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Transportation Research Thesaurus

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The Transportation Research Thesaurus can be downloaded in XML format for your personal use. Below is an overview of our schema.

< TermInfo >: Starts Term definition
</ TermInfo >: End Term definition

Element Definitions:

  <T> Term </T>
  <NN> Notational Code </NN>
  <DateCreated> Year-Month-Day </DateCreated>
  <DateModified> Year-Month-Day </DateModified>
  <CT> Cross Reference Notation </CT>
  <DF> Definition </DF>
  <SN> Scope Note </SN>
  <UF> Non-preferred Term </UF>
  <Status> Status </Status>

Download entire TRT file (Size: 2 MB)

Download updated TRT file (June 2010)

         Note: Terms with a status of Deleted may need to be processed manually.