtpn)
Lighting standards --> Lighting columns (Pmpvc)
Lighting systems (Pbpvm)
Lightning (Jbmbkl)
Lightships (Dcnsysm)
Lightweight aggregates (Rbmddccbm)
Lightweight cars --> Light vehicles (Qbddwd)
Lightweight concrete (Rbmdhcbj)
Lightweight materials (Rbmdywm)
Lignin (Rbmdmvg)
Lignite (Rbersm)
Lignosulfonate (Rbmdmvj)
Lime --> Calcium oxide (Rbcgnem)
Lime cement (Rbmdfcr)
Lime fly ash (Rbmduhm)
Limerock --> Limestone (Rberhm)
Limestone (Rberhm)
Limestone aggregates (Rbmddccnm)
Limestone dust (Rbmdufm)
Limestone fillers (Rbmnfdk)
Limestone soils (Rbespbk)
Liming of soils (Fcbysm)
Limit analysis --> Ultimate load design (Esdu)
Limit design --> Ultimate load design (Esdu)
Limited access highways --> Expressways (Pmrccde)
Limnology (Tpdgm)
Limousines (Qbddhppl)
Line construction --> Railroad construction (Fcfp)
Line extensions (Rail transit) (Pmuyge)
Line haul (Bbfj)
Line of sight (Dsmmh)
Linear algebra (Udfed)
Linear control systems (Dcglm)
Linear differential equations (Uhdm)
Linear elasticity (Rkmhm)
Linear equations (Ubeem)
Linear induction motors (Qtbmbmmm)
Linear motors (Qtbmbmm)
Linear programming (Ubbpm)
Linear regression --> Linear regression analysis (Ussm)
Linear regression analysis (Ussm)
Linear systems (Dcgl)
Linearity (Dchm)
Liner shipping (Aesbba)
Lines of track (Pmude)
Linings (Rbmnu)
Link volume (Bthvm)
Linked signals --> Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Links (Networks) (Synk)
Linseed oil (Rbmdykvh)
Liquefaction (Stpk)
Liquefied gases (Rbbfmm)
Liquefied natural gas (Rbffpnm)
Liquefied petroleum gas (Rbffpp)
Liquid asphalt (Rbmdpbm)
Liquid bulk cargo (Bhgbm)
Liquid bulk carriers --> Tankers (Qbhdfbm)
Liquid cargo handling (Bdbbck)
Liquid chromatography (Gbcccm)
Liquid crystal displays (Dsbggm)
Liquid fuels (Rbfpm)
Liquid hydrogen (Rbfhm)
Liquid limits (Rkmyam)
Liquid nitrogen (Rbcefgnc)
Liquids (Rbbfm)
Literature reviews (Xxqm)
Literature surveys --> Literature reviews (Xxqm)
Lithium (Rbcefbm)
Lithium alloys (Rbmdkdk)
Lithium batteries (Qtpfbbm)
Lithium chloride (Rbcgnp)
Lithium compounds (Rbcgcp)
Lithium sulfur batteries (Qtpfbbms)
Lithologic composition (Rberb)
Litigation (Csb)
Litter (Jfkbm)
Littoral (Vmb)
Live loads (Smimm)
Liver (Mykm)
Livestock (Bhkbc)
Living conditions (Khj)
Living things (Jc)
Living things by characteristics (Jcm)
Living things by region (Jcmb)
Living things detrimental to human activity (Jcmp)
LNG --> Liquefied natural gas (Rbffpnm)
LNG pipelines (Pmnppgnm)
LNG plants (Pfkph)
LNG terminals (Pmhbmpmtm)
Load bearing capacity --> Bearing capacity (Rkmb)
Load cells (Gumecm)
Load cells (Gumppe)
Load distribution --> Load transfer (Smimw)
Load factor (Rkmyim)
Load limits (Rkmbm)
Load rating --> Load factor (Rkmyim)
Load shifting (Bdbw)
Load tests (Gbgp)
Load transfer (Smimw)
Loaders (Qtphcm)
Loading (Mechanical engineering) --> Mechanical loads (Qvm)
Loading and unloading (Brag)
Loading facilities (Pmetfcm)
Loading tests --> Load tests (Gbgp)
Loadometers (Gumpph)
Loads (Smim)
Loam (Rbespnm)
Loans (Cfi)
Lobbying (Crpl)
Local area networks (Xbkrm)
Local government (Ngdh)
Local government agencies (Nggk)
Local materials (Rbmym)
Local participation --> Public participation (Kw)
Local service airlines (Nbbcbb)
Local taxation (Cfdrl)
Local transit --> Public transit (Aet)
Local transportation (Afj)
Locating --> Location (Esmk)
Location (Esmk)
Location based services (Dsbnl)
Location of industries --> Industrial location (Cqi)
Location theory (Kdx)
Lock chambers (Pmhjync)
Lock gates (Pmhjyng)
Locking --> Canal lock operations (Bqwctm)
Locks (Fasteners) (Rbmnki)
Locks (Waterways) (Pmhjyn)
Locomotive assignments --> Locomotive utilization (Brrma)
Locomotive builders (Ncerd)
Locomotive cabs --> Cabs (Vehicle compartments) (Qpecc)
Locomotive engineers (Mtgra)
Locomotive operation (Dctm)
Locomotive operations (Brrm)
Locomotive shops (Pmurvm)
Locomotive simulators --> Railroad simulators (Qtpstsr)
Locomotive utilization (Brrma)
Locomotives (Qbfmc)
Locomotives by motive power (Qbfmcp)
Lodging businesses (Nbt)
Loess (Rbesgtk)
Logarithms (Udfbf)
Logging (Jnrrbk)
Logging (Recording) (Gvtm)
Logging roads (Pmrccpk)
Logging trucks (Qbddfkw)
Logic (Electricity) (Ttkhm)
Logic (Mathematics) (Tprm)
Logic (Mathematics) (Ubd)
Logic circuits (Qtpxmpbm)
Logistic regression analysis (Usso)
Logistics (Cm)
Logit models --> Logits (Usecm)
Logits (Usecm)
Logs (Rbmdmvwm)
Long life pavements --> Perpetual pavements (Pmrcppbr)
Long range planning (Epdmk)
Long span (Rbmdxqwm)
Long span bridges (Pdybmdh)
Longitudinal control (Dcmvgm)
Longitudinal cracking (Smfdpmm)
Longitudinal guidance --> Longitudinal control (Dcmvgm)
Longitudinal joints (Pbpbhs)
Longitudinal reinforcement (Fcbygxm)
Longitudinal stiffeners (Rbmdxsqtm)
Longitudinal strength (Rkmal)
Longitudinal studies (Xkdcm)
Longitudinal waves (Smwm)
Longshoremen (Mscb)
Loop detectors (Dmgdeh)
Loops (Control systems) (Dcjm)
Loops (Highways) --> Beltways (Pmrccnf)
Loose soils (Rbespdm)
Loran (Dcnsbsm)
Loran C (Dcnsbsmc)
Lorries --> Trucks (Qbddf)
Loss and damage (Hw)
Loss and damage claims (Bnqj)
Loss of control (Hbcheq)
Losses (Hwb)
Loudness (Rkbq)
Low alloy steel (Rbmdkdfsccm)
Low beamed headlamps (Qpumxhm)
Low cost carriers (Nbbam)
Low density (Rkpdk)
Low floor vehicles (Qbddkl)
Low frequency (Sfrwbfrg)
Low income families --> Low income groups (Mkd)
Low income groups (Mkd)
Low risk drivers (Mtghdfb)
Low temperature (Rktmm)
Low temperature fluidity (Rkwgm)
Low temperature materials (Rbmdytm)
Low temperature tests (Gbjdnm)
Low traffic roads --> Low volume roads (Pmrccvm)
Low voltage (Sepvm)
Low volume roads (Pmrccvm)
Lower extremities (Mypd)
Lowering (Fcaun)
LPG --> Liquefied petroleum gas (Rbffpp)
Lubricants (Rbmnnm)
Lubricating oils (Rbmdykj)
Lubrication (Fmvm)
Luggage --> Baggage (Bdkb)
Lugs (Rbmnkl)
Lumber (Rbmdmvwp)
Lumber industry (Ncgtg)
Luminaires (Pmpvm)
Luminance (Rkomm)
Luminescence (Somu)
Luminosity factor (Rkok)
Luminous intensity (Rkom)
Luminous materials (Rbmujp)
Lumpers (Mscj)
Lungs (Myhm)
Macadam (Rbmddvm)
Mach number (Smdpvsm)
Machine readable media --> Electronic media (Xym)
Machine tools (Qtptm)
Machine vision (Dmbjj)
Machinery (Qtbmy)
Machinery manufacturing industry (Ncgh)
Machines (Qtbm)
Machining (Fcbl)
Macroeconomics (Tgmm)
Macroscopic traffic flow (Btfa)
Macrotexture (Rkptk)
Maglev --> Magnetic levitation (Qpim)
Maglev vehicles --> Magnetic levitation vehicles (Qbfxm)
Magnesium (Rbcefcq)
Magnesium alloys (Rbmdkdm)
Magnesium chloride (Rbcgnq)
Magnesium compounds (Rbcgcq)
Magnetic detectors (Dmgdek)
Magnetic farecards (Dcmcrm)
Magnetic fields --> Electromagnetic fields (Sff)
Magnetic induction (Rkfng)
Magnetic levitation (Qpim)
Magnetic levitation vehicles (Qbfxm)
Magnetic markers (Highways) --> Roadway guidance markers (Dcnsyhr)
Magnetic materials (Rbmuhk)
Magnetic nails --> Permanent magnets (Dcjp)
Magnetic nuclear resonance --> Nuclear magnetic resonance (Spg)
Magnetic properties (Rkfn)
Magnetic suspension --> Magnetic levitation (Qpim)
Magnetic suspension vehicles --> Magnetic levitation vehicles (Qbfxm)
Magnetic tape recordings --> Audio media (Xyh)
Magnetic tapes (Xymt)
Magnetism --> Magnetic properties (Rkfn)
Magnetohydrodynamics (Tpxqm)
Magnetometer detectors (Dmgdem)
Magnetometers (Gumpfm)
Magnets (Qtbfm)
Magnitude (Gmsm)
Mail --> Postal service (Bbem)
Mailboxes (Pmrcprsm)
Main lines (Pmudem)
Main roads --> Arterial highways (Pmrccdhb)
Mainframe computers (Qtpxmbj)
Mainline automated clearance systems --> Automated clearance (Dmbyvy)
Mainline metering (Dcmthcfm)
Maintainability (Qvs)
Maintenance (Fm)
Maintenance and repair --> Maintenance (Fm)
Maintenance equipment (Qtpbm)
Maintenance facilities (Pfl)
Maintenance management (Fmmm)
Maintenance of specific facilities (Fmu)
Maintenance of way (Fmun)
Maintenance of way cars (Qbfmkk)
Maintenance operations --> Maintenance practices (Fmb)
Maintenance personnel (Msek)
Maintenance practices (Fmb)
Maintenance structures --> Maintenance facilities (Pfl)
Maintenance time --> Service time (Bbjp)
Maintenance workers --> Maintenance personnel (Msek)
Major activity centers --> Activity centers (Pfb)
Making up trains --> Train makeup (Brram)
Males (Mdm)
Malls --> Shopping centers (Pfcsc)
Maltha (Rbeumm)
Maltha based materials (Rbmdpm)
Malthene (Rbmdpmm)
Malthite --> Maltha (Rbeumm)
Mammals (Jcbtvu)
Man --> Human beings (Jcbtvuph)
Man computer interfaces --> User interfaces (Computer science) (Esdhmg)
Man machine systems --> Human machine systems (Esdhm)
Managed lanes (Pmrcpml)
Management (Ca)
Management and organization (C)
Management engineering --> Industrial engineering (Ttkn)
Management information systems (Xbfm)
Management science (Ttknp)
Managerial personnel (Msab)
Maneuverability (Qcm)
Maneuvering (Dcnbscsn)
Maneuvering simulators --> Ship simulators (Qtpstss)
Manganese (Rbcefdh)
Manganese nodules (Rbertm)
Manholes (Pmhpdq)
Manifestations of combustion (Sccmcy)
Manifolds (Qtbmbermt)
Manikins --> Dummies (Hjrsb)
Mannequins --> Dummies (Hjrsb)
Manning formula --> Manning requirements (Brsdm)
Manning of ships --> Manning requirements (Brsdm)
Manning requirements (Brsdm)
Manoeuvrability --> Maneuverability (Qcm)
Manoeuvring --> Maneuvering (Dcnbscsn)
Manpower --> Labor market (Kabkm)
Manpower requirements --> Labor market (Kabkm)
Manpower utilization --> Deployment (Ccbq)
Manual control (Dcgm)
Manual safety belts (Qpqrm)
Manual traffic counts (Btetm)
Manual transmissions (Qpoxtm)
Manuals (Xxbh)
Manufactured aggregates --> Artificial aggregates (Rbmddccb)
Manufacturers --> Industries (Nc)
Manufactures (Bhkh)
Manufacturing (Cpm)
Manufacturing standards (Cpmd)
Map cracking --> Block cracking (Smfdpbe)
Map projection --> Projection (Cartography) (Esmgmp)
Map reading (Mxrdulm)
Mapping (Esmgm)
Maps (Xxvm)
Marble (Rbermm)
Marginal costs (Cfcam)
Marihuana --> Marijuana (Hmdqxm)
Marijuana (Hmdqxm)
Marinas (Pmhbcm)
Marine accidents --> Maritime accidents (Hbbm)
Marine biology (Tpdm)
Marine borers (Jcmpm)
Marine clays (Rbesgcj)
Marine deposits (Rbebm)
Marine diesel engines (Qtbmbebjdm)
Marine engineering (Ttktm)
Marine engineers (Mtjm)
Marine geology --> Geological oceanography (Tpngd)
Marine geophysics --> Oceanography (Tpnpp)
Marine insurance (Cnvs)
Marine jets --> Waterjets (Qtbmbpw)
Marine safety (Haam)
Marine salvage (Jfkysm)
Marine soils (Rbesmm)
Marine terminals (Pmhbmpmt)
Marine transit (Aetw)
Marine transportation --> Water transportation (Aes)
MARISAT --> Maritime mobile satellite system (Dcnsbtm)
Marital status (Mfm)
Maritime accidents (Hbbm)
Maritime construction --> Offshore construction (Fcep)
Maritime industry (Nces)
Maritime law (Crdm)
Maritime mobile satellite system (Dcnsbtm)
Maritime safety (Haamm)
Maritime satellites --> Navigational satellites (Dcnspm)
Maritime transport --> Water transportation (Aes)
Market assessment (Cha)
Market development (Chd)
Market dominance (Cxcd)
Market research (Chr)
Market segmented groups (Msym)
Market share (Cxcb)
Market structure (Cya)
Market surveys (Chs)
Market value (Cfsm)
Marketing (Ch)
Markets (Kadm)
Marking materials (Rbmngm)
Markov chains (Usxmc)
Markov processes (Usxm)
Marl (Rbesgck)
Marshall test (Gbbmdm)
Marshes (Vmm)
Masonry bridges (Pdybmmp)
Masonry construction (Fcbye)
Mass (Rkpwk)
Mass communication (Dsfm)
Mass concrete (Rbmdhcbk)
Mass media (Chqm)
Mass spectrometers (Gumsbmm)
Mass spectrometry (Gbcctm)
Mass spectroscopes (Gumsbm)
Mass transfer --> Motion (Smdp)
Mass transit --> Public transit (Aet)
Mass transit lines --> Transit operating agencies (Nbbcu)
Master plans (Epdumb)
Mastic asphalt (Rbmdpbum)
Mastiphalt --> Mastic asphalt (Rbmdpbum)
Mat foundations (Pbpbfm)
Material separation --> Mechanical analysis (Fcbm)
Materials (R)
Materials adaptation and use (Fcb)
Materials and structures protection (Fcc)
Materials at high or low temperatures (Rbmdyt)
Materials by chemical properties, composition & structure (Rbmdy)
Materials by direction of measurement properties (Rbmdyb)
Materials by end use (Rbmu)
Materials by flammability (Rbmnm)
Materials by function (Rbmn)
Materials by shape or form (Rbmdx)
Materials by source (Rbmy)
Materials by strength or resistance to chemical action (Rbmdys)
Materials by surface characteristics (Rbmdxt)
Materials by weight (Rbmdyw)
Materials handling --> Materials management (Cmkm)
Materials handling equipment --> Cargo handling equipment (Qtphc)
Materials in specific industries (Rbmumt)
Materials in specific structural applications (Rbmuej)
Materials management (Cmkm)
Materials recovery (Mining) (Jnrrbmr)
Materials science (Ttkp)
Materials selection (Esmm)
Materials testing --> Materials tests (Gbbm)
Materials tests (Gbbm)
Mathematical analysis (Uh)
Mathematical methods (Ubb)
Mathematical models (Ubm)
Mathematical prediction (Ush)
Mathematical programming --> Programming (Mathematics) (Ubbp)
Mathematical relations (Ube)
Mathematical statistics --> Statistical analysis (Us)
Mathematical techniques --> Mathematical methods (Ubb)
Mathematics (U)
Mathematics (Tpr)
Matrices (Mathematics) (Udfedm)
Matrix methods --> Matrices (Mathematics) (Udfedm)
Mats (Footings) (Pbpbfkm)
Mattresses (Foundations) (Pbpbfp)
Maximisation --> Maximization (Ubkpm)
Maximization (Ubkpm)
Maximum likelihood method (Usem)
Mean (Statistics) (Usygg)
Meanders (Vsjfsm)
Measurement (Gm)
Measurement of electromagnetic phenomena (Gmce)
Measurement of specific phenomena (Gmc)
Measures of central tendency (Usyg)
Measures of effectiveness (Bted)
Measuring --> Measurement (Gm)
Measuring devices --> Measuring instruments (Gum)
Measuring equipment --> Measuring instruments (Gum)
Measuring instruments (Gum)
Measuring instruments by technique (Gume)
Measuring methods (Gmm)
Meat (Bhkbcm)
Mechanical analysis (Fcbm)
Mechanical behavior --> Mechanics (Sm)
Mechanical engineering (Ttkq)
Mechanical engineers (Msgbm)
Mechanical failure (Qvf)
Mechanical impedance (Rkmyo)
Mechanical loads (Qvm)
Mechanical properties (Rkm)
Mechanical properties by mathematical limits or values (Rkmy)
Mechanical properties of pavements expressed numerically (Rkmyy)
Mechanical resistance --> Resistance (Mechanics) (Rkmkk)
Mechanical tests (Gbg)
Mechanical transmissions --> Manual transmissions (Qpoxtm)
Mechanical vibration (Smdvm)
Mechanics (Tpxs)
Mechanics (Sm)
Mechanics (Persons) (Msem)
Mechanistic design (Esushpm)
Mechanistic-empirical pavement design (Esushpe)
Mechanization (Cpo)
Mechatronics (Ttkqm)
Median barriers (Pmrcpbmb)
Median lanes (Pmrcpmm)
Median openings (Pmrcpbmp)
Median strips --> Medians (Pmrcpbm)
Medians (Pmrcpbm)
Mediation (Kabkrnsm)
Medical care --> Health care (Hpa)
Medical case reports (Hpxc)
Medical centers --> Health care facilities (Pfg)
Medical conditions --> Diseases and medical conditions (Hmd)
Medical equipment (Qtpsm)
Medical ethics (Ccbwm)
Medical examinations and tests (Hpm)
Medical facilities --> Health care facilities (Pfg)
Medical personnel (Msm)
Medical records (Hpx)
Medical services (Hp)
Medical technicians (Msmpm)
Medical treatment (Hpg)
Medical trips (Bmkhm)
Medication (Hpgm)
Medicine (Ttu)
Medium frequency (Sfrwbfrh)
Medium sized cities (Vwuccu)
Medium trucks (Qbddfwf)
Meetings (Xkm)
Megaprojects (Carm)
Melting (Stpm)
Melting point (Rktmtm)
Membership organizations (Ns)
Membrane curing (Fcbygfm)
Membrane encapsulated soil layers (Rbmdbi)
Memory (Mxrs)
Memory devices (Mxrsd)
Men --> Males (Mdm)
Mental attitudes --> Attitudes (Mxpd)
Mental condition (Mxk)
Mental disorders (Mxm)
Mental illness (Mxmu)
Mental retardation --> Intellectual disabilities (Mxmi)
Mental retardation (Mxn)
Mental stress --> Stress (Psychology) (Mxks)
Mentally handicapped persons (Mp)
Mentally retarded persons (Mpr)
Merchant fleet operation (Brsc)
Merchant marine (Qbhdb)
Merchant seamen (Mtjs)
Merchant vessels (Qbhd)
Mercury (Rbcefdj)
Mercury vapor lamps (Qtpnmem)
Merge control systems --> Merging control (Dcmvgp)
Mergers (Cyme)
Mergers and acquisitions (Cym)
Merging area (Pmrcpjsrm)
Merging control (Dcmvgp)
Merging traffic (Btbm)
MESL --> Membrane encapsulated soil layers (Rbmdbi)
Mesoscopic traffic flow (Btfc)
Mesosphere (Jbmbam)
Mesothermal regions --> Temperate regions (Vcrm)
Messages (Communications) (Dsmb)
Meta-analysis (Usi)
Metabolism (Mxbcm)
Metacentric height (Qcsm)
Metadata (Xbkgdym)
Metal --> Metals (Rbmdk)
Metal bridges (Pdybmmm)
Metal ceramics --> Cermets (Rbmdfe)
Metal coating (Fcbyjg)
Metal coatings (Rbmnfcr)
Metal culverts (Pdyrdm)
Metal cutting (Fcbyjm)
Metal fibers (Rbmdxfm)
Metal hardening (Fcbyjq)
Metal heating (Fcbyjs)
Metal industry (Ncgi)
Metal pipe (Rbmdxnpk)
Metal tests (Gbbmm)
Metal working (Fcbyj)
Metallization --> Metal working (Fcbyj)
Metallography (Gnk)
Metallurgical analysis --> Metallography (Gnk)
Metallurgy (Ttkpm)
Metals (Rbmdk)
Metamorphic rocks (Rberm)
Meteor burst communications (Dsbk)
Meteorological instruments (Gumu)
Meteorological phenomena (Jbm)
Meteorological radar --> Weather radar (Dcnsbqv)
Meteorology (Tpnt)
Metering (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbum)
Meters --> Measuring instruments (Gum)
Methanal --> Formaldehyde (Rbcgrrk)
Methane (Rbcgrrl)
Methanol (Rbcgrrm)
Methanol fuels (Rbfdm)
Method of slices (Geqm)
Methodologies --> Methodology (Ty)
Methodology (Ty)
Methyl alcohol --> Methanol (Rbcgrrm)
Methyl hydride --> Methane (Rbcgrrl)
Methyl methacrylate (Rbcgrrn)
Methylbenzene --> Toluene (Rbcgrrw)
Methylene oxide --> Formaldehyde (Rbcgrrk)
Metres --> Measuring instruments (Gum)
Metric system (Gmym)
Metrics (Quantitative assessment) (Gmso)
Metropolitan area planning --> City planning (Epdumc)
Metropolitan areas (Vwqm)
Metropolitan government (Ngdhm)
Metropolitan planning organizations (Nggks)
Mica (Rberrq)
Micaceous soils (Rbespbm)
Mice (Computers) (Qtpxmps)
Microanalysis (Gbccp)
Microbial degradation --> Biodeterioration (Jbyb)
Microbiology (Tpdp)
Microbridge (Bbhekm)
Microbursts (Jbmbkwbdm)
Microcomputers (Qtpxmbp)
Microconcrete (Rbmdhcbm)
Microcracking (Smfdbp)
Microeconomics (Tgmr)
Microelectronic materials (Rbmuhm)
Microforms (Xyd)
Micrometers (Gumek)
Micronutrients --> Trace elements (Rbcebr)
Microorganisms (Jcmx)
Microphones (Qtbam)
Microprocessors (Qtpxmpem)
Microscopes (Gup)
Microscopic traffic flow (Btfb)
Microscopy (Gnm)
Microscopy (Tpxvm)
Microsilica --> Silica fume (Rbmdut)
Microsimulation (Ubmsm)
Microstructure (Rkpk)
Microtexture (Rkptm)
Microwave communication systems (Dsbm)
Microwave detectors (Dmgdeq)
Microwave devices (Qtbem)
Microwave integrated circuits (Qtbejm)
Microwave landing systems (Dcnsybmm)
Microwaves (Sfrwaf)
Midair collisions (Hbbacm)
Midblock crossings (Pmrtpck)
Middle income groups (Mkc)
Middleware (Xbkdfm)
Midsize automobiles (Qbddhmccc)
Migration (Khbmn)
Mild steel (Rbmdkdfsccp)
Mileage markers --> Mileposts (Dcmthrcm)
Mileage range --> Range (Vehicles) (Qcpr)
Mileage-based user fees (Cfmb)
Mileposts (Dcmthrcm)
Milestones --> Mileposts (Dcmthrcm)
Military aircraft (Qbkom)
Military airfields --> Air bases (Pmfcbb)
Military airlift (Ncegmf)
Military aviation (Ncegm)
Military bridges (Pdybmum)
Military drivers --> Military personnel (Msn)
Military engineering (Ttkr)
Military facilities (Pfm)
Military organizations (Nm)
Military personnel (Msn)
Military sealift (Ncesm)
Military shipments (Bnd)
Military transportation (Amm)
Military vehicles (Qbddkm)
Military vessels (Qbhom)
Millimeter wave communication systems (Dsbmm)
Millimeter wave devices (Qtbeo)
Millimeter waves (Sfrwah)
Millimetre waves --> Millimeter waves (Sfrwah)
Millimetric waves --> Millimeter waves (Sfrwah)
Milling (Fcbn)
Mills (Pfkfm)
Mine cars (Qbfmkfx)
Mine haulage (Jnrrbmv)
Mineral aggregates (Rbmddccnn)
Mineral deposits (Rbebn)
Mineral dressing --> Beneficiation (Jnrrh)
Mineral fillers (Rbmnfdm)
Mineral oils (Rbmdykm)
Mineral resources (Jnam)
Mineral tar --> Tar (Rbeusp)
Mineralogy (Tphjm)
Minerals (Rberr)
Mines (Pdwm)
Mines (Weapons) (Qtpyo)
Mines and mineral products (Bhkf)
Miniature automobiles (Qbddhmcch)
Miniature buses --> Minibuses (Qbddhpbwb)
Minibridge (Bbhekd)
Minibuses (Qbddhpbwb)
Minicars --> Miniature automobiles (Qbddhmcch)
Minicomputers (Qtpxmbn)
Minimisation --> Minimization (Ubkpp)
Minimization (Ubkpp)
Mining (Jnrrbm)
Mining and extractive industries (Ncgm)
Mining engineering (Ttks)
Minor structures (Pfy)
Minorities (Mhx)
Minority business enterprises (Ntm)
Mirrors (Qtbps)
Misfueling (Jfgtm)
Mist (Rbbfmp)
Mitigation measures --> Traffic mitigation (Cratutm)
Mix design (Esmmm)
Mixed integer programming (Ubbpjm)
Mixed traffic --> Vehicle mix (Bthm)
Mixed use development (Epdrdm)
Mixers (Qtpbcm)
Mixing (Fcbp)
Mixing equipment --> Mixers (Qtpbcm)
Mixing plants (Pfkpm)
Mixtures (Rbctm)
MMIC --> Microwave integrated circuits (Qtbejm)
Mobile applications (Xbkja)
Mobile apps --> Mobile applications (Xbkja)
Mobile communication systems (Dsbn)
Mobile computing (Xbkdj)
Mobile cranes (Qtphmcm)
Mobile homes (Pffm)
Mobile lounges (Pmfcgcjm)
Mobile radio (Dsbnm)
Mobile radio (Dsbppm)
Mobile robots (Dcjrm)
Mobile sources (Jfgbbum)
Mobile telephones (Dsbnmb)
Mobility (Khbmm)
Modal analysis (Gebm)
Modal choice --> Mode choice (Bkm)
Modal diversion (Bmkbgb)
Modal shift (Bmkbgh)
Modal split (Bmkbg)
Mode choice (Bkm)
Mode S (Dcmtbfm)
Mode share --> Modal split (Bmkbg)
Model atmosphere (Jbmby)
Model basins (Pfrmtym)
Modems (Dsgvm)
Modern roundabouts --> Roundabouts (Pmrcpjfcmr)
Modernization (Epdrm)
Modes --> Transportation modes (Ae)
Modular construction --> Modular structures (Pbcn)
Modular structures (Pbcn)
Modulation (Communications) (Dsmmj)
Modules (Electricity) (Qtbcq)
Modulus (Udfbfm)
Modulus of deformation (Rkmyp)
Modulus of elasticity (Rkmyq)
Modulus of resilience (Rkmyr)
Modulus of rupture (Rkmys)
Modulus of subgrade reaction --> Coefficient of subgrade reaction (Rkmyyf)
Mohr circles (Gek)
Mohs scale (Gbglm)
Moisture barriers (Rbmnfj)
Moisture content (Rkpm)
Moisture damage (Jbym)
Moisture density relations --> Swelling index (Rkrt)
Moisture meters (Gumsbn)
Moistureproofing --> Waterproofing (Fccmww)
Molding --> Forming (Fcbj)
Molecular structure (Rbcb)
Molecular structure (Rkpn)
Molecular weight (Rkpwm)
Molecules (Rbcbv)
Mollusca (Jcbtjm)
Molybdenum (Rbcefdk)
Moment of force --> Torque (Smdpst)
Moments (Mechanics) (Smum)
Moments of inertia (Smumm)
Momentum (Smp)
Money (Kabqm)
Monitoring (Dmbm)
Monitoring systems --> Monitoring (Dmbm)
Monkeys (Jcbtvupm)
Monographs (Xxb)
Monolithic catalysts (Rbctdm)
Monoliths (Rbmdxbcm)
Monomers (Rbcbvm)
Monopoly (Ntj)
Monorail transportation (Aegkm)
Monte Carlo method (Uspm)
Monthly (Wim)
Months (Wgm)
Montmorillonite (Rberrfm)
Moon (Jbdm)
Moored structures (Pmhym)
Mooring (Dcnbscss)
Mooring anchors --> Anchors (Mooring devices) (Qtpub)
Mooring buoys (Pmhbmpmmb)
Mooring cables (Qtpur)
Moorings (Pmhbmpmm)
Moped accidents (Hbbgk)
Moped drivers (Mtghs)
Moped riders --> Moped drivers (Mtghs)
Mopeds (Qbddhmmm)
Moraines (Rbebr)
Morale (Ccbpmm)
Morning (Wegm)
Morphology (Tpdr)
Mortar (Rbmndj)
Mosaic pavements (Pmrcppbmp)
Motels (Pfhm)
Motherboards (Qtpxmpbc)
Motion (Smdp)
Motion perception (Mxtm)
Motion pictures (Xykm)
Motion sickness (Hmdem)
Motivation (Mxs)
Motor bus transportation --> Bus transportation (Aeghb)
Motor carriers (Nbbcd)
Motor coaches --> Buses (Qbddhpb)
Motor fuels (Rbfum)
Motor oil --> Engine oils (Rbmdyke)
Motor oil --> Engine oils (Rbmure)
Motor reactions (Mxrr)
Motor skills (Mxrm)
Motor truck transportation --> Trucking (Aeght)
Motor vehicle bodies (Qpbbm)
Motor vehicle dealers (Nbh)
Motor vehicle dynamics (Qdm)
Motor vehicle fleets --> Vehicle fleets (Qbddb)
Motor vehicle handling --> Driving (Dcnbst)
Motor vehicle industry (Ncem)
Motor vehicle licensing (Crhm)
Motor vehicle navigational aids (Dcnsyh)
Motor vehicle noise --> Traffic noise (Jfnbt)
Motor vehicle operations (Brd)
Motor vehicle operators --> Drivers (Mtghd)
Motor vehicle scales (Pmruuws)
Motor vehicles (Qbdd)
Motorcycle accidents (Hbbgm)
Motorcycle driving (Dcnbstym)
Motorcycle helmets (Qtpschhm)
Motorcycle operators --> Motorcyclists (Mtghm)
Motorcycle riders --> Motorcyclists (Mtghm)
Motorcycles (Qbddhmmq)
Motorcycling (Bmbc)
Motorcyclists (Mtghm)
Motorist aid systems (Dsfpc)
Motors (Qtbmbm)
Motorways --> Freeways (Pmrccdf)
Moulding --> Forming (Fcbj)
Mountain roads (Pmrccem)
Mountains (Vgh)
Movable barriers --> Temporary barriers (Dcmthcwu)
Movable bridges (Pdybmdj)
Movement --> Motion (Smdp)
Movements --> Motion (Smdp)
Moving block control (Dcmvgyfxm)
Moving industry (Nbbcdtm)
Moving loads --> Live loads (Smimm)
Moving pavement --> Moving sidewalks (Pmrtpm)
Moving sidewalks (Pmrtpm)
Moving slot control --> Synchronous control (Dcmvgmhs)
Moving target detectors --> Moving target indicators (Dcnspsm)
Moving target indicators (Dcnspsm)
Moving violations (Huvm)
Mowers (Qtpbmm)
Mowing (Fmukm)
Muck removal --> Mucking (Fcfxtm)
Mucking (Fcfxtm)
Mud (Rbespmm)
Mud pumps (Qtbmbpm)
Mudflows (Jbgemm)
Mudjacking (Fmuhpm)
Mudslides (Jbgemmm)
Mudstones (Rberhp)
Mufflers (Qpwxm)
Mulches (Rbmdmvm)
Mulching (Fcfmm)
Multi access systems (Dsbdm)
Multi hulled ships (Qbhv)
Multi-agent systems (Xbkjm)
Multicriteria evaluation --> Multiple criteria decision making (Epdmdm)
Multidimensional flow (Smdffk)
Multidisciplinary teams (Msylm)
Multigrade oils (Rbmdykp)
Multilane highways (Pmrcckr)
Multimedia (Xxw)
Multimodal systems --> Multimodal transportation (Aa)
Multimodal transportation (Aa)
Multinational corporations (Ntci)
Multinomial logits (Usecmm)
Multinomial probits (Usecpm)
Multinomials (Udfem)
Multipath transmission (Dsmrk)
Multiphase flow (Smdffl)
Multiple access systems --> Multi access systems (Dsbdm)
Multiple car accidents --> Multiple vehicle accidents (Hbbgtb)
Multiple criteria decision making (Epdmdm)
Multiple injuries (Hjhm)
Multiple occupancy vehicles --> High occupancy vehicles (Qbddhpph)
Multiple regression analysis (Ussr)
Multiple track (Pmudbm)
Multiple unit cars (Qbfmkm)
Multiple unit locomotives (Qbfmccm)
Multiple unit trains (Qbfj)
Multiple use (Cxfk)
Multiple use planning (Epdmm)
Multiple vehicle accidents (Hbbgtb)
Multiplexers (Dsgmm)
Multiplexing (Dsmmm)
Multiplexors --> Multiplexers (Dsgmm)
Multisensor data fusion --> Data fusion (Xbkdd)
Multistorey buildings --> Multistory structures (Pbcp)
Multistory buildings --> Multistory structures (Pbcp)
Multistory structures (Pbcp)
Multitasking (Xbkdm)
Multivariate analysis (Usj)
Multiway stop signs (Dcmthrkbrsm)
Municipal engineering (Ttkfm)
Municipal government --> City government (Ngdhs)
Municipalities --> Cities and towns (Vwuc)
Muriatic acid --> Hydrochloric acid (Rbcgnkh)
Muscles (Mytm)
Muscular forces (Myty)
Muscular system (Myt)
Musculoskeletal system (Myu)
Museums (Pfrl)
Music (Tcm)
Nacelles (Qpeun)
Nails (Rbmnkm)
Nanostructure materials (Rbmuhmn)
Nanotechnology (Tto)
Naphtha (Rbmdppf)
Narcolepsy (Hmdnn)
Narcotics (Hmdqxd)
Narrow body aircraft (Qbkwn)
Narrow bridges (Pdybmdm)
Narrow gage track (Pmudbn)
National Air System delay --> Flight delays (Bbjkmd)
National defense (Hswd)
National government --> Federal government (Ngdc)
National heritage --> Cultural resources (Khrr)
National parks (Pfqnn)
National security (Hsw)
Nationalisation --> Nationalization (Cyq)
Nationality of ships --> Registry (Brscr)
Nationalization (Cyq)
Native Americans (Mhm)
Native peoples --> Indigenous peoples (Mhv)
Native plants (Jcmbdvn)
Natural aggregates (Rbmddccn)
Natural earth crust materials (Rbe)
Natural frequency (Sexfn)
Natural gas (Rbeugn)
Natural gas (Rbffpn)
Natural gas buses (Qbddhpbpg)
Natural gas distribution systems (Jnrrm)
Natural gas pipelines (Pmnppgn)
Natural gas vehicles (Qbddpn)
Natural resins (Rbmdqrj)
Natural resources (Jn)
Natural rock asphalt --> Asphalt rock (Rbeusbf)
Natural rubber (Rbmdqdrk)
Nautical astronomy --> Celestial navigation (Dcnsbb)
Nautical charts (Dcnsjn)
Navaids --> Navigational aids (Dcns)
Naval aircraft (Qbkomn)
Naval architecture (Ttkt)
Naval shore facilities (Pfmn)
Naval vessels --> Military vessels (Qbhom)
Navigation (Dcn)
Navigation (Aeronautics) --> Aircraft pilotage (Dcnbscb)
Navigation aids --> Navigational aids (Dcns)
Navigation charts (Dcnsj)
Navigation computers (Dcnspg)
Navigation devices (Dcnsp)
Navigation lights (Dcnspj)
Navigation processes (Dcnb)
Navigation radar (Dcnsbqmn)
Navigation receivers --> Radar receivers (Dcnspsr)
Navigation simulators --> Ship simulators (Qtpstss)
Navigation system using time and ranging --> NAVSTAR (Dcnsbtn)
Navigation systems (Dcnsb)
Navigational aids (Dcns)
Navigational aids by reference to craft (Dcnsx)
Navigational aids specific to a craft or vehicle (Dcnsy)
Navigational computers --> Navigation computers (Dcnspg)
Navigational satellites (Dcnspm)
Navigators (Aircraft) --> Air navigators (Mtbd)
Navigators (Shipboard personnel) --> Ship navigators (Mtjh)
NAVSTAR (Dcnsbtn)
Navy personnel (Msnn)
NDTs --> Nondestructive tests (Gbh)
Near field (Sbhrn)
Near midair collisions (Hbbacn)
Near misses --> Near midair collisions (Hbbacn)
Nearside (Qpbasn)
Nearside (Bus stops) (Pmrubsn)
Neck (Mye)
Neck motion range (Myea)
Needs assessment (Epdbn)
Negative skin friction (Smdjsn)
Negligence (Hux)
Neighborhoods (Vwvn)
Neoprene (Rbmdqdrn)
Nerves (Mycn)
Nervous system (Myc)
Nervous system diseases (Hmdn)
Network analysis (Planning) (Epdmyn)
Network analyzers (Qtpxmbbn)
Network equilibrium --> Equilibrium (Systems) (Dche)
Networks (Syn)
Neural networks (Xbkdn)
Neurology (Ttum)
Neutral stress --> Pore pressure (Smipp)
Neutralization (Sccj)
Neutron activation analysis (Gbccan)
Neutrons (Rbcbbsn)
New products (Cpppn)
New towns (Vwuctn)
News (Xsn)
Newspapers (Xxfn)
Newton's equations of motion (Saq)
Newton's law of gravitation (Sap)
Newton's laws of motion --> Newton's equations of motion (Saq)
NGV powered buses --> Natural gas buses (Qbddhpbpg)
Nickel (Rbcefdm)
Nickel alloys (Rbmdkdn)
Nickel batteries (Qtpfbbn)
Nickel cadmium batteries (Qtpfbbnc)
Nickel iron batteries (Qtpfbbnj)
Nickel zinc batteries (Qtpfbbny)
Nicotine (Rbmumtcjn)
Night (Wegp)
Night shifts (Ccbkhsn)
Night visibility (Hasvn)
Night vision (Mxbvn)
Night vision devices (Qtbpt)
Nighttime accidents (Hbktn)
Nitrates (Rbcgcrc)
Nitric acid (Rbcgnrm)
Nitric oxide (Rbcgnrr)
Nitrites (Rbcgcrf)
Nitrogen (Rbcefgn)
Nitrogen compounds (Rbcgcr)
Nitrogen dioxide (Rbcgnrun)
Nitrogen inorganic compounds (Rbcgnr)
Nitrogen oxides (Rbcgnru)
NMR --> Nuclear magnetic resonance (Spg)
No build (Epdrn)
No fault insurance (Cnvhk)
No frills carriers --> Low cost carriers (Nbbam)
No parking (Brddq)
No passing zones (Crftrk)
Noble gases (Rbbfsj)
Nodes (Networks) (Synn)
Noise (Jfn)
Noise (Communications) (Dsmrn)
Noise abatement --> Noise control (Jfny)
Noise barriers (Pmrcpbn)
Noise control (Jfny)
Noise generators (Gumpdn)
Noise meters --> Sound level meters (Gumpq)
Noise parameters --> Sound level (Sbjs)
Noise pollution --> Noise (Jfn)
Noise propagation --> Sound transmission (Sbv)
Noise sources (Jfnb)
Noise transmission --> Sound transmission (Sbv)
Nomographs (Xxvmcs)
Nonattainment areas (Jfgybn)
Noncohesive soils --> Granular soils (Rbesfg)
Nondestructive testing --> Nondestructive tests (Gbh)
Nondestructive tests (Gbh)
Nonflammable materials (Rbmnmn)
Nonlinear differential equations (Uhdn)
Nonlinear equations (Ubeep)
Nonlinear programming (Ubbpp)
Nonlinear systems (Dcgn)
Nonmetals (Rbcebn)
Nonmotorized transportation (Aex)
Nonnewtonian flow (Smdffm)
Nonparametric analysis (Usk)
Nonprofit corporations (Ntca)
Nonrecurrent congestion (Bthfcd)
Nonshattering glass (Rbmdfmsn)
Nontransportation industries (Ncg)
Nonuniform flow (Smdffn)
Nonuser benefits (Kktn)
Nonwoven materials (Rbmdxcn)
Nonwoven textiles (Rbmdxcnt)
Normal distributions (Usydr)
Northern hemisphere (Vchn)
Nose (Mydbn)
Notch tests (Gbbmmn)
Notching (Cutting) (Fcbyjmn)
Notebook computers --> Laptop computers (Qtpxmbpcm)
Novices (Msq)
Nozzles (Qtphhn)
Nuclear density gages (Gumend)
Nuclear density gages (Gumsmn)
Nuclear energy (Spe)
Nuclear engineering (Ttku)
Nuclear excavation (Fcfxehn)
Nuclear explosions (Spf)
Nuclear fission --> Fission (Spsc)
Nuclear fuel elements --> Fuel elements (Qtbnpf)
Nuclear fuels (Rbfn)
Nuclear fusion --> Fusion (Spsk)
Nuclear gages (Gumen)
Nuclear magnetic resonance (Spg)
Nuclear materials --> Radioactive materials (Rbmdsr)
Nuclear meters --> Nuclear gages (Gumen)
Nuclear moisture density determinations --> Nuclear tests (Gbhn)
Nuclear moisture gages (Gumenm)
Nuclear moisture gages (Gumsbp)
Nuclear phenomena (Sp)
Nuclear physics (Tpxen)
Nuclear power (Spep)
Nuclear power generation (Jnrrppn)
Nuclear power plants (Pmppn)
Nuclear powered icebreakers (Qbhksn)
Nuclear powered ships (Qbhpn)
Nuclear probes (Gumesn)
Nuclear probes (Gumenp)
Nuclear radiation (Spm)
Nuclear reactions (Sps)
Nuclear reactor components (Qtbnp)
Nuclear reactor coolants (Rbmnhn)
Nuclear reactor cores (Qtbnpc)
Nuclear reactor wastes --> Spent reactor fuels (Rbfns)
Nuclear reactors (Qtbn)
Nuclear tests (Gbhn)
Nuclear weapons (Qtpymn)
Nucleation (Scpin)
Nucleonics (Ttx)
Nucleus (Biology) (Jcan)
Nucleus (Physics) --> Atomic nucleus (Rbcbbsb)
Number plates --> License plates (Qpym)
Number theory (Udc)
Numbers (Ufn)
Numerical analysis (Uht)
Numerical control (Dcgp)
Numerical integration (Ubfp)
Numerical solutions --> Numerical analysis (Uht)
Nuts (Fasteners) (Rbmnkn)
Nylon (Rbmdqn)
O&D --> Origin and destination (Bksa)
Obesity (Hmdgo)
Object oriented databases (Xbkgdo)
Object oriented programming (Xbkmu)
Objectives --> Strategic planning (Epdms)
OBO --> Ore bulk oil carriers (Qbhdfbgo)
Observation wells (Pdwpk)
Obstacle detection --> Proximity detectors (Dmgdew)
Obstacles (Navigation) --> Obstructions (Navigation) (Dcnu)
Obstruction beacons (Dcnspbj)
Obstruction buoys (Dcnsysdp)
Obstruction buoys (Dcnspqb)
Obstruction lights (Dcnspqm)
Obstruction markers (Dcnspq)
Obstructions (Navigation) (Dcnu)
Occupant dynamics (Hbpkcd)
Occupant kinetics (Hbpkcn)
Occupant modeling --> Crash victim simulation (Hjrs)
Occupant protection devices (Qpq)
Occupant rescue --> Vehicle occupant rescue (Hhgrp)
Occupant vehicle interface (Hbpkc)
Occupants --> Vehicle occupants (Mwg)
Occupational accidents --> Industrial accidents (Hbbs)
Occupational accidents --> Industrial accidents (Haqi)
Occupational diseases (Hmdc)
Occupational safety (Haq)
Occupations (Kabknp)
Ocean bottom (Vssbb)
Ocean bottom soils (Rbesmp)
Ocean currents (Jbhm)
Ocean development (Jnrrwp)
Ocean engineering (Ttkv)
Ocean freight forwarders (Nbccd)
Ocean going tugs (Qbhktm)
Ocean liners (Qbhdhm)
Ocean platforms --> Offshore platforms (Pmhyp)
Ocean shipping (Aesbb)
Ocean thermal power plants --> Thermal power plants (Pmppv)
Ocean tides (Jbbtp)
Ocean travel (Bmcs)
Ocean water --> Seawater (Rbdms)
Ocean waves (Jbhwp)
Oceanographic vessels (Qbhkrm)
Oceanography (Tpnpp)
Oceans (Vssb)
OCR --> Optical character recognition (Dmbjcp)
Octane number (Rkco)
Odometers (Gukp)
Odors (Jfgsp)
Oedometers (Gumppi)
Off airport terminals --> Satellite terminals (Airports) (Pmfcgcs)
Off peak periods (Weq)
Off ramps (Pmrcpjsrrf)
Off street parking (Brddm)
Offenders (Mswa)
Offenders and victims (Msw)
Office buildings (Pfcp)
Office parks --> Business parks (Vwube)
Officer personnel --> Military personnel (Msn)
Officers --> Military personnel (Msn)
Officials and employees --> Personnel (Ms)
Offroad traffic (Bu)
Offroad vehicles --> All terrain vehicles (Qbddkb)
Offset intersections (Pmrcpjfcg)
Offsets (Traffic signal timing) (Dcmthcsvp)
Offshore airports (Pmfcbp)
Offshore construction (Fcep)
Offshore drilling platforms (Pmhypd)
Offshore moorings (Pmhbmpmmd)
Offshore oil industry (Ncgmo)
Offshore pipelines --> Underwater pipelines (Pmnptu)
Offshore pipelines --> Underwater pipelines (Pmhyup)
Offshore platforms (Pmhyp)
Offshore power plants (Pmhyq)
Offshore power plants (Pmppp)
Offshore structures (Pmhy)
Offshore supply boats (Qbhfs)
Offshore support vessels (Qbhswso)
Offshore terminals (Pmhys)
Offshore terminals (Pmhbmpmtp)
Offshore transfer (Bdbpb)
Offside (Qpbaso)
Offtracking (Qdmp)
Oil additives (Rbmdykr)
Oil booms (Qtpepp)
Oil burners (Qtpmhcp)
Oil changing (Fmvmo)
Oil exploration (Jnrrbep)
Oil fields (Pdwp)
Oil filters (Qtbmberkp)
Oil pollution --> Oil spills (Jfgssp)
Oil pools (Pdwpp)
Oil pumps (Qtbmberkr)
Oil pumps (Qtbmbpp)
Oil recovery equipment (Qtpep)
Oil reservoirs --> Oil pools (Pdwpp)
Oil seals (Qtpuvp)
Oil shales (Rberhr)
Oil sorbents (Rbmnxb)
Oil spill cleanup (Jfgywp)
Oil spill removal --> Oil spill cleanup (Jfgywp)
Oil spills (Jfgssp)
Oil tankers (Qbhdfbmp)
Oil water interfaces (Srbjp)
Oil well drilling (Jnrrbp)
Oil wells (Pdwpw)
Oils (Rbmdyk)
Old people --> Aged (Mbpe)
Older drivers --> Aged drivers (Mtghdfcu)
Older people --> Aged (Mbpe)
Olefiant gas --> Ethylenes (Rbcgrbq)
Olefins (Rbcgrbtm)
Olfactory perception (Mxtb)
Olympic games (Khtp)
Omega navigation system (Dcnsbsp)
Omnidirectional antennas (Dsgmbn)
On board electronics --> Vehicle electronics (Qpv)
On dock transfer (Bdbpd)
On ramps (Pmrcpjsrrn)
On street parking (Brddn)
On the scene accident investigation (Hbxb)
On time performance (Bbjkm)
Onboard navigation systems (Automobiles) --> Automobile navigation systems (Dcnsyhb)
Onboard navigational aids (Dcnsxp)
One man operation (Brubf)
One way streets (Pmrccdsp)
One way traffic (Btbr)
Online shopping --> Electronic commerce (Ctm)
Opacity (Rkop)
Opals (Rberrvp)
OPDAR --> Optical radar (Dcnsbqjp)
Open channels (Pbpbdo)
Open cut excavation (Fcfxen)
Open graded aggregates (Rbmddcfp)
Open skies (Cratam)
Open space control (Kabeyo)
Open space corridors --> Greenways (Kabex)
Open systems architecture (Xbkrbp)
Open top cars (Qbfmkfg)
Open water (Vse)
Open water tests (Gbbvsp)
Open wounds (Hjpm)
Openings (Pbpbk)
Operating costs (Cfcab)
Operating ratios (Cgafm)
Operating revenues (Cfaa)
Operating rules (Brrq)
Operating speed (Bthsb)
Operating subsidies (Cfhsb)
Operational calculus (Uhc)
Operational research --> Operations research (Tprp)
Operational tests --> Demonstration projects (Xkbrd)
Operations (Cb)
Operations research (Tprp)
Operators (Persons) (Msbp)
Opportunity models (Bmkbem)
Opposing traffic (Btbn)
Optical character recognition (Dmbjcp)
Optical density (Rkopp)
Optical detectors (Dmgdet)
Optical devices (Qtbp)
Optical fiber cables --> Optical waveguides (Dsgk)
Optical fibers (Rbmujr)
Optical fibers (Rbmdxfo)
Optical instruments (Gumep)
Optical materials (Rbmuj)
Optical measurement (Gmcep)
Optical properties (Rko)
Optical radar (Dcnsbqjp)
Optical rangefinders (Dmgrp)
Optical scanners (Dmgsp)
Optical systems (Qtbpu)
Optical waveguides (Dsgk)
Optics (Tpxv)
Optimisation --> Optimization (Ubkp)
Optimization (Ubkp)
Optimization theory --> Programming (Mathematics) (Ubbp)
Optoelectronic materials (Rbmuhp)
Oral communication --> Voice communication (Dsbsv)
Orange (Rkoco)
Ordinances (Cred)
Ore bulk oil carriers (Qbhdfbgo)
Ore carriers (Qbhdfbko)
Ore terminals (Pmhbmpmtq)
Ores (Bhkfb)
Ores (Rberp)
Organic chemistry (Tphp)
Organic coatings (Rbmnfcs)
Organic compounds (Rbcgr)
Organic content (Rkcbbt)
Organic deposits (Rbebo)
Organic materials (Rbmdm)
Organic rocks (Rbertp)
Organic salts (Rbcgsr)
Organic soils (Rbespnn)
Organic solvents (Rbctmqrb)
Organisations --> Organizations (N)
Organisms --> Living things (Jc)
Organization (Cyg)
Organization charts (Xxvmcu)
Organizational effectiveness (Cygb)
Organizational factors (Co)
Organizations (N)
Organized crime (Ny)
Organometallic compounds (Rbcgrbv)
Orienteering --> Wayfinding (Mxtw)
Origin and destination (Bksa)
Orthogonality (Updo)
Orthophotographs (Xxvepo)
Orthotropic (Rkmhn)
Orthotropic plates (Rbmdxsqj)
Oscillation (Smdpn)
Oscillations (Mathematics) (Uhbdp)
Oscillographs (Gurp)
Oscilloscopes (Gumpdp)
Osmosis (Scpu)
Otto cycle engines (Qtbmbebjn)
Outcome (Medical treatment) (Hpgv)
Outdoor advertising --> Roadside advertising (Chqr)
Outdoor recreation (Ccbkxrp)
Outer space (Jbc)
Output (Cpp)
Outreach (Cjo)
Outsourcing --> Contracting out (Cuac)
Oven drying (Fcbgp)
Oven tests (Gbjdnp)
Ovens (Qtpmhp)
Overbooking (Bbpsk)
Overburdens (Rbertq)
Overcharge claims (Bnqjn)
Overconsolidation (Srvcp)
Overcrowding --> Crowds (Ml)
Overflows (Smdffo)
Overhead costs (Cfcap)
Overhead traffic signs (Dcmthrkkn)
Overhead utility lines (Pmptmp)
Overlay course --> Overlays (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbp)
Overlays (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbp)
Overpasses (Pmrcpjfrjp)
Overruns (Finance) --> Cost overruns (Cfccp)
Oversaturated intersections --> Oversaturation (Traffic flow) (Bthfho)
Oversaturation (Traffic flow) (Bthfho)
Oversight (Crn)
Oversize loads (Bragm)
Overspeed --> Speeding (Hbchee)
Oversteer (Hbcheg)
Overtaking --> Passing (Dcnbstp)
Overtopping (Smdffp)
Overturning (Smfp)
Overvoltage (Sepvp)
Overweight loads (Brago)
Overweight persons --> Obesity (Hmdgo)
Owner operators (Nbbcdtp)
Ownership (Cqpd)
Ownership, leasing and rental (Cqp)
Oxidants --> Oxidizing agents (Rbctp)
Oxidation (Sccm)
Oxidation catalysts (Rbctdp)
Oxides (Rbcgcs)
Oxidizers (Rbfcbp)
Oxidizing agents (Rbctp)
Oxygen (Rbcefhm)
Oxygen content (Rkwk)
Oxygen equipment (Qtpsmp)
Ozone (Rbcefhmn)
Pack ice (Jbhyjpsp)
Package and mail businesses (Nbf)
Package and mail service (Bbe)
Package service (Bbep)
Packaging (Cmm)
Packaging materials (Rbmumtp)
Packet switching (Dsmmmtp)
Packet transmission --> Packet switching (Dsmmmtp)
Packing --> Stuffing (Fccdss)
Paint (Rbmnfn)
Paint primers --> Primers (Materials) (Rbmnfr)
Paint removal (Fccdpk)
Painting (Fccdp)
Palladium (Rbcefdn)
Pallets (Qtphmp)
Panda crossings (Pmrtpcp)
Panel studies (Xkdk)
Panels (Rbmdxssd)
Pantographs (Qpup)
Paper (Rbmdxsn)
Paper forms --> Forms (Documents) (Xxu)
Paper industry (Ncgtp)
Paper products (Bhkcp)
Parabolas (Upbp)
Paraffin (Rbmdppp)
Parallel processing (Xbkdp)
Parallel runways (Pmfcgmrp)
Paramedics (Msmpp)
Parametric analysis (Usm)
Parametric equations (Upqe)
Parapets (Pbpbwp)
Paratransit services (Aett)
Paratransit vehicles (Qbddhpp)
Parent materials (Rbep)
Parents (Mfp)
Park and ride --> Fringe parking (Brddf)
Parking (Brdd)
Parking areas --> Parking facilities (Pmrup)
Parking brakes (Qpkbxp)
Parking capacity --> Parking (Brdd)
Parking demand (Brddd)
Parking duration (Brdda)
Parking facilities (Pmrup)
Parking fees (Brddpf)
Parking garages (Pmrupg)
Parking guidance systems (Dsfpdrp)
Parking industry (Nbq)
Parking lots (Pmrupm)
Parking meters (Brddpr)
Parking payment systems --> Parking fees (Brddpf)
Parking places --> Parking facilities (Pmrup)
Parking regulations (Crftrp)
Parking turnover rate (Brddb)
Parking violations (Huvp)
Parks (Pfqn)
Parkways (Pmrccep)
Part time employees (Msbb)
Partial differential equations (Uhdk)
Participatory management (Cam)
Particle beams (Sfx)
Particle board (Rbmdxsp)
Particle size analysis --> Sieve analysis (Gbju)
Particle sizes --> Grain size (Geology) (Rkptj)
Particles (Rbmdxm)
Particulates (Rbmdxmm)
Partnerships (Ntr)
Parts (Qtssp)
Parts of boilers (Qtpmhbc)
Parts of canals and waterways (Pmhjy)
Parts of control centers (Pfdp)
Parts of culverts (Pdyru)
Parts of dams (Pmhmr)
Parts of plants (Jcbpy)
Parts of roads (Pmrcp)
Parts of seats (Qpeysy)
Parts of traffic signals (Dcmthrrsb)
Parts of tunnels (Pdvtb)
Passenger aircraft (Qbkh)
Passenger car equivalence (Bthvp)
Passenger cars (Qbfmkh)
Passenger comfort (Bbsa)
Passenger compartments (Qpep)
Passenger conveyors --> People movers (Qtphes)
Passenger counting (Btep)
Passenger handling (Bdk)
Passenger information --> Traveler information and communication systems (Dsfp)
Passenger information systems (Dsfpp)
Passenger miles (Bfhmb)
Passenger screening (Bdks)
Passenger security (Hsp)
Passenger service (Bbc)
Passenger service quality --> Quality of service (Bbr)
Passenger ships (Qbhdh)
Passenger terminals (Pmetp)
Passenger traffic (Bfh)
Passenger traffic measurement (Bfhm)
Passenger trains (Qbfh)
Passenger transportation (Ajp)
Passenger transportation support businesses (Nbd)
Passenger vehicles (Qbddh)
Passenger volume (Bfhmba)
Passengers (Mwa)
Passes (Mountains) (Vghp)
Passes (Transportation) (Bbkyp)
Passing (Dcnbstp)
Passing aid systems (Dcnsyhp)
Passing lanes (Pmrcpmtp)
Passing sight distance (Bthtp)
Passing zones (Crftrl)
Passive restraint systems (Qpqrp)
Past (Wrd)
Pastes (Rbmndn)
Patching (Fmuhpp)
Patching mortar (Rbmndjp)
Patent applications (Xxpa)
Patents (Xxp)
Path planning (Robotics) --> Trajectory control (Dcmvr)
Pathological data (Hmx)
Pathological processes (Hjpy)
Pathology (Ttup)
Pathology (Hm)
Paths --> Walkways (Pmrtpw)
Patients (Msmw)
Patrol boats (Qbhswp)
Patronage (Transit ridership) --> Ridership (Bfhmr)
Pattern recognition systems (Dmbjjp)
Paved shoulders (Pmrcpsp)
Pavement (Sidewalks) --> Sidewalks (Pmrtps)
Pavement bases --> Base course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppme)
Pavement components (Pmrcppp)
Pavement construction --> Paving (Fcffp)
Pavement cracking (Smfdp)
Pavement design (Esushp)
Pavement distress (Estyd)
Pavement grooving (Fcffj)
Pavement interlayers (Pmrcpppmi)
Pavement joints (Pmrcpppj)
Pavement layers (Pmrcpppm)
Pavement maintenance (Fmuhp)
Pavement management --> Pavement management systems (Fmmmp)
Pavement management systems (Fmmmp)
Pavement markings --> Road markings (Dcmthru)
Pavement noise --> Tire/pavement noise (Jfnbtt)
Pavement performance (Estyp)
Pavement subgrades --> Subgrade (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmr)
Pavement widening (Fcffn)
Pavements (Pmrcpp)
Pavers (Qtpbcrp)
Paving (Fcffp)
Paving machines --> Pavers (Qtpbcrp)
Paving materials (Rbmuejp)
Paving stones (Rbmddtp)
Pay (Ccbmb)
Pay parking (Brddp)
Payment (Cgv)
PCC (Concrete) --> Portland cement concrete (Rbmdhcbo)
Peak discharge (Jbhn)
Peak fares (Bbkfb)
Peak hour traffic (Btbp)
Peak periods (Wep)
Peak rates --> Peak fares (Bbkfb)
Peak value (Electricity) (Rkeo)
Peat (Rbespnp)
Peat soils (Rbespnq)
Pedals (Qpeyp)
Pedestrian accidents (Hbbgp)
Pedestrian actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbp)
Pedestrian areas (Pmrtp)
Pedestrian bridges --> Footbridges (Pdybmup)
Pedestrian clearance interval (Traffic signals) (Dcmthcskjcp)
Pedestrian control signals --> Pedestrian actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbp)
Pedestrian counts (Bxc)
Pedestrian crossings --> Crosswalks (Pmrtpc)
Pedestrian density (Bxd)
Pedestrian detectors (Dmgdrp)
Pedestrian education (Hawttp)
Pedestrian facilities --> Pedestrian areas (Pmrtp)
Pedestrian flow (Bxf)
Pedestrian malls (Pmrtpp)
Pedestrian movement (Bx)
Pedestrian phase (Dcmthcskptp)
Pedestrian precinct --> Pedestrian areas (Pmrtp)
Pedestrian safety (Haaw)
Pedestrian signs (Dcmthrksp)
Pedestrian streets --> Pedestrian malls (Pmrtpp)
Pedestrian traffic (Bxt)
Pedestrian trafficways --> Pedestrian areas (Pmrtp)
Pedestrian tunnels (Pdvtrn)
Pedestrian vehicle interface (Bxj)
Pedestrian walkways --> Walkways (Pmrtpw)
Pedestrians (Mwx)
Pedology --> Soil science (Tpngq)
Peening (Fcbyjqp)
Peer groups (Msyp)
Pelleted catalysts (Rbctds)
Pelletized slag (Rbmduvp)
Pellets (Rbmdxmp)
Pelvis (Myn)
Penalties (Csf)
Pendulum tests (Gbgnp)
Penetrants (Rbmnfp)
Penetrating injuries (Hjpp)
Penetration macadam (Rbmddvmp)
Penetration resistance (Rkmjp)
Penetration tests --> Soil penetration test (Gbbmru)
Penetrometers (Gumsdp)
Peninsulas (Vgp)
Pensions (Ccbmgp)
People movers (Qtphes)
People with disabilities --> Physically handicapped persons (Mm)
People with mental disabilities --> Mentally handicapped persons (Mp)
People with visual disabilities --> Visually impaired persons (Mmb)
Per se laws (Crdtp)
Percent (Ufbp)
Percent saturation (Rkpmp)
Perception (Mxt)
Percolation (Smdffq)
Perfect frames --> Statically determinate frames (Pbpbgd)
Perforated pipe (Rbmdxnpm)
Perforations (Injuries) --> Penetrating injuries (Hjpp)
Performance (Qvp)
Performance based specifications (Xxsp)
Performance evaluations (Ccbrq)
Performance measurement (Epdbr)
Performance standards --> Quality of work (Ccbrqq)
Performance tests (Gbjp)
Periodicals (Xxff)
Periodicity --> Time intervals (Wi)
Periods of the day (Weg)
Peripheral vision (Mxbvp)
Periscopes (Qpyvp)
Perishable cargo --> Perishables (Bhgp)
Perishables (Bhgp)
Permafrost (Rbespfp)
Permanent magnets (Qtbfmp)
Permanent magnets (Dcjp)
Permeability (Rkrp)
Permeability coefficient (Rkwm)
Permeameters (Gumyn)
Permissive phasing (Dcmthcskprp)
Permit parking (Brddnp)
Permits (Cri)
Peroxide --> Hydrogen peroxide (Rbcgnkp)
Perpetual pavements (Pmrcppbr)
Person capacity (Brubx)
Person miles of travel (Bteh)
Personal aircraft --> Private aircraft (Qbkopp)
Personal communication devices (Dsgl)
Personal communication networks (Dsbwp)
Personal computers (Qtpxmbpc)
Personal digital assistants (Qtpxmbr)
Personal flotation devices --> Life preservers (Qtpserm)
Personal probability (Uspn)
Personal rapid transit (Dcmvgygp)
Personality (Mxp)
Personnel (Ms)
Personnel development (Ccbpk)
Personnel management (Ccb)
Personnel motivation (Ccbpm)
Personnel performance (Ccbr)
Personnel retention (Ccbt)
Personnel selection --> Selection and appointment (Ccbb)
Personnel training --> Training (Cet)
Persons and personal characteristics (M)
Persons by educational level (Me)
Persons by employment status (Mke)
Persons by housing characteristics (Mkh)
Persons by language backgrounds (Mj)
Persons by race and ethnicity (Mh)
Persons by socioeconomic levels (Mk)
Perspective views (Xxvedp)
PERT (Esdsp)
Perturbation theory (Uhdp)
Perturbations (Uhdpp)
Pervious soils (Rbesppp)
Pest control (Fmukp)
Pesticides (Rbmumtcp)
Petri nets (Ungp)
Petrochemicals (Rbmdpp)
Petrography (Tpngj)
Petrol --> Gasoline (Rbfumg)
Petrolene --> Malthene (Rbmdpmm)
Petroleum (Bhkfp)
Petroleum (Rbeu)
Petroleum chemicals --> Petrochemicals (Rbmdpp)
Petroleum distillates (Rbmdppd)
Petroleum engineering (Ttkw)
Petroleum fuels (Rbffp)
Petroleum gases (Rbeug)
Petroleum geology (Tpngn)
Petroleum industry (Ncgmp)
Petroleum liquids (Rbeum)
Petroleum pipelines (Pmnppp)
Petroleum processing --> Petroleum refining (Jnrrfp)
Petroleum products (Bhkfpp)
Petroleum refineries (Pfkpp)
Petroleum refining (Jnrrfp)
Petroleum solids (Rbeus)
Petroleum terminals (Pmhbmpmtr)
Petrology (Tpngp)
pH value (Rkcp)
Pharmacology (Tphs)
Phase equilibrium (Sto)
Phase shift (Electricity) (Seu)
Phase transformations --> Phase transitions (Stp)
Phase transitions (Stp)
Phased arrays (Dsgmbsp)
Phases by type of traffic (Dcmthcskpt)
Phasing by right of way (Dcmthcskpr)
Phenol (Rbcgrro)
Phenolic plastic (Rbmdqp)
Phenolic resins (Rbmdqrm)
Phenomena of frozen water (Jbhy)
Phenylic acid --> Phenol (Rbcgrro)
Phenylmethane --> Toluene (Rbcgrrw)
Philosophy (Tcp)
Phosphate rock (Rberrr)
Phosphates (Rbcgct)
Phosphoric acid (Rbcgnsp)
Phosphorus (Rbcefgp)
Phosphorus inorganic compounds (Rbcgns)
Photocells (Qtbfp)
Photochemical oxidants (Rbctpp)
Photochemical reactions (Sccn)
Photochemistry (Tphxp)
Photoconducting materials (Rbmuhvmp)
Photoconductivity (Rkefp)
Photodetectors (Dmgdeu)
Photoelasticity (Rkmhp)
Photoelectric cells --> Photocells (Qtbfp)
Photogrammetry (Esmsfj)
Photogrammetry (Ttqp)
Photographic equipment (Qtpr)
Photographic interpretation --> Photointerpretation (Esmsfm)
Photographic materials (Rbmuju)
Photographs (Xxvep)
Photography (Ttqs)
Photography (Esmgp)
Photointerpretation (Esmsfm)
Photologging (Esmsfp)
Photolysis (Scpv)
Photometers (Gumpfp)
Photometrics --> Photometry (Gmcepp)
Photometry (Gmcepp)
Photometry (Tpxvp)
Photons (Sffp)
Photorefractive materials (Rbmujxp)
Photovoltaic effect (Son)
Phreatic water (Rbesbwp)
Physical characteristics --> Physical properties (Rkp)
Physical chemistry (Tphx)
Physical condition (Mxb)
Physical distribution (Cmp)
Physical factors --> Physical condition (Mxb)
Physical fitness (Mxba)
Physical handicaps (Mxc)
Physical laws --> Laws of physics (Sa)
Physical media (Information management) (Xy)
Physical phenomena (S)
Physical properties (Rkp)
Physically handicapped persons (Mm)
Physicians (Msmd)
Physicochemical properties (Rkr)
Physics (Tpx)
Physiological aspects (Mxbb)
Physiological effects --> Physiological aspects (Mxbb)
Physiology (Tpdt)
Phytoplankton (Jcmbbpp)
Pickup and delivery service (Bbfm)
Pickup trucks (Qbddfwcf)
Pictures (Xxve)
PID controllers (Qtbeip)
Piers (Supports) (Pbpbfq)
Piers (Wharves) (Pmhbmpmbdr)
Piezoelectric materials (Rbmuhfp)
Piezoelectric transducers (Dsgxp)
Piezoelectricity (Sev)
Piezometers (Gumppj)
Piggyback transportation (Bbbad)
Pigments (Rbmnfnp)
Pile caps (Pbpbvvmw)
Pile driving (Fcat)
Pile foundations (Pbpbfs)
Pile groups (Pbpbvvmv)
Pile hammers (Qtpbcp)
Piles (Supports) (Pbpbvvm)
Pilings --> Piles (Supports) (Pbpbvvm)
Pillars --> Columns (Pbpbvvd)
Pilot plants (Pfkpr)
Pilot studies (Xkdl)
Pilotage (Dcnbsc)
Pilotage and driving (Dcnbs)
Piloting --> Pilotage (Dcnbsc)
Pilotless aircraft --> Drone aircraft (Qbkomh)
Pilots --> Air pilots (Mtbb)
Pins (Rbmnkp)
Pipe (Rbmdxnp)
Pipe and tubing (Rbmdxn)
Pipe bedding --> Pipe laying (Fcfn)
Pipe bursting (Fcestp)
Pipe culverts (Pdyrdp)
Pipe flow (Smdffdp)
Pipe jacking (Fcfhfp)
Pipe laying (Fcfn)
Pipe lines --> Pipelines (Pmnp)
Pipe pushing --> Pipe laying (Fcfn)
Pipeline companies (Nbbck)
Pipeline facilities (Pmn)
Pipeline processing (Xbkdfp)
Pipeline pumping stations (Pmns)
Pipeline safety (Haap)
Pipeline traffic (Btas)
Pipeline transportation (Aegp)
Pipelines (Pmnp)
Pipelines by location (Pmnpt)
Pipelines by product carried (Pmnpp)
Pipes --> Pipe (Rbmdxnp)
Piping --> Pipe (Rbmdxnp)
Piping installation --> Pipe laying (Fcfn)
Piping systems (Pmhsftp)
Piracy (Hutp)
Pirates --> Piracy (Hutp)
Pistols --> Firearms (Qtpygf)
Piston engines (Qtbmbebjp)
Piston rings (Qtbmbermvr)
Pistons (Engines) (Qtbmbermv)
Pitch (Acoustics) (Sbr)
Pitch (Dynamics) (Qdbdn)
Pitch (Dynamics) (Qdsj)
Pitch (Dynamics) (Smdpp)
Pitch (Materials) (Rbmdptp)
Pitching --> Pitch (Dynamics) (Smdpp)
Pitching moment (Qdsjp)
Pitching moment (Qdbdnm)
Pitching moment (Smdppm)
Pitot tubes (Gumppn)
Pitot tubes (Gumyp)
Pits (Pdwep)
Pitting (Scphp)
Pitting corrosion --> Pitting (Scphp)
Placarding (Branp)
Place of residence --> Residential location (Cqm)
Placebos (Hpgmx)
Placement (Location) --> Location (Esmk)
Plain concrete --> Unreinforced concrete (Rbmdhcbx)
Plains (Vgf)
Plan implementation (Epdr)
Plan position indicators (Dcnspsdjm)
Planar structures --> Framed structures (Pbch)
Plane geometry (Tprgp)
Plane mirrors (Qtbpsp)
Plane waves (Smwn)
Planers (Qtptp)
Planetary gear trains (Qpoxgp)
Planing (Fcbwp)
Planing craft --> Hydroplanes (Qbhsj)
Planing hulls (Qpbbshp)
Plank roads --> Wooden pavements (Pmrcppbmw)
Plankton (Jcmbbp)
Planning (Ep)
Planning and design (E)
Planning by facility or land use (Epdu)
Planning methods (Epdm)
Planning process --> Planning methods (Epdm)
Planning stages (Epd)
Plans (Drawings) (Xxvedr)
Plant activity (Jdx)
Plant diseases (Fmuko)
Plant growth (Jdxp)
Plant location (Cqip)
Plant mix (Rbmdpbubp)
Planting (Fcfmp)
Plants (Jcbp)
Plasma arc cutting (Fcbyjmp)
Plaster (Rbmdfp)
Plastic analysis (Gem)
Plastic coatings (Rbmnfcu)
Plastic concrete --> Polymer concrete (Rbmdhcmp)
Plastic deformation (Smbp)
Plastic design --> Ultimate load design (Esdu)
Plastic explosives (Rbmdsep)
Plastic flow (Smbq)
Plastic foams (Rbmdyhfp)
Plastic limit (Rkmyap)
Plastic materials --> Plastics (Rbmdq)
Plastic pipe (Rbmdxnpp)
Plastic properties --> Plasticity (Rkml)
Plastic soils (Rbespcp)
Plastic state concrete --> Fresh concrete (Rbmdhcbf)
Plastic stress --> Yield stress (Smvy)
Plasticity (Rkml)
Plasticity index (Rkmyt)
Plasticizers (Rbmnv)
Plastics (Rbmdq)
Plate bearing test (Gbbmrm)
Plate girder bridges (Pdybmdgp)
Plate girders (Pbpbvvgp)
Plate load test --> Plate bearing test (Gbbmrm)
Plate metal (Rbmdxsqm)
Plate testing --> Plate bearing test (Gbbmrm)
Platens (Rbmdxsqp)
Plates (Engineering) (Rbmdxsq)
Plating (Ships) (Qpgysp)
Platinum (Rbcefdo)
Platooning --> Traffic platooning (Bthkp)
Platting --> Land subdivision (Cqsd)
Playgrounds (Pfqp)
Pleasure craft (Qbhe)
Plows (Agriculture) (Qtpap)
Plug in hybrid --> Plug-in hybrid vehicles (Qbddbhp)
Plug-in hybrid vehicles (Qbddphp)
Plug-in hybrid vehicles (Qbddbhp)
Plugging (Fcbyep)
Plugs (Fillers) (Rbmnfq)
Plumbing systems (Pbpvp)
Plumes (Jfkbnp)
Plutonium (Rbcefmp)
Plywood (Rbmdmvwr)
Pneumatic conveyors (Qtphep)
Pneumatic equipment (Qtbr)
Pneumatics (Smuep)
Pocket computers --> Handheld computers (Qtpxmbpch)
Point demerit systems (Hrkttd)
Point follower control --> Synchronous control (Dcmvgmhs)
Point sources --> Stationary sources (Jfgbbus)
Points (Geometry) (Updp)
Poisoning (Hme)
Poisonous gases (Rbmdspg)
Poisons (Rbmdsp)
Poisson distributions (Usydt)
Poisson ratio (Rkmyu)
Polar aromatic compounds (Rbcgrbhp)
Polar regions (Vcrfp)
Polarization (Sfrwbp)
Polarized light (Sop)
Polders (Pmhdp)
Poles (Supports) (Pbpbvvp)
Police (Msxum)
Police cars --> Police vehicles (Qbddkp)
Police departments (Nggkp)
Police motorist contacts (Hrktm)
Police operations (Hrk)
Police patrol (Hrkp)
Police powers (Hrb)
Police pursuit driving (Hrkj)
Police reports (Hrx)
Police traffic direction (Hrktg)
Police traffic services (Hrkt)
Police vehicles (Qbddkp)
Policies --> Policy (Cra)
Policy (Cra)
Policy analysis (Craa)
Policy making (Cram)
Policy, legislation and regulation (Cr)
Polished stone value test (Gbbmbp)
Polishing (Aggregates) (Smdrs)
Political aspects --> Political factors (Crpf)
Political factors (Crpf)
Political science (Tgt)
Politics (Crp)
Pollutants (Jfgs)
Polluting gases (Jfgsg)
Pollution (Jfg)
Pollution control (Jfgy)
Pollution of specific environments (Jfgb)
Polyamide resins (Rbmdqrn)
Polycarbonates (Rbcgrbw)
Polyester resins (Rbmdqrp)
Polyesters --> Polyester resins (Rbmdqrp)
Polyethylene resins --> Ethylene resins (Rbmdqrh)
Polymer asphalt (Rbmdpbyp)
Polymer concrete (Rbmdhcmp)
Polymer fibers (Rbmdxfp)
Polymer modified asphalt --> Polymer asphalt (Rbmdpbyp)
Polymeric materials --> Plastics (Rbmdq)
Polymerisation --> Polymerization (Sccp)
Polymerization (Sccp)
Polymers (Rbcts)
Polymethyl methacrylate (Rbcgrrp)
Polymorphism (Chemistry) (Rkcq)
Polynomials (Udfep)
Polypropylene (Rbcgrrq)
Polystyrene (Rbcgrrr)
Polysulfides (Rbcgcwc)
Polysulphides --> Polysulfides (Rbcgcwc)
Polytetrafluoroethylene (Rbcgrrs)
Polytypism --> Polymorphism (Chemistry) (Rkcq)
Polyurethane foams (Rbmdyhfr)
Polyurethane resins (Rbmdqrq)
Polyurethanes --> Polyurethane resins (Rbmdqrq)
Polyvinyl acetate (Rbcgrrt)
Polyvinyl chloride (Rbcgrru)
Polyvinyl hydrocarbons (Rbcgrbts)
Polyvinylchloride --> Polyvinyl chloride (Rbcgrru)
Ponding (Jbho)
Pontoon boats (Qbhswq)
Pontoon bridges (Pdybmdn)
Pool funding --> Pooled funds (Cfafp)
Pooled funds (Cfafp)
Poor people --> Low income groups (Mkd)
Population (Khb)
Population density (Khbd)
Population forecasting (Khbf)
Population growth (Khbg)
Population movements (Khbm)
Pore pressure (Smipp)
Pore size distribution (Rkptp)
Pore space (Rberbps)
Pore volume --> Pore space (Rberbps)
Pore water (Rbmdhcwp)
Pore water pressures (Smippr)
Pores (Geology) (Rberbp)
Porosimeters (Gumsp)
Porosity (Rkpp)
Porous asphalt --> Porous pavements (Pmrcppbp)
Porous concrete --> Porous pavements (Pmrcppbp)
Porous concrete (Rbmdhcbn)
Porous materials (Rbmnxep)
Porous pavements (Pmrcppbp)
Porphyry (Rbergp)
Port authorities (Nggmh)
Port capacity (Bqwbc)
Port congestion (Btawpc)
Port districts (Nggmg)
Port operations (Bqwb)
Port side (Qpbasp)
Port structures (Pmhbmpm)
Port terminals --> Marine terminals (Pmhbmpmt)
Port traffic (Btawp)
Portable equipment (Qtbs)
Portland cement (Rbmdfct)
Portland cement concrete (Rbmdhcbo)
Portland pozzolan cement (Rbmdfctp)
Ports (Pmhbmp)
Ports of entry (Ctfu)
Position fixing (Dcnbp)
Position indicators (Dcnspgp)
Positioning (Fcau)
Positive crankcase ventilation systems (Qpwp)
Positive guidance (Dcmthcp)
Positive train control (Dcmvgyfy)
Post-traumatic stress disorder --> Posttraumatic stress disorder (Mxmw)
Postal service (Bbem)
Postcrash phase (Hbpp)
Posts (Pbpbvvq)
Posttensioning (Fcayn)
Posttraumatic stress disorder (Mxmw)
Posture (Mxbp)
Potable water --> Drinking water (Rbdmfd)
Potassium (Rbcefdp)
Potassium chloride (Rbcgnt)
Potential (Electricity) --> Electric potential (Sep)
Potential energy (Smeyp)
Potential flow (Smdffbm)
Potential theory (Uhbfp)
Potentiometers (Gumprp)
Potholes (Geology) (Jbgyk)
Potholes (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbyp)
Pouring (Fcbq)
Poverty --> Low income groups (Mkd)
Powder metallurgy (Fcbyju)
Powders (Rbmdxms)
Power (Smep)
Power brakes (Qpkbw)
Power distribution --> Electric power transmission (Jnrrpt)
Power factor (Electricity) (Rkep)
Power generation --> Electric power generation (Jnrrpp)
Power level (Electricity) (Rkeq)
Power lines --> Transmission lines (Pmptm)
Power loss (Seql)
Power output (Seqo)
Power plants --> Electric power plants (Pmpp)
Power spectra (Sfrwsp)
Power spectral density --> Power spectra (Sfrwsp)
Power steering (Qpjp)
Power supply --> Electric power supply (Jnrrpe)
Power train components (Qpox)
Power trains (Qpo)
Power transmission --> Electric power transmission (Jnrrpt)
Powertrains --> Power trains (Qpo)
Pozzolan (Rbesgcm)
Pozzolanic action (Sccyp)
Pozzuolana --> Pozzolan (Rbesgcm)
Prairies --> Grasslands (Vgc)
Pre-owned vehicle industry --> Used vehicle industry (Ncemu)
Precast --> Precast concrete (Rbmdhcbp)
Precast concrete (Rbmdhcbp)
Precast concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmmn)
Precipitation (Chemistry) (Scpw)
Precipitation (Meteorology) (Jbmbkmp)
Precision (Gmsmp)
Precoated aggregates (Rbmddcpp)
Preconsolidation pressure (Smipq)
Precrash phase (Hbpb)
Precrushed slag --> Granulated slag (Rbmduvg)
Preemption (Traffic signals) --> Traffic signal preemption (Dcmthcsp)
Prefabricated bridges (Pdybmdp)
Prefabricated structures (Pbcq)
Preforming (Fcbyjj)
Pregnancy --> Pregnant women (Mdfp)
Pregnant women (Mdfp)
Preheating (Fcdths)
Premixing (Fcbpp)
Prequalifications (Cwa)
Preschool children (Mbcc)
Present (Wre)
Present value (Cfvv)
Present worth --> Present value (Cfvv)
Preservation (Fccs)
Presplitting (Blasting) (Fcfxern)
Pressiometric probes (Gumesp)
Pressiometric probes (Gumppr)
Pressure (Smip)
Pressure cells --> Load cells (Gumecm)
Pressure fields (Jbmbbpf)
Pressure gages (Gumpps)
Pressure relief valves (Qtbmyxp)
Pressure resistance (Rkwp)
Pressure transducers (Gumppt)
Pressure transducers (Gumyq)
Pressure tunnels (Pdvtrp)
Pressure vessels (Qtpkn)
Pressure waves (Jbmbbpw)
Pressuremeters --> Pressure gages (Gumpps)
Pressurization (Fmxp)
Prestressed concrete (Rbmdhcbq)
Prestressed concrete bridges (Pdybmmcp)
Prestressed concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmmp)
Prestressed concrete ties (Pmudkucp)
Prestressing (Fcaw)
Pretensioning (Fcays)
Pretimed control --> Pretimed traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrcp)
Pretimed traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrcp)
Pretreatments --> Surface treating (Fccu)
Prevention (Hsa)
Preventive maintenance (Fmmp)
Prices (Cfsu)
Prices (Kadmx)
Pricing (Cfsp)
Primary batteries (Qtpfbp)
Primary detectors --> Sensors (Dmgu)
Primary highways (Pmrccjp)
Primary production (Jdxpp)
Primary school students --> Elementary school students (Mesa)
Primates (Jcbtvup)
Primers (Materials) (Rbmnfr)
Principal stresses (Smvp)
Principal types of roads (Pmrccd)
Print on paper documents (Xyb)
Printed publicity (Cjjp)
Printers (Qtpxmpp)
Priorities --> Strategic planning (Epdms)
Priority lanes --> High occupancy vehicle lanes (Pmrcpmj)
Prisms (Rberrtrp)
Prisons (Pfep)
Privacy (Csmrcp)
Private aircraft (Qbkopp)
Private airports (Pmfcbq)
Private car lines (Nbbcgy)
Private carriage --> Private trucking (Aeghtp)
Private carriers (Nbbap)
Private enterprise (Ntp)
Private flying (Aeap)
Private passenger vehicles (Qbddhm)
Private property (Kabqipr)
Private roads (Pmrccjq)
Private sector --> Private enterprise (Ntp)
Private transportation (Amp)
Private trucking (Aeghtp)
Privatisation --> Privatization (Cyp)
Privatization (Cyp)
Probability (Usp)
Probability density functions (Uspp)
Probability distribution functions --> Distributions (Statistics) (Usyd)
Probability theory (Tprsp)
Probation (Csk)
Probe vehicles (Qbddkxjp)
Probes (Measuring devices) (Gumes)
Probit models --> Probits (Usecp)
Probits (Usecp)
Problem drivers (Mtghdfcp)
Problem identification (Xkbyf)
Problem solving (Xkbyc)
Procedures (Cbp)
Process control (Dcgr)
Process vessels (Qtpkp)
Processed foods (Bhgfp)
Processing (Materials) (Fcbr)
Procurement (Cmbg)
Producers surplus (Kct)
Product development (Cpc)
Product inspection --> Quality control (Cpmc)
Product safety (Hap)
Production (Cp)
Production control (Cpk)
Production engineering --> Industrial engineering (Ttkn)
Production methods (Cpg)
Production rate --> Productivity (Cpkp)
Productivity (Cpkp)
Products (Cppp)
Products liability (Cnrp)
Professional development --> Continuing education (Cekc)
Professional drivers (Mtghdcp)
Professional employment (Kabkpp)
Professional personnel (Msp)
Profilographs (Gurq)
Profilometers (Gumsrp)
Profit sharing (Ccbmgr)
Profitability (Cfsqb)
Profits (Cfsq)
Program evaluation and review technique --> PERT (Esdsp)
Program management (Cap)
Programmed instruction (Cexp)
Programming (Mathematics) (Ubbp)
Programming (Planning) (Epdrp)
Programming languages --> Computer programming languages (Xbkmd)
Programming manuals (Xbkmm)
Progression (Mathematics) (Ubmgu)
Progressive traffic signal control (Dcmthcsep)
Project delivery (Caj)
Project management (Car)
Project planning --> Programming (Planning) (Epdrp)
Projection (Cartography) (Esmgmp)
Projections --> Forecasting (Epdmf)
Promotion (Cjp)
Proof (Ubtp)
Propane (Rbmdpppq)
Propellants (Rbfusp)
Propeller blades (Qphpyb)
Propeller components (Qphpy)
Propeller driven aircraft (Qbkpp)
Propeller noise --> Cavitation noise (Jfnbd)
Propeller shafts (Qphpys)
Propellers (Qphp)
Properties of control systems (Dch)
Properties of fluids (Rkw)
Properties of materials (Rk)
Properties of the atmosphere (Jbmbb)
Properties of water waves (Jbhwy)
Property (Kabqip)
Property acquisition (Cqa)
Property condemnation (Cqc)
Property crimes (Hud)
Property management (Cq)
Property taxes (Cfdat)
Property values (Cqd)
Proportion (Udfbpp)
Proportional integral differential controllers --> PID controllers (Qtbeip)
Proportioning (Esmmp)
Proposals (Cwe)
Propulsion (Smir)
Prosecution (Hrp)
Prosecution (Csg)
Protected permissive phasing --> Exclusive permissive phasing (Dcmthcskprs)
Protected phasing --> Exclusive phasing (Dcmthcskpre)
Protection (Hsb)
Protection against environmental damage (Fccm)
Protective clothing (Qtpsc)
Protective coating (Fccd)
Protective coatings (Rbmnfcv)
Protective services (Bdbf)
Protective treatments --> Preservation (Fccs)
Protons (Rbcbbsp)
Prototype tests (Gbjs)
Prototypes (Gwp)
Proving grounds (Pfrmtyp)
Proximity detectors (Dmgdew)
PRT --> Personal rapid transit (Dcmvgygp)
Psychiatry (Ttuq)
Psychological aspects (Mxkp)
Psychological effects --> Psychological aspects (Mxkp)
Psychological tests (Mxkpt)
Psychology (Tgv)
Psychometrics (Tgvp)
Psychophysics (Tgvr)
Psychosocial aspects --> Psychological aspects (Mxkp)
Psychotherapy (Hpgtp)
Psychotropic agents (Hpgmp)
Psychrometers (Gumun)
Psychrometers (Gumyr)
PTFE --> Polytetrafluoroethylene (Rbcgrrs)
PTSD (Psychiatry) --> Posttraumatic stress disorder (Mxmw)
Public address systems (Qtbap)
Public administration (Caaa)
Public buildings (Pfo)
Public health (Ttus)
Public hearings (Creba)
Public information programs (Cjx)
Public involvement --> Public participation (Kw)
Public land (Kabqipu)
Public opinion (Kwp)
Public participation (Kw)
Public passenger vehicles (Qbddhp)
Public policy (Crap)
Public private partnerships (Ntrd)
Public relations (Cj)
Public roads (Pmrccjr)
Public safety --> Safety (Ha)
Public sector --> Governments (Ng)
Public service (Ngv)
Public transit (Aet)
Public transit lines --> Transit operating agencies (Nbbcu)
Public utilities (Nbu)
Public works (Kabqipw)
Public works departments (Nggka)
Publicity (Cjj)
PUD --> Pickup and delivery service (Bbfm)
Pug mills (Qtpbcmp)
Pull out test (Gbbmkp)
Pullman cars --> Sleeping cars (Qbfmkhw)
Pulse code modulation (Dsmmjpc)
Pulse duration modulation (Dsmmjpd)
Pulse generators (Qtbep)
Pulse modulation (Dsmmjp)
Pulse width modulation --> Pulse duration modulation (Dsmmjpd)
Pulsejet engines (Qtbmbebkp)
Pulses (Sfrwbpg)
Pulverization --> Comminution (Fcbb)
Pulverized fly ash (Rbmduhp)
Pumice (Rbergvp)
Pumped concrete (Rbmdhcbr)
Pumping (Pavements) (Smis)
Pumping tests (Gbgr)
Pumps (Qtbmbp)
Punched cards (Xymc)
Puncture resistance (Rkmjs)
Punctures (Injuries) --> Penetrating injuries (Hjpp)
Purchases and stores --> Purchasing (Cmb)
Purchasing (Cmb)
Purification (Fmbbp)
Push pull trains (Brratp)
Pusher barges (Qbhtp)
PVA --> Polyvinyl acetate (Rbcgrrt)
PVC --> Polyvinyl chloride (Rbcgrru)
Pylons (Qpiyg)
Pyrite (Rberrs)
Pyrolysis (Scpx)
Pyrotechnics (Dcnspjp)
Quadratic equations (Udfepq)
Qualifications (Cwd)
Qualitative analysis (Gbccq)
Quality assurance (Cpmq)
Quality circles (Ccbpjq)
Quality control (Cpmc)
Quality control (Fcyq)
Quality of life (Khjq)
Quality of service (Bbr)
Quality of specific environments (Jfa)
Quality of work (Ccbrqq)
Quanta (Gmsq)
Quantitative analysis (Gbccr)
Quantum mechanics (Tpxt)
Quantum theory --> Quantum mechanics (Tpxt)
Quarries (Pdweq)
Quarrying (Jnrrbt)
Quarterly (Wikq)
Quartz (Rberrt)
Quartzite (Rbermq)
Quasi synchronous control (Dcmvgmhq)
Quays (Pmhbmpmbdf)
Questionnaires (Xkfq)
Queueing --> Queuing (Smdffdr)
Queues --> Queuing (Smdffdr)
Queuing (Smdffdr)
Queuing models --> Queuing theory (Usxq)
Queuing theory (Usxq)
Quicklime --> Calcium oxide (Rbcgnem)
Quinquennial (Wif)
Rabbits (Jcbtvurr)
Race (Mhb)
Race cars (Qbddhmckr)
Racial factors --> Race (Mhb)
Racing (Ccbkxrsn)
Racon --> Radar beacons (Dcnspsb)
Racon --> Radar beacons (Dcnspbp)
Radar (Dcnsbq)
Radar air traffic control (Dcmtbw)
Radar antennas (Dsgmbs)
Radar beacons (Dcnspsb)
Radar beacons (Dcnspbp)
Radar beams (Sfxrr)
Radar clutter (Dcnspsdjc)
Radar cross section (Sfrwbrrr)
Radar detectors (Dmgdrr)
Radar devices (Dcnsps)
Radar displays (Dcnspsd)
Radar images (Dcnspsdj)
Radar landing control --> Radar air traffic control (Dcmtbw)
Radar maps (Dcnspsdm)
Radar operators (Msdr)
Radar receivers (Dcnspsr)
Radar reflection (Sfrwbrr)
Radar stations (Pfmr)
Radar stations (Pfdep)
Radar targets (Dcnspsdjt)
Radar tracking (Dcnsbyr)
Radar transponders --> Radar beacons (Dcnspbp)
Radar transponders --> Radar beacons (Dcnspsb)
Radar vehicle detectors (Dmgdrvr)
Radial highways (Pmrccnr)
Radial ply tires (Qpmtbpr)
Radial travel (Bmmt)
Radials (Upber)
Radiation --> Electromagnetic radiation (Sfr)
Radiation dosage --> Radiation doses (Hhrd)
Radiation doses (Hhrd)
Radiation hazards (Hhr)
Radiation monitoring (Hhrm)
Radiation patterns (Sfrwbq)
Radiation shielding (Hhrs)
Radiator caps (Qtbmbercwrc)
Radiators (Qtbmbercwr)
Radio (Dsbpp)
Radio and television (Dsbp)
Radio beacons (Dcnspbs)
Radio beacons (Dcnsptb)
Radio beams (Sfxr)
Radio control (Dcgur)
Radio direction finders (Dcnsptd)
Radio equipment (Dsgm)
Radio frequency (Sfrwbfr)
Radio frequency identification (Dmbjs)
Radio frequency interference (Dsmrjr)
Radio links (Dsbppr)
Radio navigation (Dcnsbs)
Radio navigation devices (Dcnspt)
Radio receivers (Dsgmr)
Radio relay systems (Dsbpps)
Radio signals (Dsmbsr)
Radio stations (Pmgr)
Radio telemetry --> Telemetry (Dsmmv)
Radio telephone (Dsbppt)
Radio transmitters (Dsgmt)
Radio wave propagation (Sfrwbbr)
Radio waves (Sfrwab)
Radioactive gages --> Nuclear gages (Gumen)
Radioactive isotopes --> Radioisotopes (Rbcbsr)
Radioactive materials (Bhgdr)
Radioactive materials (Rbmdsr)
Radioactive waste disposal (Jfkydr)
Radioactive waste facilities (Pfwr)
Radioactive wastes (Jfkbn)
Radioactive wastes (Bhgdw)
Radioactivity (Spu)
Radiography (Esmghr)
Radioisotopes (Rbcbsr)
Radiometers (Gumpfq)
Radiometric analysis (Gbccs)
Radiometry (Gmcer)
Radios --> Radio equipment (Dsgm)
Radiotelephone --> Radio telephone (Dsbppt)
Radius (Updr)
Radomes (Dsgmcr)
Radon (Rbcefkr)
Raft foundations --> Mat foundations (Pbpbfm)
Rail (Railroads) (Pmudkr)
Rail components (Pmudkrk)
Rail fasteners (Rbmumttrf)
Rail grinding (Fmung)
Rail joints (Pmudkrkj)
Rail laying --> Track laying (Fcfpt)
Rail lubrication (Fmunm)
Rail maintenance --> Maintenance of way (Fmun)
Rail marine interface (Bbbam)
Rail motorcars (Qbfmkj)
Rail steel (Rbmdkdfsef)
Rail transit (Aetr)
Rail transit facilities (Pmuy)
Rail transit stations (Pmuys)
Rail transit stations (Pmurpr)
Rail transportation --> Railroad transportation (Aegk)
Railbuses (Qbfxb)
Railcar structural components (Qpgyr)
Railhead (Pmudkrkr)
Railroad accidents (Hbbgr)
Railroad ballast --> Ballast (Railroads) (Rbmddvb)
Railroad bridges (Pdybmur)
Railroad buildings (Pmur)
Railroad car trucks --> Car trucks (Railroads) (Qpgyrt)
Railroad car wheels --> Car wheels (Railroads) (Qpgyrwr)
Railroad cars (Qbfmk)
Railroad cars by type (Qbfmkt)
Railroad commuter cars --> Commuter cars (Qbfmkhc)
Railroad commuter service (Aetrc)
Railroad construction (Fcfp)
Railroad electrification (Fcfpe)
Railroad engineering (Ttkfwr)
Railroad engineers (Msgbbr)
Railroad equipment industry (Ncer)
Railroad facilities (Pmu)
Railroad facility operations (Bqr)
Railroad grade crossings (Pmuj)
Railroad law (Crdr)
Railroad maintenance facilities (Pmurv)
Railroad materials (Rbmumttr)
Railroad motorcars --> Rail motorcars (Qbfmkj)
Railroad rails --> Rail (Railroads) (Pmudkr)
Railroad safety (Haar)
Railroad signaling (Dcmtrs)
Railroad signals (Dcmtrys)
Railroad simulators (Qtpstsr)
Railroad stations (Pmurp)
Railroad terminals (Pmurt)
Railroad ties (Pmudku)
Railroad tracks (Pmud)
Railroad traffic (Btar)
Railroad traffic control (Dcmtr)
Railroad traffic control devices (Dcmtry)
Railroad trains (Qbf)
Railroad transportation (Aegk)
Railroad travel (Bmcr)
Railroad tunnels (Pdvtrr)
Railroad vehicle operations (Brr)
Railroad yards (Pmut)
Railroads (Nbbcg)
Railway carriages --> Passenger cars (Qbfmkh)
Railway engineering --> Railroad engineering (Ttkfwr)
Railway wagons --> Freight cars (Qbfmkf)
Railways --> Railroads (Nbbcg)
Rain (Jbmbkmpr)
Rain gages (Gumur)
Rainfall (Jbmbkmprr)
Raised road markings (Dcmthrur)
Raised separators (Rbmdxssfr)
RAM --> Random access memory (Qtpxmpbdp)
Ramjet engines (Qtbmbebkr)
Ramp control --> Ramp metering (Dcmthcfr)
Ramp freeway junctions --> Ramps (Interchanges) (Pmrcpjsrr)
Ramp metering (Dcmthcfr)
Ramps (Pbpblr)
Ramps (Interchanges) (Pmrcpjsrr)
Ramps, corridors and stairs (Pbpbl)
Ran off road accidents (Hbbgtaj)
Random access memory (Qtpxmpbdp)
Random breath tests (Hpmwdr)
Random functions (Uspr)
Random processes --> Stochastic processes (Usx)
Random sampling (Uswr)
Random variables (Usxt)
Random vibration (Smdvr)
Randomization (Usq)
Range (Statistics) (Usyr)
Range (Vehicles) (Qcpr)
Rangefinders (Dmgr)
Rankine cycle engines --> Rankine engines (Qtbmbebem)
Rankine engines (Qtbmbebem)
Ranking (Statistics) (Usr)
Rapid response (Emergencies) --> Emergency management (Hhgem)
Rapid transit (Aetrd)
Rapid transit cars (Qbfmkhu)
Rapid transit extensions --> Line extensions (Rail transit) (Pmuyge)
Rapid transit facilities --> Rail transit facilities (Pmuy)
Rate bureaus (Nsasr)
Rate making (Bbkbu)
Rate of return (Cgafr)
Rate, fare and toll collection (Bbkx)
Rates (Bbkb)
Rates, fares and tolls (Bbk)
Ratings (Epdbc)
Rational formula (Hydraulics) (Jbhnr)
Rationing (Kadmy)
Ratios (Udfbp)
Rats (Jcbtvurs)
Raveling (Pavements) --> Stripping (Pavements) (Smfs)
Raw materials (Rbmumr)
Rayleigh waves (Srf)
Rayon (Rbmdxcp)
Rays (Physics) --> Particle beams (Sfx)
Reaction injection molding (Fcbjr)
Reaction rails (Pmudkrbr)
Reaction time (Mxrra)
Reactions (Chemistry) --> Chemical reactions (Scc)
Reactions in asphalt (Sccw)
Reactions in concrete (Sccy)
Reactive aggregates (Rbmddcmr)
Reactivity --> Chemical reactivity (Rkcf)
Reactor fuel cycle (Jnrrppnn)
Read only memory (Qtpxmpbds)
Reading (Mxrdul)
Ready mixed concrete (Rbmdhcbs)
Reagents (Rbctt)
Real estate --> Real property (Kabqipe)
Real estate development (Cqs)
Real estate industry (Nbrp)
Real property (Kabqipe)
Real time control (Dcgt)
Real time data processing (Xbkdr)
Real time information (Xbfr)
Rear end collisions (Hbbgtcr)
Rear lighting (Qpumbr)
Rear seat occupants (Mwgr)
Rear seats (Qpeysbr)
Rear suspension systems (Qpih)
Rear wheel drive (Qpobr)
Rearview mirrors (Qpyvr)
Rebar --> Reinforcing bars (Rbmdxar)
Rebound (Jbgpm)
Rebuilding --> Reconstruction (Fmbn)
Recall campaigns (Haavr)
Recently qualified drivers (Mtghdfa)
Recession (Kadyr)
Recidivism (Hvr)
Recidivists (Mswac)
Reciprocating engines --> Piston engines (Qtbmbebjp)
Reckless drivers (Mtghdfcs)
Reclaimed asphalt pavements (Pmrcppbc)
Reclaimed materials --> Waste products (Rbmdu)
Reclaimed rubber (Rbmdqdrr)
Recommendations (Cwt)
Reconnaissance (Xky)
Reconstruction (Fmbn)
Reconstruction of accidents --> Accident reconstruction (Hbxr)
Recording (Dsmbr)
Recording instruments (Gur)
Recordkeeping (Cgrk)
Records management (Cgr)
Recreation (Ccbkxr)
Recreational facilities (Pfq)
Recreational roads (Pmrccpp)
Recreational trips (Bmkhq)
Recreational vehicles (Qbddkq)
Recruiting (Ccbbr)
Recruitment --> Recruiting (Ccbbr)
Rectangles (Upbr)
Rectifiers (Qtbcin)
Recycled materials (Rbmdum)
Recycling (Jfkyr)
Red (Rkocr)
Red interval (Traffic signal cycle) (Dcmthcskjr)
Red light running (Huvmr)
Redevelopment (Epdrdr)
Reduction (Chemistry) (Sccr)
Reduction gears (Qpoxgs)
Redundancy (Esdr)
Redundant frames --> Statically indeterminate frames (Pbpbgj)
Reefs (Vmr)
Reference systems --> Referencing (Esmsfq)
Referencing (Esmsfq)
Refining (Fcbu)
Reflectance (Physics) --> Reflectivity (Rkor)
Reflecting road studs --> Reflectorized road markings (Dcmthrurr)
Reflection (Sfrwbr)
Reflection cracking (Smfdpbr)
Reflective signs (Dcmthrkkr)
Reflectivity (Rkor)
Reflectometers (Gumepr)
Reflectorized materials (Rbmujv)
Reflectorized paint (Rbmnfnr)
Reflectorized road markings (Dcmthrurr)
Reflectors --> Reflectorized materials (Rbmujv)
Reforestation (Jnrrkt)
Reformulated gasoline (Rbfumgx)
Refraction (Sfrwbs)
Refractive materials (Rbmujx)
Refractivity (Rker)
Refractory materials (Rbmdytr)
Refrigerants (Rbmnhr)
Refrigerated cargo (Bhgr)
Refrigerated ships (Qbhdfr)
Refrigeration (Fcdtcr)
Refrigeration (Bramr)
Refrigeration systems (Pbpvcr)
Refrigerator cars (Qbfmkfcr)
Refrigerator trucks (Qbddfkk)
Refrigerators (Qtpmcr)
Refueling (Fmvr)
Refuse (Jfkbp)
Refuse disposal --> Waste disposal (Jfkyd)
Regenerative braking (Smeykr)
Regenerators (Qtbcir)
Regional airlines (Nbbcbd)
Regional analysis (Kxqa)
Regional development (Kxq)
Regional economics (Tgmt)
Regional government (Ngdr)
Regional jets (Qbkfr)
Regional planning (Epdumr)
Regional railroads (Nbbcgf)
Regional transportation (Afg)
Regions (Vwq)
Registers (Xxl)
Registration (Crg)
Registration fees (Cfkr)
Registrations (Crgr)
Registry (Brscr)
Regression --> Regression analysis (Uss)
Regression analysis (Uss)
Regulation (Crf)
Regulations (Crft)
Regulatory constraints (Crfx)
Regulatory policy --> Policy (Cra)
Regulatory reform (Crfw)
Regulatory signs (Dcmthrkbr)
Regur --> Black cotton soils (Rbespbcb)
Rehabilitation (Drivers) --> Driver rehabilitation (Hawttdu)
Rehabilitation (Maintenance) (Fmbk)
Reheating (Fcdthu)
Reinforced concrete (Rbmdhcbt)
Reinforced concrete bridges (Pdybmmcr)
Reinforced concrete culverts (Pdyrdcr)
Reinforced concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmmr)
Reinforced concrete pipe (Rbmdxnpcr)
Reinforced concrete retaining walls (Pdxrr)
Reinforced earth (Rbmdbj)
Reinforced plastics (Rbmdqq)
Reinforcement (Engineering) (Fcbygx)
Reinforcing bars (Rbmdxar)
Reinforcing materials (Rbmued)
Reinforcing steel (Rbmdkdfseh)
Relational databases (Xbkgdr)
Relative density --> Specific gravity (Rkpds)
Relative time (Wr)
Relaxation (Mechanics) (Smber)
Relaxation tests (Gbgt)
Relays (Electricity) (Qtbcr)
Reliability (Qvr)
Reliability (Statistics) (Ust)
Relief valves --> Pressure relief valves (Qtbmyxp)
Relieving platforms (Pdxtr)
Relocation (Facilities) (Esmkr)
Relocation assistance (Cfhgffr)
Remanufacturing (Cpmt)
Remolded clay soils (Rbmdbmc)
Remolded soils (Rbmdbm)
Remote checkin --> Automated checkin (Bdke)
Remote control (Dcgu)
Remote detectors --> Remote sensing (Dmbr)
Remote sensing (Dmbr)
Remote sensors --> Remote sensing (Dmbr)
Remotely piloted aircraft (Qbkomhr)
Renewable energy sources (Jnaer)
Rent (Cqdr)
Rental cars (Qbddhmckt)
Reorganization (Cygd)
Repair --> Repairing (Fmbr)
Repair and maintenance businesses (Nbm)
Repair industry --> Repair and maintenance businesses (Nbm)
Repairing (Fmbr)
Repaving --> Resurfacing (Fmuhpr)
Repeal (Crebr)
Repeat offenders (Mswab)
Repeated loads (Smimr)
Replacement (Chemistry) (Sccs)
Replacement of equipment --> Equipment replacement (Fmy)
Report forms --> Forms (Documents) (Xxu)
Reports (Xxr)
Reports of visits (Xxrv)
Repositories (Pfsr)
Representative samples (Statistics) (Uswt)
Representative samples (Testing) (Gvmx)
Reprints (Xxbr)
Reproduction (Biology) (Jdr)
Requests for proposals --> Solicitations (Cuas)
Reregulation (Crfr)
Rescue equipment (Qtpser)
Research (Xkb)
Research and educational facilities (Pfr)
Research management (Cw)
Research projects (Xkbr)
Research reports (Xxrr)
Research ships (Qbhkr)
Researchers (Mssr)
Reservation systems (Bbps)
Reservations (Bbp)
Reservoirs (Pmhsfr)
Residential areas (Vwv)
Residential buildings --> Dwellings (Pff)
Residential location (Cqm)
Residential streets (Pmrccpr)
Residents (Mkhr)
Residual fuels (Rbfpr)
Residual oils (Rbmdpps)
Residual shear strength (Rkmarr)
Residual soils (Rbesjr)
Residual strength (Rkmam)
Residual stress (Smvq)
Residues --> Waste products (Rbmdu)
Resilience (Rkmm)
Resins (Rbmdqr)
Resistance (Electricity) (Sew)
Resistance (Mechanics) (Rkmkk)
Resistance tests (Gbgvr)
Resisting moments (Smumr)
Resistivity (Electricity) --> Electrical resistivity (Rkeh)
Resistivity method (Jnrrbegr)
Resistivity surveys --> Resistivity method (Jnrrbegr)
Resistors (Qtbcs)
Resonance (Sex)
Resonance frequency (Sexf)
Resonant frequency --> Resonance frequency (Sexf)
Resource allocation (Epdrq)
Resource development (Jnrr)
Resource development and utilization (Jnr)
Resource extraction (Jnrrb)
Resource utilization (Jnru)
Resources --> Natural resources (Jn)
Respiration --> Respiratory system (Myvr)
Respiratory system (Myvr)
Rest areas --> Roadside rest areas (Pmruq)
Rest periods (Ccbkhr)
Restaurants (Pfcr)
Restoration ecology (Tpdgr)
Restraint systems (Qpqr)
Restructuring (Cyf)
Resurfacing (Fmuhpr)
Resuscitation (Hper)
Retail trade (Cta)
Retaining walls (Pdxr)
Retardants --> Retarders (Chemistry) (Rbctkr)
Retarder control (Dctr)
Retarders (Chemistry) (Rbctkr)
Retarders (Concrete) (Rbctkrc)
Retarders (Concrete) (Rbmdhcjr)
Retirement (Ccbur)
Retraining (Cetr)
Retreaded tires (Qpmtbr)
Retrofitting (Fmbm)
Retroreflection (Sfrwbrt)
Retroreflectivity (Rkorr)
Retroreflectors (Rbmujvr)
Return on investment (Cgaft)
Revealed preferences (Kadbpr)
Revegetation (Jnrrkr)
Revenue management --> Yield management (Cfady)
Revenues (Cfa)
Reverberation (Sbvr)
Reverse commuting (Bmnb)
Reversible motors (Qtbmbmp)
Reversible traffic lanes (Pmrcpmr)
Reversing (Driving) --> Backing (Driving) (Dcnbsta)
Revetments (Pmhdr)
Reviews (Xxq)
Revocation (Crhymr)
Reynolds number (Sav)
Reynolds stress (Smvr)
RFID --> Radio frequency identification (Dmbjs)
RFPs --> Solicitations (Cuas)
Rheological properties (Rkmls)
Rheology (Tpxsr)
Ribs (Myhr)
Ribs (Aircraft) (Qpgybb)
Rickshaws (Qbdhr)
Ride quality (Bbs)
Ridership (Bfhmr)
Ridesharing (Bmr)
Riding qualities (Qcpt)
Right angle collisions (Hbbgtcsa)
Right of way (Land) (Cqe)
Right of way (Traffic) (Crftrr)
Right turn lanes (Pmrcpmxr)
Right turn on red (Bthurr)
Right turns (Bthur)
Rigid pavements (Pmrcppbdr)
Rigid structures (Pbcr)
Rigidity --> Stiffness (Rkmq)
Ring roads --> Beltways (Pmrccnf)
Ring stress (Jbgyrr)
Rings (Devices) (Qtput)
Ripping --> Tearing (Smft)
Riprap (Pmhdt)
Riser pipe (Rbmdxnpr)
Risers (Geology) (Vgfhsr)
Risk (Hk)
Risk analysis (Cnba)
Risk assessment (Hay)
Risk assessment (Hka)
Risk management (Cnb)
Risk taking (Mxpbr)
River basins (Vgfr)
River currents (Jbhl)
River flow --> Streamflow (Jbhi)
River gages --> Stream gages (Gumys)
River ice (Jbhyjpr)
River ports (Pmhbmpcm)
River protective works --> Coast and river protective works (Pmhd)
River regulation (Fcfhhr)
Riverbanks --> Banks (Waterways) (Pmhjyb)
Riverbeds --> Streambeds (Pmhjyes)
Rivers (Vsjf)
Rivets (Rbmnkr)
Ro/ro shipping --> Roll on roll off shipping (Aesfr)
Ro/ro ships --> Roll on roll off ships (Qbhdfp)
Road authorities --> Highway departments (Nggkd)
Road construction (Fcff)
Road construction industry (Nceh)
Road construction workers (Msekra)
Road crews (Msekr)
Road curves --> Highway curves (Pmrckc)
Road design --> Highway design (Esush)
Road embankments --> Embankments (Pdxe)
Road engineering --> Highway engineering (Ttkfwh)
Road freight vehicles --> Trucks (Qbddf)
Road humps (Artificial) --> Speed control humps (Dcmthrx)
Road kill (Hjhxr)
Road machinery --> Roadbuilding machinery (Qtpbcr)
Road maintenance --> Highway maintenance (Fmuh)
Road marking materials (Rbmumtths)
Road marking tapes (Rbmumtthsu)
Road markings (Dcmthru)
Road materials (Rbmumtth)
Road meters (Gumsrr)
Road networks --> Roads (Pmrc)
Road pricing (Cfspr)
Road rage (Mxqar)
Road raters (Gumsjr)
Road rollers (Qtpbcrr)
Road rollers (Qtpbcbrr)
Road safety --> Highway safety (Haath)
Road shoulders (Pmrcps)
Road studs --> Raised road markings (Dcmthrur)
Road surfaces --> Surface course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmb)
Road tankers --> Tank trucks (Qbddfkt)
Road tests (Gbbvr)
Road transport informatics --> Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
Road transportation --> Highway transportation (Aegh)
Road weather information systems (Dsfpdp)
Roadbase --> Base course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppme)
Roadbed materials --> Subgrade materials (Rbmuejpt)
Roadbeds --> Subgrade (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmr)
Roadblocks (Hrkr)
Roadbuilding machinery (Qtpbcr)
Roadbuilding materials --> Road materials (Rbmumtth)
Roads (Pmrc)
Roadside (Pmrcpr)
Roadside advertising (Chqr)
Roadside animals --> Roadside fauna (Jcmbrf)
Roadside delineators --> Highway delineators (Dcmthre)
Roadside development --> Roadside improvement (Esumr)
Roadside fauna (Jcmbrf)
Roadside flora (Jcmbrm)
Roadside flora and fauna (Jcmbr)
Roadside hazards (Hbkgar)
Roadside improvement (Esumr)
Roadside memorials (Pmrcprm)
Roadside plants --> Roadside flora (Jcmbrm)
Roadside recovery areas --> Clear zones (Pmrcprc)
Roadside rest areas (Pmruq)
Roadside structures (Pmrcprs)
Roadside to vehicle communications --> Vehicle to roadside communications (Dsbnu)
Roadway --> Traffic lanes (Pmrcpm)
Roadway departure accidents --> Ran off road accidents (Hbbgtaj)
Roadway guidance markers (Dcnsyhr)
Roadway lighting --> Street lighting (Pmpv)
Roadwork --> Highway maintenance (Fmuh)
Robot vision (Dmbjjcr)
Robotics (Ttkns)
Robots (Dcjr)
Rock --> Rocks (Rber)
Rock asphalt --> Asphalt rock (Rbeusbf)
Rock bolting (Fcacjbr)
Rock core (Rberbc)
Rock crystals (Rberrtr)
Rock cutting --> Rock excavation (Fcfxer)
Rock disintegration --> Rock fracture (Smfdr)
Rock drilling (Fcfxerr)
Rock excavation (Fcfxer)
Rock fills --> Rockfills (Pdxtfr)
Rock fracture (Smfdr)
Rock in building (Rbmddr)
Rock jointing (Smfdrj)
Rock mechanics (Tpnps)
Rock pressure --> Ground pressure (Smipcg)
Rock salt --> Halite (Rberrp)
Rock slopes (Vgfhss)
Rockbolts (Rbmnkbr)
Rocket sleds (Qbddkxdr)
Rockfalls (Jbgemq)
Rockfill dams (Pmhmbr)
Rockfills (Pdxtfr)
Rocking (Smdpq)
Rocking (Qdrr)
Rocks (Rber)
Rocks by properties (Rbert)
Rockslides (Jbgemr)
Rodents (Jcbtvur)
Rods (Rbmdxas)
Roll bars (Qpqt)
Roll on roll off shipping (Aesfr)
Roll on roll off ships (Qbhdfp)
Rolled asphalt (Rbmdpbr)
Roller bearings (Qtbmydsr)
Roller compacted concrete (Rbmdhcbu)
Roller compacted concrete pavements (Pmrcppbmms)
Rollers (Qtpbcbr)
Rolling (Smdpr)
Rolling (Qdsm)
Rolling contact (Smdr)
Rolling friction (Smdjr)
Rolling load tests --> Load tests (Gbgp)
Rolling resistance (Smdjrr)
Rolling stock (Qbdb)
Rollover accidents (Hbbgtat)
ROM --> Read only memory (Qtpxmpbds)
Roofing --> Roofs (Pbpbp)
Roofs (Pbpbp)
Rooms (Pbpbm)
Roots (Jcbpyr)
Rope (Rbmdxqr)
Rope, wire and cable (Rbmdxq)
Rotary combustion engines --> Wankel engines (Qtbmbebjw)
Rotary drilling (Fcamr)
Rotary engines (Qtbmbebjr)
Rotary intersections --> Traffic circles (Pmrcpjfcm)
Rotary wing aircraft (Qbkmr)
Rotation (Smdps)
Rotation moment --> Torque (Smdpst)
Rotational landslides (Jbgemt)
Rotor blades (Qphrb)
Rotors (Qphr)
Roughness (Rkptr)
Roughness coefficient (Rkwr)
Roughometers --> Road meters (Gumsrr)
Roundabouts (Pmrcpjfcmr)
Rounded aggregates (Rbmddcjr)
Route (Itinerary) --> Itinerary (Bkrb)
Route choice (Bkr)
Route guidance (Dsfpdr)
Route selection --> Route choice (Bkr)
Route signs (Dcmthrkbgr)
Route surveying (Esmsrr)
Routes (Bbhe)
Routes and routing (Bbh)
Routing (Bbhr)
RTI --> Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
Rubber (Rbmdqdr)
Rubber coatings (Rbmnfcur)
Rubber compounds (Rbmdqdrc)
Rubber tires --> Tires (Qpmt)
Rubberized asphalt --> Asphalt rubber (Rbmdpbyper)
Rubberized bitumen (Rbmdpcr)
Rubble (Rbmdup)
Rubble mound breakwaters (Pmhdcr)
Rubblization --> Comminution (Fcbb)
Rudders (Qpjyq)
Rumble strips (Dcmthruu)
Run cutting (Brubc)
Run through trains (Brratr)
Running off roadway --> Ran off road accidents (Hbbgtaj)
Running speed (Bthsr)
Running time (Wrm)
Runoff (Jbhp)
Runway incursions (Hbbar)
Runway overruns (Hbbat)
Runways (Aeronautics) --> Airport runways (Pmfcgmr)
Rupture surfaces (Jbgyp)
Rupturing --> Rock fracture (Smfdr)
Rural areas (Vwr)
Rural development (Kxr)
Rural highways (Pmrccer)
Rural roads --> Rural highways (Pmrccer)
Rural transit (Afma)
Rural transportation (Afm)
Rural travel (Bmfr)
Rush hour --> Peak hour traffic (Btbp)
Rust control --> Rust prevention (Fccmcr)
Rust prevention (Fccmcr)
Rusting (Scphr)
Rustproofing --> Rust prevention (Fccmcr)
Ruts (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbyr)
Rutting (Smbr)
RWIS --> Road weather information systems (Dsfpdp)
S band (Sfrwbfrss)
S waves (Smws)
Sabotage (Huds)
Sacrificial anodes (Rbctbs)
Safety (Ha)
Safety and security (H)
Safety appliances --> Safety equipment (Qtps)
Safety audits (Hawa)
Safety belts --> Manual safety belts (Qpqrm)
Safety campaigns (Hawc)
Safety cars --> Safety vehicles (Qbddkxs)
Safety devices --> Safety equipment (Qtps)
Safety education (Hawt)
Safety engineering (Ttknv)
Safety engineering (Hau)
Safety equipment (Qtps)
Safety factors (Has)
Safety glass (Rbmdfms)
Safety harnesses --> Shoulder harnesses (Qpqrmt)
Safety hats (Qtpsch)
Safety management (Hawm)
Safety measures --> Safety (Ha)
Safety programs (Haw)
Safety propaganda (Hawp)
Safety valves (Qtbmyxv)
Safety vehicles (Qbddkxs)
Sailing ships (Qbhpw)
Sailors --> Merchant seamen (Mtjs)
Sails (Qpjyr)
Salaries (Ccbmbs)
Salaries and benefits --> Employee compensation (Ccbm)
Sales (Cfs)
Sales tax (Cfdas)
Saline soils (Rbespbs)
Saline water --> Seawater (Rbdms)
Salinity (Rkcbs)
Saliva (Mxbds)
Salmon (Jcbtvbt)
Salt fog tests (Gbcfs)
Salt spray tests --> Salt fog tests (Gbcfs)
Salt water --> Seawater (Rbdms)
Salt water areas (Vss)
Salts (Rbcgs)
Salvage (Jfkys)
Samplers (Gus)
Samples (Gvm)
Samples, specimens and test holes (Gv)
Sampling (Gt)
Sampling (Statistics) --> Statistical sampling (Usw)
Sanctions (Csj)
Sand (Rbesgs)
Sand asphalt --> Asphaltic sand (Rbesgsb)
Sand blasting (Jbgpr)
Sand deposits (Rbesgsp)
Sand drains (Pmhpdfr)
Sand equivalent test (Gbbmbs)
Sanders (Qtptms)
Sanding (Fcbws)
Sandstones (Rberht)
Sandwich construction (Fcbyfs)
Sandy clays (Rbesgcn)
Sandy gravels (Rbesggs)
Sandy soils (Rbesgsq)
Sanitary engineering (Ttkfp)
Sanitary facilities --> Sewerage structures (Pmhv)
Sanitary landfills (Pfwms)
Sanitary sewers (Pmhvu)
Satellite communication (Dsbq)
Satellite emplaning structures --> Satellite terminals (Airports) (Pmfcgcs)
Satellite infrared spectrometers (Gumpfss)
Satellite navigation systems (Dcnsbt)
Satellite terminals (Airports) (Pmfcgcs)
Satellites --> Artificial satellites (Qbnc)
Saturated soils (Rbespms)
Saturation --> Percent saturation (Rkpmp)
Saturation flow (Bthfh)
Savings (Kadt)
Sawdust (Rbmdufs)
Sawed joints (Pbpbht)
Sawing (Fcbdm)
Saws (Qtptr)
Scaffolds (Pbpbvfs)
Scale models (Gws)
Scales --> Weighing devices (Gumsy)
Scaling (Concrete) (Sccyr)
Scaling factor (Stjs)
Scanners (Dmgs)
Scanners (Qtpxs)
Scantlings (Pbpbvvss)
Scarifying (Fcbdt)
Scattering (Sfrwbt)
Scenarios --> Forecasting (Epdmf)
Scenic byways --> Scenic highways (Pmrcces)
Scenic corridors --> Scenic highways (Pmrcces)
Scenic easements (Cqegs)
Scenic highways (Pmrcces)
Schedule maintenance (Bbjk)
Schedules (Bbjf)
Schedules and scheduling (Bbj)
Scheduling (Epdrs)
Scheduling (Bbjh)
Schist (Rberms)
School bus drivers (Mtghdcbs)
School bus passengers (Mwau)
School buses (Qbddhpbkk)
School children (Mbe)
School crossings (Pmrtpcd)
School dropouts (Mesx)
School patrols (Harp)
School safety (Har)
School trips (Bmkht)
Schools (Ndes)
Science (Tp)
Scientific method (Xkby)
Scientific personnel (Mss)
Scientists (Msss)
Scintillation counters (Dmgdex)
Scooters (Qbdhs)
Scoring (Concrete) (Fcbygv)
Scour (Jbyn)
Scrap (Rbmdur)
Scrap metal (Rbmdurs)
Scrap yards --> Junkyards (Pfwj)
Scrapping --> Waste disposal (Jfkyd)
Screeds (Qtpbcrs)
Screenings (Rbmdxmv)
Screens (Rbmdxcq)
Screw propellers (Qphpbn)
Screwdrivers (Qtptt)
Screws (Rbmnks)
Scrubbers (Qtpeds)
Sea ice (Jbhyjps)
Sea level (Jbhx)
Sea walls (Pmhdv)
Sea water --> Seawater (Rbdms)
Seabeds --> Ocean bottom (Vssbb)
Seafood (Bhgfs)
Seakeeping (Brsdk)
Seal coating (Fcffr)
Seal coating methods (Fmuhps)
Seal coats (Pmrcpppmbs)
Sealants --> Sealing compounds (Rbmnfs)
Sealers --> Sealing compounds (Rbmnfs)
Sealing (Technology) (Fccds)
Sealing compounds (Rbmnfs)
Seals (Devices) (Qtpuv)
Seamen --> Merchant seamen (Mtjs)
Seams (Pbpbhu)
Seaplanes (Qbky)
Seaports (Pmhbmpcp)
Search and rescue operations (Hhgr)
Search and seizure (Hrbs)
Search radar (Dcnsbqm)
Seas (Vssg)
Seasonally frozen ground (Rbespfhs)
Seasons (Web)
Seat backs (Qpeysyb)
Seat belt usage --> Seat belt use (Qpqrmpu)
Seat belt use (Qpqrmpu)
Seat belts (Qpqrmp)
Seating --> Seats (Qpeys)
Seats (Qpeys)
Seats (Qtpos)
Seawater (Rbdms)
Seaworthiness (Haavsh)
Seaworthiness (Qcfs)
Secant (Updv)
Secondary collisions (Hbbgtcw)
Secondary consolidation (Srvcs)
Secondary roads (Pmrccjs)
Secondary school students --> High school students (Mesb)
Sectioning (Fcbdw)
Securing and joining equipment (Qtpu)
Securities (Cfes)
Security (Hs)
Security checkpoints (Hsc)
Security delay --> Flight delays (Bbjkmd)
Security measures --> Security (Hs)
Sedatives (Hpgms)
Sediment discharge (Jbhr)
Sedimentary rocks (Rberh)
Sedimentation (Jbgps)
Sediments (Rbebs)
Seeding (Fcfms)
Seeds (Jcbpys)
Seepage (Jbhs)
Seepage (Smdffr)
Seepage control (Fcfhs)
Segmental construction (Fcbygu)
Segmentation (Communications) (Dsmmp)
Segregation (Aggregates) (Smfr)
Seismic design --> Earthquake resistant design (Esdc)
Seismic isolation --> Base isolation (Esdcb)
Seismic prospecting (Jnrrbegs)
Seismic waves --> Elastic waves (Smwe)
Seismicity (Jbgpt)
Seismographs (Gurs)
Seismology (Tpnpu)
Seismometers (Gumps)
Selection and appointment (Ccbb)
Selective calling systems (Dsbppv)
Selenium (Rbcefhr)
Self adjusting systems --> Self organizing systems (Dcgbs)
Self compacting concrete (Rbmdhcbv)
Self consolidating concrete --> Self compacting concrete (Rbmdhcbv)
Self describing data (Dsbbs)
Self diagnostic routines (Gbber)
Self evaluation (Ccbrqs)
Self insurance (Cnw)
Self optimizing systems --> Self organizing systems (Dcgbs)
Self organizing systems (Dcgbs)
Self tests --> Self diagnostic routines (Gbber)
Selling --> Sales (Cfs)
Semi traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbts)
Semiactuated traffic signal controllers --> Semi traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbts)
Semiannual (Wikh)
Semiconductor devices (Qtbeq)
Semiconductors (Rbmuhvg)
Seminars --> Workshops (Xkw)
Semisubmersibles (Qbhus)
Semitrailers --> Trailers (Qbddfct)
Senior citizens --> Aged (Mbpe)
Sensible heat --> Enthalpy (Rkte)
Sensitive clays (Rbesgcp)
Sensitivity (Dchp)
Sensitivity analysis (Uhv)
Sensor fusion --> Data fusion (Xbkdd)
Sensors (Dmgu)
Separators (Rbmdxssf)
Septic tanks (Qtpkts)
Sequencing (Cpks)
Sequential analysis (Usv)
Serials (Xxf)
Series production (Cpgs)
Service agencies (Nd)
Service by length of haul (Bbf)
Service discontinuance (Bbt)
Service disruption (Bbx)
Service industries --> Businesses (Nb)
Service life (Ess)
Service quality --> Quality of service (Bbr)
Service roads (Pmrccps)
Service stations (Pmrur)
Service time (Bbjp)
Serviceability (Est)
Serviceability of specific facilities or equipment (Esty)
Servomechanisms (Dcjs)
Servomotors (Dcjss)
Set forward force (Smit)
Sets (Ubds)
Sett --> Paving stones (Rbmddtp)
Setting (Concrete) (Sccys)
Setting out (Surveying) (Esmsfs)
Settings (Traffic signals) --> Traffic signal timing (Dcmthcsv)
Settlement (Structures) (Jbyp)
Settling --> Settlement (Structures) (Jbyp)
Sewage collection (Jfgywsc)
Sewage disposal (Jfgywsx)
Sewage holding tanks (Pmhvs)
Sewage treatment (Jfgywsm)
Sewage treatment plants (Pmhvt)
Sewer access holes --> Manholes (Pmhpdq)
Sewer pipe (Rbmdxnps)
Sewerage (Jfgyws)
Sewerage structures (Pmhv)
Sewers (Pmhpds)
Sexual harassment (Ccbph)
Shadow tolls (Bbkts)
Shadow vehicles (Qtpbmq)
Shaft bearings (Qtbmyds)
Shaft sinking (Fcfxes)
Shafts (Machinery) (Qtbmyq)
Shakedown tests (Gbbeq)
Shaking table test (Gbbmrp)
Shale (Rberhu)
Shale oil (Rbmdykt)
Shallow draft ships (Qbhwx)
Shape (Rkpts)
Shared parking (Brddms)
Shatterproof glass --> Nonshattering glass (Rbmdfmsn)
Shear modulus (Rkmyv)
Shear properties (Rkmn)
Shear rate (Smdffis)
Shear reinforcement (Fcbygxs)
Shear resistance --> Shear strength (Rkmar)
Shear strain (Smbss)
Shear strength (Rkmar)
Shear stress (Smvs)
Shear tests (Gbbmrq)
Shear walls (Pbpbws)
Shear waves --> S waves (Smws)
Shear zones (Jbgyr)
Shearing strength --> Shear strength (Rkmar)
Shears (Tools) (Qtptes)
Sheathing (Rbmdxsr)
Sheepsfoot rollers (Qtpbcbrs)
Sheet asphalt (Rbmdpbs)
Sheet metal (Rbmdxssm)
Sheet molding compounds (Rbmdxssp)
Sheet pile walls (Pdxrs)
Sheet piles --> Sheet piling (Pbpbvvms)
Sheet piling (Pbpbvvms)
Sheeting --> Sheathing (Rbmdxsr)
Sheets (Rbmdxss)
Sheets and plates (Rbmdxs)
Shell structures --> Shells (Structural forms) (Pbpbt)
Shellfish (Jcmbbs)
Shelling (Metals) (Scphv)
Shells (Structural forms) (Pbpbt)
Shells (Zoology) (Rbmdmbs)
Shelters (Pfys)
SHF --> Superhigh frequency (Sfrwbfrw)
Shield driving --> Shielding (Tunneling) (Fcfxts)
Shielding (Tunneling) (Fcfxts)
Shields (Tunnels) (Pdvtbss)
Shifts (Ccbkhs)
Shingles (Rbmdxus)
Ship agencies (Nbcs)
Ship bodies (Qpbbs)
Ship bridges --> Bridges (Ships) (Qpecb)
Ship brokers (Nbct)
Ship classification (Brsdc)
Ship collisions (Hbbmc)
Ship construction --> Shipbuilding (Fcvs)
Ship control --> Ship pilotage (Dcnbscs)
Ship conversion (Fcvsc)
Ship crews (Mtjc)
Ship decks --> Decks (Ships) (Qpgysd)
Ship dynamics --> Ship motion (Qds)
Ship handling --> Ship pilotage (Dcnbscs)
Ship lines (Nbbcm)
Ship management (Brsde)
Ship maneuvering --> Maneuvering (Dcnbscsn)
Ship motion (Qds)
Ship navigational aids (Dcnsys)
Ship navigators (Mtjh)
Ship officers (Mtjd)
Ship operations (Brsd)
Ship outfitting (Brsdj)
Ship personnel --> Shipboard personnel (Mtj)
Ship pilotage (Dcnbscs)
Ship pilots (Mtjg)
Ship registration --> Registry (Brscr)
Ship simulators (Qtpstss)
Ship structural components (Qpgys)
Ship trials (Gbbvs)
Ship's documents --> Ship's papers (Brsdb)
Ship's papers (Brsdb)
Shipboard personnel (Mtj)
Shipbuilding (Fcvs)
Shipbuilding materials (Rbmuvs)
Shipbuilding steel (Rbmdkdfsep)
Shipment of goods --> Shipments (Bn)
Shipments (Bn)
Shipper demand (Bnk)
Shippers associations (Nsas)
Shipping (Aesb)
Shipping companies --> Ship lines (Nbbcm)
Shipping conferences (Nsass)
Shipping containers --> Containers (Qtpke)
Ships (Qbh)
Ships by motive power (Qbhp)
Ships by ownership (Qbho)
Ships by size (Qbhw)
Shipwrecks (Hbbma)
Shipyard personnel (Mses)
Shipyards (Pmhbmy)
Shock (Mechanics) (Smdfbs)
Shock (Pathology) (Hmdbs)
Shock absorbers (Qpiyn)
Shock resistance (Rkmo)
Shock tests --> Impact tests (Gbgn)
Shock waves (Smdfbss)
Shoppers (Msyms)
Shopping (Chv)
Shopping centers (Pfcsc)
Shopping centres --> Shopping centers (Pfcsc)
Shopping facilities (Pfcs)
Shopping trips (Bmkhs)
Shops --> Shopping facilities (Pfcs)
Shore protection (Fcfhbs)
Shore protective works --> Coast and river protective works (Pmhd)
Shorelines --> Coasts (Vmbd)
Shores --> Coasts (Vmbd)
Shoring (Fcaxs)
Short circuits (Segr)
Short haul (Bbfk)
Short line railroads (Nbbcga)
Short message service --> Text messaging (Dsmbt)
Short range planning (Epdmp)
Short sea shipping (Aesbe)
Short takeoff and landing aircraft --> STOL aircraft (Qbkmj)
Shortages (Kadu)
Shortest path algorithms (Ubmgq)
Shotcrete (Rbmdhcbrs)
Shoulder (Myf)
Shoulder harnesses (Qpqrmt)
Shoulders (Roads) --> Road shoulders (Pmrcps)
Shredding (Fcbbs)
Shrimp (Jcbtjcs)
Shrink swell soils --> Vertisols (Rbespmz)
Shrinkage (Srvks)
Shrinkage compensating cement --> Expansive cement (Rbmdfch)
Shrinkage compensating concrete --> Expansive concrete (Rbmdhcbe)
Shrinkage limit (Rkmyas)
Shrouded propellers (Qphpbp)
Shrubs (Jcbps)
Shuttle buses (Qbddhpbks)
Shuttle service (Bbfks)
SI units --> Metric system (Gmym)
Side air bags (Qpqrpbs)
Side collisions (Hbbgtcs)
Side impact collisions --> Side collisions (Hbbgtcs)
Side lighting (Qpumbs)
Side looking radar (Dcnsbqp)
Side windows (Qpbcws)
Sideswiping accidents --> Side collisions (Hbbgtcs)
Sidewalks (Pmrtps)
Sideways collisions --> Side collisions (Hbbgtcs)
Siding (Rbmdxst)
Sidings (Railroads) (Pmudks)
Sieve analysis (Gbju)
Sieves (Gumsss)
Sieving --> Sieve analysis (Gbju)
Sight distance (Btht)
Sign sheeting (Dsgrp)
Sign supports (Pbpbvvr)
Signal control --> Signalization (Dcmthcs)
Signal devices (Dsgp)
Signal equipment --> Signal devices (Dsgp)
Signal face (Dcmthrrsbhf)
Signal generators (Gumpfr)
Signal head (Dcmthrrsbh)
Signal lamps --> Signal face (Dcmthrrsbhf)
Signal lights (Dsgpk)
Signal processing (Dsmmr)
Signal to noise ratio (Dsmrns)
Signaling (Dsbr)
Signalisation --> Signalization (Dcmthcs)
Signalised intersections --> Signalized intersections (Pmrcpjfch)
Signalization (Dcmthcs)
Signalized intersections (Pmrcpjfch)
Signalling --> Signaling (Dsbr)
Signals (Dsmbs)
Significance (Statistics) (Usrs)
Signing --> Signs (Dsgr)
Signs (Dsgr)
Silane (Rbcgnuc)
Silica (Rberrv)
Silica fume (Rbmdut)
Silica gel (Rbcgnuf)
Silica sands (Rbesgsr)
Silica stone (Rberhv)
Silicates (Rbcgnuh)
Silicon (Rbceffs)
Silicon alloys (Rbmdkds)
Silicon carbide (Rbcgnum)
Silicon compounds (Rbcgcu)
Silicon dioxide (Rbcgnup)
Silicon inorganic compounds (Rbcgnu)
Silicon nitride (Rbcgnut)
Silicones (Rbmdqs)
Silos (Pfss)
Siltation --> Silting (Jbyq)
Silting (Jbyq)
Silting up --> Silting (Jbyq)
Silts (Rbesgt)
Siltstones (Rberhy)
Silty clays (Rbesgcr)
Silty loams (Rbesgtm)
Silty sands (Rbesgss)
Silver (Rbcefdq)
Simplex method (Ubmgs)
Simulated annealing (Ubkps)
Simulation (Ubms)
Simultaneous engineering --> Concurrent engineering (Ttknb)
Simultaneous equations (Udfes)
Sine curves (Upbes)
Single family dwellings (Pffs)
Single lane traffic (Btbs)
Single occupant vehicles (Bkvs)
Single point moorings (Pmhbmpmmp)
Single point urban interchanges (Pmrcpjscds)
Single track (Pmudbs)
Single vehicle accidents (Hbbgta)
Sinkholes (Jbgyt)
Sinking (Oceanography) (Jbhms)
Sintering (Fcbyjsn)
Sinusoids --> Sine curves (Upbes)
Sirens (Qpuhs)
Site distance --> Visibility distance (Hasvd)
Site remediation --> Soil remediation (Jfgys)
Site selection --> Location (Esmk)
Site surveys --> Surveying (Esms)
Size (Rkpvs)
Size and weight regulations (Crftp)
Sizing apparatus (Gumss)
Skating (Ccbkxrj)
Skegs (Qpgyss)
Skeletal system (Mys)
Sketch planning (Epdmq)
Skew bridges (Pdybmdr)
Skewed distributions (Usydv)
Skewed structures (Pbct)
Skid resistance (Rkptt)
Skid resistance tests (Gbks)
Skid trailers (Qbddkxw)
Skidding (Hbcvs)
Skidding (Qdms)
Skidmarks (Hbxbbs)
Skids (Qpmys)
Skin (Mybd)
Skin and hair system (Myb)
Skin friction (Smdjs)
Skin injuries (Hjpb)
Skin resistance (Rkehs)
Skull (Mydd)
Skull fractures (Hjpds)
Sky marshalls --> Sky marshals (Msxus)
Sky marshals (Msxus)
Skyjacking (Huthf)
Slab on grade (Pbpbus)
Slabs (Pbpbu)
Slag (Rbmduv)
Slag cement (Rbmdfcu)
Slag coarse aggregates (Rbmddccbs)
Slaking (Smfhs)
Slamming (Qdsp)
Slamming (Smdms)
Slate (Rbermt)
Slave locomotives (Qbfmccp)
Sled tests (Hjrcs)
Sleep (Mxbr)
Sleep deprivation (Hbchs)
Sleep disorders (Mxbrd)
Sleepers --> Railroad ties (Pmudku)
Sleeping cars (Qbfmkhw)
Sleeves (Electricity) (Qtbct)
Sliding forms (Pbpbves)
Sliding friction (Smdjt)
Sliding mode control (Dcgw)
Slings (Qtphms)
Slip (Fluid mechanics) (Smdffs)
Slip bases --> Breakaway supports (Pbpbvc)
Slip form pavers (Qtpbcrps)
Slip form paving (Fcffps)
Slip resistance (Rkmlt)
Slip roads --> Approach roads (Pmrccnd)
Slip surfaces (Jbgyv)
Slippage (Leakage) (Qvfms)
Slippage loss --> Slippage (Leakage) (Qvfms)
Slipperiness (Rkptu)
Slipping and falling accidents --> Falls (Hbbw)
Slope failure (Jbgpxf)
Slope stability (Jbgpx)
Slopes (Vgfhs)
Sloshing (Smdpts)
Slot allocation (Bqams)
Slow moving vehicles (Qbddvs)
Sludge (Deposit) (Rbespmt)
Slugging (Ridesharing) --> Casual carpooling (Bmrcc)
Sluices (Pmhmrm)
Slump test (Gbbmks)
Slurry (Rbctmss)
Slurry pipelines (Pmnpps)
Slurry seals (Rbmnfss)
Slurry trenches (Pdwetw)
Slush (Rbdbk)
Small aircraft (Qbkwf)
Small buses (Qbddhpbwd)
Small business (Nth)
Small cars --> Compact automobiles (Qbddhmccd)
Small cities (Vwuccs)
Small craft harbors --> Marinas (Pmhbcm)
Small shipments (Bnb)
Small ships (Qbhws)
Small towns (Vwucts)
Smart cards (Dcmcrs)
Smart cars --> Intelligent vehicles (Qbddkj)
Smart growth (Epdumcs)
Smart highways --> Automated highways (Pmrccpb)
Smart materials (Rbmvs)
Smart pigs (Grys)
Smart roads --> Automated highways (Pmrccpb)
Smart structures (Pbcz)
Smartphones (Dsbnmcbs)
Smell --> Olfactory perception (Mxtb)
Smelting (Fcbyjsq)
Smog (Jfgbbs)
Smog control --> Air quality management (Jfgyb)
Smoke (Rbctmdq)
Smoke detectors --> Fire detection systems (Hhud)
Smoking (Hmdqs)
Smoothness (Rkptw)
SMS (Short message service) --> Text messaging (Dsmbt)
Smuggling (Hus)
Smuggling (Huts)
Snow (Rbdbn)
Snow (Jbmbkmps)
Snow and ice control (Fmbs)
Snow blowers --> Snowblowers (Qtpbmb)
Snow clearance --> Snow removal (Fmbss)
Snow cover (Jbhysc)
Snow fences (Pfyfs)
Snow mechanics (Tpnphs)
Snow melters --> Deicing chemicals (Rbmnj)
Snow phenomena (Jbhys)
Snow ploughs --> Snowplows (Qtpbms)
Snow plows --> Snowplows (Qtpbms)
Snow removal (Fmbss)
Snow tires (Qpmtbs)
Snow vehicles --> Snowmobiles (Qbddkw)
Snowblowers (Qtpbmb)
Snowdrifts (Jbhysd)
Snowfall (Jbmbkmpss)
Snowmelt (Jbhysm)
Snowmobiles (Qbddkw)
Snowplows (Qtpbms)
Snowstorms (Jbmbkpsq)
Snubbers (Qpiyp)
Soap (Rbmnes)
Sobriety checkpoints (Hrktc)
Sobriety tests --> Alcohol tests (Hpmw)
Soccer (Ccbkxrss)
Social benefits (Kktf)
Social change (Kha)
Social class (Khs)
Social costs --> Externalities (Kku)
Social drinking --> Alcohol use (Hmds)
Social equity --> Equity (Justice) (Csije)
Social factors (Kh)
Social impacts (Kkf)
Social justice --> Equity (Justice) (Csije)
Social media (Crdh)
Social media (Dsbc)
Social media (Xsm)
Social psychology (Tgvs)
Social sciences (Tg)
Social service (Ku)
Social service agencies (Nds)
Social values (Khrv)
Societies (Nse)
Socioeconomic areas (Vw)
Socioeconomic aspects --> Socioeconomic factors (Kj)
Socioeconomic development (Kx)
Socioeconomic factors (Kj)
Sociology (Tgx)
Sociometrics (Tgxs)
Sockets (Electricity) (Qtbcu)
Sodium (Rbcefbs)
Sodium carbonate (Rbcgnvc)
Sodium chloride (Rbcgnvg)
Sodium chloride (Rbmnjs)
Sodium compounds (Rbcgcv)
Sodium hydroxide (Rbcgnvk)
Sodium inorganic compounds (Rbcgnv)
Sodium silicate (Rbcgnvp)
Sodium sulfate (Rbcgnvs)
Sodium sulfate test (Gbbmbu)
Sodium sulfur batteries (Qtpfbbs)
Sodium vapor lamps (Qtpnmes)
Soft clays (Rbesgct)
Soft computing (Xbkds)
Soft ground --> Soft soils (Rbespcs)
Soft rock (Rbertr)
Soft soils (Rbespcs)
Soft strata --> Soft rock (Rbertr)
Soft woods (Rbmdmvws)
Softening point (Rktmts)
Software (Xbkj)
Software configuration management --> Configuration management (Xbkmqc)
Software maintenance (Xbkmq)
Software packages (Xbkjs)
Software validation --> Validation (Gbbev)
Soil aggregates (Rbmddcss)
Soil air (Rbesbb)
Soil cement (Rbmdbcs)
Soil cement pavements (Pmrcppbms)
Soil cement tests (Gbbmt)
Soil chemistry (Tpngbs)
Soil compaction (Fcbyss)
Soil compaction test (Gbbmrs)
Soil components (Rbesb)
Soil conservation (Jngs)
Soil consolidation test (Gbbmrt)
Soil densification (Fcbyst)
Soil deposits (Rbesj)
Soil drainage --> Drainage (Jbhd)
Soil embankments --> Embankments (Pdxe)
Soil engineering --> Geotechnical engineering (Ttkfj)
Soil groups (Rbesf)
Soil horizon (Rbesph)
Soil lime mixtures (Rbmdbs)
Soil mapping (Esmsrgs)
Soil mechanics (Ttkfjs)
Soil moisture --> Soil water (Rbesbws)
Soil nailing (Fcbysw)
Soil particles (Rbesbp)
Soil penetration test (Gbbmru)
Soil pollution (Jfgbs)
Soil pressure --> Earth pressure (Smipe)
Soil profiles (Rbesphy)
Soil remediation (Jfgys)
Soil samplers (Gusq)
Soil saturation --> Saturated soils (Rbespms)
Soil science (Tpngq)
Soil series (Rbesc)
Soil stabilisation --> Soil stabilization (Fcbys)
Soil stabilization (Fcbys)
Soil sterilants (Rbmumtcs)
Soil strengthening --> Soil stabilization (Fcbys)
Soil structure (Rbespt)
Soil structure interaction (Smipes)
Soil suction (Smipps)
Soil surveying --> Geological surveying (Esmsrg)
Soil testing --> Soil tests (Gbbmr)
Soil tests (Gbbmr)
Soil types (Rbesg)
Soil water (Rbesbws)
Soils (Rbes)
Soils by chemical content or action (Rbespb)
Soils by consistency (Rbespc)
Soils by density (Rbespd)
Soils by frost condition or potential (Rbespf)
Soils by grain size and distribution (Rbespg)
Soils by moisture content or potential (Rbespm)
Soils by organic content (Rbespn)
Soils by permeability (Rbespp)
Soils by place (Rbesm)
Soils by properties (Rbesp)
Soils by strength (Rbesps)
Solar cells (Qtpfss)
Solar collectors (Qtpfs)
Solar energy (Sose)
Solar power generation (Jnrrpps)
Solar power plants (Pmpps)
Solar powered vehicles (Qbddps)
Solar radiation (Sos)
Solder (Rbmnds)
Soldering (Fcbyjvs)
Solenoids (Qtbfs)
Solicitations (Cuas)
Solid state devices (Qtbes)
Solid state electronics (Tpxrs)
Solid waste disposal (Jfkyds)
Solid wastes (Jfkbr)
Solidification (Stps)
Solids (Rbbb)
Solitons (Smwo)
Solubility (Rkcs)
Soluble salts (Rbcgss)
Solutions (Chemistry) (Rbctmq)
Solvation (Scpy)
Solvents (Rbctmqr)
Sonar (Dcnsyss)
Sonar domes (Dcnsysst)
Sonar navigation --> Sonic navigation (Dcnsbu)
Sonar transducers (Dcnsyssv)
SONET (Dsbss)
Sonic barrier --> Sound barrier (Smdfds)
Sonic boom (Sbhds)
Sonic frequency --> Audio frequency (Sfrwbfm)
Sonic navigation (Dcnsbu)
Sonic tests (Gbhs)
Sonics (Tpxcs)
Sorbents (Rbmnx)
Sorption (Srh)
Sound (Sb)
Sound (Sfrwaa)
Sound absorption (Sbts)
Sound attenuation (Sbt)
Sound barrier (Smdfds)
Sound barriers --> Noise barriers (Pmrcpbn)
Sound frequency --> Audio frequency (Sfrwbfm)
Sound insulating materials (Rbmntbs)
Sound intensity (Sbvs)
Sound level (Sbjs)
Sound level meters (Gumpq)
Sound pressure --> Effective sound pressure (Sbj)
Sound propagation --> Sound transmission (Sbv)
Sound transmission (Sbv)
Sound waves --> Sound (Sb)
Sounding (Gmms)
Soundness test (Gbbmku)
Soundproofing --> Damping (Engineering) (Fcdd)
Southern hemisphere (Vchs)
Sovereign immunity (Csais)
SOVs --> Single occupant vehicles (Bkvs)
Soybeans (Bhkbbgs)
Space engineering --> Aerospace engineering (Ttkb)
Space shuttles (Qbns)
Space stations (Qbnu)
Space transportation system --> Commercial space transportation (Aeas)
Spacecraft (Qbn)
Spacecraft fuels (Rbfus)
Spacecraft materials (Rbmuvt)
Spacing (Esmks)
Spallation (Spsr)
Spalling (Smfdrs)
Spare parts (Qtssps)
Spark gaps (Qtbcws)
Spark ignition engines (Qtbmbebjs)
Spark plugs (Qtbmberequ)
Sparks (Sejs)
Spatial analysis (Usds)
Spatial data systems --> Geographic information systems (Xbfg)
Spatial distribution --> Traffic distribution (Bthj)
Special events (Kht)
Special functions (Mathematics) (Uhm)
Special maintenance systems (Fmm)
Special purpose automobiles (Qbddhmck)
Special purpose buses (Qbddhpbk)
Special purpose ships (Qbhk)
Special purpose trucks (Qbddfk)
Special purpose vehicles (Qbddk)
Special subdivisions of the atmosphere (Jbmbay)
Special train consists (Brrat)
Special trains (Qbfx)
Special user groups (Msys)
Specialists (Mst)
Specialized facilities (Pd)
Specialized training (Cets)
Specific energy (Smes)
Specific gravity (Rkpds)
Specific heat (Rktk)
Specific natural resources (Jna)
Specific surface (Rkpvss)
Specifications (Xxs)
Specimens (Gvp)
Spectra --> Electromagnetic spectrum (Sfv)
Spectral analysis --> Spectrum analysis (Gmceu)
Spectral density --> Power spectra (Sfrwsp)
Spectral energy distribution --> Power spectra (Sfrwsp)
Spectrochemical analysis (Gbcct)
Spectrographic analysis (Gmcesg)
Spectrometers (Gumpfs)
Spectrophotometers (Gumpft)
Spectrophotometry (Gmcesp)
Spectroscopic analysis (Gmces)
Spectroscopy (Tpxw)
Spectrum --> Electromagnetic spectrum (Sfv)
Spectrum analysis (Gmceu)
Spectrum analyzers (Gut)
Speech (Mxbw)
Speech processing systems --> Speech recognition (Dsmmt)
Speech recognition (Dsmmt)
Speech synthesis (Dsmmts)
Speeches --> Lectures (Xkv)
Speed (Smdpvs)
Speed and delay studies (Bthse)
Speed bumps --> Speed control humps (Dcmthrx)
Speed change lanes (Pmrcpmt)
Speed control (Dcmthct)
Speed control humps (Dcmthrx)
Speed data (Bthst)
Speed detectors (Dmgdrt)
Speed distribution (Bthsd)
Speed indicators (Guks)
Speed limits (Crftrs)
Speed measurement (Gmcps)
Speed measurement (Bthsm)
Speed of sound (Sbw)
Speed recorders --> Tachographs (Gurt)
Speed signs (Dcmthrkbrq)
Speed volume relationships (Bthrs)
Speed zones (Crftrt)
Speeding (Hbchee)
Speedometers (Gumpts)
Speedometers (Gukss)
Speedways --> Racing (Ccbkxrsn)
Spent fuel casks --> Casks (Qtpkc)
Spent fuel elements --> Spent reactor fuels (Rbfns)
Spent fuels --> Spent reactor fuels (Rbfns)
Spent reactor fuels (Rbfns)
Spheres (Upbs)
Spikes (Rbmnkt)
Spills (Pollution) (Jfgss)
Spillways (Pmhmrp)
Spinal column (Myj)
Spinal cord (Mycs)
Spine --> Spinal column (Myj)
Spiral flow tests (Gbgu)
Spirals (Upbt)
Splash guard (Qpys)
Splashing (Smdpt)
Splice plates (Rbmdxsqq)
Splicing (Fcacjs)
Splicing (Fcaps)
Splines (Ubfs)
Splitting (Communications) (Dsmrs)
SPM mooring systems --> Single point moorings (Pmhbmpmmp)
Spoil (Jfkbt)
Spoilers (Qpbcjs)
Sport utility vehicles (Qbddhmccus)
Sports (Ccbkxrs)
Sports cars (Qbddhmccs)
Sports facilities (Pfqs)
Spot speed (Bthss)
Spot welding (Fcbyjvu)
Spray guns (Qtptvs)
Spray painting (Fccdpn)
Sprayers (Qtptv)
Sprays (Materials) (Rbctmds)
Spread footings (Pbpbfks)
Spread spectrum communications (Dsbxs)
Spreaders (Qtpbcs)
Spreading (Fcbv)
Spreading rate (Painting) (Fccdps)
Spreadsheets (Xbkjcp)
Spring (Webd)
Springs (Vehicles) (Qpiyr)
Spur dikes (Pmhdhs)
Squatters (Mkhf)
Stabilised materials --> Stabilized materials (Rbmdyss)
Stability (Chemistry) (Rkcfr)
Stability (Mechanics) (Sms)
Stability analysis (Geq)
Stability criteria (Dchr)
Stabilized materials (Rbmdyss)
Stabilized platforms (Dcnsybp)
Stabilizers (Qpiyt)
Stack gases (Jfgsgs)
Stadiums (Pfqss)
Staffing --> Selection and appointment (Ccbb)
Staggered work hours (Ccbkhh)
Stainless --> Corrosion resistance (Rkcfn)
Stainless steel (Rbmdkdfscfs)
Stairs (Pbpbls)
Stakeholders (Msyv)
Stall (Smimas)
Stall (Qdbdr)
Standard deviation (Usyhs)
Standard error (Uswrs)
Standard of living (Khjm)
Standard penetration tests --> Soil penetration test (Gbbmru)
Standardisation --> Standardization (Ex)
Standardization (Ex)
Standards (Xxss)
Starboard side (Qpbass)
Starting (Driving) (Dcnbstr)
State aid (Cfhgs)
State departments of transportation (Nggbd)
State government (Ngdf)
State government agencies (Nggb)
State highway departments (Nggbh)
State highways (Pmrccjt)
State laws (Creas)
State motor vehicle departments (Nggbm)
State of the art (Ew)
State of the art reports (Xxrs)
State of the art studies (Xkdn)
State of the practice (Ewc)
State taxation (Cfdrs)
Stated preferences (Kadbpu)
States (Vwb)
States of matter (Rbb)
Static and dynamic tests (Gbs)
Static converters (Qtbcgq)
Static electricity --> Electrostatics (Ser)
Static equilibrium --> Equilibrium (Mechanics) (Smuf)
Static loads (Smims)
Static penetration test (Gbbmrus)
Static pressure (Smips)
Static stability (Rkmp)
Static structural analysis (Get)
Static tests (Gbss)
Statically determinate frames (Pbpbgd)
Statically determinate structures --> Statically determinate frames (Pbpbgd)
Statically indeterminate frames (Pbpbgj)
Statically indeterminate structures --> Statically indeterminate frames (Pbpbgj)
Statics (Smu)
Statics and dynamics --> Mechanics (Sm)
Station cars (Car sharing) --> Vehicle sharing (Bms)
Station operations (Bqu)
Station wagons (Qbddhmccm)
Stationary sources (Jfgbbus)
Statistical analysis (Us)
Statistical distributions --> Distributions (Statistics) (Usyd)
Statistical inference (Uswj)
Statistical mechanics (Tpxu)
Statistical methods --> Statistical analysis (Us)
Statistical quality control (Cpmcs)
Statistical sampling (Usw)
Statistics (Tprs)
Stators (Qtbcv)
Statutes --> Laws (Crea)
Stayed cable bridges --> Cable stayed bridges (Pdybmdcc)
Stayed girder bridges --> Cable stayed bridges (Pdybmdcc)
Steady state (Rkps)
Steam (Rbmurws)
Steam automobiles (Qbddhmcps)
Steam curing (Fcbygfs)
Steam engines (Qtbmbebes)
Steam locomotives (Qbfmcps)
Steam power plants (Pmppt)
Steam turbines (Qtbmbtm)
Steamship lines --> Ship lines (Nbbcm)
Steamships (Qbhpy)
Steel (Rbmdkdfs)
Steel alloys --> Alloy steel (Rbmdkdfscb)
Steel bridges (Pdybmmms)
Steel by end use (Rbmdkdfse)
Steel by properties (Rbmdkdfsc)
Steel castings (Rbmdkbt)
Steel fibers (Rbmdxfs)
Steel forming --> Forging (Fcbyjc)
Steel industries --> Iron and steel industry (Ncgii)
Steel pipe (Rbmdxnpks)
Steel plants (Pfkps)
Steel plates (Rbmdxsqr)
Steel rails (Pmudkrbs)
Steel reinforcement --> Reinforcement (Engineering) (Fcbygx)
Steel sheets (Rbmdxsss)
Steel structures (Pbcs)
Steel ties (Pmudkus)
Steel wire (Rbmdxqws)
Steel wire fabrics (Rbmdxcs)
Steer by wire --> Automatic steering control (Dcmvgych)
Steerable propellers (Qphpbr)
Steering (Dcnbsts)
Steering columns (Qpjys)
Steering components (Qpjy)
Steering gears (Qpjyt)
Steering systems (Qpj)
Steering wheels (Qpjyu)
Stems (Ships) (Qpgyst)
Stereographic projection (Esmgmps)
Stereoscopic cameras (Qtprcr)
Stereoscopic models (Xxveps)
Sterns (Qpbams)
Stevedores --> Longshoremen (Mscb)
Stiffened plates (Rbmdxsqs)
Stiffeners (Plates) (Rbmdxsqt)
Stiffness (Rkmq)
Stiffness matrix (Smeyps)
Stiffness tests (Gbgps)
Stilling basins (Pmhjys)
Stimulants (Hmdqxs)
Stirling engines (Qtbmbebeu)
Stirrups (Rbmdxars)
Stochastic processes (Usx)
Stochastic programming (Ubbps)
Stockpiles --> Stockpiling (Cmks)
Stockpiling (Cmks)
Stocks (Cfess)
Stoichiometry (Rkcfu)
STOL aircraft (Qbkmj)
STOL ports (Pmfcbs)
Stolen vehicles --> Vehicle theft (Huta)
Stomach (Mykb)
Stone (Rbmddt)
Stone mastic asphalt --> Stone matrix asphalt (Rbmdpbuq)
Stone matrix asphalt (Rbmdpbuq)
Stop (Public transportation) --> Bus stops (Pmrubs)
Stop signs (Dcmthrkbrs)
Stopped time delay (Bthds)
Stopping (Bthq)
Stopping distances (Bthqd)
Stopping sight distance (Bthts)
Stopping time --> Stopping distances (Bthqd)
Stops --> Stopping (Bthq)
Storage batteries (Qtpfbs)
Storage facilities (Pfs)
Storage tanks (Pfst)
Storm drains --> Storm sewers (Pmhpdss)
Storm sewers (Pmhpdss)
Storm surges (Jbht)
Storm water drainage --> Drainage (Jbhd)
Storm water retention basins --> Detention basins (Pmhpdc)
Storm water runoff --> Runoff (Jbhp)
Storms (Jbmbkps)
Stormwater drainage --> Drainage (Jbhd)
Stormwater retention basins --> Detention basins (Pmhpdc)
Stormwater runoff --> Runoff (Jbhp)
Stowage (Brah)
Stowaways (Mwax)
Straddle trucks (Qbddfkjs)
Straightening (Fcbjs)
Strain (Mechanics) (Smbs)
Strain analysis --> Structural analysis (Ge)
Strain distribution --> Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
Strain gages (Gumppv)
Strain gauges --> Strain gages (Gumppv)
Strain hardening (Fcbyjqq)
Strain measurement (Gmck)
Straining --> Filtration (Fcbme)
Strata (Rberts)
Strategic alliances (Ntrs)
Strategic materials (Rbmums)
Strategic planning (Epdms)
Strategies --> Strategic planning (Epdms)
Stratification (Jbgpcs)
Stratified charge engines (Qtbmbebjt)
Stratigraphy (Tpngr)
Stratosphere (Jbmbag)
Straw (Rbmdmvs)
Stray current corrosion (Scphes)
Stray currents (Segs)
Stream erosion --> Scour (Jbyn)
Stream flow --> Streamflow (Jbhi)
Stream gages (Gumys)
Stream restoration (Jeq)
Stream scour --> Scour (Jbyn)
Streambanks --> Banks (Waterways) (Pmhjyb)
Streambeds (Pmhjyes)
Streamflow (Jbhi)
Streamlining (Esvs)
Streams (Vsjfs)
Street cleaning (Fmuhs)
Street closure (Cratutts)
Street lighting (Pmpv)
Street railroads (Nbbcgr)
Street traffic control --> Highway traffic control (Dcmth)
Streetcars (Qbft)
Streets (Pmrccds)
Streetscape (Esuus)
Strength (Materials) --> Strength of materials (Rkma)
Strength (Mechanics) --> Strength of materials (Rkma)
Strength of materials (Rkma)
Strengthening (Maintenance) (Fmbp)
Stress (Human) --> Stress (Psychology) (Mxks)
Stress (Mechanics) --> Stresses (Smv)
Stress (Physiology) (Mxbs)
Stress (Psychology) (Mxks)
Stress analysis --> Structural analysis (Ge)
Stress corrosion (Scphx)
Stress cracking (Smfdbs)
Stress distribution --> Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
Stress gages (Gumpv)
Stress measurement --> Strain measurement (Gmck)
Stress ratio (Rkmyw)
Stress relaxation --> Relaxation (Mechanics) (Smber)
Stress relieving (Fcbyjss)
Stress strain characteristics --> Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
Stress strain curves --> Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
Stress strain diagrams --> Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
Stress strain relations --> Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
Stress tests (Equipment) (Gbbes)
Stresses (Smv)
Strikes (Kabkrns)
Stringers (Pbpbvhj)
Strip footings (Pbpbfku)
Strip foundations (Pbpbfx)
Strip metal (Rbmdxssn)
Strip method (Jnrrbks)
Strip mining (Jnrrbms)
Striping (Fcffs)
Striping materials (Rbmumtthss)
Stripping (Pavements) (Smfs)
Strobes (Dsmbst)
Structural analysis (Ge)
Structural components of specific vehicles (Qpgy)
Structural connection (Fcacjv)
Structural design (Esus)
Structural deterioration and defects (Pt)
Structural engineering (Ttkfr)
Structural equation modeling (Usjs)
Structural health monitoring (Grs)
Structural materials (Rbmue)
Structural mechanics (Ttkibs)
Structural members (Pbpb)
Structural members by elevation (Pbpby)
Structural models (Gw)
Structural number (Pavements) (Rkmyys)
Structural parts (Pbp)
Structural shells --> Shells (Structural forms) (Pbpbt)
Structural stability (Mathematics) (Uns)
Structural steel (Rbmdkdfses)
Structural supports (Pbpbv)
Structural tests (Gbbs)
Structures (Pb)
Structures by building system (Pbc)
Strut and tie method (Gev)
Strut and tie models --> Strut and tie method (Gev)
Struts (Pbpbvhu)
Stucco (Rbmdfs)
Stud connectors (Rbmnkv)
Studded tires (Qpmtbt)
Students (Mes)
Studies (Xkd)
Studs (Pbpbvvs)
Study and teaching --> Education and training (Ce)
Study tours (Xkdr)
Stuffing (Fccdss)
Styrene butadiene rubber (Rbmdqdrcs)
Styrene butadiene styrene (Rbcgrrds)
Styrenes (Rbcgrby)
Subaqueous tunnels --> Underwater tunnels (Pmhyut)
Subassemblies (Qtss)
Subatomic particles (Rbcbbs)
Subballast (Rbmddvbs)
Subbase (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmg)
Subbase materials (Rbmuejps)
Subbituminous coal (Rberss)
Subcompact automobiles (Qbddhmccf)
Subcontractors (Nbyaa)
Subcritical flow --> Subsonic flow (Smdffbb)
Subdivisions (Vwvs)
Subdrains (Pmhpdfs)
Subgrade (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmr)
Subgrade materials (Rbmuejpt)
Subjective probability --> Personal probability (Uspn)
Submarine pipelines --> Underwater pipelines (Pmnptu)
Submarine pipelines --> Underwater pipelines (Pmhyup)
Submarines (Qbhomb)
Submerged arc welding (Fcbyjvds)
Submergence (Geology) (Jbgpy)
Submersibles (Qbhuu)
Subroutines (Xbkjcs)
Subsidence --> Settlement (Structures) (Jbyp)
Subsidence (Geology) (Jbgpu)
Subsidies (Cfhs)
Subsoil (Rbesphs)
Subsonic aircraft (Qbksb)
Subsonic flight --> Subsonic flow (Smdffbb)
Subsonic flow (Smdffbb)
Substations --> Electric substations (Pmpts)
Substrates (Waterways) (Pmhjyu)
Substructures (Pbpbyb)
Subsurface drainage (Jbhdb)
Subsurface drains --> Subdrains (Pmhpdfs)
Subsurface soils --> Subsoil (Rbesphs)
Subsurface structures --> Underground structures (Pdv)
Subsystems (Sys)
Subtropics (Vcrs)
Suburbs (Vwucs)
Subway cars --> Rapid transit cars (Qbfmkhu)
Subway stations (Pmurprs)
Subway stations (Pmuyss)
Subways (Pdvtrrs)
Suction pumps (Qtbmbps)
Sufficiency (Statistics) (Uswv)
Sugar (Bhkbs)
Suicide (Hubs)
Sulfate resisting cement (Rbmdfcx)
Sulfates (Rbcgcwf)
Sulfides (Rbcgcwh)
Sulfites (Rbcgcwk)
Sulfonates (Rbcgcwn)
Sulfur (Rbcefhs)
Sulfur asphalt (Rbmdpbys)
Sulfur compounds (Rbcgcw)
Sulfur dioxide (Rbcgnymm)
Sulfur inorganic compounds (Rbcgny)
Sulfur oxides (Rbcgnym)
Sulfur pipelines (Pmnppu)
Sulfuric acid (Rbcgnyt)
Sulphate resistant cement --> Sulfate resisting cement (Rbmdfcx)
Sulphates --> Sulfates (Rbcgcwf)
Sulphides --> Sulfides (Rbcgcwh)
Sulphites --> Sulfites (Rbcgcwk)
Sulphonates --> Sulfonates (Rbcgcwn)
Sulphur --> Sulfur (Rbcefhs)
Sulphur asphalt --> Sulfur asphalt (Rbmdpbys)
Sulphur compounds --> Sulfur compounds (Rbcgcw)
Sulphur pipelines --> Sulfur pipelines (Pmnppu)
Summer (Webe)
Sump pumps (Qtbmbpu)
Sumps (Pmhpdu)
Sun (Jbds)
Sunglasses (Qtpscs)
Sunlight (Soss)
Sunshine --> Sunlight (Soss)
Supercavitating hydrofoils (Qpbbsms)
Supercavitating propellers (Qphpbs)
Superchargers (Qtbmbermw)
Supercomputers (Qtpxmbg)
Superconducting devices --> Cryogenic devices (Qtbec)
Superconducting magnets (Qtbfmes)
Superconductivity (Rkefs)
Superconductors (Rbmuhvs)
Supercooling (Stq)
Supercritical flow --> Supersonic flow (Smdffbp)
Superelevation (Esushs)
Superhigh frequency (Sfrwbfrw)
Superior performing asphalt pavements --> Superpave (Rbmdpbus)
Superlattices (Rbmuhvgs)
Superpave (Rbmdpbus)
Superplasticizers (Rbmnvp)
Superports (Pmhbmpcs)
Superposition (Geology) (Jbgpcu)
Supersonic aircraft (Qbksf)
Supersonic flow (Smdffbp)
Supersonic speed (Smdpvss)
Supersonic transport planes (Qbkfs)
Superstructures (Pbpbyp)
Superstructures (Bridge) --> Bridge superstructures (Pdybbs)
Supertankers (Qbhdfbmpw)
Supervision (Ccbs)
Supervisors (Msas)
Supplemental airlines (Nbbcbf)
Suppliers (Nbs)
Supply (Kadmd)
Supply chain management (Cmo)
Supply vessels (Qbhsws)
Supporting (Fcax)
Suppressors (Dsgs)
Surety bonds (Cfesbs)
Surety insurance --> Surety bonds (Cfesbs)
Surf (Jbhwps)
Surface active agents (Rbmnns)
Surface activity --> Surface phenomena (Sr)
Surface behavior --> Surface phenomena (Sr)
Surface course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmb)
Surface course irregularities (Pmrcpppmby)
Surface drainage (Jbhdr)
Surface dressing --> Seal coats (Pmrcpppmbs)
Surface dynamics (Srm)
Surface effect ships (Qbhss)
Surface energy (Srp)
Surface finish --> Seal coats (Pmrcpppmbs)
Surface friction (Geophysics) (Jbbs)
Surface hardening (Fcbyjqs)
Surface phenomena (Sr)
Surface preparation (Fcbw)
Surface properties --> Texture (Rkpt)
Surface roughness --> Roughness (Rkptr)
Surface temperature (Rktms)
Surface tension (Srr)
Surface texture --> Texture (Rkpt)
Surface texture tests (Gbk)
Surface transportation --> Ground transportation (Aeg)
Surface treating (Fccu)
Surface treatment --> Surface treating (Fccu)
Surface waves --> Rayleigh waves (Srf)
Surfaces (Srbjs)
Surfacing (Fcbyjgs)
Surfactants --> Surface active agents (Rbmnns)
Surgery (Hpgk)
Surges (Fluid mechanics) (Smwp)
Surging (Qdsq)
Surveillance (Dmbt)
Survey vessels (Qbhkp)
Surveying (Ttkft)
Surveying (Esms)
Surveying by feature (Esmsr)
Surveying instruments (Gumt)
Surveying methods and processes (Esmsf)
Surveys (Xkf)
Survival (Hbpps)
Suspended sediments (Rbesjs)
Suspended structures (Pbcu)
Suspension bridges (Pdybmds)
Suspension cables (Rbmdxqcs)
Suspension system components (Qpiy)
Suspension systems (Qpi)
Suspensions (Crhyms)
Suspensions (Chemistry) (Rbctms)
Sustainability --> Sustainable development (Epdrds)
Sustainable development (Epdrds)
Sustainable transportation (Epduts)
Swales (Pmhpdv)
Swamps (Vms)
SWATH ships (Qbhvw)
Swaying (Qdst)
Sweepers (Qtpes)
Swelling (Srvr)
Swelling index (Rkrt)
Swelling soils (Rbespmv)
Swing bridges (Pdybmdjs)
Switches (Electricity) (Qtbcw)
Switches (Railroads) (Pmudkt)
Switchgear --> Switches (Railroads) (Pmudkt)
Switching (Brrams)
Switching and terminal companies (Nbbcgt)
Switching locomotives (Qbfmccs)
Symbol signs (Dcmthrkks)
Symbols (Dsgrs)
Symmetry (Upbu)
Symposia --> Conferences (Xkp)
Synchronization (Traffic signals) --> Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Synchronous control (Dcmvgmhs)
Synchronous converters (Qtbcgs)
Synchronous motors (Qtbmbms)
Synchronous optical network --> SONET (Dsbss)
Synergism (Ecology) (Jes)
Syntheses (Xbby)
Synthesis (Chemistry) (Scct)
Synthetic aggregates --> Artificial aggregates (Rbmddccb)
Synthetic crude (Rbmdpts)
Synthetic crude oil (Rbmdptv)
Synthetic fibers (Rbmdxft)
Synthetic fuels (Rbfps)
Synthetic oil --> Synthetic crude oil (Rbmdptv)
Synthetic petroleum --> Synthetic crude (Rbmdpts)
Synthetic resins (Rbmdqrr)
Synthetic rope (Rbmdxqrs)
Synthetic rubber (Rbmdqdrs)
Synthetics (Rbmvw)
System analysis --> Systems analysis (Epdmy)
System architecture (Sya)
System design (Esdss)
System engineering --> Systems engineering (Esds)
System engineering --> Systems engineering (Ttky)
System planning --> Systems analysis (Epdmy)
System safety (Haus)
Systematics (Tpdv)
Systems (Sy)
Systems analysis (Epdmy)
Systems approach --> Systems analysis (Epdmy)
Systems availability (Dchs)
Systems design --> System design (Esdss)
Systems engineering (Ttky)
Systems engineering (Esds)
Systems of measurement (Gmy)
T beams (Pbpbvvbt)
T intersections (Pmrcpjfcj)
T junctions --> T intersections (Pmrcpjfcj)
T test (Uswy)
Table salt --> Sodium chloride (Rbcgnvg)
Table salt --> Sodium chloride (Rbmnjs)
Tables (Data) (Xxt)
Tabu search (Ubkpt)
Tacan --> Tactical air navigation system (Dcnsybq)
Tachographs (Gurt)
Tachometers (Gumptt)
Tack coats (Rbmnfns)
Tactical air navigation system (Dcnsybq)
Tactile perception (Mxtx)
Tailgating (Bthkt)
Tailings (Rbmduw)
Taillamps (Qpumxs)
Taillights --> Taillamps (Qpumxs)
Tails (Aircraft) (Qpbamt)
Take-off --> Takeoff (Dcnbscbt)
Takeoff (Dcnbscbt)
Taking (Property) (Cqcp)
Talus (Rbebp)
Talus slopes (Vgfhst)
Tampering (Jfgtt)
Tamping (Fcbct)
Tandem axle loads (Qdmbt)
Tandem axle loads (Smimct)
Tandem rollers (Qtpbcbrrt)
Tangent track (Pmudbt)
Tangents (Updw)
Tank barges (Qbhtt)
Tank cars (Qbfmkfct)
Tank trucking (Aeghtt)
Tank trucks (Qbddfkt)
Tank wagons --> Tank cars (Qbfmkfct)
Tanker shipping (Aesbbd)
Tanker terminals --> Petroleum terminals (Pmhbmpmtr)
Tankers (Qbhdfbm)
Tanks (Combat vehicles) (Qbddkmct)
Tanks (Containers) (Qtpkt)
Tape (Adhesives) --> Adhesive tape (Rbmnda)
Tape recorders (Qtbat)
Tapers (Work zone traffic control) (Dcmthcwt)
Tar (Rbeusp)
Tar sands (Rbesgst)
Tariffs (Bbkbt)
Tarmacadam --> Bituminous macadam (Rbmddvmb)
Task analysis (Ccbat)
Taverns --> Drinking establishments (Hmdsx)
Tax receipts (Cfdt)
Taxation (Cfdr)
Taxes (Cfd)
Taxi industry --> Taxicab companies (Nbbct)
Taxi services (Aettb)
Taxicab companies (Nbbct)
Taxicab drivers (Mtghdcr)
Taxicabs (Qbddhppt)
Taxiing (Dcnbscbu)
Taxiways (Pmfcgmt)
Taxonomy (Tpdvt)
TCAS --> Traffic alert and collision avoidance system (Dcnsybt)
TDM measures --> Travel demand management (Cratut)
TDMA --> Time division multiple access (Dsbdmcu)
Teachers (Msfb)
Teams (Msyl)
Teamwork --> Cooperation (Cxf)
Tear strength (Rkmas)
Tearing (Smft)
Technical assistance (Xsq)
Technical drawings (Xxvedt)
Technical reports (Xxrt)
Technical writing (Cwg)
Technicians (Msst)
Technological forecasting (Epdmft)
Technological innovations (Eyt)
Technology (Tt)
Technology assessment (Epdbe)
Technology forecasting --> Technological forecasting (Epdmft)
Technology transfer (Xst)
Tectonics (Tpngu)
Teenage drivers (Mtghdfcw)
Teenagers --> Adolescents (Mbf)
Teflon --> Polytetrafluoroethylene (Rbcgrrs)
TEL --> Tetraethyl lead (Rbcgrrv)
TEL --> Tetraethyl lead (Rbfcbbt)
Telecommunication systems --> Telecommunications (Dsbs)
Telecommunications (Dsbs)
Telecommuting (Bmnd)
Telecommuting centers (Pmgt)
Teleconferencing (Dsbsc)
Telematics (Dt)
Telemetry (Dsmmv)
Telephone (Dsbt)
Telephone equipment (Dsgv)
Telephone influence factors (Dsmrjt)
Telephone lines --> Transmission lines (Pmptm)
Teleshopping (Chvt)
Teletext systems (Dsbpvv)
Television (Dsbpv)
Television cameras (Qtprct)
Telex (Dsbu)
Temperate regions (Vcrm)
Temperature (Rktm)
Temperature control (Fcdt)
Temperature control (Bram)
Temperature endurance tests (Gbjdn)
Temperature gradients (Str)
Temperature measurement (Gmcn)
Temperature measuring instruments (Gumsv)
Temperature points (Rktmt)
Temperature sensors (Dmgut)
Tempered glass (Rbmdfmst)
Tempering (Fcbyjst)
Temporary barriers (Dcmthcwu)
Temporary structures (Pft)
Tenants (Mkhd)
Tenders (Qbhswst)
Tendons (Mytt)
Tendons (Materials) (Rbmdxam)
Tensile loading --> Tension (Smbv)
Tensile properties (Rkmr)
Tensile strain --> Tension (Smbv)
Tensile strength (Rkmat)
Tensile tests --> Tension tests (Gbgv)
Tensiometers (Gumyt)
Tension (Smbv)
Tension tests (Gbgv)
Tensioning (Fcay)
Tensor analysis (Uhbct)
Terminal air traffic control (Dcmtbx)
Terminal equipment (Radio) (Dsgmv)
Terminal flight facilities --> Airport terminals (Pmfcgc)
Terminal navigation aids (Dcnsxbbt)
Terminal operations (Bqt)
Terminals (Communications) (Dsgw)
Terminals (Transportation) --> Intermodal terminals (Pmet)
Terminations (Ccbu)
Terminology --> Definitions (Xxkd)
Termites (Jcbtjjt)
Terrain (Vgap)
Terrain avoidance radar (Dcnsbqs)
Terrain evaluation (Esmsrgt)
Territorial seas (Vssgt)
Terrorism (Huh)
Terzaghi consolidation theory --> Terzaghi's rule (Saw)
Terzaghi's rule (Saw)
Test beds (Guxt)
Test chambers (Pfrmtt)
Test drivers (Mtghdcu)
Test facilities (Pfrmt)
Test holes (Gvt)
Test methods --> Test procedures (Gy)
Test oscillators --> Signal generators (Gumpfr)
Test piles (Guu)
Test procedures (Gy)
Test samples --> Samples (Gvm)
Test sections (Pfrmtyt)
Test specimens --> Specimens (Gvp)
Test stands (Gux)
Test tracks (Pmrccpet)
Test trains (Qbfxx)
Test vehicles (Qbddkx)
Test volunteers --> Volunteers (Msv)
Testimony (Xxyt)
Testing (G)
Testing equipment (Gu)
Testing laboratories --> Laboratories (Pfrm)
Testing machines --> Testing equipment (Gu)
Tests (Gb)
Tests by cycle (Gbp)
Tests by location (Gbw)
Tests for suitability, service and quality (Gbj)
Tests specific to a material, structure or device (Gbb)
Tetraethyl lead (Rbcgrrv)
Tetraethyl lead (Rbfcbbt)
Text messaging (Dsmbt)
Textbooks (Xxby)
Textile fabrics (Rbmdxctf)
Textile industry (Ncgj)
Textiles (Bhkht)
Textiles (Rbmdxct)
Texting --> Text messaging (Dsmbt)
Texture (Rkpt)
Texture analysis (Computer vision) --> Visual texture recognition (Dmbjjt)
Thaw (Jbmwbby)
Thawing --> Thaw (Jbmwbby)
Theaters (Pfot)
Theatres --> Theaters (Pfot)
Theft (Hudb)
Theme parks --> Amusement parks (Pfqb)
Theodolites (Gumts)
Theorems (Ubt)
Theoretical analysis --> Theory (Ubtt)
Theoretical studies (Xkdt)
Theories --> Theory (Ubtt)
Theory (Ubtt)
Theory of equations (Udfe)
Therapy (Hpgt)
Thermal analysis (Gbccu)
Thermal conductivity (Rktp)
Thermal degradation (Jbyt)
Thermal diffusion (Stt)
Thermal diffusivity --> Diffusivity (Rktb)
Thermal efficiency (Stu)
Thermal expansion (Stv)
Thermal expansion (Srvgt)
Thermal fatigue (Stw)
Thermal imagery (Esmght)
Thermal insulation --> Heat insulating materials (Rbmnth)
Thermal measurements --> Temperature measurement (Gmcn)
Thermal pollution (Jfgbwt)
Thermal power generation (Jnrrppt)
Thermal power plants (Pmppv)
Thermal properties (Rkt)
Thermal radiation --> Heat radiation (Stk)
Thermal reactors (Qtbnbt)
Thermal resistance (Rktt)
Thermal shock (Stxs)
Thermal stability (Rktv)
Thermal stresses (Stx)
Thermistors (Qtbcit)
Thermit welding (Fcbyjvw)
Thermochemistry (Tphxt)
Thermoclines (Strt)
Thermocouples (Gumsvc)
Thermodynamic cycle --> Heat cycle (Ste)
Thermodynamic properties --> Thermal properties (Rkt)
Thermodynamics (Tpxy)
Thermoelasticity (Rkmht)
Thermoelectric materials (Rbmuht)
Thermographs (Gurv)
Thermogravimetric analysis (Gbccmt)
Thermometers (Gumsvm)
Thermoplastic materials (Rbmdqt)
Thermoplastic resins (Rbmdqrs)
Thermoplastics --> Thermoplastic materials (Rbmdqt)
Thermoplasts --> Thermoplastic materials (Rbmdqt)
Thermosets --> Thermosetting materials (Rbmdqu)
Thermosetting materials (Rbmdqu)
Thermosetting resins (Rbmdqru)
Thermostats (Gumsvs)
Theses (Xxbt)
Thickness (Rkpvt)
Thin films (Rbmnfcpt)
Thin plates (Rbmdxsqx)
Thin wall structures --> Thin walls (Pbpbwt)
Thin walls (Pbpbwt)
Thinness (Rkptst)
Third party logistics providers (Nbet)
Third rail (Pmudkrbt)
Third World --> Developing countries (Vwad)
Thixotropy (Rkct)
Thorax (Myh)
Thorofares --> Arterial highways (Pmrccdhb)
Thoroughfares --> Arterial highways (Pmrccdhb)
Threats (Huw)
Three axle trucks (Qbddftc)
Three dimensional displays (Dcnspet)
Three dimensional flow (Smdffkb)
Three lane highways (Pmrcckf)
Three leg intersections (Pmrcpjfcp)
Three phase motors (Qtbmbmw)
Three point restraint systems (Qpqrmu)
Three term controllers --> PID controllers (Qtbeip)
Three wheeled vehicles (Qbddhmn)
Thrie beams (Pbpbvvbw)
Throttles (Qpnyft)
Through highways --> Arterial highways (Pmrccdhb)
Through traffic (Btbt)
Thrust (Qdbdt)
Thrust (Smimau)
Thrust bearings (Qtbmydt)
Thrust reversers (Qtbmbermx)
Thrusters (Qpjyw)
Thunderstorms (Jbmbkpst)
Thyristors (Dcjt)
Ticket vending machines (Qtpvt)
Ticketing (Bbkyu)
Tickets (Bbkyut)
Tidal currents (Jbbtpc)
Tidal power plants (Pmppu)
Tidal waves (Jbhwpu)
Tides (Jbbt)
Tie bars (Rbmdxat)
Tie pads (Pmudkv)
Tie plates (Pmudkw)
Tie rods (Pbpbvr)
Tiebacks (Pbpbvvby)
Tied concrete (Rbmdhcbtt)
Tiedowns (Qtpuw)
Ties --> Railroad ties (Pmudku)
Tile (Rbmdxut)
Tile and shingles (Rbmdxu)
Till (Rbebq)
Tilt wing aircraft (Qbkmh)
Tilting trains (Qbfxy)
Tiltrotor aircraft (Qbkmkp)
Timber (Rbmdmvwt)
Timber bridges --> Wooden bridges (Pdybmmw)
Timber construction (Fcbyw)
Timbering (Pbpbvt)
Time (W)
Time alteration (Wq)
Time and motion studies (Ccbats)
Time dependence (Wrw)
Time division multiple access (Dsbdmcu)
Time division multiplexing (Dsmmmt)
Time domain analysis (Uhx)
Time domain reflectometers (Gumpfv)
Time duration (Wg)
Time intervals (Wi)
Time lag (Wrg)
Time lapse photography (Esmgpt)
Time management (Bmmy)
Time of accidents (Hbkt)
Time of day --> Periods of the day (Weg)
Time periods (We)
Time series (Usyt)
Time series analysis (Tprt)
Time sharing (Cpkpms)
Time signals (Dsbppx)
Time studies (Xkdw)
Time windows (Bbhrt)
Time zones (Wqt)
Timed transfer (Brube)
Timers (Dcju)
Timetables (Bbjft)
Tin (Rbcefft)
Tining (Pavements) --> Pavement grooving (Fcffj)
Tinted glass (Rbmdfmu)
Tire chains (Qpyt)
Tire components (Qpmty)
Tire cords (Qpmtyc)
Tire forces (Qdmtt)
Tire industry (Ncembt)
Tire mechanics (Qdmt)
Tire noise --> Tire/pavement noise (Jfnbtt)
Tire pavement interface --> Rolling contact (Smdr)
Tire pressure (Qdmtp)
Tire pressure monitoring systems (Dmgumt)
Tire sidewalls (Qpmtyq)
Tire studs (Qpmtys)
Tire treads (Qpmtyt)
Tire/pavement noise (Jfnbtt)
Tires (Qpmt)
Tires and wheels (Qpm)
Titanium (Rbcefdr)
Titanium alloys (Rbmdkdt)
Tobacco smoke (Jfgsr)
Tobermorite (Rbmdfcyt)
Tobermorite (Rbcgnept)
Toddlers --> Infants (Mbb)
Toes (Mypdgrt)
TOFC --> Trailer on flat car (Bbbadt)
Toilet facilities (Pbpvpt)
Tokens (Bbkyt)
Tolerance (Physiology) (Mxbt)
Tolerance (Psychology) (Mxkt)
Tolerances (Engineering) (Qvt)
Toll booths (Pmrusb)
Toll bridges (Pdybmuht)
Toll collection (Bbkxs)
Toll facilities (Pmrus)
Toll plazas (Pmrusp)
Toll roads (Pmrccjv)
Toll tunnels (Pdvtrvt)
Tolls (Bbkt)
Toluene (Rbcgrrw)
Tomography (Esmghrt)
Ton miles (Bfbmu)
Tonnage (Bfbmt)
Tonnage ratings (Bfbmtb)
Tools (Qtpt)
Topographic maps (Xxvmt)
Topography (Vgat)
Topology (Un)
Topsoil (Rbespht)
Tornadoes (Jbmbkwt)
Torque (Smdpst)
Torque converters (Qtbmyt)
Torsion (Smbw)
Torsion tests (Gbgw)
Torsional strength (Rkmau)
Torsional stress --> Torsion (Smbw)
Tort liability (Cnrs)
Total heat --> Enthalpy (Rkte)
Total quality management (Caw)
Touch --> Tactile perception (Mxtx)
Toughness (Rkmlv)
Tour buses (Qbddhpbkv)
Tour operators (Nbde)
Tourism (Bmkhu)
Tourist trade --> Tourism (Bmkhu)
Tourists (Mwu)
Tow trucks (Qbddfkp)
Towboat operations (Brsn)
Towboats (Qbhktp)
Towed barges (Qbhtu)
Towed vehicles (Qbddku)
Towers (Pfyt)
Towing devices (Qtpuy)
Towing vehicles (Qbddkt)
Town planning --> City planning (Epdumc)
Towns (Vwuct)
Toxic agents --> Poisons (Rbmdsp)
Toxic coatings (Rbmnfcw)
Toxic materials --> Poisons (Rbmdsp)
Toxicants --> Poisons (Rbmdsp)
Toxicity (Rkcv)
Toxicology (Tphst)
Trace analysis (Gbccv)
Trace elements (Rbcebr)
Tracers (Chemistry) (Rbctv)
Track circuits (Dcmtryt)
Track components (Pmudk)
Track construction --> Track laying (Fcfpt)
Track inspection cars --> Inspection cars (Qbfmkkt)
Track laying (Fcfpt)
Track maintenance --> Maintenance of way (Fmun)
Track panels (Pmudbv)
Track rehabilitation --> Maintenance of way (Fmun)
Trackage rights (Bqrt)
Tracked air cushion vehicles (Qbfxg)
Tracked vehicles (Qbddkr)
Tracking systems (Dcnsby)
Tracks --> Railroad tracks (Pmud)
Traction (Smdju)
Traction control (Dcmvgt)
Traction forces --> Tractive forces (Smiu)
Tractive forces (Smiu)
Tractor trailer combinations (Qbddfc)
Tractors --> Truck tractors (Qbddfcm)
Trade (Ct)
Trade associations (Nst)
Trade off analysis --> Alternatives analysis (Epdbbb)
Trade restrictions (Ctr)
Trade routes (Bbhed)
Traffic (Bt)
Traffic accident victims (Mswvat)
Traffic accidents (Hbbgt)
Traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbt)
Traffic actuated detectors --> Vehicle detectors (Dmgdrv)
Traffic actuated signals --> Traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbt)
Traffic alert and collision avoidance system (Dcnsybt)
Traffic arrests (Hrktek)
Traffic assignment (Btha)
Traffic by mode (Bta)
Traffic calming (Cratutc)
Traffic capacity --> Highway capacity (Bqdc)
Traffic census --> Traffic counts (Btet)
Traffic channelization (Esushc)
Traffic characteristics (Bth)
Traffic circles (Pmrcpjfcm)
Traffic citations (Hrktec)
Traffic composition --> Vehicle mix (Bthm)
Traffic cones (Dcmthrg)
Traffic conflicts (Bthc)
Traffic congestion (Bthfc)
Traffic control (Dcmt)
Traffic control centers (Pmrut)
Traffic control centers (Pfder)
Traffic control devices (Dcmthr)
Traffic control signals --> Traffic signals (Dcmthrrs)
Traffic conviction (Hrkteq)
Traffic corridors --> Highway corridors (Pmrccnm)
Traffic corridors --> Transportation corridors (Pmec)
Traffic counting (Btem)
Traffic counting stations (Btes)
Traffic counts (Btet)
Traffic courts (Csct)
Traffic data (Btea)
Traffic delay (Bthd)
Traffic density (Bthe)
Traffic detectors --> Vehicle detectors (Dmgdrv)
Traffic distribution (Bthj)
Traffic diversion (Bthh)
Traffic engineering (Ttkfwt)
Traffic engineers (Msgbbt)
Traffic equilibrium (Bthfu)
Traffic equivalence factor (Rkmyyt)
Traffic estimation (Bmkb)
Traffic fatalities --> Fatalities (Hjhx)
Traffic flow (Bthf)
Traffic flow rate (Bthfq)
Traffic flow theory (Bthfr)
Traffic forecasting (Bmkbt)
Traffic free zones --> Pedestrian areas (Pmrtp)
Traffic generation --> Trip generation (Bmkbb)
Traffic incidents (Bthb)
Traffic information systems --> Driver information systems (Dsfpd)
Traffic islands (Pmrcpjfrt)
Traffic lanes (Pmrcpm)
Traffic law enforcement (Hrkte)
Traffic law violators --> Traffic violators (Mswt)
Traffic lights --> Traffic signals (Dcmthrrs)
Traffic loads (Bfbj)
Traffic management (Physical distribution) --> Physical distribution (Cmp)
Traffic management (Traffic control) --> Highway traffic control (Dcmth)
Traffic management centers --> Traffic control centers (Pfder)
Traffic management centers --> Traffic control centers (Pmrut)
Traffic managers (Msabt)
Traffic markings --> Road markings (Dcmthru)
Traffic measurement (Bte)
Traffic medicine --> Automotive medicine (Ttuxb)
Traffic mitigation (Cratutm)
Traffic models (Btf)
Traffic monitoring --> Traffic surveillance (Dmbyt)
Traffic noise (Jfnbt)
Traffic noise barriers --> Noise barriers (Pmrcpbn)
Traffic operations --> Highway operations (Bqd)
Traffic operations centers --> Traffic control centers (Pmrut)
Traffic operations centers --> Traffic control centers (Pfder)
Traffic paint (Rbmnfnt)
Traffic patrol (Hrktb)
Traffic platooning (Bthkp)
Traffic queuing (Bthn)
Traffic regulations (Crftr)
Traffic relationships (Bthr)
Traffic responsive signals --> Traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbt)
Traffic restraint (Cratutt)
Traffic safety (Haat)
Traffic safety education (Hawtt)
Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Traffic signal controllers (Dcmthrrc)
Traffic signal coordination --> Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Traffic signal cycle (Dcmthcsk)
Traffic signal hardware (Dcmthrr)
Traffic signal indications (Dcmthcsm)
Traffic signal intervals (Dcmthcskj)
Traffic signal networks --> Traffic signal control systems (Dcmthcse)
Traffic signal phases (Dcmthcskp)
Traffic signal preemption (Dcmthcsp)
Traffic signal priority (Dcmthcsr)
Traffic signal priority systems --> Traffic signal priority (Dcmthcsr)
Traffic signal priority systems --> Traffic signal preemption (Dcmthcsp)
Traffic signal settings --> Traffic signal timing (Dcmthcsv)
Traffic signal timing (Dcmthcsv)
Traffic signals (Dcmthrrs)
Traffic signs (Dcmthrk)
Traffic signs and signals --> Traffic control devices (Dcmthr)
Traffic signs by audience (Dcmthrks)
Traffic signs by characteristics (Dcmthrkk)
Traffic signs by purpose (Dcmthrkb)
Traffic signs, signals and markings --> Traffic control devices (Dcmthr)
Traffic simulation (Btfs)
Traffic speed (Bths)
Traffic surveillance (Dmbyt)
Traffic surveys (Bthx)
Traffic ticket systems (Hrktt)
Traffic violations (Huv)
Traffic violators (Mswt)
Traffic volume (Bthv)
Trafficability (Rkmbt)
Trailer hitches --> Hitches (Qtpuyh)
Trailer on flat car (Bbbadt)
Trailer swing (Qdmv)
Trailers (Qbddfct)
Trailing edges (Qpbbbkt)
Trails (Pmrtpt)
Train classification --> Train makeup (Brram)
Train components (Qbfm)
Train consist (Brramt)
Train control --> Automatic train control (Dcmvgyf)
Train crews (Mtgr)
Train detectors --> Automatic train location (Dmbyc)
Train handling --> Train operations (Brra)
Train handling --> Train operation (Dct)
Train makeup (Brram)
Train operation (Dct)
Train operations (Brra)
Train operations simulators --> Railroad simulators (Qtpstsr)
Train safety control systems --> Automatic train protection (Dcmvgyfm)
Train track dynamics (Qdr)
Train traffic --> Railroad traffic (Btar)
Training (Cet)
Training aircraft (Qbkkt)
Training devices (Qtpst)
Training programs (Cetp)
Training simulators (Qtpsts)
Trainmen (Mtgrt)
Trains --> Railroad trains (Qbf)
Trains by motive power (Qbfp)
Trainsets --> Multiple unit trains (Qbfj)
Trajectories --> Trajectory (Smdpj)
Trajectory (Smdpj)
Trajectory control (Dcmvr)
Tramp shipping (Aesbbe)
Trams --> Trolley cars (Qbftt)
Tranquilizers (Hpgmt)
Transborder data flow (Dsbbt)
Transceivers (Dsgmw)
Transducers (Dsgx)
Transfer centers (Pmeut)
Transfer characteristics (Rket)
Transfer functions (Dcht)
Transfer points (Bdku)
Transfer reactions (Spsu)
Transfers (Bdkt)
Transformations --> Transformations (Mathematics) (Ubet)
Transformations (Mathematics) (Ubet)
Transformers (Qtbfu)
Transforms (Integral operators) (Uhct)
Transient analyzers (Gumpdt)
Transients (Mkhe)
Transistor materials (Rbmuhvgt)
Transistors (Qtbet)
Transit --> Public transit (Aet)
Transit accidents (Hbbgw)
Transit authorities (Nggmt)
Transit boards (Nggmtb)
Transit buses (Qbddhpbkt)
Transit centers (Pmeu)
Transit lines --> Transit operating agencies (Nbbcu)
Transit malls (Pfcsct)
Transit operating agencies (Nbbcu)
Transit operators (Mtua)
Transit oriented development (Epdrdt)
Transit personnel (Mtu)
Transit privileges (Bdbet)
Transit riders (Mwat)
Transit safety (Haau)
Transit sheds (Wharves) (Pmhbmpmbrtt)
Transit traffic (Btax)
Transit vehicle operations (Bru)
Transition curves (Pmrckct)
Transition elements (Rbcefd)
Transition point (Rktmtt)
Transition temperature --> Transition point (Rktmtt)
Transitional flow (Smdfft)
Transitways --> Guideways (Pmuyg)
Translational landslides (Jbgemu)
Translations (Xxx)
Transmission (Dsm)
Transmission errors and interference (Dsmr)
Transmission lines (Pmptm)
Transmission loss (Dsmrt)
Transmission techniques (Dsmm)
Transmissions (Qpoxt)
Transmittance (Electromagnetism) (Rkft)
Transmitter receivers --> Transceivers (Dsgmw)
Transmitters --> Radio transmitters (Dsgmt)
Transparence (Rkot)
Transplanting (Fcfmpt)
Transponders (Dsgmx)
Transponders (Dcnsptt)
Transport --> Transportation (A)
Transport aircraft (Qbkf)
Transport economics --> Economics (Tgm)
Transport properties (Physics) (Rktw)
Transportation (A)
Transportation agencies --> Transportation departments (Nggj)
Transportation buildings (Pmeb)
Transportation by environment (Af)
Transportation by load (Aj)
Transportation by ownership (Am)
Transportation careers (Kabknt)
Transportation centers --> Passenger terminals (Pmetp)
Transportation control measures --> Air quality management (Jfgyb)
Transportation corridors (Pmec)
Transportation demand management --> Travel demand management (Cratut)
Transportation departments (Nggj)
Transportation disadvantaged persons (Mwate)
Transportation economics --> Economics (Tgm)
Transportation engineering (Ttkfw)
Transportation engineers (Msgbbe)
Transportation equipment industry (Nce)
Transportation facility operations (Bq)
Transportation industry --> Transportation (A)
Transportation infrastructure --> Transportation, hydraulic and utility facilities (Pm)
Transportation management associations (Nsw)
Transportation management centers --> Traffic control centers (Pfder)
Transportation materials (Rbmumtt)
Transportation medicine (Ttux)
Transportation modes (Ae)
Transportation operations (B)
Transportation planning (Epdut)
Transportation policy (Crat)
Transportation safety (Haa)
Transportation system management (Epdutt)
Transportation system management alternative --> No build (Epdrn)
Transportation systems in buildings (Pbpy)
Transportation systems management --> Transportation system management (Epdutt)
Transportation, hydraulic and utility facilities (Pm)
Transuranium elements (Rbcebt)
Transverse cracking (Smfdpmt)
Transverse grooving --> Pavement grooving (Fcffj)
Transverse joints (Pbpbhv)
Transverse reinforcement (Fcbygxt)
Transverse stiffeners (Rbmdxsqtt)
Transverse strength (Rkmav)
Transverse waves --> S waves (Smws)
Trap rock (Rbergt)
Traps (Drain pipe) (Rbmdxnpjt)
Trauma --> Injuries (Hj)
Traumatic brain injuries (Hjpt)
Travel (Bm)
Travel agents (Nbdd)
Travel and shipment characteristics (Bk)
Travel behavior (Bmm)
Travel budgets (Cgbt)
Travel by area (Bmf)
Travel by mode (Bmc)
Travel by vehicle type (Bmb)
Travel costs (Bmmd)
Travel demand (Bmk)
Travel demand management (Cratut)
Travel diaries (Bmme)
Travel distance --> Trip length (Bkj)
Travel forecasting --> Traffic forecasting (Bmkbt)
Travel models (Travel demand) --> Travel demand (Bmk)
Travel patterns (Bmmu)
Travel surveys (Bks)
Travel time (Bkn)
Travel trailers (Qbddkqt)
Traveled way --> Traffic lanes (Pmrcpm)
Traveler information and communication systems (Dsfp)
Travelers (Mw)
Traveling salesman problem (Ungs)
Travellers --> Travelers (Mw)
Treads --> Tire treads (Qpmtyt)
Treaties (Crdit)
Trees (Jcbpv)
Trees (Mathematics) (Ungv)
Tremie concrete (Rbmdhcbw)
Trench backfill (Pdwetb)
Trenches (Pdwet)
Trenching (Fcfxet)
Trenchless methods --> Trenchless technology (Fcest)
Trenchless technology (Fcest)
Trend (Statistics) (Usyv)
Trespassers (Mswr)
Trestles (Pdybmdt)
Trials (Csd)
Trials (Testing) --> Testing (G)
Triangles (Upbw)
Triangulation (Esmsft)
Triaxial shear tests (Gbbmrqt)
Triaxial testing --> Triaxial shear tests (Gbbmrqt)
Tribal government (Ngdt)
Tribology (Tpxst)
Tricalcium aluminate (Rbcgnet)
Tricalcium silicate (Rbcgnepp)
Tricycles (Qbdhc)
Trigonometry (Tprv)
Trilevel accident investigation (Hbxxk)
Trim (Aeronautics) (Qdbdu)
Trimming (Fcbyjt)
Trinidad asphalt (Rbeusbt)
Trip chaining (Bmmc)
Trip distribution (Bmkbe)
Trip estimation --> Traffic estimation (Bmkb)
Trip generation (Bmkbb)
Trip length (Bkj)
Trip matrices (Bksam)
Trip matrix --> Trip matrices (Bksam)
Trip purpose (Bmkh)
Trip reduction --> Travel demand management (Cratut)
Trip reports (Research) --> Reports of visits (Xxrv)
Trip tables (Bksat)
Trips --> Travel (Bm)
Tritium (Rbcefbdt)
Trolley buses --> Trolleybuses (Qbddhpbpet)
Trolley cars (Qbftt)
Trolley wire --> Contact wire (Pmuc)
Trolleybuses (Qbddhpbpet)
Tropics (Vcrt)
Troposphere (Jbmbac)
Troubleshooting (Fmxt)
Troughs (Geology) (Jbgyx)
Truck accidents (Hbbgu)
Truck cabs --> Cabs (Vehicle compartments) (Qpecc)
Truck dealers (Nbht)
Truck drivers (Mtghdct)
Truck driving (Dcnbstyt)
Truck escape ramps --> Escape lanes (Pmruue)
Truck facilities (Pmruu)
Truck lanes (Pmrcpmv)
Truck lanes (Pmruuk)
Truck lines (Nbbcdt)
Truck loading facilities (Pmruum)
Truck mounted attenuators (Pmrcpbet)
Truck routes (Bbhet)
Truck stops (Pmruus)
Truck terminals (Pmruut)
Truck tractors (Qbddfcm)
Truck traffic (Btaht)
Truck transportation --> Trucking (Aeght)
Trucking (Aeght)
Trucking safety (Haatk)
Trucks (Qbddf)
Trucks (Railroad car structures) --> Car trucks (Railroads) (Qpgyrt)
Trucks by motive power (Qbddfp)
Trucks by number of axles (Qbddft)
Trucks by weight (Qbddfw)
Trumpet interchanges (Pmrcpjsct)
Trunk roads --> Primary highways (Pmrccjp)
Trunks (Vehicles) (Qpbct)
Truss bridges (Pdybmdv)
Trusses (Pbpbvvt)
Trust (Psychology) (Mxpdt)
TSM --> Transportation system management (Epdutt)
Tsunamis (Jbhwpx)
Tube suction test (Gbbmbw)
Tube transportation --> Capsule pipelines (Pmnppb)
Tubes --> Tubing (Rbmdxnt)
Tubing (Rbmdxnt)
Tubular structures (Pbcv)
Tug ship interaction (Brsp)
Tug supply vessels (Qbhswsp)
Tugboats (Qbhkt)
Tugs --> Tugboats (Qbhkt)
Tundra (Vcrft)
Tuneups --> Engine tuning (Fmve)
Tungsten (Rbcefds)
Tunnel borers (Qtpbctb)
Tunnel boring machines --> Tunnel borers (Qtpbctb)
Tunnel construction --> Tunneling (Fcfxt)
Tunnel lining (Pdvtbm)
Tunnel shafts (Pdvtbr)
Tunnel supports (Pdvtbs)
Tunneling (Fcfxt)
Tunneling machines (Qtpbct)
Tunnelling --> Tunneling (Fcfxt)
Tunnels (Pdvt)
Tunnels by use (Pdvtr)
Turbidity (Rkwt)
Turbidity (Rkcx)
Turbine engines (Qtbmbebt)
Turbines (Qtbmbt)
Turbochargers (Qtbmbermwx)
Turbofan engines (Qtbmbebtf)
Turbojet engines (Qtbmbebtj)
Turboprop aircraft (Qbkppg)
Turboprop engines (Qtbmbebtp)
Turbotrains (Qbfpt)
Turbulence (Smdffu)
Turbulent boundary layer (Srbt)
Turbulent flow --> Turbulence (Smdffu)
Turf (Rbesphtt)
Turf maintenance --> Landscape maintenance (Fmuk)
Turn signals (Qpumxt)
Turnaround time (Brsdt)
Turning (Aircraft pilotage) (Dcnbscbv)
Turning lanes (Pmrcpmx)
Turning radius (Qcht)
Turning traffic (Bthu)
Turnouts (Pmudkx)
Turnouts (Pmruv)
Turnover (Ccbug)
Twilight (Wegh)
Twin hulled ships (Qbhvt)
Twisting stress --> Torsion (Smbw)
Two axle cars (Qbfmktb)
Two axle trucks (Qbddftb)
Two dimensional flow (Smdffkt)
Two lane highways (Pmrcckb)
Two lane roads --> Two lane highways (Pmrcckb)
Two phase flow (Smdfflt)
Two stroke cycle engines (Qtbmbebdb)
Two way left turn lanes (Pmrcpmxmt)
Two wheeled vehicles (Qbddhmm)
Types of airports (Pmfcb)
Types of brakes (Qpkb)
Types of bridges (Pdybm)
Types of bridges by design (Pdybmd)
Types of bridges by material (Pdybmm)
Types of bridges by use (Pdybmu)
Types of composites (Rbmdhb)
Types of computers (Qtpxmb)
Types of concrete (Rbmdhcb)
Types of costs (Cfca)
Types of cracking (Smfdb)
Types of culverts (Pdyrd)
Types of dams (Pmhmb)
Types of detectors (Dmgde)
Types of drugs (Hmdqxa)
Types of engines (Qtbmbeb)
Types of equipment (Qtb)
Types of harbors (Pmhbc)
Types of interchanges (Pmrcpjsc)
Types of intersections (Pmrcpjfc)
Types of locomotives (Qbfmcc)
Types of machines (Qtbmb)
Types of metals (Rbmdkb)
Types of nuclear reactors (Qtbnb)
Types of pavements (Pmrcppb)
Types of pavements by material (Pmrcppbm)
Types of pavements by surface load distribution (Pmrcppbd)
Types of ports (Pmhbmpc)
Types of propellers (Qphpb)
Types of railroad rail (Pmudkrb)
Types of roads (Pmrcc)
Types of roads by environment (Pmrcce)
Types of roads by jurisdiction (Pmrccj)
Types of roads by network (Pmrccn)
Types of roads by number of lanes (Pmrcck)
Types of roads by purpose (Pmrccp)
Types of roads by traffic volume (Pmrccv)
Types of seats (Qpeysb)
Types of taxes (Cfda)
Types of test facilities (Pfrmty)
Types of tires (Qpmtb)
Types of tires by ply (Qpmtbp)
Types of track (Pmudb)
Types of traffic (Btb)
Types of traffic signals (Dcmthrrsk)
Types of wastes (Jfkb)
Types of wharves (Pmhbmpmbd)
Typhoons (Jbmbkpct)
Tyres --> Tires (Qpmt)
U turns (Bthuu)
U.S. customary system of units (Gmyu)
UHF --> Ultrahigh frequency (Sfrwbfrs)
Ultimate load design (Esdu)
Ultimate loads --> Breaking loads (Smimd)
Ultimate strength (Rkmaw)
Ultra high performance concrete (Rbmdhcby)
Ultrahigh frequency (Sfrwbfrs)
Ultralight aircraft (Qbkwfu)
Ultrasonic detectors (Dmgdebu)
Ultrasonic radiation (Sbxr)
Ultrasonic tests (Gbhu)
Ultrasonic waves (Sbx)
Ultrasonics (Tpxcsu)
Ultraviolet light (Sfrwap)
Ultraviolet radiation (Sou)
Ultraviolet rays --> Ultraviolet radiation (Sou)
Ultraviolet spectroscopy (Gmcesbu)
Unburned fuels (Rbfpu)
Uncertainty (Gmsu)
Unchannelized intersections (Pmrcpjfcr)
Unconsolidated soils (Rbesptu)
Uncontrolled intersections --> Unsignalized intersections (Pmrcpjfct)
Uncontrolled junctions --> Unsignalized intersections (Pmrcpjfct)
Unconventional track (Pmudbx)
Under developed countries --> Developing countries (Vwad)
Underbodies (Qpbau)
Undercarriages (Qpmyu)
Undercharge claims (Bnqju)
Underdrains --> Subdrains (Pmhpdfs)
Underground construction (Fces)
Underground facilities --> Underground structures (Pdv)
Underground parking garages (Pmrupgu)
Underground parking garages (Pdvp)
Underground railways --> Subways (Pdvtrrs)
Underground structures (Pdv)
Underground utility lines (Pmptmu)
Underpasses (Pmrcpjfrju)
Underride override collisions (Hbbgtcu)
Undersealing (Fccdsu)
Understanding (Mxrdu)
Understeer (Hbcheh)
Undervoltage --> Low voltage (Sepvm)
Underwater construction (Fceu)
Underwater excavation (Fcfxeu)
Underwater foundations (Pmhyuf)
Underwater paint (Rbmnfnu)
Underwater photography (Esmgpx)
Underwater pipelines (Pmnptu)
Underwater pipelines (Pmhyup)
Underwater sound (Sby)
Underwater structures (Pmhyu)
Underwater tunnels (Pmhyut)
Underwater vehicles (Qbhu)
Undisturbed samples (Gvmu)
Undomesticated living things (Jcmk)
Undrained shear strength (Rkmaru)
Undrained shear tests (Gbbmrqu)
Undrained strength (Rkmax)
Unearned increment (Cqda)
Unemployed (Mkeu)
Unemployment (Kabkpu)
Unevenness --> Roughness (Rkptr)
Ungulates (Jcbtvuu)
Uniaxial stress (Smvu)
Uniformity --> Standardization (Ex)
Uniforms (Ccbkru)
Uninterrupted flow (Bthfj)
Unit costs (Cfcau)
Unit hydrographs (Esmsrhhu)
Unit trains (Brratu)
Unitized cargo (Bbbb)
Units of measurement --> Systems of measurement (Gmy)
Universal joints (Qpoxdu)
Universal product codes (Dmgspybt)
Universities and colleges (Pfru)
Universities and colleges (Ndeu)
Unleaded gasoline (Rbfumgu)
Unlicensed driving --> Driving without a license (Huvmd)
Unloaders (Qtphcu)
Unloading facilities (Pmetfcu)
Unmanned aircraft --> Drone aircraft (Qbkomh)
Unpaved roads (Pmrccu)
Unreinforced concrete (Rbmdhcbx)
Unsafe drivers --> High risk drivers (Mtghdfc)
Unsaturated soils (Rbespmy)
Unsignalized intersections (Pmrcpjfct)
Unsprung weight (Qcwu)
Unsprung weight (Rkpwu)
Unstable soil (Rbespsu)
Unsteady flow (Smdffy)
Updating --> Modernization (Epdrm)
Upgrades (Roads) (Pmrckgu)
Upgrading --> Modernization (Epdrm)
Uplift --> Uplift pressure (Smipu)
Uplift pressure (Smipu)
Upper extremities (Mypb)
Upper income groups (Mkb)
Upwelling (Jbhu)
Uranium (Rbcefmu)
Uranium acetate --> Uranyl acetate (Rbcgnzm)
Uranium inorganic compounds (Rbcgnz)
Uranyl acetate (Rbcgnzm)
Urban areas (Vwu)
Urban design (Esuu)
Urban development (Kxu)
Urban goods movement (Bbfu)
Urban growth (Kxug)
Urban highways (Pmrcceu)
Urban planning --> City planning (Epdumc)
Urban population (Khbu)
Urban renewal (Epdrdru)
Urban sprawl (Kxus)
Urban transit (Afna)
Urban transportation (Afn)
Urban transportation policy (Cratu)
Urban travel (Bmfu)
Urbanization (Kxuv)
Urea (Rbcgrrx)
Urethane (Rbcgrry)
Urinalysis (Hpmp)
Urine (Mxbdu)
Urine alcohol levels (Hpmpa)
Used aircraft industry (Ncefau)
Used vehicle industry (Ncemu)
User benefits (Kktu)
User charges (Cfm)
User interfaces (Computer science) (Esdhmg)
User manuals (Computer programs) --> Computer program documentation (Xbkms)
User side subsidies (Cfhsd)
Utility access holes --> Manholes (Pmhpdq)
Utility aircraft (Qbkk)
Utility airports (Pmfcbu)
Utility poles (Pmptp)
Utility theory (Kdu)
Utility vehicles (Qbddhmccu)
Utilization (Cwu)
V/STOL aircraft (Qbkmks)
V/STOL airports (Pmfcbv)
Vacations (Ccbkxv)
Vacuum (Smipv)
Vacuum cleaners (Qtpev)
Vacuum fluorescent lamps (Qtpnmefv)
Vacuum measurement (Gmmv)
Vacuum tubes (Qtbefv)
Vadose water (Rbesbwv)
Validation (Gbbev)
Validity (Ubfkv)
Valleys (Vgfv)
Valuation (Cfv)
Value analysis --> Value engineering (Ttknx)
Value capture (Kktnc)
Value engineering (Ttknx)
Value of life (Khjs)
Value of service pricing (Cfspd)
Value of time (Khju)
Value pricing --> Value of service pricing (Cfspd)
Value pricing (Road pricing) --> Road pricing (Cfspr)
Values in measurement (Gms)
Valve timing (Fmvev)
Valves (Qtbmbermy)
Valves (Qtbmyx)
Van lines --> Moving industry (Nbbcdtm)
Vanadium (Rbcefdu)
Vandalism (Hudv)
Vane shear tests (Gbbmrqv)
Vanes (Machinery) (Qtbmyhv)
Vanpools (Bmrv)
Vans (Qbddkxy)
Vapor lock (Qvfv)
Vapor lock (Smdffdv)
Vapor phases (Stpu)
Vapor pressure (Sty)
Vaporization --> Volatilization (Stpv)
Vapors (Rbbfsv)
Vapours --> Vapors (Rbbfsv)
Variable costs (Cfcav)
Variable message signs (Dcmthrkkv)
Variable pitch propellers (Qphpbv)
Variable speed limits (Crftrsc)
Variable structure systems --> Sliding mode control (Dcgw)
Variable tolls (Bbktv)
Variables (Ubdv)
Variance (Usav)
Variance analysis --> Analysis of variance (Usa)
Variational inequalities (Mathematics) (Uhbfmcv)
Varnish (Rbmnfu)
Varved clays (Rbesgcv)
Vector analysis (Uhbcv)
Vegetable materials (Rbmdmv)
Vegetable oils (Rbmdykv)
Vegetables (Bhkbbab)
Vegetation (Jcmbdv)
Vegetation control (Fmukt)
Vehicle accessories (Qpy)
Vehicle actuated signals --> Traffic actuated controllers (Dcmthrrcbt)
Vehicle bodies (Qpb)
Vehicle body components (Qpbc)
Vehicle body parts (Qpba)
Vehicle capacity (Qcc)
Vehicle capacity (Bras)
Vehicle characteristics (Qc)
Vehicle classification (Brac)
Vehicle compartment components (Qpey)
Vehicle compartments (Qpe)
Vehicle components (Qp)
Vehicle control --> Automated vehicle control (Dcmv)
Vehicle design (Esv)
Vehicle detecting equipment --> Vehicle detectors (Dmgdrv)
Vehicle detection --> Vehicle detectors (Dmgdrv)
Vehicle detectors (Dmgdrv)
Vehicle drive systems (Qpob)
Vehicle dynamics (Qd)
Vehicle electrical systems (Qpu)
Vehicle electronics (Qpv)
Vehicle engines --> Vehicle power plants (Qpp)
Vehicle exhaust --> Exhaust gases (Jfgsge)
Vehicle factors in accidents (Hbcv)
Vehicle fires (Hhuyv)
Vehicle fitness (Haavs)
Vehicle fitness (Qcf)
Vehicle fleets (Qbddb)
Vehicle follower control --> Automatic headway control (Dcmvgmh)
Vehicle frames (Qpg)
Vehicle front end (Qpbac)
Vehicle guidance --> Automated vehicle control (Dcmv)
Vehicle handling --> Driving (Dcnbst)
Vehicle identification numbers (Qpyu)
Vehicle interiors (Qpbai)
Vehicle length (Qcl)
Vehicle lighting (Qpum)
Vehicle lighting devices (Qpumx)
Vehicle lighting systems (Qpumb)
Vehicle locating systems --> Automatic vehicle location (Dmbyvm)
Vehicle maintenance (Fmv)
Vehicle marking (Bran)
Vehicle miles of travel (Bteb)
Vehicle mix (Bthm)
Vehicle monitoring --> Automatic vehicle monitoring (Dmbyvp)
Vehicle navigation --> Driving (Dcnbst)
Vehicle occupancy (Bkv)
Vehicle occupant rescue (Hhgrp)
Vehicle occupants (Mwg)
Vehicle operations (Br)
Vehicle padding (Qpqv)
Vehicle passenger service (Bbd)
Vehicle performance (Qcp)
Vehicle personnel (Mt)
Vehicle power plants (Qpp)
Vehicle push devices (Qph)
Vehicle rear end (Qpbam)
Vehicle roofs (Qpbax)
Vehicle safety (Haav)
Vehicle sharing (Bms)
Vehicle sides (Qpbas)
Vehicle size (Qcs)
Vehicle smog tests --> Emissions testing (Gbbc)
Vehicle spacing (Bthk)
Vehicle stopping time --> Braking performance (Qcpb)
Vehicle testing --> Vehicle tests (Gbbv)
Vehicle tests (Gbbv)
Vehicle theft (Huta)
Vehicle to roadside communications (Dsbnu)
Vehicle to vehicle communications (Dsbnw)
Vehicle trajectories (Hbpkt)
Vehicle viewing aids (Qpyv)
Vehicle weight (Qcw)
Vehicles (Qb)
Vehicles and equipment (Q)
Vehicles by motive power (Qbddp)
Vehicles by speed (Qbddv)
Vehicles by weight (Qbddw)
Vehicular homicide (Hubha)
Vehicular materials (Rbmuv)
Vehicular phase (Dcmthcskptv)
Vehicular suicide (Hubsa)
Vehicular traffic control --> Highway traffic control (Dcmth)
Vehicular tunnels (Pdvtrv)
Veins (Myvg)
Velocimeters (Gumptv)
Velocity (Smdpv)
Velocity measurement (Gmcp)
Velocity perception (Mxtu)
Vending equipment (Qtpv)
Ventilation equipment (Qtpmv)
Ventilation systems (Pbpvv)
Ventilators (Qtpmvv)
Vents (Pbpbkv)
Verbal communication --> Voice communication (Dsbsv)
Verge --> Road shoulders (Pmrcps)
Vermiculite (Rberrfv)
Version control --> Configuration management (Xbkmqc)
Vertebrae (Myjg)
Vertebrates (Jcbtv)
Vertical drains (Pmhpdfv)
Vertical integration (Cyb)
Vertical supports (Pbpbvv)
Vertical takeoff aircraft --> VTOL aircraft (Qbkmk)
Vertical wind shear (Jbmbkwwv)
Vertisols (Rbespmz)
Very high frequency (Sfrwbfrm)
Very high frequency omnidirectional radio range (Dcnsbsv)
Very large crude carriers (Qbhdfbmpy)
Very low frequency (Sfrwbfrc)
Vessel operations (Brs)
Vessel traffic --> Water traffic (Btaw)
Vessel traffic control (Dcmtv)
Vessel traffic services --> Vessel traffic control (Dcmtv)
Vessels --> Ships (Qbh)
VFR --> Visual flight (Dcnbscbh)
VHF --> Very high frequency (Sfrwbfrm)
Viaducts (Pdybmdx)
Vibrating wire transducers (Dsgxz)
Vibration (Smdv)
Vibration control (Fcdv)
Vibration damping --> Damping (Physics) (Smdvd)
Vibration isolation (Fcdvj)
Vibration meters --> Vibrometers (Gumpy)
Vibration tests (Gbgx)
Vibrators (Electricity) (Qtbcx)
Vibratory compaction (Fcbcv)
Vibratory equipment (Qtpbcv)
Vibrometers (Gumpy)
Victims (Mswv)
Victims of crime --> Crime victims (Mswvc)
Video (Dmgv)
Video cameras (Qtprcv)
Video display terminals (Qtpxmpq)
Video imaging detectors (Dmgdey)
Videotape recorders (Qtprv)
Videotapes (Xymtv)
Videotext (Dsbv)
Vigilance (Mxrcv)
Vinyl resins (Rbmdqrv)
Violence --> Violent crimes (Hub)
Violent crimes (Hub)
Virtual environments --> Virtual reality (Ubmsv)
Virtual reality (Ubmsv)
Viscera --> Internal organs (Mykv)
Viscoelastic materials (Rbmdyev)
Viscoelastic properties --> Viscoelasticity (Rkmhv)
Viscoelasticity (Rkmhv)
Viscometers (Gumsx)
Viscometers (Gumyv)
Viscoplastic properties --> Viscoplasticity (Rkmly)
Viscoplasticity (Rkmly)
Viscosity (Rkwv)
Viscous flow (Smdffv)
Viscous fluids (Rbbfv)
Visibility (Hasv)
Visibility distance (Hasvd)
Vision (Mxbv)
Vision disorders (Mxcr)
Vision tests (Mxbvt)
Visual aids (Xxwv)
Visual degradation --> Vision disorders (Mxcr)
Visual display units (Computers) (Qtpxmpr)
Visual flight (Dcnbscbh)
Visual media (Xyk)
Visual perception (Mxtv)
Visual presentations (Xxv)
Visual scanners --> Optical scanners (Dmgsp)
Visual texture recognition (Dmbjjt)
Visualisation --> Visualization (Xbkpgv)
Visualization (Xbkpgv)
Visually impaired persons (Mmb)
Vitrified clay (Rbmdfkv)
VLCC --> Very large crude carriers (Qbhdfbmpy)
VLCC ports (Pmhbmpmtv)
VLF --> Very low frequency (Sfrwbfrc)
Vocational guidance (Cey)
Voice communication (Dsbsv)
Voice frequency (Sfrwbfmv)
Voice recognition --> Speech recognition (Dsmmt)
Void ratios (Rkpty)
Volatility (Rkcfv)
Volatilization (Stpv)
Volcanic aggregates (Rbmddccnv)
Volcanic ash (Rbesjv)
Volcanic deposits (Rbebv)
Volcanic eruptions (Jbgev)
Volcanic rock (Rbergv)
Volcanoes (Vghv)
Volt ohm milliammeters --> Circuit analyzers (Gumpdc)
Voltage (Sepv)
Voltage regulation (Sevv)
Voltage regulators (Qtbcy)
Voltmeters (Gumpdv)
Volume (Rkpv)
Volume changes (Srv)
Volumetric analysis (Gbccw)
Volunteers (Msv)
VOR --> Very high frequency omnidirectional radio range (Dcnsbsv)
Vortex motion --> Vortices (Smdffw)
Vortex shedding (Smdffwt)
Vortices (Smdffw)
Voyage data recorders (Dcnsysv)
Voyage management systems (Dcmvsv)
VTOL aircraft (Qbkmk)
Vulcanization (Sccv)
Vulcanized fibers (Rbmdxfv)
Vulnerability assessment --> Risk assessment (Hay)
Vulnerability assessment --> Risk assessment (Hka)
Vulnerable road users (Mv)
Wage rate --> Employee compensation (Ccbm)
Wages (Ccbmbw)
Waiting time (Cpkpmw)
Wake vortices --> Wakes (Smdffx)
Wakes (Smdffx)
Walkability (Bxa)
Walking (Aexw)
Walking distance (Bxw)
Walks --> Walkways (Pmrtpw)
Walkways (Pmrtpw)
Wall effect (Sey)
Wall friction (Smdjw)
Walls (Pbpbw)
Wankel engines (Qtbmbebjw)
Warehouses (Pfsw)
Warehousing (Cmh)
Warehousing and storage businesses (Nbew)
Warm mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejpf)
Warning devices (Qtpsw)
Warning devices (Qtpsew)
Warning devices for the handicapped (Dcmthrb)
Warning radio beacons (Dcnspbsw)
Warning radio beacons (Dcnsptbw)
Warning signals (Dsmbsw)
Warning signs (Dcmthrkbw)
Warning systems (Hhw)
Warnings (Police operations) (Hrkb)
Warpage (Smbx)
Warrants (Police operations) (Hrkf)
Warrants (Traffic control devices) (Dcmthw)
Warranty (Cpmw)
Washing (Fmbbw)
Waste disposal (Jfkyd)
Waste disposal facilities (Pfw)
Waste disposal sites --> Waste disposal facilities (Pfw)
Waste heat utilization (Jnrrppu)
Waste management (Jfky)
Waste materials --> Wastes (Jfk)
Waste minimization (Jfkym)
Waste product utilization --> Salvage (Jfkys)
Waste products (Bhgw)
Waste products (Rbmdu)
Waste utilization --> Salvage (Jfkys)
Waste water treatment --> Sewage treatment (Jfgywsm)
Wastes (Jfk)
Wastewater (Jfgbww)
Wastewater treatment --> Sewage treatment (Jfgywsm)
Watchkeeping (Brsdw)
Water (Rbd)
Water areas (Vs)
Water bound macadam (Rbmddvmw)
Water by salt content (Rbdm)
Water cannons (Qtphhhw)
Water cement ratio (Esmmpw)
Water conservation (Jngw)
Water consumption (Jnruw)
Water content --> Moisture content (Rkpm)
Water control (Fcfh)
Water cooled reactors (Qtbnbw)
Water damage --> Moisture damage (Jbym)
Water distribution structures (Pmhsm)
Water erosion --> Scour (Jbyn)
Water heaters (Qtpmhkw)
Water in concrete (Rbmdhcw)
Water in the atmosphere (Jbmbkm)
Water levels --> Water table (Jbhv)
Water mains (Pmhsmf)
Water management --> Water control (Fcfh)
Water phases (Rbdb)
Water pipe (Rbmdxnpw)
Water pipelines (Pmhsft)
Water pipelines (Pmnppw)
Water pollution (Jfgbw)
Water pollution control --> Water quality management (Jfgyw)
Water pressure (Smipw)
Water pumps (Qtbmbercww)
Water quality (Jfaw)
Water quality management (Jfgyw)
Water reducing agents (Rbmdhcjw)
Water repellants --> Water repellents (Rbmnfvr)
Water repellents (Rbmnfvr)
Water resources (Jnaw)
Water resources development (Jnrrw)
Water rights (Csmrw)
Water storage (Fcfhw)
Water supplies --> Water resources (Jnaw)
Water supply and distribution structures (Pmhs)
Water supply structures (Pmhsf)
Water table (Jbhv)
Water to cement ratio --> Water cement ratio (Esmmpw)
Water towers (Pmhsmn)
Water traffic (Btaw)
Water transportation (Aes)
Water tunnels (Pmhsfw)
Water tunnels (Test facilities) (Pfrmtyu)
Water utilities (Nbuw)
Water vapor (Rbdbt)
Water waves (Jbhw)
Water wells (Pmhsfy)
Water works --> Waterworks (Pmhsmt)
Watercraft --> Ships (Qbh)
Waterfront structures (Pmhbmpmbrt)
Waterfronts (Vmbdw)
Watering (Fmukv)
Waterjet propelled craft (Qbhpj)
Waterjets (Qtbmbpw)
Waterproofing (Fccmww)
Waterproofing course --> Seal coats (Pmrcpppmbs)
Waterproofing materials (Rbmnfv)
Watersheds (Vmw)
Watertightness --> Permeability (Rkrp)
Waterway facility operations (Bqw)
Waterways (Pmhjw)
Waterworks (Pmhsmt)
Wave analysis --> Waveform analysis (Gmcex)
Wave attenuation --> Damping (Physics) (Smdvd)
Wave damping --> Damping (Physics) (Smdvd)
Wave drag (Smdfdw)
Wave equations (Say)
Wave excitation --> Excitation (Spd)
Wave height (Jbhwys)
Wave measurement (Gmcs)
Wave motion (Smwy)
Wave movement --> Wave motion (Smwy)
Wave propagation --> Wave motion (Smwy)
Wave resistance (Smdgw)
Wave spectra --> Electromagnetic spectrum (Sfv)
Wave steepness --> Wave height (Jbhwys)
Waveform analysis (Gmcex)
Waveguides (Qtbfw)
Wavelength (Sfrwsw)
Wavelets (Uhbfhw)
Wavemeters (Gumpfw)
Waves (Smw)
Waxes (Rbmnfw)
Waybill samples (Bbyws)
Waybills (Bbyw)
Wayfinding (Mxtw)
Wayside signals (Dcmtrysw)
Weak rock (Rbertt)
Weapons (Qtpy)
Weapons of mass destruction (Qtpym)
Wear (Ptew)
Wear resistance --> Durability (Rkmf)
Wear resistant alloys (Rbmdkdyw)
Wearing course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbw)
Weather (Jbmwb)
Weather and climate (Jbmw)
Weather conditions (Jbmwbb)
Weather delay --> Flight delays (Bbjkmd)
Weather forecasting (Jbmwbf)
Weather fronts --> Fronts (Meteorology) (Jbmbkpf)
Weather radar (Dcnsbqv)
Weather resistance (Rkcfw)
Weather routing (Bbhrd)
Weather stations (Pfx)
Weatherboarding --> Siding (Rbmdxst)
Weathered earth crust materials (Rbed)
Weathered rock (Rbertw)
Weathering (Jbyy)
Weathering steel (Rbmdkdfscw)
Weatherproofing (Fccmw)
Weaving sections (Pmrcpw)
Weaving traffic (Bthw)
Web applications (Xbkjw)
Web stiffened structures (Pbcw)
Webbing (Rbmdxw)
Webs (Structural) --> Webbing (Rbmdxw)
Websites (Information retrieval) (Xbknjhw)
Wedges (Rbmny)
Weed control (Fmuktw)
Weeds (Jcmpw)
Weekdays (Wgpd)
Weekends (Wgpe)
Weekly (Win)
Weeks (Wgn)
Weibull distributions (Usydx)
Weigh in motion (Dmbyvw)
Weigh in motion scales (Pmruuww)
Weigh stations (Pmruuw)
Weighing --> Weight measurement (Gmcw)
Weighing devices (Gumsy)
Weight (Rkpw)
Weight indicators (Gukw)
Weight measurement (Gmcw)
Weighting (Gmsw)
Weights and measures --> Systems of measurement (Gmy)
Weirs (Pmhmbw)
Weld metal (Rbmdkbw)
Weld strength (Rkmabw)
Weld tests (Gbm)
Welded plates (Rbmdxsqy)
Welded rail (Pmudkrbw)
Welded structures --> Weldments (Pbcx)
Welded wire fabrics (Rbmdxcw)
Welding (Fcbyjv)
Welding automation --> Automatic welding (Fcbyjvb)
Welding fluxes --> Fluxes (Rbmndc)
Weldments (Pbcx)
Welds (Pbpbx)
Welfare economics (Tgmw)
Welfare recipients (Mkdw)
Wells (Pdvw)
Western hemisphere (Vchw)
Wet density (Rkpdw)
Wet strength --> Undrained strength (Rkmax)
Wet weather (Jbmwbbw)
Wetland conservation (Jngx)
Wetlands (Vmf)
Wetting (Fcbx)
Wetting agents (Rbcty)
Wetting and drying tests (Gbbmtw)
Wharf components (Pmhbmpmbr)
Wharves (Pmhbmpmb)
Wheat (Bhkbew)
Wheel base (Qcsw)
Wheel loads (Smimcw)
Wheel loads (Qdmbw)
Wheel rail interaction --> Rolling contact (Smdr)
Wheel rims (Qpmwr)
Wheel shops (Railroads) (Pmurvw)
Wheel slip (Qdmx)
Wheelchair lifts (Qtphmw)
Wheelchairs (Qbdhh)
Wheels (Qpmw)
Wheelsets (Railroads) (Qpgyrw)
Wheeltracks --> Ruts (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbyr)
Whiplash (Hjpew)
White (Rkocw)
Whites (Mhe)
Whitetopping (Pmrcpppmbpcp)
Wholesale trade (Ctb)
Wick drains (Pmhpdfx)
Wide area detector systems --> Video imaging detectors (Dmgdey)
Wide area networks (Xbkrw)
Wide body aircraft (Qbkww)
Wideband communication systems (Dsbx)
Width (Rkpvsw)
Width (Updx)
Wilderness areas (Vx)
Wildflowers (Jcmkf)
Wildlife (Jcmkm)
Wildlife crossings (Pdyw)
WIM --> Weigh in motion (Dmbyvw)
Winches (Qtphmv)
Wind (Jbmbkw)
Wind erosion (Jbgpew)
Wind factor (Air navigation) (Qdbcgw)
Wind forces --> Aerodynamic force (Smima)
Wind generated waves --> Wind waves (Jbhww)
Wind power generation (Jnrrppw)
Wind powered aircraft (Qbkpw)
Wind powered ships --> Sailing ships (Qbhpw)
Wind pressure (Smipx)
Wind resistant design (Esdw)
Wind shear (Jbmbkww)
Wind tunnels (Pfrmtyw)
Wind waves (Jbhww)
Windbreaks (Pfysw)
Window glass (Rbmdfmw)
Windows (Buildings) (Pbpbkw)
Windows (Vehicles) (Qpbcw)
Winds --> Wind (Jbmbkw)
Windscreens --> Windshields (Qpbcwx)
Windshield washers (Qpyx)
Windshield wipers (Qpyw)
Windshields (Qpbcwx)
Wing loading (Qdbdw)
Wing loading (Smimaw)
Wings (Aircraft) (Qpbbbkw)
Winter (Webg)
Winter maintenance (Fmbw)
Wire (Rbmdxqw)
Wire mesh (Rbmdxwm)
Wire rope (Rbmdxqrw)
Wireless communication systems (Dsbw)
Wireless LANs (Xbkrmw)
Wireless local area networks --> Wireless LANs (Xbkrmw)
Wiring (Fcapu)
Witnesses (Msxw)
Women --> Females (Mdf)
Women owned business enterprises (Ntn)
Wood (Rbmdmvw)
Wood alcohol --> Methanol (Rbcgrrm)
Wood chips (Rbmdmvww)
Wood preservatives (Rbmnfx)
Wood products (Bhkcm)
Wood structures (Pbcy)
Wood ties (Pmudkuw)
Wood waste (Rbmduy)
Wooden bridges (Pdybmmw)
Wooden pavements (Pmrcppbmw)
Woodfordite --> Ettringite (Rberrh)
Woody plants --> Shrubs (Jcbps)
Word processors (Qtpxmbs)
Work (Mechanics) (Smey)
Work area (Ccbkyg)
Work boats (Qbhsw)
Work days --> Hours of labor (Ccbkh)
Work environment (Ccbky)
Work force --> Labor force (Kabkb)
Work hardening (Rkmjw)
Work measurement (Ccbke)
Work rules (Ccbkb)
Work stoppages --> Strikes (Kabkrns)
Work trips (Bmkhw)
Work zone safety (Haathw)
Work zone traffic control (Dcmthcw)
Work zones (Pdcw)
Workability (Rkmu)
Worker safety --> Occupational safety (Haq)
Workers compensation (Ccbmgc)
Workforce --> Labor force (Kabkb)
Working class (Mkew)
Working conditions (Ccbk)
Working fluids (Rbmurw)
Working hours --> Hours of labor (Ccbkh)
Workload (Ccbkd)
Workplace accidents --> Industrial accidents (Hbbs)
Workplace accidents --> Industrial accidents (Haqi)
Workplace layout (Ccbkym)
Workplaces (Vwy)
Workshops (Xkw)
World --> Earth (Jbde)
World ports --> Superports (Pmhbmpcs)
Worldwide --> International (Vvi)
Woven fabrics (Rbmdxcxf)
Woven materials (Rbmdxcx)
Wrong way driving (Hbchew)
X ray analysis (Gbccx)
X ray emissions --> X ray fluorescence (Sfxxr)
X ray fluorescence (Sfxxr)
X rays (Sfrwas)
X rays (Sfxx)
Xenon (Rbcefkx)
XML (Document markup language) (Xbbccdx)
Y intersections (Pmrcpjfcv)
Y2K conversion --> Year 2000 date conversion (Xbkmqx)
Yachts (Qbhex)
Yard operations (Bqry)
Yaw (Qdbdx)
Yaw (Smdpsy)
Yaw (Qdsy)
Year 2000 date conversion (Xbkmqx)
Years (Wgj)
Yellow (Rkocy)
Yellow interval (Traffic signal cycle) (Dcmthcskjy)
Yield (Finance) (Cfad)
Yield (Mechanics) --> Plastic deformation (Smbp)
Yield line method (Gey)
Yield management (Cfady)
Yield point (Rkmyhy)
Yield signs (Dcmthrkbry)
Yield strength (Rkmay)
Yield stress (Smvy)
Yield surface --> Plastic deformation (Smbp)
Yielding (Bthy)
Young adults (Mbpc)
Young's modulus (Rkmyx)
Youths --> Adolescents (Mbf)
Zebra crossings (Pmrtpcz)
Zero emission vehicles (Qbddky)
Zero maintenance systems (Fmmz)
Zero tolerance (Hmdseddy)
Zig zag tests (Gbbvspy)
Zinc (Rbcefdv)
Zinc alloys (Rbmdkdu)
Zinc chloride batteries (Qtpfbby)
Zinc coatings (Rbmnfcx)
Zinc rich paint (Rbmnfny)
Zirconium (Rbcefdw)
Zone fares (Bbkfh)
Zoning (Kabey)
Zoology (Tpdx)
Zooplankton (Jcmbbpy)

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